Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 3 September 2020]

Robinson, M to Zeichner, D

Sponsor (ie Member) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation, Employment, Gift or Benefit
ROBINSON Mary Ryan Witchell None.
RODDA Matt Charles Atkins None.
ROSINDELL Andrew Kane Blackwell None.
Lilla Csonka None.
Adrian Holle None.
Chris Muspratt None.
Scott Sherlock None.
ROSS Douglas Rosie Matheson None.
ROWLEY Lee Benjamin Dugher None.
RUSSELL-MOYLE Lloyd Simon Burgess None.
Jon Lansman None.
Isaac Wright None.
RUSSELL Dean Gideon Benedyk None.
Victoria Lynch Gifts/benefits: 1st February 2020, from Watford Football Club, hospitality package for two for the Watford v Everton match. (registered February 2020).
Gail Martin None.
Cole Parker None.
RUTLEY David Lynda Fryer None.
Jack Gilmore None.
Harrison McWilliams None.
SAMBROOK Gary Joshua Moreton None.
SAXBY Selaine Matthew Cox None.
Megan Williams None.
SCULLY Paul William Curley None.
Koyinsola Fuwa None.
Robyn Thackara None.
SEELY Bob Maurisa Coleman None.
Alex Fynney None.
Emily Slatter None.
SELOUS Andrew Charles Collins None.
Janet Walker None.
Christine Wallace None.
SHAH Naseem Muhbeen Hussain Communication and Engagement Officer, AZIZ foundation (charity).
SHANNON Jim Naomi Armstrong-Cotter Councillor, Ards and North Down Borough Council.
Amro Hussain Parliamentary Officer for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief (paid out of the Group's registered funds).
Julie Jones None.
Sally-Ann Moore None.
SHAPPS Grant Melina Allen None.
Connor Forster None.
Nicholas Langley None.
Kushal Patel None.
SHARMA Alok Celia Clark None.
Jessica Inns None.
Thomas Marino Conservative Councillor for the ward of Tilehurst and Purley, West Berkshire Council.
SHARMA Virendra Spencer Corin None.
Dominic Moffitt Overseas Visits: 24-30 January 2020, study tour of Nepal to support the writing of a report on the relationship between Nepalese MPs and their parliamentary staff, business class flights, accommodation and stipend were paid for by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (registered April 2020).
Tasmay Oza None.
SHEERMAN Barry Thomas Critchley None.
David Davies Executive Director, Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (charity).
Harriette Drew None.
Naomi Fawcitt None.
SHELBROOKE Alec Marta Corti International Programme Manager, Conservative Party.
Evelina Demchenko International Programme Manager, Conservative Party.
Ryan Stephenson Councillor, Leeds City Council.
Lucy Warren None.
SHEPPARD Tommy Roz Currie None.
Nicola Stewart None.
SIDDIQ Tulip William Armstrong None.
Oliver Denton None.
Liam Taggart None.
Daniel Wernberg None.
SIMMONDS David Jill Brown None.
Rosie Giddings None.
Jamie Monteith-Mann None.
Katie Solomon None.
SKIDMORE Chris Charlotte Hartill None.
Rebecca Romaine None.
SLAUGHTER Andy Iain Cassidy Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
Omid Miri None.
Rebecca Moore None.
Neha Soni None.
Louisa Ware None.
SMITH Cat John Percival None.
Katherine Robson None.
SMITH Chloe Roisin Buckley None.
Alice Saunders None.
Nina Scott Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
SMITH Greg Ian Kelly None.
Isabella Wallersteiner Overseas Visits: 13-20 September 2019 to Bangladesh to visit Social Action Project arranged by Conservative Friends of Bangladesh. Flights and accommodation paid for by Conservative Friends of Bangladesh (registered October 2019).
Warren Whyte Councillor and Cabinet Member, Buckinghamshire Council.
SMITH Henry Darren Rutland None.
SMITH Jeff Mathew Benham None.
Moire Walker None.
Alexandra Worrell Network Engagement Officer, Mind (NAMH), (mental health charity).
SMITH Julian Laura Castle None.
Talia Kelman None.
Jack Philipsborn None.
Julie Platt-Williamson None.
SMITH Royston Calum Glazier None.
Milia Hau None.
Alexander Houghton Councillor, Southampton City Council.
Gozde Pak None.
SMYTH Karin Joseph Salter None.
Katharine Slocombe None.
SOBEL Alex Emma Burnell Communications Consulant, Political Human Ltd (consultancy). Client: Labour for a Public Vote (Campaign on Brexit).
Anna Gettings None.
Pablo John None.
Thomas Miller Councillor and Cabinet Member, Brent Council.
SOLLOWAY Amanda Ruairi Hodges None.
Sophie Liddle None.
SPELLAR John Lorin Bell-Cross None.
Linda Colyer None.
SPENCER Ben Megan Allen None.
Callum Brunton Communications and Administrative Officer, South Ayrshire Conservative and Unionst Association.
Alice Collard None.
Jacqueline Gracey Councillor for New Haw, Runnymede Borough Council.
Grace Thompson None.
SPENCER Mark Brandon Minichiello None.
STAFFORD Alexander Thomas Fadden None.
Laurence Smith District Councillor, Wychavon District Council.
STARMER Keir Claire Ainsley None.
Richard Banham None.
Noemi Drew None.
Prentice Hazell None.
Thomas Hughes None.
Stuart Ingham None.
Morgan McSweeney Chief of Staff to Keir Starmer paid for by the Labour Party.
Ben Nunn Political Adviser, Labour Party. Gifts/Benefits: Jan/Feb 2020, three nights accommodation paid for by Trust Reservations Ltd, accompanying Keir Starmer MP (registered March 2020).
Paul Ovenden None.
Sofia Patel Researcher, Labour Party.
Annie-Rose Peterman None.
Matthew Pound None.
Helene Reardon Bond Employed by the Labour Party as Deputy Chief of Staff - Leader of the Opposition's Office, Keir Starmer MP.
Jack Reardon Bond None.
Yasmeen Sebbana Gifts/Benefits: Jan/Feb 2020, four nights accommodation paid for by Trust Reservations Ltd, accompanying Keir Starmer MP (registered February 2020).
Omar Sharif Leader's Private Office Assistant, paid for by the Labour Party.
Christopher Ward None.
STEPHENS Chris Keith Gibb None.
Scott McFarlane None.
Dominique Ucbas None.
STEPHENSON Andrew Matthew Foley None.
Alastair Gunn None.
STEVENS Jo Ian Bounds None.
STEVENSON Jane Ellis Turrell None.
STEVENSON John Thomas Ashton None.
Hannah Dolan None.
John Fyfe None.
Tracy Nixon None.
STEWART Bob Ruth Bennett None.
Katharine Martin None.
Claire Podbielski Stewart None.
Robert Straker None.
Reza Tabrizi None.
STEWART Iain Alexander Hunt-Braddock None.
Jennifer Richards None.
Adam Rolfe None.
STONE Jamie Enya Evans None.
Ayesha Hasan None.
STREETER Gary Nigel Double None.
Mark Harris Parliamentary Officer, Bible Society (a charity).
Alison Hill Parliamentary Officer, Parliamentary Christian Trust (charity).
STREETING Wes Matthew Goddin None.
Eve Mason None.
Keir Mather None.
STRIDE Mel Adam Chambers None.
Michael Knuckey None.
STRINGER Graham Sally Ann Thomas None.
STUART Graham Robert Dawson None.
Jonathan Riley None.
STURDY Julian Louie Brockbank None.
George Jackson None.
SULTANA Zarah Samayya Afzal-Butt Community Engagement Manager, The Muslim Council of Britain.
Daniel Iley-Williamson Councillor, Oxford City Council.
Alexander Paterson Communications Officer, Labour Party. Councillor, Rochester West, Medway Council.
SUNAK Rishi George Livesey None.
Horatio Lovering None.
Lisa Lovering None.
SUNDERLAND James Gerard Barber None.
Catherine Craven None.
Jon Woodburn None.
SWAYNE Desmond Richard Coekin Senior Pastor Dundonald Church and Executive Director of Co-Mission, Co-Mission Churches Charitable Trust.
Samuel Jackson None.
SYMS Robert Iryna Bartlett None.
TAMI Mark Michael Denoual Policy Advisor, Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (trade group).
Alasdair Ibbotson None.
Gillian Roberts None.
Sally Tami None.
TARRY Sam Habiba Alli None.
Benjamin Maloney None.
Sutharshan Sukumaran None.
THEWLISS Alison Alexander Belic None.
Ellenor Hutson None.
Mhairi Love None.
Andrew Murphy None.
Lauren Wards None.
THOMAS-SYMONDS Nick Laura Florencia Jorge Harris None.
Robert Keenan None.
THOMAS Derek Eleanor Batley None.
Jennifer Elsey Researcher, Royal Holloway University (student research programme).
THOMAS Gareth Melvin Crosby None.
Jennifer Humphreys None.
THOMPSON Owen Karen Green None.
THORNBERRY Emily Louise Cullen None.
Haydon Etherington None.
Elise Lally None.
Damian McBride Political Adviser, Labour Party.
Rhiannon Jade Melliar-Smith None.
Frances Simmons None.
Sophie Traves Policy Adviser, Labour Party.
THROUP Maggie Ian Gutteridge None.
James North None.
TIMMS Stephen Amy Dolley None.
Alasdair Gordon None.
Naomi Grant None.
Dominic Pellew None.
Priya Rockley Community Organiser, St Barnabas Church, Ealing.
TIMPSON Edward Rosalind Buchanan None.
Daniel Large None.
Simon Moore None.
TOLHURST Kelly Alexander Hyne None.
Harry Mason None.
TOMLINSON Justin Katherine Tomlinson None.
TOMLINSON Michael Simon Gibson Councillor, East Dorset District Council.
Rosella Payne Paid by the Methodist Church for part-time work I do in Parliament.
Hayley Smith None.
Frances Tomlinson-Mynors None.
TRACEY Craig Maximilian Barker None.
Zeinub Hussain None.
TREVELYAN Anne-Marie Thomas Forrester None.
Emily Knight None.
TRICKETT Jon Andrew Dolan Employed by the Labour Party as Political Advisor to Jon Trickett MP.
Leah Jennings Employed by the Labour Party as Political Advisor to Jon Trickett MP.
TROTT Laura Graham Clack District Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
Henry Mitson None.
Lara Newman None.
TRUSS Elizabeth Letitia Davies None.
Sherifa Dibba None.
Fiona Walker Director, (advice and job network linking parliamentary staff/MPs/Peers)
TUGENDHAT Tom James Barr None.
Pia Charles None.
Eline Storeide None.
TURNER Karl Franklin Cameron None.
Terence Smith None.
TWIGG Derek Marianna Stokes None.
TWIST Liz Stine Holm None.
Christopher McHugh Management Consultant and Public Affairs, Stephenson Mohl Group (public affairs consultancy). Client: On Health (obesity reduction and public health).
VARA Shailesh Jack Bolton None.
Chantel Saunders None.
VAZ Valerie Imiose Agboaye None.
Joseph Waters None.
VICKERS Martin Max Burnett None.
David Hornby None.
Sarah Marchant None.
Ann Vickers None.
VICKERS Matt Niall Innes None.
William Neale None.
Oscar Reddrop None.
VILLIERS Theresa Rory Burton None.
Kelly Furlong None.
Arthur Scott None.
WAKEFORD Christian Hannah Margetts None.
WALKER Charles Carol Allan None.
Andreas Payne Councillor, Broxbourne Borough Council.
Fiona Walker None.
WALKER Robin Katherine Dew None.
Lachlan Skinner None.
WALLACE Ben Zoe Dommett None.
Una Frost None.
Maeva Gonzalez None.
WALLIS Jamie Thomas Giffard Councillor, Bridgend Council.
Vanessa Latchem-Smith None.
Kay Rowlands Councillor, Bridgend County Borough Council.
WARBURTON David Philip Eastment None.
Megan Trethewey Senior Programmes Manager, Conservative Environment Network (public affairs).
Caroline Usher None.
WARMAN Matt Stephanie Dickens None.
Meghan Green None.
WATLING Giles James Halden Councillor and Cabinet Member, Thurrock Council.
Lucy Paton Brown None.
Daniel Russell None.
WEBB Suzanne Joseph Vardon-Hynard None.
WEST Catherine Anna Gorrell None.
Darren Mason None.
Nathalie Padgett None.
WESTERN Matt Jamie Sweeney None.
WHATELY Helen Alys Denby None.
Michelle Lowe None.
James Somerville-Meikle Head of Public Affairs, Catholic Union (lay organisation representing the interests of the Catholic community).
Amanda Taylor None.
WHEELER Heather Linda Coxon None.
Charlotte Fairbanks Campaign, South Derbyshire Conservatives.
WHITEHEAD Alan Jenny Holland Public Affairs and Policy Specialist, UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) (sustainability charity)
Bryn Kewley None.
Adrienne Webster None.
WHITFORD Philippa Heather Knox None.
Isabel Williamson None.
WHITLEY Mick Mark Hoskisson None.
Samuel Keely None.
Stuart Whittingham Councillor, Wirral Borough Council.
WHITTAKER Craig Sophie Whittaker None.
WHITTINGDALE John William Crook None.
Clare Pooley None.
WHITTOME Nadia Alexander May Parkour Coach, Foucan Freerunning Academy (sports club).
WIGGIN Bill Catherine Broadhead None.
Theresa Contable Maxwell None.
Laura Gibbs None.
James Harris None.
Harry Jenkins None.
Alex Snell Administrator, North Herefordshire Conservative Association.
WILD James Charlotte Baly Director, Xavier China Ltd (tableware(retail)).
Eleanor Harris None.
WILLIAMS Craig Tomos Day None.
WILLIAMS Hywel Christopher Bambery None.
Alun Roberts None.
Rhian Roberts None.
WILLIAMSON Gavin Elizabeth Banahan None.
WILSON Munira Mark Bowman None.
Shona Brown None.
Amy Vatcher Researcher, Baroness Doocey.
WILSON Sammy Sandra Armstrong None.
William Johnston Party Political Chief Executive, Democratic Unionist Party.
Timothy McLean None.
WINTER Beth Greg Sproston None.
WISHART Pete Michael Ironside None.
Ann Petrie None.
Elaine Wylie None.
WOOD Mike Daniel Horrocks None.
WRAGG William Thomas Dowse Councillor, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.
Meredith Lloyd None.
WRIGHT Jeremy Elisabeth Beloten None.
Mike Rouse Deputy Leader, Redditch Borough Council.
Jessica Vining None.
Thomas Williams None.
YASIN Mohammad Michelle Gribbon None.
Genevieve McMahon None.
YOUNG Jacob Charlotte Kude None.
ZAHAWI Nadhim Dafydd Jones None.
Katie Payne None.
ZEICHNER Daniel Andrew Pakes Union Official, Prospect (trade union).
Rafaelle Robin None.