Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 15 October 2020]

Abbott, D to Courts, R

Sponsor Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation, Employment, Gift or Benefit
ABBOTT Diane Michael Burke Parliamentary Adviser, Labour Party.
Nimo Hussein None.
Ayobami Sanusi None.
ABRAHAMS Debbie Kari Mawhood None.
Harpreet Uppal Labour Councillor, Ashbrow Ward, Kirklees. Gifts/Benefits: Overseas Visit: 18-22 February 2020 to Pakistan to accompany Debbie Abrahams MP and provide support for APPG for Kashmir delegation visit to Pakistan (registered March 2020).
ADAMS Nigel Maire Crosse None.
Howard Ferguson None.
Zara Hudson None.
AFOLAMI Bim Laura Bailey None.
Tara Joe None.
Jack Wharton None.
AFRIYIE Adam Edward Ingram None.
Stefan Nowak None.
Mary Stamp Councillor, Buckinghamshire Unitary.
AHMAD KHAN Imran Lewis Jones None.
Luke Warren None.
Harry Wilby None.
AIKEN Nickie Jack Berry Campaign Coordinator, Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Association.
Harry Cavill None.
James Coney None.
David Leigh-Pemberton None.
ALDOUS Peter Francesca Hodac-Nichols None.
Annabel Kirk None.
ALI Rushanara Camron Aref-Adib None.
Salma Begum None.
Miles Geilinger None.
Ellis Quinn None.
Samuel Spong None.
ALI Tahir Andrew Towers Head of Political Strategy, Communication Workers Union (trade union).
ALLAN Lucy Tracey Humphreys None.
James Lawrie None.
Samantha Jade Smith None.
ALLIN-KHAN Rosena Sean Lawless None.
Rhys McKenzie None.
Emilio Scozzafava Campaigns Organiser, Labour Party.
AMESBURY Mike Jacqueleen Begley Company Secretary, Oxford Group (charity).
Trudy Lister None.
Clare Scally None.
AMESS David Edmund Chapman None.
Rebecca Hayton None.
Harry Kleiman None.
Gillian Lee None.
ANDERSON Fleur Frederick Evans None.
Daniel Peacock None.
ANDERSON Lee Jessica Anderson None.
ANDERSON Stuart Sohail Khan Councillor, Wolverhampton City Council.
ANDREW Stuart Stacy Best None.
ANSELL Caroline Elliot Curryer None.
Sophie Ferdinand None.
Nicholas Taylor None.
ANTONIAZZI Tonia David Gould Head of Policy and Comms, ASLEF (trade union).
Bethan Roberts None.
ARGAR Edward Chloe Gibbs None.
ASHWORTH Jonathan Isabel Abbs None.
Emma Barnes Political Adviser to Jonathan Ashworth MP, paid for by the Labour Party.
Collette Bird None.
ATHERTON Sarah Mark Edwards None.
Lauren McKenry None.
Rachel Varley None.
ATKINS Victoria Frances Mellor None.
Christopher Reid Councillor, Lincolnshire County Council. Councillor, City of Lincoln Council.
BACON Gareth Vanessa Gearson None.
Hector Marchetti Urena None.
Pablo Schollaert None.
BACON Richard Sally Culling None.
BADENOCH Kemi Cheryl Bacon Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
Ella Fitzsimmons None.
Francesca Marie Gavin None.
Andrew Mavers None.
BAILEY Shaun Louis Collis None.
Anne-Sophie Faivre None.
Elizabeth Gail Harris None.
BAILLIE Siobhan Harriet Butcher None
BAKER Duncan Natasha Ikners None.
BAKER Steve Lucy-Anne Hickey None.
Susan Hynard Agent, Wycombe Conservative Association (political party). Promoter, National Conservative Draw Society (conservative party fundraising). Director, Hixham Consulting Services Ltd (Management consultancy activities other than financial management).
Nicholas Oborn None.
Harry Richer None.
BALDWIN Harriett Edward Davies None.
Victoria Elvidge None.
Georgia Mackie None.
BARCLAY Stephen Natalie Barnes None.
Leon Emirali None.
Charlotte Graham-Cameron None.
BARDELL Hannah Chloe McLellan None.
Stephanie Mctighe None.
Marcus Woods None.
BARKER Paula Jill Houghton None.
BARON John Selina Short Councillor, Vincent Square Ward, Westminster City Council.
Benjamin Yates None.
BAYNES Simon Sion Davies None.
BECKETT Margaret Nicola Brown None.
Lyn Bryan None.
Jessica Maloney None.
BEGLEY Órfhlaith Michael McMonagle None.
BEGUM Apsana Mary Partington None.
BELL Aaron Graham Hutton Borough Councillor, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council.
Ella Murphy None.
BENN Hilary Stephen Benn Director of Parliamentary Affairs, The Royal Society of Biology (registered charity).
Sally Clark None.
BENTON Scott Bradley Mitchell None.
BERESFORD Paul Sam White None.
Annie Winsbury None.
BERRY Jake Mohammed Ahmed None.
Paul Fairhurst None.
BETTS Clive Benjamin Robinson None.
James Thomas None.
BHATTI Saqib Ali Fazel None.
Frances Lasok None.
Ben Rayment None.
Katherine Steele None.
BLACK Mhairi Declan McBride None.
BLACKFORD Ian Steven Brown None.
John O'Leary None.
BLACKMAN Bob Giorgio Annecchini None.
Nicola Blackman None.
Jodie Bradshaw None.
George Skinner None.
Jonathan Tucker None.
BLACKMAN Kirsty Fay Robison None.
BLAKE Olivia Sam Browse None.
Matthew Killeya None.
Minesh Parekh None.
BLOMFIELD Paul Jason Read None.
Rosemary Roche None.
Pippa Sparke None.
BLUNT Crispin Adam Lehodey None.
Anna Robinson Parliamentary Assistant, Kaleidoscope Trust (human rights charity).
Tarsilo Ugarte-Onuluk Trainer, Westminster Skills Centre, (training session on 6 March 2020 for MPs Staff).
BONE Peter Jordan Ayres None.
Helen Harrison District Councillor, East Northants Council. Gifts/Benefits: Ticket and hospitality from NFL UK - National Football League to attend NFL Game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 13 October 2019 (registered October 2019).
BONNAR Steven Sameeha Rehman None.
BOTTOMLEY Peter Daniel Atherton None.
Ella Carmichael None.
Colette Hanson None.
Sally Myers None.
Joseph Osborne None.
Maureen Singer None.
BOWIE Andrew Samuel Betz None.
Gregor Ironside None.
Isabel Waite None.
BRABIN Tracy Colin Stuart None.
BRADLEY Ben Joseph Barker None.
Yelena Cekerevac None.
James Roberts Political Director, Taxpayers' Alliance (campaign group).
BRADLEY Karen Erika Hegewald None.
Rebecca Kirby None.
Ferdinand Willans None.
BRADSHAW Ben Rebecca Walker None.
BRADY Graham Sybil Crowther None.
Joseph Lockett None.
Victoria Lowther None.
BRAVERMAN Suella Susan Colson None.
Uma Fernandes None.
Guy Gillard None.
Barney Stone None.
BRENNAN Kevin George Leach-Hutchings None.
BRERETON Jack Stuart Barrow None.
John Bennett None.
Mark Holland Borough Councillor, Newcastle-under-Lyme.
BRIDGEN Andrew Mukesh Basra None.
Michelle Bass None.
BRINE Steve Alice Hammond None.
Alexander Pinney None.
Robert Walker None.
BRISTOW Paul Rosanna Duncan Smith None.
Peter Graham Councillor, London Borough of Wandsworth.
Alexander Tanner Councillor, Brentwood Borough Council.
BRITCLIFFE Sarah Thomas Ahern None.
BROKENSHIRE James Victoria Clode None.
Max Firman None.
Alice Hardstone None.
BROWN Alan Margaret Murray None.
BROWN Lyn Brooke Andersen None.
Oliver Bennathan None.
Benjamin Bessey None.
Asger Van Lier None.
BROWN Nicholas Peter Middlehurst None.
BROWNE Anthony Alison Melton Director/Owner, The Cambridge Knee Ltd (medical services).
Chloe Rennard None.
John Sweeney None.
BRUCE Fiona Chloe Black None.
David Burrowes Chairman, Equity Release Council (not-for-profit organisation).
Harriet Crompton None.
BRYANT Chris Natasa Pantelic Councillor, Slough Borough Council. Member of LGA Community Wellbeing Board, Local Government Association.
BUCHAN Felicity Cordelia Evans None.
William Lane None.
Jemma Offley None.
Jack Robinson None.
BUCK Karen John Atkinson None.
James McGowan None.
Agim Sekiraqa None.
BUCKLAND Robert Claire Ellis Councillor, Swindon Borough Council.
Benjamin Jafari None.
Alex Williams None.
BURGHART Alex Kay Bellwood None.
BURGON Richard Lee Brown None.
Alastair Gordon None.
BURNS Conor Thomas Fieldhouse None.
Jeanne Mousley None.
Stephen Parselle None.
BUTLER Dawn James May None.
Luc McDonald None.
Carmel Pollen None.
Lee Skevington None.
BUTLER Rob Elliott Banks None.
Samuel Beeching None.
Morgan Proverbs None.
BYRNE Ian Janet Chapman Operations and Project Manager, Labour Party.
Sarah Henney None.
BYRNE Liam Lisa Homan Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
Harry Kind None.
CADBURY Ruth Alistair Alexander None.
Bilal Chohan None.
Kathryn Daniel None.
Jo Heal Service Assessor, World Duty Free (retail).
Amy O'Brien None.
CAIRNS Alun Corrie Driscoll None.
Myles Langstone Council, Swansea Council.
Samuel Sears None.
Paul Tinkler None.
CALLAGHAN Amy Roslyn Heaney None.
Scott Mackay None.
CAMERON Lisa Georgia Holden None.
Roberta Kirosingh Secretariat for APPG for Disability, Warwick Business School (Academia).
Matthew Spencer Gifts/Benefits: Bursary received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their leadership program.
Danny Stone Director, Antisemitism Policy Trust (anti-racism charity).
CAMPBELL Gregory John Robinson None.
CARDEN Dan Aisha Dodwell None.
Stephen Turner Consultant, Unite the Union (trade union).
CARMICHAEL Alistair William Deans None.
Richard Wood None.
CARTER Andy Sally Bate None.
Stewart Gardiner None.
Stephen Taylor None.
CARTLIDGE James Hannah Stanton None.
Harriet Steer Councillor, Babergh District Council.
Dominic Torrington None.
CASH William Sarah McConalogue None.
CATES Miriam Michael Barge None.
Anne Nunan None.
CAULFIELD Maria Kathryn Bates None.
Steve Bell Councillor, Brighton & Hove City Council.
Charlotte Logan None.
Matthew Milligan None.
Luke Proudfoot Administrator, Lewes Constituency Conservative Association.
CHALK Alex Laura Haley Campaign Manager, Gloucestershire Conservative Party.
Gregory Oxley None.
Christopher Shevlin None.
CHAMBERLAIN Wendy William Cowie None.
CHAMPION Sarah Lucy Cserna None.
Abbie Sparrow None.
CHAPMAN Douglas Rene Hamilton None.
Lee Pirie None.
CHARALAMBOUS Bambos Natasha Brian None.
Giulia Monasterio None.
Claire Stewart Councillor and Chief Whip, London Borough of Enfield.
CHERRY Joanna Fraser Thompson None.
CHISHTI Rehman Samuel Lampier None.
Martin Seiffarth None.
CHURCHILL Jo Carolyn Bacon None.
Antony Bennett None.
Lesley Canham None.
Harry Cobbold None.
CLARK Feryal Ergin Erbil Councillor, London Borough of Enfield.
Ian Thomas None.
CLARK Greg Matthew Dickins Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
Rachel Godfrey None.
Adam Hignett None.
CLARKE SMITH Brendan Clare Coffey None.
Matthew Evans Casual Worker, University of Sheffield.
Fraser McFarland None.
Francis O'Brien None.
CLARKE Simon Miranda Jupp None.
CLARKE Theo Scarlett Black None.
Samantha Conlon None.
Clementine McFarlane None.
CLARKSON Chris Eve Burt None.
William Timmins None.
Peter Winkler Councillor, Rochdale Borough Council.
CLEVERLY James Vanessa Gleisinger None.
Alice Hopkin None.
Paula Malone None.
CLIFTON-BROWN Geoffrey Piers Baker None.
Judith Betterton None.
Anya Thompson None.
COFFEY Thérèse Kirsty North Test Valley Borough Councillor. Hampshire County Councillor.
Phillipa Rudkin None.
Luke Watson None.
COLBURN Elliot Tommy Gilchrist None.
Catherine Gray Local Councillor, London Borough of Sutton.
Daisy Pierce None.
Lewis Preston None.
COLLINS Damian Pierre Andrews Overseas Visit: 4-8 February 2020, to Washington D.C., USA assisting Damian Collins MP at a conference on defeating disinformaion. Travel and accommodation paid for by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (registered February 2020).
James Davenport None.
COOPER Daisy Will Elliott None.
Justin Meadows None.
COOPER Rosie Alexander Mitchell Regional Organiser, Labour Party.
COOPER Yvette Jo-Anna Coles None.
Natasha Collett None.
Alastair Holder Ross None.
Amelia Rose Tighe None.
CORBYN Jeremy Alejandra Arroyave Raminez None.
Nicolette Petersen None.
Alexandra Stefanou None.
COSTA Alberto William Bateman None.
Maria Costa None.
David Findlay None.
Harriet Main None.
COURTS Robert Adam Brooks-Wyatt None.
Ryan Denning None.
Thomas Sheppard None.