Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 22 March 2019]

Davies, M to Hardy, E

Sponsor (ie Member) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation, Employment, Gift or Benefit
DAVIES Mims Sarah Davies None.
Edward Dwight Councillor, Sutton Borough Council.
Matthew Gibbard None.
Miles Jordan None.
Grace Noel None.
DAVIES Philip Danielle Fleet None.
Laura Midgley Founder, Campaign Against Political Correctness (non-profit organisation).
Rachel Varley None.
DAVIS David Samuel Crook None.
Kane Malone None.
Duncan Taylor None.
DAY Martyn Lianne Roy None.
DE CORDOVA Marsha Daniel Iley-Williamson Councillor, Oxford City Council.
Alba Kapoor None.
Sharon Palmer None.
Carmel Pollen None.
DE PIERO Gloria Joshua Hales None.
Heather Vernon Consultant, Woburn Partners (public relations).
DEBBONAIRE Thangam Beverley Archibald None.
Jonathan Downing None.
Arthur Girling None.
Ravina Shah None.
DENT COAD Emma Holly Harrison-Mullane None.
Joseph Hurst None.
Lorna Kelly None.
Sham Tsegai None.
DHESI Tan Holly Gosling None.
Jonathan Keenan None.
DINENAGE Caroline Elinor Cope Social Media Manager, Wendy MacLennan (exercise company).
Glenn Duggan None.
Natasha Hook None.
Nicholas Taylor Councillor, Brighton City Council.
Monica Young None.
DJANOGLY Jonathan Ryan Fuller None.
Katherine Martin None.
Daniel Paterson Freelance contractor providing PR/public affairs advice. Client: Best for Britain (a civil society campaign to keep the door open to EU membership).
Penelope Tay None.
DOCHERTY-HUGHES Martin Gareth Finn None.
Kathleen Quinn None.
Neal Stewart None.
DOCHERTY Leo John Hall None.
Marisa Heath County Councillor, Surrey County Council. Borough Councillor, Runnymede Borough Council. On Runnymede Fostering Panel (approving foster carers).
Elizabeth Johnston Researcher to Sir Timothy Sainsbury (former MP), for the writing of his memoirs.
Calum Stewart None.
DODDS Annaliese Hana Al-Izzi None.
Emma Turnbull None.
DODDS Anneliese Sarah Miah None.
Loughlan O'Doherty None.
DODDS Nigel Phillip Brett None.
Marion Perry Researcher, Democratic Unionist Party.
John Robinson Director of Communications, DUP.
DONALDSON Jeffrey Julie Anderson None.
Sarah Merrill None.
Adele Poskitt None.
DONELAN Michelle Sam Berry None.
Samuel Hamilton None.
Darren Henry Councillor, Wiltshire Council.
Iliana Pearce None.
DORRIES Nadine Jennifer Dorries None.
William Joce None.
Alison Mason None.
DOUBLE Steve Robert Bond None.
Anne Double Secretary, Good News Crusade (religious charity). Overseas Visits: 8-13 April 2018 to Israel on a fact finding mission. Travel within the country and hospitality paid for by Conservative Friends of Israel and the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Daniel Singleton Director, Lifeline Community Projects (charity).
Samuel Yung On secondment from Good Faith Partnership (consultancy) to act as Policy Adviser to Steve Double.
DOUGHTY Stephen Susannah Pelly Overseas Visits: 24-26 July 2018 to Amsterdam to attend a conference. Conference pass, two nights' accommodation and travel were paid for by the All-Pary Parliamentary Group on HIV and AIDS, funded by STOPAIDS, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, MACAIDS, GILEAD, and International Partnership for Microbicides. (Registered March 2019).
Shira Valek None.
DOUGHTY Steven Frederika Cook None.
DOWD Peter Thomas Gardiner Councillor, London Borough of Camden. Political Advisor, Labour Party.
Sam Goodman Political Adviser, Labour Party. Author, Manchester University Press.
Trish Hardy Councillor, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council.
Anthony Lavelle None.
James McGowan Researcher, ASLEF (trade union).
Thomas Peters Political Adviser, Labour Party. Production support for SPG (production company).
DOWDEN Oliver Martin Darby None.
Frederick Ellery None.
Bethany O'Brien None.
Jonathan Shapiro None.
DOYLE-PRICE Jackie Beverley McBean None.
Daniel Nelson Councillor, Southend Borough Council.
DRAX Richard Susan King Patterson None.
Harriet Newman None.
Elizabeth Simister None.
Henrietta Weld None.
DREW David Charley Allan Researcher, Clients: Public and Commercial Services Union, Police Federation, Prison Officers Association, National Association of Probation Officers, University and College Union (trade unions), Simpson Millar LLP (solicitors).
Ron Bailey Head of Parliamentary Affairs, Sustainable Energy Association (member based industry body). Researcher, Poverty and Environment Trust (charity).
Sasha Evans None.
Michael Fealty None.
Victoria Temple None.
DROMEY Jack Owen Biggadike None.
Catherine Dowse None.
Scott Horner Local Organiser, Harrow West Labour Party.
Colin Meech Researcher, Unison (trade union).
Charles Rainsford None.
DUDDRIDGE James Katy Duddridge None.
Pindie Kuzvinzwa None.
DUFFIELD Rosie Suzanne Bold None.
Charlotte Cornell None.
Lucy Marchant None.
DUGUID David Helen Bayne None.
Hilary Dannatt None.
Joseph Hackett None.
DUNCAN SMITH Iain Devon Howard None.
Olivia Kybett None.
David Robinson Teacher, Kol Chai Synagogue.
Rikki Williams None.
DUNCAN SMITH Ian Tabitha Christi Wade Director, Jellyhaus Ltd (Software and web design).
DUNCAN Alan Harriet Baker None.
DUNNE Philip Joshua Boughton None.
Rosie Daniels None.
Arthur Virgo Rapporteur, Digital Policy Alliance (EURIM) (informing policy on internet and technology sector).
EAGLE Angela Priya Dev None.
EAGLE Maria Harriet Dines None.
Kirsty McCullagh None.
EDWARDS Jonathan Heledd Brooks-Jones None.
Carl Harris None.
EFFORD Clive Gillian Hayes None.
Tara O'Reilly Coordinator, Labour Tribune MPs (a group of MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party).
Elliot Stratton None.
ELLIOTT Julie Andrew Mitchell None.
ELLIS Michael Stephen Alton None.
Daniel Bennett None.
James Lawrie None.
ELLMAN Louise Stuart Caplan None.
James Floyd None.
ELLWOOD Tobias Megan Gittoes None.
Mariam Kazem-Malaki None.
Kelly Reynolds Associate Secretary, Bournemouth East Conservatives.
ELMORE Chris Alexandra Landes None.
Carys Price None.
Robert Sherrington None.
ELPHICKE Charlie Matthew Ellery Programmes Officer, Housing and Finance Institute (housing and local government).
Phil Hayes None.
James Rose None.
ESTERSON Bill Nina Killen None.
Joseph Morris None.
EUSTICE George Amanda Cowan None.
Imogen Gardiner None.
Andrew Smyth None.
EVANS Chris Chloe McShane None.
Jacqueline Pope None.
Emily Tierney-Lever None.
EVANS Nigel Michael Broughton Overseas Visits: 12 - 22 September 2018 to Chinas as part of the 'UK and Nordic Young Politicians Joint Delegation'. Flights, accommodation, subsistence and internal travel paid for by the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.
Jack Buller None.
Lulu Cane None.
Connor O'Keefe None.
EVENNETT David Perry Taylor None.
Susan Thompson None.
Stephen Vallance None.
FABRICANT Michael Joanne Frey None.
Ben Harris None.
David Yorath None.
FALLON Michael Ross Crapnell None.
Sarah Tallon None.
FARRELLY Paul Thomas Brayford None.
Hannah Matin None.
FARRON Tim Russell Hargrave Freelance Reporter for and Public Finance Magazine (media outlets).
Jo Latham Policy and Relationship Manager, Faith in Public (not for profit company).
Megan Meirion-Jones Researcher, Faith in Public (not for profit company).
FELLOWS Marion Shona Davidson None.
Fiona Fotheringham None.
Rory Steel None.
FIELD Frank Edward Beardsley None.
Rhiannon Brace None.
Andrew Forsey None.
Jack Hutchison None.
FIELD Mark James Coney None.
Grace Jones None.
Thomas Outteridge None.
Abhijeet Thakor None.
FITZPATRICK Jim Richard Mitchell None.
Jennifer Symmons None.
Martin Vickery None.
FLETCHER Colleen Neil Smith None.
Carole Wise None.
FLINT Caroline Philip Cole Councillor, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.
Edward Randall None.
Emma Sisk None.
FLYNN Paul Cathy Devlin None.
Matthew Hexter None.
Rhys Jones None.
FORD Vicky Tomos Day None.
Hilary Gauthier Provides administrative support to the Mid Norfolk Conservative Association (political organisation).
Eleanor Haigh None.
Mark Taylor None.
FOSTER Kevin Andrew Barrand Admin Officer, Totnes Conservatives (political association).
Nicholas Gray None.
Kathryn Ruffles None.
Georgia Way None.
FOVARGUE Yvonne Paul Kenny Local Councillor, Wigan Council.
John Ludlow None.
FOX Liam Harold Goodwill None.
David Goss Special Adviser, Department for International Trade.
Ione Zatloukal None.
FOXCROFT Vicky William Cooper None.
Victoria Flippance None.
Carolyn Hughes None.
Reshima Sharma Overseas visits: 17-22 February 2019 to Mexico City to assist Vicky Foxcroft MP. Flights, accommodation, transport and subsistence paid for by the British Council. (Registered March 2019)
FRANCOIS Mark Adele Jacquin None.
Anna Tolchard None.
FRAZER Lucy Caroline Cosgrove None.
Ashley Durward-Thomas None.
Rachel Jeffery None.
Harry Richer None.
Matthew Schlachter None.
Timothy Stafford None.
FREEMAN George Francis Dearnley None.
Thomas Fenwick None.
Arron Gatley None.
Henry Phoenix None.
FREER Mike Andrew Anthony None.
Caroline Gray None.
Thomas Horton None.
Adam Woollard None.
FRITH James Kevin Peel Councillor, Manchester City Council.
Alison Raynsford 18-28 January 2019, Advise on Select Committee process, paid for by Finsbury Group (global strategic communications company) (Registered February 2019)
FURNISS Gill Blerina Hashani None.
George Lindars-Hammond None.
FYSH Marcus Antonia Barnes None.
Jennifer Cribb None.
Jack Freeman None.
Julie Gur None.
GAFFNEY Hugh Christopher Barbour None.
Scott Lamond None.
Barry McCulloch None.
GALE Roger Suzy Gale None.
George Kup None.
Lorraine Platt Researcher, Conservatives Against Fox Hunting (wildlife protection campaign).
GAPES Mike Samuel Gould None.
Daksha Masrani None.
Fiona McGahren None.
GARDINER Barry Mikal Dobbs None.
Thomas Evans Paid by Christine Lee & Co (solicitors) for the work I do in Parliament.
Miles Geilinger Parliamentary Caseworker, Democracy Forum (a not for profit (NGO) which promotoes ideals of democracy, pluralism and tolerance through public debate).
Jackie George None.
Irini Hajiroussou Paid by Christine Lee & Co (solicitors) for the work I do in Parliament.
Marcus Loney-Evans None.
Ciaran Reilly Political Adviser, Labour Party.
Caroline Smith None.
Daniel Wilkes Paid by Christine Lee & Co (solicitors) for the work I do in Parliament.
GARNIER Mark Caroline Garnier None.
Shayan Talabany None.
Laura Taylor None.
GAUKE David Henrietta Freeman Owen None.
Grace Lozinski None.
Lucy Wakeley None.
GEORGE Ruth Holly Bragg None.
Mark Grayling None.
Alexander Minter None.
Elizabeth Swain None.
GETHINS Stephen Lindsey Alexander None.
Rhuaraidh Fleming None.
Kirsty Watson None.
GHANI Nusrat Sophie Bowe None.
Kristopher Hearsum None.
Andrew Phillips None.
Asja Powys-Smith None.
Harry Stovin-Bradford None.
GIBB Nick Vicki Corenbloom None.
Hilary Flynn None.
Stephen Furlong None.
Helen Megaw None.
GILDERNEW Michelle Conor Diamond None.
GILL Preet Cameron Brady-Turner Telephone researcher, Electric Marketing (business-to-business (b2b) marketing)
GILL Preet Joe Corry-Roake Councillor, Lambeth Council.
Florence Goodrham None.
GILLAN Cheryl Melanie Addis None.
Emily Fell None.
Lorraine O'Shea None.
Christine Stephens None.
GIRVAN Paul Samuel Wesley Brown None.
David Ferguson None.
Andrew Gowan None.
GLEN John Jack Harvey Gifts/Benefits: In receipt of bursary from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education), a registered charity as an intern on their graduate training programme.
Mark McClelland Conservative Councillor, Salisbury City Council.
GLINDON Mary Christine Aird None.
Gary Kent Paid by Kar (a private Kurdistani engineering and construction company) to act as Secretary to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.
GODSIFF Roger Amanda Mawn None.
Christopher Olewicz None.
GOLDSMITH Zac Paul Beckford Political Communications Consultant, No Third Runway Coalition (community organisation).
John Flesher None.
Helen Lambert None.
Jemma Offley None.
GOODMAN Helen Bonita Brookes None.
Daniel Peacock None.
GOODWILL Robert Bernadette Mill Councillor, London Borough of Waltham Forest.
Yuliya Prosyanyk None.
GOVE Michael Susannah Amoore None.
Toby Bell None.
Rebecca Mellotte None.
Frances Reynolds None.
GRADY Patrick Ailie Brown None.
Andrew Mackinnon None.
Malcolm McConnell None.
Nicoletta Primo None.
Sarah Yauch None.
GRAHAM Luke Moira Benny None.
David Robertson None.
GRAHAM Richard Joshua Margrie-Rouse None.
Emma Poole None.
GRAHAM Stuart Leslie O'Connor None.
Lewis Robinson None.
GRANT Bill Shirley McPherson None.
Kay Pitt None.
John Sweeney None.
GRANT Helen Katy Allen None.
Simon Grant None.
Alex Rolfe None.
Vanda Vincent None.
GRANT Peter John Beare Councillor, Fife Council.
Julie Ford Councillor Depute Provost, Fife Council.
Kate Macdonald None.
Emily Spacey None.
GRAY James Duncan Depledge None.
Adam Fico None.
Kate Pugh None.
Amy Swash None.
GRAY Neil Lawrence Kane None.
Adam Robinson None.
GRAYLING Chris Emily Fisher None.
Susan Grayling None.
Elisabeth Mitchell Head of Ministerial Liaison, Conservative Party.
James O'Donohoe None.
Sara Olsen None.
GREEN Chris William Haslam None.
Jonathan Lunness On Parliamentary Internship Scheme funded by bursary from the Catholic Bishop's Conference of England and Wales.
Carrie Nelson None.
GREEN Damian Emma Gray None.
Hilary Hunter None.
Zeynep Jasmine Storry None.
GREEN Kate Kady Billington-Murphy Freelance Fundraising Consultant, Minority Rights Group International (NGO)
Heather Staff Policy Adviser/ Researcher, Good Faith Partnership LLP (public affairs). Overseas visit: 22-24 November 2018, RAMP learning visit to Brussels as part of a large cross-party group organised by GoodFaith Partnership LLP. All expenses funded by Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI). (registered 10 December 2018)
GREENING Justine Luana D'Arco-Yakubu None.
John MacDonald None.
Ellie Rust None.
Nicole Simon None.
Catherine Warren None.
GREENWOOD Lilian Colleen Cassidy Councillor, Corby Borough Council.
Laura Williamson None.
GREENWOOD Margaret Andrew Bocking None.
Graeme Dolphin None.
Heather Spurr Political Adviser, Labour Party.
GRIEVE Dominic Claire Baithun None.
William Lucass None.
Elizabeth McLaurin None.
Timothy Sansom None.
GRIFFITH Nia Regont Pula Political Adviser, Labour Party.
GRIFFITH Nia Owen John Political Adviser, The Labour Party. Overseas Visits: 4-8 November 2018 to Israel to meet Israeli and Palestinian representatives. Accommodation, travel and meal costs paid by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Georgina Smith Political Adviser, Labour Party.
Liam Taggart None.
GRIFFITHS Andrew Sarah Bridgman None.
GROGAN John Victor Feldman None.
Aodhan Kelly None.
Carlos Wallhead None.
GWYNNE Andrew Gregory Dash Political Advisor, Labour Party.
Robert Donnelly Political Adviser, Labour Party.
Sergio Esposito None.
GYIMAH Sam Timothy Bridges None.
Andrew Stewart None.
Catherine Wynn None.
HAIGH Louise Daniel Coyne None.
Mark Donne Paid by GMB (trade union) to work for Louise Haigh as Senior Researcher.
Lisa Johnson Political Officer, GMB (trade union).
HAIR Kirstene Paul Smith Researcher, Scottish Parliament.
Duncan Soutar None.
HALFON Robert Hannah Ellis Overseas Visits: 16 - 19 September 2018 to Bucharest and Craiova, Romania accompanying Robert Halfon MP. Accommodation, food, flights, and internal transport paid for by the University of Craiova (registered september 2018).
Holly Papworth None.
Daniel Swords Paid by SAM Learning for the work I do for Mr Robert Halfon MP.
Nathan Weavers None.
HALL Luke Owen Evans None.
Megan Harris None.
Daniel Zeff None.
HAMILTON Fabian Thomas Hinchcliffe None.
Marsha Kendall None.
Conor O'Neill None.
Stephen Towler None.
HAMMOND Philip Hannah Edwards None.
Lucinda Hasell None.
Andreas Payne Councillor, Broxbourne Borough Council.
HAMMOND Stephen Jay Crush None.
Marie Stevens None.
George Tetley None.
HANCOCK Matt Thomas Barton None.
James Cowling None.
Helyn Dudley None.
Elizabeth Hitchcock Councillor, Westminster City Council.
HANCOCK Matthew Chloe Osborne-Willson None.
HANDS Greg Charles Fisher None.
Elizabeth Healey None.
Hannah Henderson None.
Maria Murray None.
HANSON David Ben Goldsborough None.
HARDY Emma Caroline Badley None.
John Cafferty Regional Secretary, Unison (trade union).
Alex Graham None.