Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 5 November 2019]

Harman, H to Mak, A

Sponsor (ie Member) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation, Employment, Gift or Benefit
HARMAN Harriet Diogo Figueiredo None.
Clare Gosbee None.
Warda Hassan None.
Rachel Smethers None.
Chloe Wright None.
HARPER Mark Edgar Johnson None.
HARRINGTON Richard Victoria Lynch None.
Harriet Rainbow None.
James Townsend None.
HARRIS Rebecca Hamish Mundell None.
HARRIS Carolyn Joanne Lloyd None.
HARRIS Rebecca Harry Stevenson None.
Sara Zygmunt None.
HARRISON Trudy Oliver Dorgan None.
Rachel Flynn None.
Joshua Male None.
Calum Nicholson None.
HART Simon Abigail Hart Administrative Assistant, Countryside Alliance (rural advocacy).
Georgina Kester None.
Elizabeth Lesnianski Clerk, Martletwy Community Council.
HAYES Helen Niall Adams None.
Minnie Cullen Close None.
Andy Simmons Councillor, London Borough of Southwark. Affiliate, Karolinksa Instituet (university/ hospital).
HAYES John Scott Kelly Lecturer, New York University. Tutor, Campbell Harris (education).
Lee Rotherham Executive Director, Veterans for Britain (think tank). Director, The Red Cell (think tank). Research work for Rupert Matthews (Member of the European Parliament).
David Sergeant Overseas visit: 7-10 November 2018, to Lebanon on fact-finding visit organised by All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Lebanon. Flights, accommodation, food and transport in Lebanon paid for the the Lebanese Parliament. (Registered 6 December 2018)
HAYMAN Sue Eliot Andersen None.
Matthew Andrews None.
Matthew Davies Policy Officer, Labour Party.
Roxanne Mashari Local Councillor, Brent Council.
Michael Timney None.
Robert Wakely Political Advisor, Labour Party.
HAZZARD Chris Yvonne Maginn None.
HEALD Oliver Mara Bulf None.
Christine Heald None.
Jack Logan None.
HEALEY John James Hall None.
Joseph Vesey-Byrne None.
HEAPPEY James Emily Carver None.
Emilia Isobel Morgan None.
Rosie Nagle None.
HEATON-HARRIS Chris Louis Flood None.
Simon Jennings None.
Joseph Oakes None.
Sarah Peck None.
William Riley-Smith None.
Joseph Stewart None.
HEATON-JONES Peter Matthew Cox None.
Daniel Shapland None.
HENDERSON Gordon Jessica McMahon None.
Michael Whiting Councillor, Kent County Council and Swale Borough Council.
HENDRICK Mark Estelle Warhurst None.
HENDRY Drew Jill McAlpine None.
HEPBURN Stephen Keith Chapman Official Matchday Programme Editor, Stockport County Football Club.
Paul Dean None.
HERBERT Nick Alexander Black None.
Christopher Cook None.
Lynsey White None.
HERMON Sylvia Stephanie Jamison None.
Catherine Leonard None.
HILL Mike Indiana Corbin Lamplough None.
HILL Mike Janet Greig None.
HILLIER Meg Kirsty Brown None.
Lucy Chapman None.
Sorah Gluck Teacher, United Synagogue.
Georgia Horsfall None.
Daniel Johnston None.
Ramota Lawal Councillor, London Borough of Havering.
HINDS Damian Amanda Gallagher None.
Ann Lewin None.
Paul Stonebridge None.
HOARE Simon Sarah Manley None.
HOBHOUSE Wera Mattew McCabe None.
Eva Steinhardt None.
Jacob Weiner None.
HODGE Margaret Alex Conneely Hughes None.
Julia Hammelehle None.
Lloyd Hatton None.
Anna Haworth None.
HODGSON Sharon Jessica Faulkner None.
Maria Herron None.
Alan Hodgson None.
Aisha Malik-Smith None.
Jack Mayorcas None.
Alexandra Samuels Councillor, Sunderland City Council.
Sophie Stowers None.
HOEY Kate Ada During None.
Max Freedman None.
Katherine Matheson None.
Lara Nicholson None.
HOLLERN Kate Kate Emily Dove None.
HOLLINGBERY George Rupert Cunningham None.
Martin Halfpenny I provide media advice to various MPs via my consultancy business, Halfpenny Communications Ltd.
Joanna Lloyd None.
Owen Millward None.
HOLLINRAKE Kevin Hazel Dales None.
Adam Keene None.
Nigel Knapton Councillor, Hambleton District Council.
James Parker None.
HOLLOBONE Philip Miroslava Macejkova None.
HOLLOWAY Adam Joshua Carlton None.
Georgina Casey None.
Branwen Jones None.
Brian Kelley None.
Sarah McGlyne Director, Fractional Talent Ltd (holiday letting).
HOPKINS Kelvin Russell Cartwright None.
Brendan Chilton Borough Councillor, Ashford Borough Council. General Secretary, Labour Leave (Brexit campaigning).
HOSIE Stewart Alan Ross Councillor, Dundee City Council.
HOWARTH George Kate Brady None.
HOWELL John William Lynn None.
Angela Paterson None.
Isobel Stanton None.
HOYLE Lindsay Michael Gaskill None.
George McNamara None.
Peter Wilson Councillor, Chorley Council.
HUDDLESTON Nigel Lucy Lermer None.
Ruth Loeffler None.
Lloyd Ross None.
HUGHES Eddie Laura Elizabeth Ayres None.
Gabrielle Evans None.
Gregory Oxley Parliamentary Intern, Catholic Bishops Conference (public affairs).
HUNT Jeremy Morwenna Brown None.
Heather Butterworth None.
Victoria Holland None.
Richard Nelson None.
Adam Smith CEO, Patient Safety Watch (healthcare charity working to improve patient safety through the commissioning of research and publishing of data on avoidable harm in healthcare systems).
Sasha Spanchak None.
HUQ Rupa Milad Amini None.
Elizabeth Minns None.
Alice Osborne None.
Alison Raynsford 18-28 January 2019, Advise on Select Committee process, paid for by Finsbury Group (global strategic communications company) (Registered February 2019)
Daniel Walsh None.
HURD Nick Jill Brown None.
James Bullett None.
Rosie Giddings None.
Jamie Monteith-Mann None.
Katie Solomon None.
HUSSAIN Imran Jack Ashby None.
Steven Sewell None.
JACK Alister Elliot Colburn Councillor, London Borough of Sutton.
Hannah Hutchings None.
Susan Macrae None.
JAMES Margot Katy Mallinson None.
Joseph Vardon-Hynard None.
JARDINE Christine Daniel Callaghan None.
David Evans None.
Helen Reeve Programme Manager, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (democracy strengthening).
JARVIS Dan Amber Foster None.
Richard Mitchell None.
Jacob Whatmough-Stow None.
JAVID Sajid Peter Backhouse None.
Charles Bruce None.
Danielle Johnston-Jones None.
JAYAWARDENA Ranil Carmel Hobbs None.
Clemency Huggins None.
Joel Hutchinson None.
James Melling None.
Shaun Wright None.
Yelnur Zharkyubek None.
JENKIN Bernard Thomas Fairweather None.
Megan Jacobs None.
Zachary Spiro None.
Leah Stanford None.
JENKYNS Andrea Stefano Basilico Freelance contributor, Easternational Connecting (Italian think tank).
Matthew Smith None.
Cameron Stephenson Part-time employment by National Centre for Higher Education, University of Bolton.
JENRICK Robert Susan Gray None.
Alfred Hopkinson None.
Samantha Rizk None.
Callum Tucker None.
JOHNSON Boris Greg Munro None.
Catherine Rostron None.
Ann Sindall None.
JOHNSON Caroline Emma Salisbury None.
Peter Worsley None.
JOHNSON Diana Rachel Sherrington None.
JOHNSON Gareth Susan Aslett None.
Sarah Bedford Solicitor, Thomas Boyd Whyte (private legal practice).
Ursula Hudson None.
James Radford None.
JOHNSON Joseph Darlyn Buchwitz None.
Jessica Clarke None.
Kate Goodhart None.
Camilla Hamilton None.
William Stark None.
JONES Andrew Eric Cooper Councillor and Leader, Harrogate Borough Council. Councillor, North Yorkshire County Council.
Samantha Mearns Councillor, Harrogate Borough Council.
Jordan Young None.
JONES Darren Finn McMahon None.
Oliver Wheeler None.
JONES David Katharine Huggins None.
Edward Wilson None.
JONES Gerald Harry William Lucas Hayman None.
Sandra Toomey None.
Matthew Van Rooyen None.
JONES Graham Jake Kelly None.
Julie Milligan None.
JONES Kevan Conor Bunting None.
Katherine Henig None.
JONES Marcus Charles Masser None.
Michael Windridge None.
JONES Ruth Karen French None.
Matthew Hexter None.
Adam Jogee Councillor, London Borough of Haringey.
JONES Sarah Camilla Harris None.
Thomas Hughes None.
Jessica Leigh Councillor, London Borough of Lambeth.
JONES Susan Elan Joanna Stallard None.
KANE Mike Sarah Jane Haughey None.
Steve Kay None.
Suzanne Richards Councillor, Manchester City Council.
Josephine Whitehouse On Parliamentary Internship Scheme funded by bursary from the Catholic Bishop's Conference of England and Wales.
KAWCZYNSKI Daniel Carol Foster None.
Jack Gilmore None.
Mark Oates None.
KEEGAN Gillian Lawrence Abel None.
Leanne French None.
Samia Hersi None.
Isabella Hunter-Fajardo None.
Juliette Smith None.
KEELEY Barbara Emma Barnes Political Adviser, Labour Party.
Simon Dixon None.
KENDALL Liz Charles Hughes None.
Jonathon Parkes None.
Victoria Street None.
Annemarie Wattley None.
Kieran Winterburn None.
KENNEDY Seema Samantha Conlon None.
Fjolla Krasniqi None.
KERR Stephen Neil Benny Councillor, Stirling Council.
Clifford Herbertson None.
Rosemary McLaren None.
Martin Stewart-Earl Councillor, Stirling Council. Board Member, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.
James Ventress Policy Adviser, FBB (Fair Business Banking) Foundation (secretariat to APPG on Fair Business Banking).
KHAN Afzal Josephine Amos None.
Anisa Mahmood None.
Thomas Warnett Political Officer, GMB (trade union).
KILLEN Gerard Lynsey Hamilton Councillor, South Lanarkshire Council.
KINNOCK Stephen Joseph Jervis Co-ordinator, Labour Network in England Ltd.
Dennis Marcus Director, Ubuntu London (strategic communications events). Clients: Save the Children International (charity) and Memorial 2007 (promotes education on trans-Atlantic slave trade).
Denis McFadden None.
KNIGHT Greg Janet Knight None.
Matthew Thomas None.
KNIGHT Julian Henry Hill Assistant Editor, Conservative Home (journalism).
Philippa Knight Occasional ad hoc administrative support for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alternative Lending.
Hayden Walmsley Councillor, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.
Megan Williams None.
KWARTENG Kwasi John Aslett None.
Sarah Knight None.
Erika-Maria Szasz None.
KYLE Peter Emily Cannon None.
Christopher Henry None.
Siobhán Reynolds None.
LAING Eleanor Iona Bensusan None.
Carol Chatfield Receptionist, Sytner BMW (motor trade).
Charlotte Richards None.
LAIRD Lesley Jordan Agnew Political Adviser, Labour Party.
LAKE Ben Amal Abdullahi None.
Fflur Elin None.
Zainab Gulamali Researcher, Plaid Cymru.
Ben O'Keeffe None.
LAMB Norman William Cowie None.
Patrick Davey None.
Jamie Kowalyk None.
LAMMY David Gavin Cowings None.
Oliver Durose None.
William Heilpern Overseas Visits: 7-9 June 2019 to Canada for study trip regarding Canada's decision to legalise cannabis. Meals and car journeys paid for by Volteface (registered July 2019). 16 October 2019 to European Parliament, Brussels to attend Best for Britain Meeting with Ambassadors, EU Representatives, and press call. Transport, lunch and refreshments paid for by Best for Britain (UK-EU Open Policy Ltd) (registered October 2019).
Joshua Kaile None.
Mili Patel Cabinet Member local council, London Borough of Brent.
Anya Sizer None.
LAMONT John Rebecca Hyrslova None.
Ross Sanderson None.
William Tanner Director, Onward (think tank).
LANCASTER Mark Festus Akinbusoye Company Director, Ikan Facilities Management Limited (security services).
Liam Andrews None.
Alexander Walker Councillor, Milton Keynes.
LATHAM Pauline Jonathon Foster None.
William Golightly None.
Sue Hidderley-Burton None.
LAVERY Ian Michael Calderbank Consultant, Solidarity Consulting Ltd (political consultancy). Clients: Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union; Fire Brigades Union; Public and Commercial Services Union; National Union of Journalists; Rail, Maritime and Transport Union, Trade Union Coordinating Group (registered July 2019).
Roger Easterby None.
Mark Fitton None.
Roisin McDermott Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Unite the Union (trade union).
LAW Chris Paul McDaid None.
Jerry Moriarty None.
LEADSOM Andrea Tommy Gilchrist None.
Luke Graystone Councillor, Northampton Borough Council.
Sarah Jackson None.
Theo Morris None.
LEE Karen Joseph Duffy None.
Cameron Iveson None.
Edward Mair None.
Helena Mair Lincoln City Councillor, City of Lincoln Council.
LEE Phillip Michael Burgess None.
Katie Dover None.
Jenny Fleischer None.
LEFROY Jeremy Alexander Simpson Overseas Visits: 6-10 April 2019 to Washington DC, USA to attend the Global Parliamentary Conference 2019 of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and IMF. Flights and accommodation paid for by the Parliamentary Network on the World Bnk and IMF. 16-20 September 2019 to Tanzania accompanying Jeremy Lefroy MP on APPG delegation visit. Flights, accommodation and internal transportation paid for by the APPG for Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases (registered September 2019).
Nicole Vecchio Consultant APPG Coordinator for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases (paid out of the Group's registered funds.).
LEIGH Edward Andrew Cusack None.
Katherine O'Riordan Solicitor, Yugin & Partners Solicitors.
LESLIE Chris Jack Boardman None.
Thomas Burke None.
Penelope Griggs None.
Nora Mulready None.
Christopher Ward None.
LETWIN Oliver Annesley Abercorn Parliamentary Consultant to Dragon Advisory (a business advisory consultancy). Clients: VW Finance. 
John Dawson None.
Thomas Fieldhouse Deputy Director, Red Tape Initiative (cross-party think tank).
Jane Gordon Banks None.
LEWELL-BUCK Emma Peter Hayes None.
Honor Miller None.
Josie Parkhouse None.
LEWER Andrew Julie Banks Thompson None.
Art Conaghan None.
Andrew Fellows None.
Ellen McLean None.
LEWIS Brandon Thomas Allen None.
Helen Hill None.
Zoe Thorogood Chief of Staff, Conservative Campaign Headquarters.
Paul Wells Councillor, Great Yarmouth Borough Council.
Toby Willmer Deputy Chief of Staff to the Chairman's Office, Conservative Party.
LEWIS Clive Holly Brazier Tope None.
Jason Pritchard Common Councilman, Common Council of the City of London.
Charles Secrett Sustainability Business Consultant, Robertsbridge Group (business consultancy). Clients: Avantium (Dutch bio-plastics and bio-refining company) and European Climate Foundation (climate issues).
LEWIS Ivan Amber Khan None.
Marc Levy External Affairs Manager, Jewish Leadership Council (charity).
LEWIS Julian Nina Karsov-Szechter None.
Colin Smith None.
LIDDELL-GRAINGER Ian Jill Liddell-Grainger None.
LIDINGTON David Elliott Banks None.
Abigail Foy None.
Verity Inge None.
Joshua Robinson None.
Kieran Sinclair None.
LINDEN David Ross Deans None.
Emily Lang None.
Derec Thompson None.
LLOYD Stephen Jennifer Cruse None.
Dean Sabri Councillor, Eastbourne Borough Council.
Mark Trott None.
LLOYD Tony Ruaidhri O'Donnell Political Adviser, Labour Party.
LONG BAILEY Rebecca Huma Haq None.
Paul Keenlyside None.
Olivia Walsham None.
LOPEZ Julia Alexander Stone None.
Joanna Thomas None.
George Welch None.
LOPRESTI Jack Susan Clegg None.
Simon Davies Councillor, Mendip District Council. Responsible Finance Officer, St Cuthbert Out Parish Council. Councillor, Shepton Mallet Town Council.
Nicholas Watts Freelance Journalist for HIS/Markit (Janes) (publishing/communications / media).
LORD Jonathan Herta Hearsum None.
James Moncrieff None.
Nicholas White None.
LOUGHTON Tim Justine Kent None.
Jack Loudon None.
Kari Sargeant None.
LUCAS Caroline Ingrid Davidson None.
Laura MacKenzie None.
Catherine Miller Chief of Staff, Green Party.
Joanna Mills Parliamentary Media Officer, Green Party.
Oliva Paine None.
Ruth Potts Researcher, Green New Deal Group (policy group).
Connor Schwartz None.
LUCAS Ian Ian Thomas None.
David Triggs None.
LYNCH Holly Adam Wilkinson Councillor, Calderdale Council.
MACKINLAY Craig Mel Barratt None.
Faisal Hamza None.
Ruth Lea None.
MACLEAN Rachel Rebekah Davis None.
Kurt Ward None.
MACNEIL Angus Nikita Harkin None.
Christopher Levick Regional Director, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (foreign affairs).
MADDERS Justin Kerie-Anne Ivory None.
Julie Spencer None.
Catherine Witcombe Policy Officer, Labour Party.
MAHMOOD Khalid Elaina Cohen None.
Agha Hasan None.
Saraya Hussain None.
MAHMOOD Shabana William Hingley None.
Luke Holland None.
MAIN Anne William Ewing Overseas Visits: 13-20 September 2019 to Bangladesh to visit Social Action Project arranged by Conservative Friends of Bangladesh. Flights and accommodation paid for by Conservative Friends of Bangladesh (registered October 2019).
Jack Robinson None.
Isabella Wallersteiner Overseas Visits: 13-20 September 2019 to Bangladesh to visit Social Action Project arranged by Conservative Friends of Bangladesh. Flights and accommodation paid for by Conservative Friends of Bangladesh (registered October 2019).
MAK Alan Stuart Crow None.
Imogen Payter Consultant, APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (All Party Parliamentary Group). Overseas Visits: 15-20 April 2019 to San Francisco Bay Area, USA to support APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IRAPPG) visit to Silicon Valley technology companies. All flights, accommodation, food, transport and other expenses paid for by the 4IRAPPG (registered May 2019).
Alexander Rennie Councillor, Havant Borough Council. Overseas Visits: 15-20 April 2019 to San Francisco Bay Area, USA to support APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR APPG) visit to Silicon Valley technology companies. All flights, accommodation, food, transport and other expenses paid by the 4IRAPPG (registered May 2019).