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Session 1999-2000
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House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
Thursday 4th May 2000

The House met at half-past Two o'clock.
1London Local Authorities Bill [Lords],—The Order of the day being read, for consideration of the London Local Authorities Bill [Lords], as amended in the Committee;
        Ordered, That the Bill be considered on Thursday 11th May.
2Kent County Council Bill [Lords],—The Order of the day being read, for the Second Reading of the Kent County Council Bill [Lords];
        Ordered, That the Bill be read a second time on Thursday 11th May.
3Medway Council Bill [Lords],—The Order of the day being read, for the Second Reading of the Medway Council Bill [Lords];
        Ordered, That the Bill be read a second time on Thursday 11th May.
4Mersey Tunnels Bill,—The Order of the day being read, for the Second Reading of the Mersey Tunnels Bill;
        Ordered, That the Bill be read a second time on Thursday 11th May.
5Adjournment (Defence in the World),—A Motion was made, and the Question being proposed, That this House do now adjourn—(Mr Clive Betts);
        And it being Seven o'clock, the Motion for the Adjournment of the House lapsed, without Question put.
6Adjournment,—Resolved, That this House do now adjourn.—(Mrs Anne McGuire.)
        And accordingly the House, having continued to sit till twenty-nine minutes past Seven o'clock, adjourned till to-morrow.
[Adjourned at 7.29 p.m.
Betty Boothroyd

Madam Speaker will take the Chair at half-past Nine o'clock.

Papers presented or laid upon the Table:
Papers subject to Affirmative Resolution:
1Defence,—Draft Army, Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts (Continuation) Order 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Hoon].
2Terms and Conditions of Employment,—Draft National Minimum Wage (Increase in Development Rate for Young Workers) Regulations 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Byers].
Papers subject to Negative Resolution:
3Education,—Education (Induction Arrangements for School Teachers) (Amendment No. 2) (England) Regulations 2000 (S.I., 2000, No. 1177), dated 4th May 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Blunkett].
4London Government,—(1) Railways (Alternative Closure Procedure) (Croydon Tramlink) Order 2000 (S.I., 2000, No. 1144), and
        (2) Transport for London (Reserved Services) (Croydon Tramlink and Docklands Light Railway) Exception Order 2000 (S.I., 2000, No. 1143),
    dated 20th April 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Prescott].
5Police,—National Police Records (Recordable Offences) Regulations 2000 (S.I., 2000, No. 1139), dated 17th April 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Straw].
6Transport,—The Railways (Inverness Station) (Exemptions) Order 2000 (S.I., 2000, No. 1178), dated 3rd May 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Prescott].
Other Papers:
7Disability Discrimination,—Report of the National Disability Council for 1999-2000 [by Act]; to be printed [No. 434] [Mr Secretary Blunkett].
8Environment, Transport and the Regions,—Government Response to the Report from the Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Assessment (SACTRA), on Transport and the Economy [by Command] [Cm. 4711] [Mr Secretary Prescott].
9Foreign Affairs,—Government Response to the Third Report from the Foreign Affairs Committee, Session 1999-2000, on Relations with the Russian Federation [by Command] [Cm. 4715] [Mr Secretary Cook].
10Public Petitions,—Observations by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions on the Petition [29th March] from residents of Brill in Buckinghamshire against the installation of antennae in densely populated areas of Brill [by Standing Order]; to be printed [Clerk of the House].
11School Standards and Framework,—Account of the Newham Education Action Zone for 1998-99, with the Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General thereon [by Act]; to be printed [No. 468] [Clerk of the House].
12Treaty Series (No. 48, 2000),—Exchange of Notes, done at LomeĢ on 27th April and 2nd November 1999, between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the Republic of Togo concerning Certain Commercial Debts (The United Kingdom/Togo Debt Agreement No. 10 (1995) Amendment) [by Command] [Cm. 4700] [Mr Secretary Cook].
13Treaty Series (No. 49, 2000),—Agreement, done at Brussels on 19th June 1995, among the States Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty and the Other States Participating in the Partnership for Peace regarding the Status of their Forces [by Command] [Cm. 4701] [Mr Secretary Cook].
Reports from Select Committees
Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry,—Minutes of Evidence taken before the Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry Committees, meeting concurrently pursuant to paragraph (4) of Standing Order No. 152 (Select Committees related to government departments) [Committees' Inquiry into the Annual Reports on Strategic Export Controls]; to be printed [No. 467-i] [Mr Ted Rowlands; Ann Clwyd; Mr Martin O'Neill].

Supplement to the Votes and Proceedings
Minutes of Proceedings of the Sitting in Westminster Hall
[pursuant to the Order of 24th May 1999]

The sitting commenced at half-past Two o'clock.
1Adjournment (A sporting future for all),—Resolved, That the sitting be now adjourned.—(Mrs Anne McGuire.)
        And accordingly the sitting was adjourned till Tuesday 9th May.
[Adjourned at 5.29 p.m.
Sir Alan Haselhurst
Deputy Speaker        

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