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House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
Thursday 22nd June 2000

The House met at half-past Eleven o'clock.
1London Local Authorities Bill [Lords],—The Order of the day being read, for consideration of the London Local Authorities Bill [Lords], as amended in the Committee;
        Ordered, That the Bill be considered on Thursday 29th June.
2Mersey Tunnels Bill,—The Order of the day being read, for the Second Reading of the Mersey Tunnels Bill;
        Ordered, That the Bill be read a second time on Thursday 29th June.
3Liaison,—Mr Robert Sheldon reported, pursuant to Standing Order No. 145 (Liaison Committee), That the Liaison Committee had directed him to report the following recommendations for the allocation of time for the consideration of Estimates on an allotted day (being the second allotted day in the present Session):
        That a day not later than 5th August be allotted for the consideration of the following Estimates for the financial year 2000-01:
          1. Class XVI, Vote 4: HM Customs and Excise: administration
          2. Class XII, Vote 3: Department of Social Security: administration as it relates to medical services
        and that debate on the first Estimate be interrupted not later than three hours after its commencement.
        Report to lie upon the Table.
4Scottish Grand Committee,—A Motion was made, and the Question being put forthwith, pursuant to Standing Order No. 100 (Scottish Grand Committee (sittings)), That the Scottish Grand Committee shall meet on Monday 10th July at half-past Ten o'clock at the Glasgow City Council former High School buildings, Glasgow, to consider a substantive Motion for the adjournment of the Committee—(Mr Clive Betts):—It was agreed to.
5Adjournment (Security and Intelligence Agencies),—A Motion was made, and the Question being proposed, That this House do now adjourn—(Mr Clive Betts);
        The Motion was, with the leave of the House, withdrawn.
6Northern Ireland Grand Committee,—Ordered, That
        (1) the matter of devolution in Northern Ireland, being a matter relating exclusively to Northern Ireland, be referred to the Northern Ireland Grand Committee;
        (2) the Committee shall meet at Westminster on Wednesday 5th July at 10.30 a.m., when it shall take questions for oral answer and shall then consider the matter of devolution in Northern Ireland, referred to it under paragraph (1);
        (3) notwithstanding the provisions of Standing Order No. 88 (Meetings of Standing Committees), at the meeting the Chairman shall interrupt the proceedings under paragraph (2) at half-past One o'clock; and
        (4) at the conclusion of the proceedings under paragraph (2), a motion for the adjournment of the Committee may be moved by a Minister of the Crown pursuant to Standing Order No. 116(5) (Northern Ireland Grand Committee (sittings)).—(Mr Greg Pope.)
7Adjournment,—A Motion was made, and the Question being proposed, That this House do now adjourn—(Mr Greg Pope);
        And it being Seven o'clock, the Motion for the adjournment of the House lapsed, without Question put.
8Adjournment,—Resolved, That this House do now adjourn.—(Mr Greg Pope.)
        And accordingly the House, having continued to sit till fifteen minutes past Seven o'clock, adjourned till to-morrow.
[Adjourned at 7.15 p.m.
Betty Boothroyd

Madam Speaker will take the Chair at half-past Nine o'clock.

Papers presented or laid upon the Table:
Papers subject to Affirmative Resolution:
1Education,—Draft Education (School Government) (Terms of Reference) (England) Regulations 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Blunkett].
2Insider Dealing,—Draft Insider Dealing (Securities and Regulated Markets) (Amendment) Order 2000 [by Act] [Miss Melanie Johnson].
3Terms and Conditions of Employment,—Draft National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999 (Amendment) Regulations 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Byers].
Papers subject to Negative Resolution:
4London Government,—London Cab Order 1934 (Modification) Order 2000 (S.I., 2000, No. 1666), dated 22nd June 2000 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Prescott].
Other Papers:
5Appropriations in Aid,—Treasury Minute, dated 22nd June 2000, directing the application of certain receipts as appropriations in aid of the Votes specified in the Revised Estimates and Summer Supplementary Estimates for 2000-01 [by Act] [Mr Andrew Smith].
6Chemical Weapons,—Report for 1999 by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry on the operation of the Chemical Weapons Act 1996 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Byers].
7Industrial Training,—Report and Accounts of the Construction Industry Training Board for 1999 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Blunkett].
8Public Processions (Northern Ireland),—Report and Statement of Accounts of the Parades Commission for Northern Ireland for 1999-2000 [by Act]; to be printed [No. 540] [Mr Secretary Mandelson].
9Supply Estimates, 2000-01,—Revised Estimates and Summer Supplementary Estimates for 2000-01 [by Command]; to be printed [No. 567] [Mr Stephen Timms].
10Treaty Series (No. 66, 2000),—Partnership and Co-operation Agreement, done at Florence on 21st June 1996, establishing a Partnership between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Uzbekistan of the other part with Final Act [by Command] [Cm. 4735] [Mr Secretary Cook].
11Treaty Series (No. 67, 2000),—Terms of Reference of the International Copper Study Group, done at New York on 24th February 1989 [by Command] [Cm. 4738] [Mr Secretary Cook].
Standing Committees
Draft Attorney General's Salary Order 2000,—The Committee of Selection has discharged Mr Gwyn Prosser from the Second Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation (nominated in respect of the draft Order); and nominated in substitution Mr George Mudie.
Reports from Select Committees
1Health,—Minutes of Evidence taken before the Health Committee [Consultants' Contracts]; to be printed [No. 586-ii] [Mr David Hinchliffe].
2Treasury,—Minutes of Evidence taken before the Sub-Committee of the Treasury Committee [HM Treasury]; to be printed [No. 492-iii] [Mr Giles Radice].

In the Votes and Proceedings for 21st June, entry 6(1) in Appendix III (Public Accounts) should have read:
        Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee of Public Accounts [The Gaming Board: Better Regulation]; to be printed [No. 611-i]; and.

Supplement to the Votes and Proceedings
Thursday 22nd June 2000
Minutes of Proceedings of the Sitting in Westminster Hall
[pursuant to the Order of 24th May 1999]

The House met at half-past Two o'clock.
1Adjournment (School Meals),—Resolved, That the sitting be now adjourned.—(Mr Kevin Hughes.)
        And accordingly the sitting was adjourned till Tuesday 27th June.
[Adjourned at 5.27 p.m.
Sir Alan Haselhurst
Deputy Speaker        

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