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House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
Wednesday 11th May 2005

The House met at half-past Two o'clock.

1    The House being met; and it being the first day of the meeting of this Parliament, pursuant to Proclamation, Roger Blakemore Sands, Clerk of the House of Commons, Douglas George Millar, Clerk Assistant, and Helen Elizabeth Irwin, Principal Clerk of the Table Office, attending in the House, and the other Clerks attending, according to their duty, Alexander Claud Stuart Allan, Clerk of the Crown in Chancery in Great Britain, delivered to the said Roger Blakemore Sands a book containing a list of the names of the Members returned to serve in this Parliament.

    Several of the Members repaired to their seats.

    Mr Alan Williams took the Chair, pursuant to Standing Order No. 1 (Election of the Speaker: Member presiding).

2    Message to attend the Lords Commissioners,—A Message was received from the Lords Commissioners, by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod:

    Members of the House of Commons,

    The Lords, authorised by virtue of Her Majesty's Commission, desire the immediate attendance of this Honourable House in the House of Peers, to hear the Commission read.

3    Accordingly the House went up to the House of Peers, and a Commission having been read for opening and holding the Parliament, the Lords Commissioners directed the House to proceed to the Election of a Speaker, and to present the Speaker Elect in the House of Peers, for the Royal Approbation.

4    And the House having returned;

    Mr Alan Williams, pursuant to Standing Order No. 1A (Re-election of former Speaker), inquired whether Mr Michael J. Martin, as the Member who was Speaker at the dissolution of the previous Parliament, was willing to be chosen as Speaker.

    Mr Michael J. Martin stood up in his place, indicated that he was willing to be so chosen, and submitted himself to the House.

    A Motion was made, and the Question being put forthwith, pursuant to Standing Order No. 1A (Re-election of former Speaker), That Mr Michael J. Martin do take the Chair of this House as Speaker—(Mrs Angela Browning):—It was agreed to.

    Resolved, That Mr Michael J. Martin do take the Chair of this House as Speaker.

    Whereupon Mr Alan Williams left the Chair, and Mr Michael J. Martin was taken out of his place and conducted to the Chair by Mrs Angela Browning and Ann Keen, and, standing on the upper step, he expressed his respectful and humble acknowledgement to the House of the great honour which the House had conferred upon him, and sat down in the Chair.

    Then the Mace (which before lay under the Table) was placed upon the Table.

    Whereupon Mr Geoff Hoon, Mr Michael Ancram, Sir Menzies Campbell, The Reverend Ian Paisley and Mr Alex Salmond congratulated Mr Speaker Elect, and Mr Vernon Coaker moved, That this House do now adjourn till to-morrow at Eleven o'clock.

    The Speaker Elect thereupon put the Question, which being agreed to, the House adjourned accordingly at nineteen minutes past Three o'clock, till to-morrow, and the Speaker Elect went away without the Mace before him.

[Adjourned at 3.19 p.m.

Michael J. Martin

Speaker Elect
Mr Speaker Elect will take the Chair at Eleven o'clock. No. 1 Votes and Proceedings: 11th May 2005 3

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