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House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
Thursday 18th June 1998

The House met at half-past Two o'clock.
1Lloyds TSB Bill [Lords],--The Order of the day being read, for the third reading of the Lloyds TSB Bill [Lords];
        Ordered, That the Bill be read the third time on Thursday 25th June.
2Crime and Disorder Bill [Lords] (Business Committee),--The First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means reported from the Business Committee, That it had come to a Resolution in respect of the Crime and Disorder Bill [Lords], which it had directed him to report to the House:
        (1) the order in which proceedings on Consideration are to be taken shall be, New Clause 10, New Clause 11, New Clause 1, remaining New Clauses, Amendments to Clauses, new Schedules, Amendments to Schedules;
        (2) the days allotted under the Order [16th June] to proceedings on Consideration and Third Reading shall be allotted in the manner shown in the following Table and each part of the proceedings shall, if not previously brought to a conclusion, be brought to a conclusion (in accordance with the Order) at the time specified in relation to that part of the proceedings in the third column of the Table.
Allotted dayProceedingsTime for conclusion of proceedings
First dayNew Clause 10, New Clause 11Three and a half hours after commencement
 New Clause 1 (including any Amendments to it selected by the Speaker)Six and a half hours after commencement
Second dayRemaining New Clauses, Amendments to Clauses, new Schedules, Amendments to Schedules, Third ReadingSix and a half hours after commencement
     Report to lie upon the Table.
3Eighth Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation,--Mr John McWilliam reported from the Eighth Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation the Special Grant Report (No. 35) (House of Commons Paper No. 758).
        Minutes of Proceedings of the Committee to lie upon the Table.
4Northern Ireland (Sentences) Bill (Consideration and Third Reading) [allotted day],--The House, according to Order, proceeded to consider the Northern Ireland (Sentences) Bill, as amended in the Standing Committee.
        Amendment (No. 2) made to the Bill.
        Amendment (No. 1) proposed to the Bill, in page 2, line 40, after the words last inserted, to insert the words--
        '(e) has already decommissioned a substantial proportion of its illegally held firearms, ammunition and explosives in accordance with the provisions of the Northern Ireland Arms Decommissioning Act 1997 and is fulfilling a decommissioning timetable which will ensure that it has completed decommissioning before 22nd May 2000.'.--(The Reverend Ian Paisley.)
        Question put, That the Amendment be made.
        The House divided.
          Tellers for the Ayes, The Reverend Ian Paisley, Mr William Thompson: 12.
          Tellers for the Noes, Mr Greg Pope, Bridget Prentice. 260.
        Other Amendments (Nos. 3 and 4) made to the Bill.
        A Motion was was made, and the Question being put, That the Bill be now read the third time;
        The House divided.
          Tellers for the Ayes, Mr Greg Pope, Bridget Prentice: 215.
          Tellers for the Noes, Mr Oliver Heald, Mr Tim Collins: 116.
        So the Question was agreed to.
        The Bill was accordingly read the third time, and passed.
5Church of England (General Synod) (Measure),--Resolved, That the National Institutions Measure, passed by the General Synod of the Church of England, be presented to Her Majesty for Royal Assent in the form in which the said Measure was laid before Parliament.--(Mr Stuart Bell.)
6Adjournment,--Resolved, That this House do now adjourn.--(Bridget Prentice.)
        And accordingly the House, having continued to sit till nine minutes to Ten o'clock, adjourned till to-morrow.
[Adjourned at 9.51 p.m.
Betty Boothroyd

Madam Speaker will take the Chair at half-past Nine o'clock.

Papers presented or laid upon the Table:
1Legal Aid, Advice and Assistance,--Account of the Legal Aid Fund (Northern Ireland) for 1996-97, with the Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General thereon [by Statutory Instrument]; to be printed [No. 834] [Clerk of the House].
2Low Pay Commission,--Paper, entitled the National Minimum Wage, First Report of the Low Pay Commission [by Command] [Cm. 3976] [Secretary Margaret Beckett].
3Parliamentary Commissioner,--Fourth Report of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, Session 1997-98, Access to Official Information-Volume 1 [by Act]; to be printed [No. 804] [Clerk of the House].
4Water,--Report of the Director General of Water Services for 1997-98 [by Act]; to be printed [No. 740] [Mr Secretary Prescott].
Standing Committees
Private Hire Vehicles (London) Bill,--The Committee of Selection has discharged from Standing Committee D Sir Sydney Chapman (nominated in respect of the Bill); and nominated in substitution Mrs Eleanor Laing.
Reports from Select Committees
Treasury,--Sixth Report from the Treasury Committee [Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England: Confirmation Hearings]; to be printed, with the Minutes of Proceedings of the Committee relating to the Report [No. 822]; and
        (2) Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee on 18th June [Confirmation Hearings]; to be printed [No. 822-iii]
    [Mr Giles Radice].

Business Committee (Human Rights Bill [Lords])
In pursuance of Standing Order No. 82 (Business Committee) the Speaker nominated Mr Nigel Waterson to be a member of the Business Committee in respect of the Human Rights Bill [Lords], in place of Mr James Cran.

(1)In the Votes and Proceedings for Tuesday 9th June, Appendix III, item 8, the printing number of the Sixth Report from the Trade and Industry Committee [Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises] was incorrectly given as 471 rather than 774.
(2)The following item was circulated as an Addendum to the Votes and Proceedings of Wednesday 17th June
Business Committee (Crime and Disorder Bill [Lords])
In pursuance of Standing Order No. 82 (Business Committee) the Speaker nominated Mr Richard Allan, Mr James Clappison, Mr Andrew Dismore, Ms Sally Keeble, Jane Kennedy, Mr Alun Michael, Paddy Tipping and Mr Nigel Waterson to be members of the Business Committee in respect of the Crime and Disorder Bill [Lords].

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