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House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
Thursday 29th October 1998

The House met at half-past Two o'clock.
1Bodmin Moor Commons Bill [Lords],—The Order of the day being read, for consideration of the Bodmin Moor Commons Bill [Lords], as amended by the Chairman of Ways and Means;
        Ordered, That the Bill be considered on Thursday 5th November.
2Alliance & Leicester plc (Group Reorganisation) Bill [Lords],—The Order of the day being read, for the Second Reading of the Alliance & Leicester plc (Group Reorganisation) Bill [Lords];
        Ordered, That the Bill be read a second time on Thursday 5th November.
3Message from the Lords,—A Message was brought from the Lords, as follows:
        The Lords have agreed to the Amendments made by this House to the Human Rights Bill [Lords], without Amendment.
4North American Free Trade Area (Parliamentary Commission) Bill,—Mr Michael Fabricant presented a Bill to establish a Parliamentary Commission to investigate the benefits or otherwise of accession by the United Kingdom to the North American Free Trade Area Treaty; and for connected purposes: And the same was read the first time; and ordered to be read a second time on Thursday 19th November and to be printed [Bill 251].
5Adjournment (Quarantine for Pets),—A Motion was made, and the Question being proposed, That this House do now adjourn—(Mr Clive Betts);
        The Motion was, with leave of the House, withdrawn.
6Adjournment,—Resolved, That this House do now adjourn.—(Mr Kevin Hughes).
        And accordingly the House, having continued to sit till twelve minutes to Nine o'clock, adjourned till Monday 2nd November, pursuant to Order [22nd October].
[Adjourned at 8.48 p.m.
Betty Boothroyd

Madam Speaker will take the Chair at half-past Two o'clock on Monday 2nd November.

Papers presented or laid upon the Table:
Papers subject to Affirmative Resolution:
1Social Security,—Draft Social Security (New Deal Pilot) Regulations 1998 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Blunkett].
2Supreme Court of England and Wales,—Draft Civil Procedure (Modification of Enactments) Order 1998 [by Act] [Mr Geoffrey Hoon].
Papers subject to Negative Resolution:
3Local Government,—Local Government Act 1988 (Defined Activities) (Exemption) (Easington District Council) Order 1998 (S.I., 1998, No. 2619), dated 22nd October 1998 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Prescott].
4Social Security (Northern Ireland),—Pneumoconiosis, etc., (Workers' Compensation) (Payment of Claims) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1998 (S.R.(N.I.), 1998, No. 358), dated 13th October 1998 [by Act] [Secretary Marjorie Mowlam].
Other Papers:
5Customs and Excise,—Report and Financial Statements of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Customs and Excise for 1997-98, with the Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General thereon [by Command] [Cm. 4067] [Dawn Primarolo].
6Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs,—Government Responses to the following Reports from the Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee, Session 1997-98—
        (1) Seventh, on London Underground [by Command] [Cm. 4093]; and
        (2) Twelfth, on DETR's Departmental Annual Report 1998 and Expenditure Plans 1998-99 [by Command] [Cm. 4098]
    [Mr Secretary Prescott].
7Independent Commission on the Voting System,—Report of the Independent Commission on the Voting System [by Command] [Cm. 4090-I and II] [Mr Secretary Straw].
8National Lottery,—Report and Summary Financial Report of the Millennium Commission for 1997-98 [by Act] [Mr Secretary Smith].
Standing Committees
1Draft Meat and Livestock Commission Levy (Variation) Scheme (Confirmation) Order 1998,—The Committee of Selection has discharged Mr John McDonnell from the First Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation (nominated in respect of the draft Order); and nominated in substitution Dr Howard Stoate.
2Draft Local Government (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 1998,—The Committee of Selection has discharged Dan Norris from the Second Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation (nominated in respect of the draft Order); and nominated in substitution Mr Ivan Lewis.
Reports from Select Committees
1Education and Employment,—Minutes of Evidence taken before the Employment Sub-Committee of the Education and Employment Committee on 29th October [Part-time Working]; to be printed [No. 610-ix] [Mr Derek Foster].
2Health,—Minutes of Evidence taken before the Health Committee on 29th October [Relationship between Health and Social Services]; to be printed [No. 586-x] [Mr David Hinchliffe].
3Treasury,—(1) Eighth Special Report from the Treasury Committee [The New Fiscal Framework and the Comprehensive Spending Review: The Government's Response to the Eighth Report of the Committee in Session 1997-98], together with an Appendix, to be printed [No. 855]; and
        (2) Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee on 29th October [The World Economy]; to be printed [No. 1105-iv]
    [Mr Giles Radice].
In the Votes and Proceedings for Wednesday 2nd September 1998, in Appendix I, Papers presented by Her Majesty's Command and delivered to the Votes and Proceedings Office during the adjournment pursuant to Standing Order No. 158 (Presentation of command papers), the following item should have appeared:
Treaty Series (No. 31, 1998),—Convention, done at Funchal on 18th May 1992, on the accession of the Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic to the Convention on the Law applicable to Contractual Obligations, opened for signature in Rome on 19th June 1980 [Cm. 4035] [Mr Secretary Cook].

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