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General Committee Debates

From the beginning of the 2006-07 session Standing Committees will be known as General Committees. The general committees on Bills are called Public Bill Committees and will be available on the Public Bill Committee debates page.

*Session 2009-2010
*Session 2008-2009
*Session 2007-2008
*Session 2006-2007


Standing Committee Debates up to 2005-06

Here you can browse the Debates, including Membership details where appropriate, in other House of Commons Standing Committees listed here by session:

*Session 2005-06
*Session 2004-05
*Session 2003-04
*Session 2002-03
*Session 2001-02
*Session 2000-01
*Session 1999-2000
*Session 1998-99
*Session 1997-98