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Powys District Health Authority

Breconshire War Memorial





Llandrindod Wells


Llys Maldwyn

Machynlleth and district

Machynlleth Chest

Mid Wales

Montgomery County Infirmary

St. David's

Victoria Memorial

Ystradgynlais Community

South Glamorgan District Health Authority

Barry Community

Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Children's ENT


Glan Ely



Neale Kent

Prince of Wales


Royal Hamadryad

St. David's


University Hospital of Wales



West Glamorgan District Health Authority

Cefn Coed








Hill House



Mount Pleasant

Neath General

Port Talbot




Mr. Nicholas Bennett : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will set out in table form (a) the total expenditure on CADW maintained sites, (b) the total income from sales and admissions at CADW maintained sites, (c) the total expenditure on non-CADW maintained sites by CADW, (d) other income to CADW and (e) other expenditure by CADW in each of the past four years.

Mr. Wyn Roberts [holding answer 16 February 1989] : The total direct expenditure by CADW on each of the categories identified by my hon. Friend is shown in the following table :

Column 720




A. Total expenditure                                         

 on CADW                                                     

 maintained sites    |2,187  |1,940  |1,893  |2,575          

B. Total income                                              

 from sales and                                              

 admissions at                                               


 maintained sites    |<1>937 |1,158  |1,182  |1,415          

C. Total expenditure                                         

 on non-CADW                                                 

 sites               |1,517  |2,215  |2,084  |2,202          

D. Other income      |<1>n/a |107    |35     |382            

E. Other                                                     

 expenditure         |1,003  |1,669  |1,614  |2,018          

<1>No breakdown of income sources B and D is available for   



Field Workers (Exchange)

Mrs. Dunwoody : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will take steps to create an exchange of technical field workers employed in the health field between the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Mr. Chris Patten : Under the overseas aid programme we actively encourage and support the exchange of information and experience between health workers in this country and in developing countries and between developing country workers. The exchanges take many forms. In 1987, 907 person years of training were funded in health and health-related subjects in Britain. Staff are exchanged under link arrangements which many United Kingdom institutions have with counterpart organisations in the developing world. Study tours are also arranged to enable individuals and groups from developing countries to visit this country and third countries.

Calorie Supply

Sir John Stanley : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will list, for each of those countries that are actual or potential recipients of British overseas aid, the latest estimate available to his Department of (a) daily per capita calorie supply and (b) the percentage it represents of daily calorie requirements.

Mr. Chris Patten : Information on food supply (calories per capita per day) is included in the FAO production yearbook 1987. Information on daily per capita calorie supply as a percentage of the requirement needed to maintain health is based on figures from FAO and World Bank sources. The estimates for all developing countries taken from those sources are given in the following table.

Country                         |Calories per caput supply|Daily per capita calorie                           

                                |per day 1984-86          |supply as percentage of                            

                                                          |requirements: 1985                                 



Cyprus                          |-                        |-                                                  

Gibraltar                       |-                        |-                                                  

Greece                          |3,688                    |145                                                

Malta                           |2,878                    |-                                                  

Portugal                        |3,134                    |124                                                

Turkey                          |3,146                    |125                                                

Yugoslavia                      |3,542                    |134                                                


Africa-North of the Sahara                                                                                    

Algeria                         |-                        |121                                                

Egypt                           |-                        |127                                                

Liberia                         |-                        |103                                                

Morocco                         |-                        |108                                                

Tunisia                         |-                        |119                                                


Africa-South of the Sahara                                                                                    

Angola                          |-                        |86                                                 

Benin                           |2,188                    |94                                                 

Botswana                        |2,231                    |95                                                 

Burkina Faso                    |2,047                    |87                                                 

Burundi                         |2,268                    |99                                                 

Cameroon                        |2,040                    |89                                                 

Cape Verde                      |2,729                    |-                                                  

Central African Republic        |1,940                    |92                                                 

Chad                            |-                        |79                                                 

Comoros                         |2,110                    |-                                                  

Congo                           |2,598                    |108                                                

Djibouti                        |-                        |-                                                  

Equatorial Guinea               |-                        |-                                                  

Ethiopia                        |-                        |94                                                 

Gabon                           |-                        |124                                                

Gambia                          |2,365                    |-                                                  

Ghana                           |1,733                    |78                                                 

Guinea                          |1,782                    |85                                                 

Guinea-Bissau                   |-                        |105                                                

Ivory Coast                     |-                        |102                                                

Kenya                           |2,140                    |87                                                 

Lesotho                         |2,296                    |100                                                

Liberia                         |2,357                    |103                                                

Madagascar                      |2,413                    |111                                                

Malawi                          |2,373                    |95                                                 

Mali                            |2,020                    |69                                                 

Mauretania                      |2,283                    |97                                                 

Mauritius                       |2,736                    |-                                                  

Mayotte                         |-                        |-                                                  

Mozambique                      |1,608                    |68                                                 

Namibia                         |-                        |-                                                  

Niger                           |2,347                    |97                                                 

Nigeria                         |2,114                    |92                                                 

Reunion                         |3,010                    |-                                                  

Rwanda                          |1,881                    |87                                                 

St. Helena                      |-                        |-                                                  

Sao Tome and Principe           |2,386                    |-                                                  

Senegal                         |2,336                    |109                                                

Seychelles                      |2,261                    |-                                                  

Sierra Leone                    |1,868                    |85                                                 

Somalia                         |2,088                    |91                                                 

Sudan                           |2,074                    |93                                                 

Swaziland                       |2,550                    |-                                                  

Tanzania                        |2,214                    |99                                                 

Togo                            |2,224                    |97                                                 

Uganda                          |2,221                    |109                                                

Zaire                           |2,159                    |96                                                 

Zambia                          |2,126                    |85                                                 

Zimbabwe                        |2,119                    |84                                                 


America North and Central                                                                                     

Anguilla                        |-                        |-                                                  

Antigua                         |2,089                    |-                                                  

Bahamas                         |2,699                    |-                                                  

Barbados                        |3,181                    |-                                                  

Belize                          |2,585                    |-                                                  

Bermuda                         |2,545                    |-                                                  

Cayman Islands                  |-                        |-                                                  

Costa Rica                      |-                        |118                                                

Cuba                            |3,107                    |127                                                

Dominica                        |2,649                    |-                                                  

Dominican Republic              |2,464                    |110                                                

El Salvador                     |-                        |91                                                 

Grenada                         |2,408                    |-                                                  

Guadeloupe                      |2,674                    |-                                                  

Guatemala                       |2,296                    |99                                                 

Haiti                           |1,902                    |79                                                 

Honduras                        |2,078                    |95                                                 

Jamaica                         |2,581                    |112                                                

Martinique                      |2,780                    |-                                                  

Mexico                          |3,148                    |126                                                

Montserrat                      |-                        |-                                                  

Netherlands Antilles            |2,925                    |-                                                  

Nicaragua                       |-                        |105                                                

Panama                          |2,439                    |98                                                 

St. Kitts-Nevis                 |2,349                    |-                                                  

St. Lucia                       |2,499                    |-                                                  

St. Pierre et Miquelon          |2,776                    |-                                                  

St. Vincent                     |-                        |-                                                  

Trinidad and Tobago             |3,058                    |126                                                

Turks and Caicos Islands        |-                        |-                                                  

Virgin Islands                  |-                        |-                                                  


America South                                                                                                 

Argentina                       |3,191                    |122                                                

Bolivia                         |-                        |88                                                 

Brazil                          |2,643                    |107                                                

Chile                           |2,574                    |102                                                

Colombia                        |2,550                    |111                                                

Ecuador                         |2,058                    |88                                                 

Falkland Islands                |-                        |-                                                  

French Guyana                   |2,747                    |-                                                  

Guyana                          |2,455                    |-                                                  

Paraguay                        |2,843                    |127                                                

Peru                            |2,192                    |84                                                 

Surinam                         |2,713                    |-                                                  

Uruguay                         |2,676                    |103                                                

Venezuela                       |2,532                    |95                                                 


Asia-Middle East                                                                                              

Bahrain                         |-                        |-                                                  

Iran                            |-                        |118                                                

Iraq                            |-                        |118                                                

Israel                          |3,038                    |119                                                

Jordan                          |-                        |117                                                

Kuwait                          |3,078                    |-                                                  

Lebanon                         |-                        |101                                                

Oman                            |-                        |-                                                  

Qatar                           |-                        |-                                                  

Saudi Arabia                    |3,032                    |132                                                

Syria                           |3,259                    |129                                                

United Arab Emirates            |3,713                    |-                                                  

Yemen                           |2,274                    |93                                                 

Yemen (Democratic)              |2,331                    |93                                                 



Afghanistan                     |-                        |92                                                 

Bangladesh                      |1,922                    |78                                                 

Bhutan                          |-                        |-                                                  

Burma                           |-                        |117                                                

India                           |2,204                    |94                                                 

Maldives                        |-                        |-                                                  

Nepal                           |2,050                    |88                                                 

Pakistan                        |2,244                    |93                                                 

Sri Lanka                       |2,436                    |114                                                


Asia-Far East                                                                                                 

Brunei                          |2,850                    |-                                                  

China                           |2,628                    |111                                                

Hong Kong                       |2,778                    |119                                                

Indonesia                       |2,513                    |109                                                

Kampuchea                       |-                        |85                                                 

Korea (DPR)                     |3,199                    |126                                                

Korea Republic                  |2,875                    |117                                                

Laos                            |-                        |96                                                 

Macao                           |2,205                    |-                                                  

Malaysia                        |2,723                    |110                                                

Mongolia                        |2,829                    |117                                                

Philippines                     |2,353                    |101                                                

Singapore                       |2,854                    |114                                                

Taiwan                          |-                        |-                                                  

Thailand                        |2,328                    |102                                                

Timor                           |-                        |-                                                  

Vietnam                         |-                        |97                                                 



Cook Islands                    |-                        |-                                                  

Fiji                            |2,901                    |-                                                  

Kiribati                        |2,939                    |-                                                  

Nauru                           |-                        |-                                                  

New Caledonia                   |2,984                    |-                                                  

Niue Islands                    |-                        |-                                                  

Pacific Islands (United States) |-                        |-                                                  

Papua New Guinea                |-                        |79                                                 

Pitcairn Islands                |-                        |-                                                  

Polynesia French                |-                        |-                                                  

Soloman Islands                 |2,163                    |-                                                  

Tokelau Islands                 |-                        |-                                                  

Tonga                           |2,942                    |-                                                  

Tuvalu                          |-                        |-                                                  

Vanuatu                         |2,344                    |-                                                  

Wallis and Futuna               |-                        |-                                                  

Western Samoa                   |-                        |-                                                  


Data not available is shown as '-'.                                                                           

The countries in the list are those classified as developing countries by the Development Assistance          

Committee of the OECD.                                                                                        


Lockerbie Air Disaster

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he yet has any knowledge of the type and country of origin of the explosive that brought down the Boeing 747 aircraft, flight 103 over Lockerbie ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Peter Bottomley : At the moment nothing can be added to what my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State said in his statement to the House on 10 January at column 696.

Surface Transport (Europe)

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what are the post, ranks and responsibilities of the United Kingdom representatives due to attend the meeting of the Northern Europe Sub-Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's Planning Board for European Inland Surface Transport at the Civil Defence College in the spring.

Mr. Portillo : One officer at grade 7 level from the Department of Transport and a major from the Ministry of Defence. Further details are confidential.

London Airports

Mr. Gerald Howarth : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he has considered the Civil Aviation Authority consultative paper (CAP548) ; and if he will respond by initiating plans for the construction of an extra runway in the London area as soon as possible.

Mr. Peter Bottomley : CAP 548 canvasses views on what advice the CAA should offer my right hon. Friend in July

Column 724

on United Kingdom airport capacity and traffic distribution policy for airports serving the London area. It would be inappropriate for him to respond before the authority makes formal recommendations, in the summer.

Talking Pelican Crossings

Mr. Graham : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many talking pelican crossings for the blind have been installed in Britain ; if he will name the local authorities where they exist ; and how many more are planned.

Mr. Peter Bottomley : My right hon. Friend has not approved the installation of any crossings of this type, nor has he plans to approve any, in England.

We understand that one such crossing has been installed by Oxfordshire county council without approval.

Information about crossings in Wales and Scotland is a matter for my right hon. Friends the Secretaries of State for Wales and Scotland, respectively.

Blind People (Fares)

Mr. Graham : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many local authorities in Britain provide concessionary fares for blind people ; and if he will name them.

Mr. Portillo : Voluntary surveys carried out in 1986 by the Department of Transport, the Scottish Office and the Welsh Office showed that in November that year there were concessionary fares schemes for the blind in 326 English and Welsh districts, some run by the districts themselves and some by the county council or passenger transport authority ; and that schemes were also operated by nine regional councils and two island councils in Scotland. Further details of the schemes are given in Transport and Road Research Laboratory research report 165 on "Concessionary Fares Schemes in Great Britain 1986", a copy of which has been deposited in the library of the House. The London boroughs also operate a joint scheme for the blind covering the London area.

Settle-Carlisle Railway

Mr. Cryer : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport when he expects to make a statement on the application by British Rail to withdraw services from the Settle-Carlisle section of British Railways.

Mr. Portillo : My right hon. Friend will make a statement when he has fully considered all the evidence before him.

Second Severn Crossing

Mr. Alan Williams : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will outline the envisaged timetable for (a) completion of planning and (b) length of construction of a second Severn crossing.

Mr. Peter Bottomley : We hope to be in a position to select the successful tenderer by the end of the year. The shortlist of tenderers for the second Severn crossing project will be announced very soon. The length of construction will depend in part on the bids received. We expect that construction might take between three and four years.

Column 725

We remain on course to provide the crossing by the mid-1990s, if traffic levels show it was needed by then.

River Thames

Mr. Bowis : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what plans he has to encourage public transport on the River Thames in London.

Mr. Portillo : The Government believe that riverbus services in London can contribute to the relief of road congestion and encourage the development of riverside areas in need of regeneration, particularly docklands. My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Environment has accordingly joined with me in offering to make a grant of up to £500,000 as part of a £2.5 million public/private sector initiative to promote and improve the service provided by Thamesline. The grant will be paid under section 17 of the Ministry of Transport Act 1919.

Concrete Bridges

Mr. Simon Coombs : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will publish the report of the study carried out by G. Maunsell and Partners to determine the state of the concrete bridges for which his Department is responsible.

Mr. Peter Bottomley : Yes. The report will be published by HMSO in March. The report provides valuable information on the performance of concrete bridges in service and how greater durability and better performance in the future may be achieved. The report has not revealed new problems. It has indicated that the known problems are more widespread than anticipated.

Some provision for extra spending on the maintenance of concrete bridges has already been allowed for in the 15-year bridge rehabilitation programme announced in November 1987. This programme will be modified to take account of the extra work revealed by the study. The report confirms that our trunk road bridges are safe, despite the signs of deterioration.

The Department's structures are regularly inspected and priority given to repairs where structural integrity or the safety of the public is in question. An increased effort is needed over the next 15 years to ensure that our bridges will continue to give useful service for their intended lives.


Green Belt

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he has any proposals to release land from the green belt around Doncaster ; and what was the last application to do so.

Mr Chope : My right hon. Friend has no such proposals before him at present. A proposal to site a mobile home in the green belt at Bentley was rejected by my right hon. Friend, on appeal, in August 1988.

Toxic Discharges

Ms. Walley : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he will take steps to control or modify such processes in the paper industry that create toxic discharge, in the light of scientific evidence about environmental damage.

Column 726

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley : Major processes in the paper making industry would be subject to integrated pollution control. Proposals were made by my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Environment on 28 July 1988.


Sir Eldon Griffiths : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he has considered the implications for planning policy of the study made by the department of land economy of Cambridge university of dispersal opportunities arising from the recent growth of the Cambridge sub -region ; and if it is his policy to seek to relieve the pressures on the City of Cambridge by dispersing Government offices away from Cambridge to Newmarket.

Mr. Chope : The Department is aware of the study in question but it is too soon for the Secretary of State to consider any implications for planning policy. The study is only at draft stage and its preliminary findings have still to be accepted by the local authorities concerned. It will then be for the standing conference of East Anglian local authorities (SCEALA) to consider incorporating the report recommendations in its draft regional strategy document before submitting it to the Secretary of State for his consideration. There is no present policy to relocate Government offices from Cambridge to Newmarket.

Nuclear Waste

Mr. Cohen : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment how many litres equivalent of (a) intermediate and (b) low-level nuclear waste is currently awaiting permanent disposal in the United Kingdom.

Mrs.Virginia Bottomley : The latest estimates of waste accumulations in terms of volumes to be disposed are :



Intermediate-level waste |59,400,000           

Low-level waste          |2,340,000            


Mr. Butler : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what information his Department has on the level of the release of chloroflurocarbons from landfill sites in landfill gas.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley : Trace quantities of chloroflurocarbons have been detected in landfill gas. They are one of many substances to be found in low concentrations in landfill gas.

Greenhouse Gases

Mr. Butler : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment (1) what information his Department has on the level of the release of methane from landfill sites ; and what assessment he has made of the impact of this release as a greenhouse gas ;

(2) what assessment his Department has made of the overall level of release of greenhouse gases from landfill sites in England.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley : The Department is currently developing an assessment of the release from landfill sites

Column 727

of methane and of carbon dioxide, the other major greenhouse gas from this source. Although the figures will not be available in time for this year's digest of environmental and water statistics, due to be published later this week, we hope to include them in next year's issue.

Insulation Materials

Mr. Matthew Taylor : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will set out the procedure for approving the thermal conductivity of insulation materials as satisfying the requirements of the building regulations, and the respective roles of CIBSE, the BBA and the BSI in such a procedure.

Mr. Trippier : Part L of the Building Regulations 1984 (in its current form) requires the calculated rate of heat loss from various parts of the exposed fabric of a new building to be within certain prescribed limits. The enforcement of these requirements is a matter for the building control authority. Practical guidance is provided in approved document L "Conservation of Fuel and Power", but the advice given in this document is not mandatory.

The approved document advises that information about the thermal conductivity of a product should be obtained from the supplier or manufacturer, or that a value should be obtained from table A3.22 of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers guide. In the case of certain products, the approved document also advises that a test certificate should be obtained. The use of materials which comply with an appropriate British Standard or which are certified by the British Board of Agrement is another way of demonstra-ting that the requirements of the regulations have been met.

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