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Column 1127

Sainsbury, Hon Tim

Sayeed, Jonathan

Scott, Nicholas

Shaw, David (Dover)

Shaw, Sir Giles (Pudsey)

Shaw, Sir Michael (Scarb')

Shephard, Mrs G. (Norfolk SW)

Shersby, Michael

Sims, Roger

Skeet, Sir Trevor

Smith, Tim (Beaconsfield)

Soames, Hon Nicholas

Speller, Tony

Spicer, Sir Jim (Dorset W)

Spicer, Michael (S Worcs)

Squire, Robin

Stanbrook, Ivor

Stanley, Rt Hon Sir John

Steen, Anthony

Stern, Michael

Stevens, Lewis

Stewart, Allan (Eastwood)

Stewart, Andy (Sherwood)

Stewart, Rt Hon Ian (Herts N)

Stradling Thomas, Sir John

Sumberg, David

Tapsell, Sir Peter

Taylor, Ian (Esher)

Taylor, John M (Solihull)

Taylor, Teddy (S'end E)

Tebbit, Rt Hon Norman

Temple-Morris, Peter

Thompson, D. (Calder Valley)

Thompson, Patrick (Norwich N)

Thorne, Neil

Thurnham, Peter

Townend, John (Bridlington)

Townsend, Cyril D. (B'heath)

Tracey, Richard

Tredinnick, David

Trippier, David

Trotter, Neville

Twinn, Dr Ian

Vaughan, Sir Gerard

Waddington, Rt Hon David

Wakeham, Rt Hon John

Waller, Gary

Walters, Sir Dennis

Wardle, Charles (Bexhill)

Warren, Kenneth

Watts, John

Wells, Bowen

Wheeler, John

Whitney, Ray

Widdecombe, Ann

Wiggin, Jerry

Wilshire, David

Wolfson, Mark

Wood, Timothy

Woodcock, Mike

Yeo, Tim

Young, Sir George (Acton)

Tellers for the Noes :

Mr. David Lightbown and

Mr. Alan Howarth.

Question accordingly negatived.

It being after Six o'clock, Mr. Deputy Speaker-- proceeded, pursuant to the Order [6 February] and the Resolution yesterday, to put forthwith the Question on an amendment moved by a Member of the Government up to the end of clause 9.

Amendment made : No. 27, in page 9, line 28, after Council', insert--

, the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England'.-- [Mr. Howard.]

Part II

Water Supply and Sewerage Services

Dr. John Cunningham (Copeland) : I beg to move amendment No. 1, in page 9, line 30, leave out part II of the Bill.

Mr. Deputy Speaker : With this it will be convenient to take the following amendments : No. 102, in clause 10, page 9, line 36,, after Chapter', insert--

and provided that no reference to the Monopolies Commission made in accordance with section 28(2)(b) in respect of that company is outstanding.'.

No. 109, in clause 28, page 32, line 4, after second undertaker', insert--

or by any nominated holding company of a successor company or any subsidiary thereof'.

No. 103, in page 32, leave out lines 15 to 23.

No. 104, in page 32, line 37, leave out subsection (5). No. 105, in page 33, line 1, leave out subsection (6).

No. 106, in clause 29, page 34, line 22, after enterprises', insert-- (aa) shall have regard to the desirability of the ownership of water enterprises remaining under United Kingdom control and not altering in such a manner as to be prejudicial to the interests of water consumers or other industries the ownership of which is under United Kingdom control.'.

No. 107, in page 34, line 26, leave out that principle' and insert--

Column 1128

the principles contained in paragraphs (a) or (aa) above'. No. 108, in page 34, line 29, leave out that principle' and insert those principles'.

Government amendments Nos. 141, 142, 94, 95 and 25.

No. 96, in schedule 4, page 194, line 2, at end insert--

Public access to meetings 7. In paragraph 1 of the Schedule to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (bodies to which Act applies in England and Wales), at the end there shall be inserted the following sub- paragraph--

"(i) customer service committees established and maintained under the Water Act 1989." ;

and the functions of a customer service committee shall be regarded as public functions for the purposes of that Act.".

Government amendments Nos. 31, 32 to 36 and 41.

No. 143, in clause 46, page 53, line 40, at end insert

or to show that it was prevented from complying with its obligations under this section by frost, drought, unavoidable accident or other unavoidable cause'.

No. 144, in clause 50, page 59, line 11, at end insert

or to show that it was prevented from complying with its obligations under this section by frost, drought, unavoidable accident or other unavoidable cause'.

No. 122, in clause 51, page 59, line 23, after supply', insert within the meaning of section 52(1A) below'.

No. 123, in clause 52, page 60, line 31, at endinsert--

(1A) No water shall be regarded as wholesome where it falls below the prevailing standard determined by the European Community in respect of Drinking Water Quality, whether or not contained within a Directive.'.

Government amendment No. 63.

No. 127, in clause 71, page 82, line 25, at endinsert--

(4A) Any arrangement made in pursuance of this section may authorise a local authority to undertake works in the relevant area and in such other place as may be incidental to the area referred to in the arrangement and where it is expedient to do so to secure the efficient discharge of the sewerage functions of any sewerage undertaker.'.

No. 128, page 83, line 11, at end insert--

(5A) In the absence of any arrangements under this section each sewerage undertaker shall in making arrangements for the discharge of their sewerage functions invite competitive tenders for the design supervision and execution of all works of maintenance or construction within the relevant area from at least three organisations, one of which shall be the relevant authority for that area.'.

No. 131, in page 83, line 11, at end insert--

(5B) Where arrangements have been entered into in pursuance of this section by a sewerage undertaker and a relevant authority any such arrangements may be varied or terminated by agreement between the parties thereto and in the absence of an agreement the arrangements shall be terminated by either party giving to the other at least 12 months notice of termination taking effect from 1st April following subject to the provisions set out in (a) (b) and (c) below :--

(a) the notice shall contain a Statement of Reasons explaining why termination of the arrangements proposed would benefit customers or potential customers of the sewerage undertaker

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