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Column 85

Speller, Tony

Spicer, Sir Jim (Dorset W)

Spicer, Michael (S Worcs)

Squire, Robin

Stanbrook, Ivor

Stanley, Rt Hon Sir John

Steen, Anthony

Stern, Michael

Stevens, Lewis

Stewart, Allan (Eastwood)

Stewart, Andy (Sherwood)

Stradling Thomas, Sir John

Sumberg, David

Summerson, Hugo

Tapsell, Sir Peter

Taylor, Ian (Esher)

Taylor, John M (Solihull)

Temple-Morris, Peter

Thompson, D. (Calder Valley)

Thompson, Patrick (Norwich N)

Thorne, Neil

Thornton, Malcolm

Thurnham, Peter

Townsend, Cyril D. (B'heath)

Tracey, Richard

Tredinnick, David

Trippier, David

Trotter, Neville

Twinn, Dr Ian

Vaughan, Sir Gerard

Viggers, Peter

Waddington, Rt Hon David

Wakeham, Rt Hon John

Waldegrave, Hon William

Walden, George

Walker, Rt Hon P. (W'cester)

Waller, Gary

Walters, Sir Dennis

Ward, John

Wardle, Charles (Bexhill)

Watts, John

Wells, Bowen

Wheeler, John

Whitney, Ray

Widdecombe, Ann

Wiggin, Jerry

Wilkinson, John

Wilshire, David

Wolfson, Mark

Wood, Timothy

Woodcock, Mike

Yeo, Tim

Young, Sir George (Acton)

Younger, Rt Hon George

Tellers for the Noes :

Mr. David Lightbown and

Mr. Stephen Dorrell.

Question accordingly negatived.

It being after Six o'clock, Madam Deputy Speaker-- proceeded, pursuant to the Order [6 February] and the resolutions [21 March] to put forthwith the Questions on the remaining amendments moved by a member of the Government.

Schedule 10

Provisions relating to Meters etc.

Amendments made : No. 65, in page 214, line 52, at end insert-- (1A) The power under sub-paragraph (1) to carry out works specified in sub-paragraph (2) below shall include power to carry out such works in a street ; and the power conferred by virtue of sub-paragraph (1) (c) of paragraph 2 of Schedule 18 to this Act and sub-paragraphs (4) to (6), (8) and (9) of that paragraph and paragraph 3 of that Schedule shall apply in relation to the power conferred by this sub-paragraph as they apply in relation to the powers conferred by the said paragraph 2.'.

No. 66, in page 215, line 1, leave out sub-paragraph (1)' and insert

sub-paragraphs (1) and (1A)'.

No. 67, in page 215, line 13, leave out on those premises'. No. 68, in page 216, line 10, leave out on any premises'. No. 69, in page 216, line 46, after above', insert on any premises'.

No. 70, in page 218, line 14, after works', insert on any premises'.-- [Mr. Ridley.]

Schedule 12

Amendments of the Water Resources Act 1963

Amendments made : No. 28, in page 230, line 25, at end insert-- (3) In subsection (6) of that section, at the end there shall be inserted the words "and the quantity of water authorised to be abstracted from the strata in any period of twenty-four hours does not exceed twenty cubic metres in aggregate.".'.

No. 29, in page 233, line 5, at end insert--

Section 131 of the 1963 Act .--(1) In section 131 (2) (a) of the 1963 Act (licence in

Column 86

respect of waters owned or managed by the British Waterways Board), after "Act" there shall be inserted the words "and no person other than the Board or a person authorised for the purpose by the Board may be given a consent for the purposes of section 24 (1A) of this Act".'.-- [Mr. Ridley.]

Schedule 14

Amendments of the Land Drainage Act 1976

Amendments made : No. 49, in page 242, line 43, leave out by the Minister' and insert jointly by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Secretary of State'.

No. 50, in page 243, line 16, leave out by the Minister' and insert

jointly by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Secretary of State'.-- [Mr. Ridley.]

Schedule 16

Transfer of Fisheries Functions to the Authority.

Amendments made : No. 4, in page 255, line 4, at end insert ( ) In section 6(3) (definition of "unauthorised fixed engine"), at the end of paragraph (c) there shall be inserted the words "or (

(d) a fixed engine which is placed and used by the National Rivers Authority with the consent of, or in accordance with a general authorisation given by, the Minister or the Secretary of State." '. No. 5, in page 255, line 19, leave out from (3)' to end of line 20 and insert

for the words from "by", in the first place whre it occurs, onwards three shall be substituted the words "on an application made to him by the National Rivers Authority, by order made by statutory instrument make provision in relation to an area defined by the order

(a) for the imposition on the owners and occupiers of fisheries in that area of requirements to pay contributions to that Authority of such amounts as may be determined under the order in respect of the expenses of the carrying out in relation to that area of that Authority's functions with respect to fisheries ;

(b) for such contributions to be paid or recovered in such manner and to be refundable in such circumstances as may be specified in or determined under the order ;

(c) for the modification, in relation to the fisheries in that area, of any provisions of this Act relating to the regulation of fisheries or of any provisions of a local Act relating to any fishery in that area ;

and an order under this subsection may contain such supplemental, consequential and transitional provision, including provision for the payment of compensation to persons injuriously affected by the order, as may appear to be necessary or expedient in connection with the other provisions of the order." '.-- [Mr. Ridley.]

Schedule 18

Powers with respect to the Laying and Maintenance of Pipes etc.

Amendments made : No. 71, in page 260, line 5, after (4)' insert

Without prejudice to paragraph 1 (1A) of Schedule 10 to this Act, '--

page 263, line 50, at end insert--

(6A) Where, apart from this sub-paragraph, any person entitled to an interest in any land would be entitled under this paragraph to an amount of compensation in respect of any works, there shall be

Column 87

deducted from that amount an amount equal to the amount by which the carrying out of the works has enhanced the value of any other land which--

(a) is contiguous or adjacent to that land ; and

(b) is land to an interest in which that person is entitled in the same capacity.'.-- [Mr. Ridley.]

Schedule 22

Minor and Consequential Amendments

Amendments made : No. 73, in page 290, line 41, at end insert-- and, in paragraph 12(6), after the words "paragraph (b)" there shall be inserted the words "or paragraph (bb)".'.

No. 74, in page 291, line 31 after undertakers', insert or the National Rivers Authority'.

No. 75, in page 291, line 32, after undertakers', insert or the National Rivers Authority'.

No. 76, in page 291, line 34, after undertakers', insert or the National Rivers Authority'.

No. 42, in page 299, line 6, at end insert--

The Water (Scotland) Act 1980 (c. 45) 50A. In section 31 of the Water (Scotland) Act 1980 (consultation with authorities in England) for the words "water authorities" there shall be substituted the words "water undertakers".'.

No. 6, in page 305, line 44, at end insert--

(3) In paragraph 10(1)(b) of Schedule 5 to that Act (exemption for hereditaments subject to contributions under paragraph 1(a) of Schedule 3 to the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act (1975), for the words from "paragraph 1(a)" onwards there shall be substituted the words "section 28(3)(a) of that Act.".".-- [Mr. Ridley.]

Schedule 23

Transitional Provisions and Savings

Amendments made : No. 92, in page 306, line 11, at end insert-- (2) The Secretary of State may by regulations provide for any liability which is--

(a) saved by virtue of this paragraph ; and

(b) transferred in accordance with a scheme under Schedule 2 to this Act to a successor company,

to be transferred, at a time when that company is wholly owned by the Crown, to that company's nominated holding company.'.

No. 93, in page 306, line 18, at end insert--

(2) The Secretary of State may by regulations make such transitional provisions and savings as he considers appropriate in relation to so much of any provision having effect immediately before the transfer date by or under any enactment as provides for or relates to the payment by a water authority of pensions, allowances or gratuities to or in respect of persons who have been--

(a) officers or employees of any person whose activities at any time before the transfer date appear to the Secretary of State to have consisted in, or to have been connected with, the carrying out of any function which is transferred by this Act or which corresponds to any such function or to any other function under this Act ; or (

(b) chairmen or members of any body whose activities at any such time so appear to the Secretary of State.

(3)Without prejudice to the generality of sub-paragraph (2) above or to any transfer in accordance with a scheme under Schedule 2 to this Act of any liability saved by regulations under that sub-paragraph such regulations may

(a) subject to sub-paragraphs (4) and (5) below, impose requirements on the Authority, on any successor company or on the nominated holding company of any successor company ;

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