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Mr. McNamara : To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many complaints under section 24 of the Fair Employment Act (Northern Ireland) 1976, of unlawful discrimination the Fair Employment Agency has declined to pursue ; and what reasons have been given in each case.

Mr. Viggers : I understand from the chairman of the Fair Employment Agency that the agency has declined to pursue 137 complaints under section 24 of the Fair Employment (Northern Ireland) Act 1976 for the reasons specified :



(1) Adjudged Frivolous                                       |35           

(2) Outside the time limits                                  |71           

(3) Outside the Scope of the Legislation                     |15           

(4) Considered by another Statutory Body                     |1            

(5) Failure by Complainant to provide sufficient information |15           

Mr. McNamara : To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many complaints under section 24 of the Fair Employment Act (Northern Ireland) 1976, have been made against (a) public bodies, and (b) private employers ; and what has been the outcome in each case.

Column 318

Mr. Viggers : The position as at 31 March 1989 is shown in the following table :

                           |Private Sector|Public Sector |Trade Unions                 


Total Number of Complaints |391           |432           |3                            

Unlawful Discrimination    |26            |32            |1                            

No Discrimination          |190           |208           |2                            

Section 42                 |1             |26            |-                            

Section 52                 |-             |1             |-                            

Withdrawn or not pursued   |103           |112           |-                            

Outstanding                |71            |53            |-                            

The agency's annual reports, which are available in the Library, contain an account of investigations under section 24 of the Act.

Mr. McNamara : To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many complaints by year under the Fair Employment Act (Northern Ireland) 1976 have been discontinued by virtue of section 42 of the Act, listing the employing body in each case and the religious affiliation of the complainant.

Mr. Viggers : The recorded number of section 42 certificates signed by Northern Ireland Office Ministers in each year since 1976 is as follows :

Column 319

Year   |Number       


1976   |0            

1977   |1            

1978   |3            

1979   |0            

1980   |1            

1981   |3            

1982   |1            

1983   |1            

1984   |3            

1985   |1            

1986   |1            

1987   |2            

1988   |5            

1989   |1            

Nine cases involved either the Northern Ireland Office or Northern Ireland Departments whilst the other 14 involved public bodies in Northern Ireland. It is understood that of the complainants involved, 20 were Roman Catholic and three were Protestants.

Equal Opportunities

Mr. McNamara : To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many subscribers there have been in Northern Ireland to the register for equal opportunity employers and organisations for each quarter since 30 April 1988 ; and how many of such subscribers have been removed from the register each quarter since since this date.

Mr. Viggers : The number of subscribers at the end of each quarter is as follows :

Quarter ended                         |Number of subscribers                      


31 July 1988                          |9,630                                      

31 October 1988                       |9,817                                      

31 January 1989                       |10,024                                     

31 March 1989 (two month period only) |10,181                                     

No subscribers have been removed from the register in this period.

Labour Statistics

Mr. McNamara : To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will give the most recent unemployment rates by Belfast local government district wards in percentage and numerical terms.

Mr. Viggers : The numbers unemployed in each ward, within the Belfast district council area, at 9 March 1989, are as follows. Unemployment rates are available only for travel-to-work areas.

|c|Numbers unemployed in Belfast district council area, by ward, at|c|  

Sydenham          |332                                                  

Island            |507                                                  

Ballymacarret     |648                                                  

Bloomfield        |346                                                  

Ballyhackamore    |317                                                  

Belmont           |296                                                  

Stormont          |136                                                  

Cherryvalley      |238                                                  

Knock             |248                                                  

Orangefield       |206                                                  

The Mount         |652                                                  

Woodstock         |452                                                  

Ravenhill         |277                                                  

Ballynafeigh      |457                                                  

Rosetta           |228                                                  

Upper Malone      |200                                                  

Finaghy           |225                                                  

Blackstaff        |488                                                  

Malone            |348                                                  

Stranmillis       |229                                                  

Windsor           |470                                                  

Botanic           |1,250                                                

Shaftesbury       |679                                                  

Ladybrook         |616                                                  

Glencolin         |948                                                  

Andersonstown     |559                                                  

Glen Road         |796                                                  

Falls Park        |709                                                  

Upper Springfield |1,097                                                

Whiterock         |988                                                  

Beechmount        |636                                                  

Highfield         |487                                                  

Glencairn         |556                                                  

Woodvale          |406                                                  

Crumlin           |451                                                  

Shankill          |497                                                  

Clonard           |848                                                  

Falls             |878                                                  

St. Annes         |813                                                  

New Lodge         |959                                                  

Duncairn          |541                                                  

Waterworks        |883                                                  

Ardoyne           |983                                                  

Ligoniel          |400                                                  

Ballysillan       |381                                                  

Cliftonville      |484                                                  

Chichester Park   |513                                                  

Fortwilliam       |279                                                  

Cavehill          |231                                                  

Castleview        |353                                                  

Bellevue          |310                                                  


  Total           |26,831                                               


Mr. McNamara : To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what is the level of investment by (a) United States companies, (b) the European Economic Community and regional development agencies and (c) other public sector sources since 1980, indicating the numbers employed in each case.

Mr. Viggers : The level of investment and the numbers of jobs assisted since 1980 are :

Investment                                   |Jobs assisted              


(a) United States companies                                              

      £397.5 million                         |21,253                     


(b) European Economic Community and Regional                             

    Development Agencies                                                 


      £55.60 million                         |30,630                     


      Department of Commerce/IDB                                         

      £723.9 million                         |111,056                    



      £144.887 million                       |33,256                     


(c) Other Public Sector Sources                                          

      DED Assistance to Harland & Wolff and                              


      £533.1 million                         |12,371                     

Government Aid

Mr. McNamara : To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will list by country of origin the firms in receipt of Government assistance that have opened or closed in Northern Ireland for the period for which details are available and the date of their opening and closure.

Mr. Viggers : The following list shows firms by country of origin which have opened since 1972 with assistance from the Industrial Development Board or its predecessor, the Department of Commerce. Those marked by subsequently closed. The dates of opening and closure are not readily available and to identify them would involve disproportionate cost.

In addition, since 1979, the local enterprise development unit has assisted 4,011 small firms to begin operating. These were almost exclusively of Northern Ireland origin, and in many cases one-man businesses. Identification of these firms individually would entail disproportionate cost. Information on LEDU-assisted firms which closed in the period is not available.

Companies which have opened in Northern Ireland since 1972 showing country of origin--

Northern Ireland

Texmotif Ltd.

Maydown Precision Engineering Ltd.

Tirnanog Ltd.

Wilson Double-Deck Trailers Ltd.

Sandown Private Nursing Homes Ltd.

Sefco Engineering Ltd.

Samson Yarns Ltd.

Euro-Shellfish Ltd.

Tri-sum Snacks Ltd.

Flax Fibres Ltd.

Plashapes Ltd.

North Star Plastics Ltd.

Cookstown Meats Ltd.

Ivex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Merm Ltd.

Tamnaharry Developments Ltd.

Lenticle Ltd.

John Cleland and Sons (Labels) Ltd.

John Finlay (Site Handlers) Ltd.

Glenbrook Foods Ltd.

St. Brendans Irish Cream Liquer Co. Ltd.

Munton (Antrim) Ltd.

Desmond and Sons (Enniskillen) Ltd.

Finlay (Block Machinery) Ltd.

Quaterfoil Ltd.

Phoenix Picture Frames Ltd.

InchProcessors Ltd.

Irlandus Prototypes Ltd.

Cookstown Clothing Ltd.

Springtown Engineering Ltd.

Four M (NI) Ltd.

Munton Textiles Ltd.

Power Automation Products Ltd.

Concrete Systems Ltd.

Portaferry Pumps and Equipment Ltd.

TBF Thompson Ltd.

Parkgate Spinners Ltd.

Taste Rite Foods Ltd.

Flying Horse Sports Ltd.

Dunluce Knitwear Ltd.

B. H. McCleery and Co. Ltd.

Altona Wood Craft Ltd.

Cor Van Heughten Ltd.

McNeill Assemblers Ltd.

Millbrook Engineering Ltd.

SMS Locks Ltd.

Sugna Ltd.

Co-Tem-Co. Ltd.

Viking Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Column 322

Green Point Appliances Ltd.

Electronic Patentees Ltd.

MHM International Ltd.

G. A. General Works (Ards Holdings)

Textile Recycling Ltd.

Foyle Meats Ltd.

Shergrim Ltd.

Fleming Poultry Ltd.

Castledawson Shirt Co. Ltd.

McQuillan Bros. Ltd.

Acquaculture Ltd.

Textile Engineering Co. Ltd.

Ulster Crystal Ltd.

Regna International Ltd.

Tyrone Scientific Ltd.

B. and J. Jupiter Crusiers

Enniskillen Meat Packers (Fermanagh Meats)

Featherlite Plastics Ltd.

Moy Central Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Masstock Systems Ltd.

Denroy Plastics Ltd.

Cyntex Ltd

John Mackle (T/A Collegeland Farms)

BIS Beecom (Int) Ltd

Armagh Designs Ltd

Copeland Clothes Ltd

Ballyrashane Foods Ltd

Brookhaven Ltd

Textflow Services Ltd

Acheson and Glover Chemicals Ltd

Strangford Brick Ltd

Powerscreen Manufacturing Ltd

Sandstock Brick Ltd

W. J. Farrell Exports Ltd

Tobermore Paving Products Ltd

Linfield Group Ltd (Castlewellan Division)

Great Britain

ISA Poultry Services Ltd

McCourquodale plc

Airport Catering Services Ltd

Rumenco Ltd

Cooper Technical Components Ltd

Lynjoy Ltd

Winner Shoes Ltd

Thermomax Ltd

C. P. Trim Ltd

Software Ireland Ltd

Pharmaceutex (IV Fluids) Ltd

Walmsleys Games Components

Nocobond Ltd

Ulcon Ltd

Oakland Foods Ltd

Pactgreen Ltd

Fairfax Jersey Ltd

Moss Lane Spinning Ltd

Glenbank Finishing Ltd

Maine Spinning Co Ltd

Perry Heating (Supermatic Ltd)

Abacus Engineering Ltd

Groadawick (NI) Ltd.

Swaddlers (Europe) Ltd.

United Meat Packers (NI) Ltd.

McDonnell Douglas Information Systems Ltd.

Stern Fenster UPVC Ltd.

Group Publishing Co. Ltd.

Capita (NI) Ltd.

Liam Williams Knitwear Ltd.

Kalon Group plc

Tensator (NI) Ltd.

United States of America

Quad Signs (NI) Ltd.

Falconette Ltd.

Heritage Crystal Ltd.

O'Brien Machinery Ltd.

Lear Fan Ltd.

Oaks Development Ltd.

Chesapeake Cutters Ltd.

DPP Shreiber Cheese Co. Ltd.

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