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Mr. Trippier : The consultants' proposals are illustrative only and were developed simply to give an indication of what could be done to the estates and at what cost. Once established, a trust would be under a duty to consult those who live in its area about its proposals.

There is an estimated 5.0 Ha of open space in the proposed trust in Lambeth comprising approximately 2.7 Ha of public open space and approximately 2.3 Ha of semi-private open space. The illustrative proposals would increase the area of public open space to a total of approximately 3.3 Ha and provide additional private gardens.

Housing Action Trusts

Mr. Soley : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment when he expects to be able to publish amended reports correcting the errors in the documents published by his department in March from the consultants appointed to study the proposed HATs in Southwark, Lambeth, Tower Hamlets and Sunderland.

Mr. Trippier : If the hon. Member knows of any errors in the consultant's reports about the proposed housing action trust areas in Southwark, Lambeth, Tower Hamlets and Sunderland published on 16 March, I should be grateful if he would write to me.

Mr. Soley : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment further to his answer to the hon. Member for Hammersmith of 23 March, Official Report, column 780, what further expenditure on consultancy or other work related to the proposed HAT areas he has agreed to ; what are the briefs given to the consultants ; which consultants have been appointed ; and what is the estimated cost of the work they have been commissioned to do in (a) Lambeth, (b) Southwark, (c) Sandwell, (d) Leeds and (e) Sunderland.

Mr. Trippier : My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State has appointed consultants to discuss the proposals contained in the reports of the proposed trust areas published on 16 March. The objectives of the consultation exercise are :

(a) to explain to tenants, residents and other local interests the findings in the consultants' reports and the illustrative proposals put forward for improving the areas of the proposed trust estates. (

(b) to consult tenants, residents and other local interests to establish their own views, ideas and suggestions about what could be done to improve their estates, including their reactions to the proposals contained in the reports.

Column 600

(c) to produce reports in the form of commentaries on the key proposals contained in the original reports indicating tenant priorities ; their attitudes towards the proposals, including their own suggestions for improvement ; and the effect they would have on the prospects for achieving the primary objects of a Trust as set out in section 63 of the Housing Act 1988.

The consultants are led by Peat Marwick McLintock in Sunderland, by PIC Ltd. in Lambeth and Southwark and by PIEDA in Leeds. In Sandwell, the further study of the Cape Hill area by a consortium led by Price Waterhouse announced by my right hon. Friend in his answer to the hon. Member for Wyre (Mr. Mans) of 16 March at column 322 is still under way. The costs of the contracts will remain commercially confidential until they have been completed.

Listed Buildings

Mr. Dalyell : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will introduce legislation to amend section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 to provide that specified internal fixtures, including mirrors, be protected by the listing of a building.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley : Under section 54(9) of the Act any object or structure fixed to a listed building either internally or externally is protected by the listed building controls in section 55, in so far as its removal, alteration or extension would affect the character of the building as one of special architectural or historic interest. We have no plans to extend the controls to cover moveable objects.

Rain Forests

Mr. Dalyell : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment whether, pursuant to his reply of 13 April, Official Report, column 667, he will ask working group I of the United Nations environmental programme/world meteorological organisation inter-governmental panel on climate changes to make an interim report on the climatological consequences of felling and burning of rain forest in the Brazilian state of Para and eastern Amazonia in the first four months of 1989.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley : No. The Government do not seek to interfere with the group's scientific work plan and reporting schedule agreed internationally by the inter-governmental panel on climate change. However, I understand that the hon. Member's particular concern about deforestation in eastern Amazonia is being addressed by the working group, which will report to the world climate conference in the autumn of 1990.

Domestic Rates

Dr. Cunningham : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if, pursuant to his answer of 18 May to the hon. Member for Richmond and Barnes (Mr. Hanley), Official Report, columns 262-64, he will publish a table showing in descending order the average domestic rate bill payable in each London borough in 1983-84 and 1989-90.

Mr. Ridley : The information requested is listed below.

Average domestic rate bills in London                            




Kensington and Chelsea |712                                      

Westminster            |690                                      

Camden                 |672                                      

Brent                  |631                                      

City of London         |612                                      

Islington              |611                                      

Haringey               |608                                      

Southwark              |519                                      

Lambeth                |498                                      

Barnet                 |492                                      

Hackney                |490                                      

Harrow                 |476                                      

Lewisham               |461                                      

Greenwich              |453                                      

Tower Hamlets          |449                                      

Hammersmith and Fulham |417                                      

Richmond-upon-Thames   |405                                      

Hounslow               |401                                      

Newham                 |397                                      

Waltham Forest         |392                                      

Hillingdon             |389                                      

Merton                 |386                                      

Havering               |381                                      

Bromley                |369                                      

Ealing                 |361                                      

Enfield                |361                                      

Redbridge              |360                                      

Sutton                 |356                                      

Kingston-upon-Thames   |350                                      

Bexley                 |338                                      

Croydon                |329                                      

Wandsworth             |327                                      

Barking and Dagenham   |299                                      



Brent                  |970                                      

Haringey               |906                                      

Westminster            |782                                      

Camden                 |748                                      

Barnet                 |713                                      

Islington              |677                                      

City of London         |658                                      

Hounslow               |657                                      

Ealing                 |635                                      

Newham                 |627                                      

Richmond-upon-Thames   |624                                      

Harrow                 |612                                      

Hillingdon             |602                                      

Enfield                |590                                      

Hammersmith and Fulham |586                                      

Waltham Forest                                                   


Sutton                 |573                                      

Kensington and Chelsea |550                                      

Hackney                |547                                      

Greenwich              |537                                      

Lambeth                |517                                      

Merton                 |501                                      

Havering               |500                                      

Croydon                |499                                      

Lewisham               |483                                      

Bromley                |469                                      

Bexley                 |459                                      

Southwark              |450                                      

Redbridge              |447                                      

Barking and Dagenham   |447                                      

Tower Hamlets          |419                                      

Wandsworth             |357                                      

<1>Based on 1989-90 average rateable values.                     


Mr. Patchett : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list the number of planning appeal decisions for each of the last five years ; and on which occasions he over-ruled the advice of his inspectors.

Column 602

Mr. Howard : In the last five years a total of 81,992 planning appeals have been decided--78,669 by inspectors and 3,323 by the Secretary of State. In only 114 were the inspectors' recommendations not accepted.

Archaeology Investigations

Mr. Gerald Bowden : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he will make a statement on archaeology and development.

Ms. Walley : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what advice he has given to developers to accommodate archaeological investigations in development briefs.

Mrs. Bottomley : Recent archaeological discoveries in London have highlighted the growing interest in our archaeological heritage. Very considerable progress has been made in recent years. In 1986 a code of practice was agreed between archaeologists and developers which led last year to developers voluntarily contributing some £14m towards archaeological investigations.

The Government and English Heritage for their part must ensure that all those involved--local authoritities, local people, developers, businesses-- have adequate information on the existing sources of expertise and on the relevant statutory and planning framework. We are proposing to issue new guidance this summer which will set out, amongst other things, guidelines on how archaeology should be handled in development plans and in development control decisions, the scope for prior archaeological evaluation before development, and the appropriate use of planning conditions for archaeological excavations.

Chicken Farm, Stokeham, Devon

Mr. Steen : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will approve the article 4 direction served on him in relation to the proposed erection of buildings at the chicken farm, Start Point, Stokeham, South Devon.

Mr. Chope [holding answer 28 April 1989] : My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Environment approved the article 4 direction in relation to land at Hambrook, Stokeham on 24 May and has informed South Hams district council.

Drinking Water (House of Commons)

Dr. Cunningham : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will publish in the Official Report the date and details of the most recent analysis of drinking water supplied in the House of Commons, and the European Community maximum admissible concentration levels for sulphate, fluoride, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, manganese, nickel, conductivity and turbidity.

Mr. Ridley [holding answer 17 May 1989] : Drinking water in the Palace of Westminster is taken direct from the Thames water authority's main supply. Sampling is therefore undertaken only when a specific need arises. The most recent testing on 14 March 1989 followed a complaint about an unpleasant taste in the water. The

Column 603

laboratory of the Government chemist's tests confirmed that the samples were chemically and bacteriologically suitable for drinking.

Column 604

The concentration levels requested from the samples were as follows :

Column 603

Substance/condition                Source of sample                                EEC                                            

                                  |Members' cafeteria sink|Members' cafeteria     |Maximum admissible                             

                                                          |drinking water machine |concentration                                  


Sulphate as SO4 (mg/e)            |66                     |64                     |250                                            

Fluoride (ug/l)                   |200                    |180                    |1,500                                          

Potassium (mg/l)                  |6.5                    |6.5                    |12                                             

Sodium (mg/l)                     |34.9                   |35.8                   |150                                            

Magnesium (mg/l)                  |6.0                    |5.9                    |50                                             

Iron (ug/l)                       |18                     |10                     |200                                            

Manganese                         |5                      |5                      |50                                             

Nickel (ug/l)                     |-<1>                   |-<1>                   |50                                             

Conductivity (usiemans/cm at 20) |747                    |599                    |1,500                                          

Turbidity (NTU)                   |0.62                   |0.88                   |4                                              

<1>Not determined.                                                                                                                


Mr. Grocott : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will provide as much information as possible about his Department's expenditure on commercial television advertising, without breaching commercial confidentially, over each of the past five years.

Mr. Ridley [holding answer 22 May 1989] : I refer the hon. Member to the answer I gave him on 15 May. The

Column 604

September 1984 television advertising referred to, formed part of an overall information campaign to ensure council tenants in England and Wales knew about extensions of their rights under the Housing Act 1980, introduced by the Housing and Building Control Act 1984. The television campaign in the first two weeks of April this year was aimed at motivating motorists to adjust their cars in order to be able to use unleaded petrol.


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