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Column 605

Written Answers to Questions

Thursday 25 May 1989


Special Education

Mr. Butler : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science what representations he has received about the provision of special education in Cheshire.

Mr. Butcher : My right hon. Friend has seen the petition which my hon. Friend submitted to him earlier this month concerning special education provision in Cheshire and in particular the LEA's arrangements for individual tuition.

The Department is currently making inquiries of the Cheshire LEA and I shall send a full reply to my hon. Friend as soon as possible.


Mr. McFall : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science what percentage of mathematics and science teachers in (a) Surrey and (b) England are not trained in the subjects they teach.

Mr. Butcher : Estimates of the numbers of teachers of mathematics and science without a qualification in these subjects, and of the amount of tuition they provide, can be derived from the 1988 secondary school staffing survey of maintained schools in England. The figures are as follows :

                          |Percentage of teachers   |Percentage of all tuition                          

                          |teaching the subject who |in the subject provided                            

                          |do not have a post       |by teachers without a                              

                          |A-level qualification in |post A-level                                       

                          |it                       |qualification in it                                

                          |Per cent.                |Per cent.                                          


Mathematics               |27                       |13                                                 

Biology                   |18                       |9                                                  

Chemistry                 |20                       |10                                                 

Physics                   |31                       |19                                                 

General science<1>        |17 (71)                  |11 (67)                                            

Other sciences<1>         |23 (69)                  |16 (55)                                            

<1> Figures exclude teachers (and tuition by teachers) with a post A-level qualification specifically   

in biology, chemistry or physics as well as those with general or other science qualifications. The     

bracketed figures show the result if this exclusion is not made.                                        

No information is available in respect of Surrey--the survey sample is too small to permit reliable estimates for individual education authorities.

City Technology Colleges

Ms. Harman : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science how many city technology colleges are presently operating within the United Kingdom ; and which are clearly scheduled to open in September 1989 and September 1990.

Mr. Butcher : Kingshurst CTC opened in September 1988, Nottingham and Teesside will open this September,

Column 606

and Dartford, Bradford, Gateshead and the London school for performing arts and technology will open in September 1990.

Ms. Harman : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science how much capital money has been identified for development of city technology colleges between their inception and the year 2000.

Mr. Butcher : A total of £13.3 million has been incurred on city technology college capital expenditure between the inception of the programme and the end of the 1988-89 financial year.

Planned public expenditure to 1991-92, as published in Cmnd. 612, is £106.6 million. The balance of expenditure between capital and recurrent costs will depend on a number of factors, including the nature and condition of premises acquired and the speed at which sponsors' plans are implemented.

Plans for future years have yet to be considered.

Ms. Harman : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science how much capital money has been provided by the Government to those city technology colleges in existence or scheduled to open shortly.

Mr. Butcher : Capital grants made to city technology colleges open or scheduled to open are as follows :

           |£ million          


Kingshurst |3.53               

Nottingham |5.94               

Teesside   |3.34               

Gateshead  |0.30               

Bradford   |0.63               

Dartford   |0.24               

Ms. Harman : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science (1) how the running costs of city technology colleges will be met ; and what the anticipated source or sources of the revenue funding will be ;

(2) whether the running costs of a city technology college will be broadly comparable with similar costs associated with maintained schools.

Mr. Butcher : All normal running costs will be met through our recurrent grant to city technology colleges. The basis of this grant will be expenditure by local education authorities on maintained schools in similar areas. It will be open to city technology colleges, as it is to all schools, to raise additional funds from other sources.

Ms. Harman : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science how the travel expenses of children who live over 3 miles away from a city technology college will be met ; and how the costs of uniform grants and other similar benefits will be met.

Mr. Butcher : Our recurrent grant to city technology colleges will be comparable to expenditure by local education authorities on schools in similar areas, including expenditure on home to school transport and on pupil support generally. It will be for the city technology college to decide how to meet these costs in specific cases.

Ms. Harman : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science what firms or other commercial interests have so far agreed to sponsor an entire city technology college and what are the names of these firms or other commercial interests.

Column 607

Mr. Butcher : None has been asked to do so. The capital costs of all CTCs will be shared between the Government and private sector sponsors and thereafter normal running costs will be met by annual grant from my right hon. Friend. Sponsors have already pledged £36 million towards the establishment of CTCs across the country--an unprecedented response to an education initiative.

Mr. Simon Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science how long the period of consultations with parents and governors prior to the decision by the governing body to submit an application to become a city technology college was at (a) Sylvan high school, (b) Haberdashers Aske's schools, Hatcham and (c) Riverside school.

Mr. Butcher : Consultations on the future of the Sylvan high school, which is a county school, were undertaken by Croydon education authority ; and the authority subsequently published proposals under section 12 of the Education Act 1980 to cease to maintain the school, so that a CTC might be established in its place. In the case of Riverside, also a county school, consultations were held on its future, but Bexley education authority subsequently decided against publishing section 12 proposals. The period for consultation was approximately three months and two months respectively. Our expectations on what public consultations should take place in these circumstances were set out in circular 3/87.

The Haberdashers' Aske's are voluntary schools and I understand that the governors are considering seeking our leave to give notice of their discontinuation under the provisions of section 14 of the Education Act 1944. That section carries no requirement for public consultations to take place. Nevertheless, we have made clear in my right hon. Friend's statements on 28 July 1988 and 23 January this year that in considering any application for leave under section 14, where the intention is to establish a CTC, we expect that there shall have been prior public consultations.

School Trips

Mr. Stern : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science how many representations he has received on the subject of charges for school trips.

Mr. Butcher : My right hon. Friend has received 540 letters on the subject of charges for school trips since the issue of the Department's draft circular of guidance in October 1988.

School Discipline

Ms. Richardson : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science (1) what steps he has taken to establish a working group to develop serious incidents reporting systems in response to recommendation 132.1 of the Elton report of the committee of inquiry into discipline in schools ;

(2) what steps he intends to take to clarify the legal basis of a teacher's authority over pupils in response to paragraph 73 of the Elton report on discipline in schools.

Mr. Butcher : My right hon. Friend announced on 13 March immediate Government action to follow up recommendations in the report of the committee of inquiry into discipline in schools. He is considering the

Column 608

recommendation on the legal basis of a teacher's authority and the recommendation, which was also directed to local education authorities, that a working group on serious incidents reporting systems be established.

Student Grants

Dr. Hampson : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science what was the average unit of funding for a university student assumed to be in the 1988-89 University Grants Committee settlement ; by what percentage this assumed average unit was increased in real terms in the 1989-90 UFC settlement ; and what assumptions were made for inflation in this increase.

Mr. Jackson : The public funding of universities is not determined on the basis of unit costs. The forecast level of inflation at the time of last year's Autumn Statement was five per cent. Including the additional funding for 1989 pay settlements, overall funding will increase by eight per cent. between 1988-89 and 1989-90. Student numbers are expected to increase by three per cent.

Under-Secretary of State (Engagements)

Mr. Andrew Smith : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science if he will list the official engagements undertaken by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State with responsibility for higher education since the beginning of May.

Mr. Robert Jackson : Since the beginning of May, I have had the following official engagements to date :

2 May

Meeting : delegation from China ; Oral Parliamentary Questions ; address : the Council for Industry and Higher Education ; address for design awards dinner.

3 May

Meeting : Professor Ihsan Dogramaci, Chairman of Turkish Higher Education Council ; dinner and address : Presidents of Research Councils of Europe, Japan and the USA.

5 May

Address : Careers Research and Advisory Centre Conference. 8 May

Visit : Liverpool University.

9 May

Address : The Centre for Policy Studies ; meeting : Mr. Bill Stubbs of the Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council.

10 May

Lunch : Geoffery Melling of the Further Education Staff College. 11 May

Interview : Time Magazine ; address for the Opening of the Medical Research Council Radiobiology Unit ; address : Industry/Education Seminar (Oxfordshire County Council) ; meeting : Professor Stuart of the Agriculture and Food Research Council.

13 May

Telephone call to Bertel Haarder, Danish Education Minister. 15 May

Visit : Rycotewood College ; dinner and address for Sir Ralph Dahrendorf and senior academics at St. Anthony's College, Oxford. 16 May

Address : The General Synod Further and Higher Education Committee ; dinner and address for the Reform Club Political Committee ; telephone call to Willem Deetman, Dutch Education Minister. 17 May

Meeting : Lord Chilver and Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer of the Universities Funding Council.

18 May

Address : conference for Continuing Professional

Column 609

Development ; meeting : the Association of Metropolitan Authorities ; meeting : The Campaign for Public Sector History ; telephone call to Juergen Muellemann, German Education Minister.

19 May

Lunch and address for Professor Brewer and senior academics at Emmanuel College, Cambridge ; 25th anniversary dinner at Darwin College, Cambridge.

20 May

Telephone call to Javier Solana Madariaga, Spanish Education Minister.

23 May

Address for the National Information Services Conference. 24 May

Address : the Building Industry Council Conference ; meeting : the Institute of Chartered Accountants ; meeting : Dominique Perben, Depute (MP) and Mayor of Chalon-sur Saone ; address : European Agricultural Research Initiative (EURAGRI) Conference ; meeting : Richard Hodges, Director of the British School in Rome.

Column 610

25 May

Meeting : Sue Whittle, President of the Mature Students Union ; meeting : Professor Sloane, Aberdeen University ; hosting : Reception for the British/French Colloquium on Educational Exchange. 26 May

Visit to the Institut Laue-Langevin and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble.

In addition, I hold daily meetings with officials of the Department and maintain informal contact with a variety of people from the world of education and science.

Cash Limits

Dr. Twinn : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science whether there are any changes to the cash limits for his Department's votes.

Mr. Kenneth Baker : Subject to parliamentary approval of the necessary Supplementary Estimate, the cash limits for the following votes will be revised as follows :

Column 609

Vote               |Current cash limit|Change            |Revised Cash limit                   

                   |£                 |£                 |£                                    


Class XII Vote 1   |493,133,000       |+1,003,000        |494,136,000                          

Class XII Vote 2   |3,101,271,000     |+22,490,000       |3,123,761,000                        

Class XII Vote 5   |824,368,000       |-8,493,000        |815,875,000                          

Additional provision is sought as follows:                                                     

(a) £25 million to make annual maintenance grants for expenditure on staff salaries and other  

running costs for schools which I have approved as grant maintained from September 1989 and    

from January 1990. This increase will be fully offset by recoupment, under section 81 of the   

Education Reform Act 1988, from the local authorities formerly maintaining the schools.        

(b) £1,003,000 for the professional, industrial and commercial updating programme to enable    

the selective funding of PICKUP activities in local authority colleges to proceed.             

(c) £23,493,000 towards the increased cost to universities, the Open university, the Royal     

college of art and the Cranfield institute of technology of employing non-clinical academic    


Provision for grant-in-aid to the Natural Environment Research Council is reduced by £8,493,000 because expenditure on the construction of a new research vessel for the British Antarctic Survey has been deferred to 1990- 91.

The net increase of £15,000,000 will be charged to the Reserve and will not therefore add to the planned total of public expenditure.

Boards of Governors

Mr. Baldry : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science if he will publish in the Official Report a list of those people appointed by him to be independent members of the boards of governors of higher education corporations.

Mr. Kenneth Baker : I have today published in the Official Report a list of the people I appointed as independent members of the boards of governors of the higher education corporations.

I was impressed by the high calibre of many of the candidates who were willing to put themselves forward for appointment as governors. It is heartening to see that so many able people from a wide variety of fields want to be associated with these higher education institutions. Governors have been drawn from across the spectrum of industry and commerce, from major companies to individual entrepreneurs and from all the professions. This will help to give the new sector the best possible start.

Column 610

Anglia Higher Education College                                                                                         

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


David Ball                              |Chairman, David Ball Group (Engineering                                        

                                        |  Manufacture)                                                                 

Sir Terence Beckett KBE                 |Former Director General, CBI; Former                                           

                                        |  Chairman and Chief Executive, Ford                                           

                                        |  Motor Co.                                                                    

A. H. Cherry MBE                        |Chairman and Managing Director,                                                

                                        |  Countryside Properties plc                                                   

Terence A. Coslett                      |Former General Manager, Fisons Pest                                            

                                        |  Control Ltd.; Chairman of Governors,                                         

                                        |  Cambridgeshire College of Arts and                                           

                                        |  Technology                                                                   

N. Hepworth OBE                         |Director, Chartered Institute of Public                                        

                                        |  Finance and Accountancy                                                      

G. R. Hoffman                           |Consultant, Sir Murdoch MacDonald &                                            

                                        |  Partners (Consulting Civil Engineers)                                        

Mrs. Diana Jakubowska                   |Divisional Manager, Jakubowska                                                 

                                        |  Construction Group                                                           

Terence James                           |Chairman, Schering Holdings UK                                                 

                                        |  (Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agro-                                           

                                        |  chemicals)                                                                   

Richard King                            |Managing Director and Chief Executive,                                         

                                        |  Cambridge Electronic Industries                                              

R. W. Mellor CBE                        |Secretary, Institute of Mechanical                                             

                                        |  Engineers; Former Vice President of                                          

                                        |  Ford (Europe) and Managing Director,                                         

                                        |  Ford Product Development                                                     

Graeme Minto                            |Chairman, Domino Printing Sciences Ltd.                                        

John C. Shrigley                        |Director of Personnel Services, GEC                                            

                                        |  Marconi Limited                                                              

Mrs. Jean Smith                         |Chairman, North East Essex District                                            

                                        |  Health Authority                                                             

Note: Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology and Essex Institute of Higher Education merged on 1 April 1989 to   

form Anglia Higher Education College.                                                                                   

Column 611

Bath College of Higher Education                                                                                              

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


C. J. Arnold-Baker                        |Chief Executive, BBC Enterprises                                                   

Mrs. Sally-Jane Coode                     |Founder and Director, POLAMCO Ltd.                                                 

                                          |  (precision mechanical engineering com-                                           

                                          |  pany)                                                                            

James Dyson                               |Chairman, Prototypes (design and develop-                                          

                                          |  ment company)                                                                    

Peter Edwards                             |Own firm-Investment Management                                                     

John M. Mott                              |Managing Director, A. Grantham Ltd.                                                

                                          |  (Uniform Clothing Manufacturer)                                                  

David C. Part                             |Chairman, The General Trading Company                                              

                                          |  (large retail shop)                                                              

John Patience                             |Regional Secretary and Solicitor, British                                          

                                          |  Gas South Western                                                                

Mrs. Stella Pirie                         |Divisional Financial Director, Rotork plc                                          

                                          |  (manufacturing division)                                                         

Nigel Reynolds                            |Chairman and Chief Executive, Bath Press                                           

                                          |  Ltd.                                                                             

Leslie Southwell                          |Former Managing Director, Deltak                                                   

                                          |  Training Co. Ltd. (Software and consul-                                          

                                          |  tancy training company)                                                          

Ms. Mary Toman                            |Independent Management Consultant-                                                 

                                          |  Strategic planning and marketing                                                 

                                          |  Founder, London Consulting Group                                                 

Mrs. Fay Weldon                           |Novelist and critic                                                                

Miss Jillian M. White                     |Senior Music Producer, BBC Bristol                                                 

Birmingham Polytechnic                                                                                                        

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Roydon Axe                                |Director Design, Austin Rover Group                                                

Mrs. Valerie Bragg                        |Principal, City Technology College,                                                

                                          |  Kingshurst, Birmingham                                                           

Rupert Crane                              |Chairman, National Giro Bank (West                                                 

                                          |  Midlands); Director, Sharp Technolog                                             

                                          |  Fund plc                                                                         

Mrs. Margaret Savage                      |District Personnel Manager, British                                                

                                          |  Telecom                                                                          

Dr. John Sawkill                          |Former Managing Director, Tube                                                     

                                          |  Investments Research & Development;                                              

                                          |  Currently consultant to TI on Education                                          

                                          |  & Industry                                                                       

Frank Shaw                                |Finance Director, Royal Automobile Club                                            

David Waller                              |Partner, Human Resources Group,                                                    

                                          |  Deloitte Haskins and Sells                                                       

James Wilson                              |General Manager, Bournville Village Trust                                          

Bolton Institute of Higher Education                                                                                    

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


Brian Bruce                             |Director, British Textile Employers'                                           

                                        |  Association                                                                  

Josephine Burns                         |Assistant Director, North West Arts,                                           

                                        |  Manchester                                                                   

Dr. Matthew Dixon                       |Business Development Manager, National                                         

                                        |  Computer Centre                                                              

Eric H. Farnworth                       |Director and General Manager, Lostock                                          

Mohammed Tarique Ghaffur                |Acting Chief Inspector, Greater                                                

                                        |  Manchester Police                                                            

J. Goldberg                             |Retired Solicitor                                                              

K. A. L. Johnson                        |Engineering Director, Fairclough Civil                                         

                                        |  Engineering Ltd.                                                             

Julian G. Masters                       |Managing Director, Hick Hargreaves and                                         

                                        |  Co. Ltd.                                                                     

Pamela J. Senior                        |General Secretary, Bolton Area Resource                                        

                                        |  Centre                                                                       

John Joseph Shaw                        |Partner, Bentley and Co., Chartered                                            

                                        |  Accountants, Bolton                                                          

J. P. Speak                             |Chairman and Managing Director,                                                

                                        |  Warburtons Limited                                                           

Column 612

Bretton Hall College of Higher Education                                                                                      

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


George Robert Adams                       |Former Senior Partner, Hadfield Cawkwell                                           

                                          |  and Davidson, Architects, Engineers and                                          

                                          |  Town Planners                                                                    

Stephen P. Battye                         |Managing Director, Skopos Fabrics                                                  

Margaret Booth                            |Housewife; former Director of family                                               

                                          |  Company with responsibilities in Sales                                           

                                          |  and Finance                                                                      

John Henshaw                              |Farmer; former conservative member of                                              

                                          |  Wakefield MDC                                                                    

Professor William Middlebrook             |Former Dean of School of Education,                                                

                                          |  Trent Polytechnic                                                                

David B. Simpson                          |Senior Partner, Simpson and Wood,                                                  

                                          |  Chartered Accountants; Director,                                                 

                                          |  Hepworth Ceramic Holdings plc                                                    

Charles Russell Smith                     |Chairman, Allied Textile Companies plc;                                            

                                          |  Director, Lloyds Bank plc                                                        

Duncan Smith                              |Manager, Lloyds Bank Commercial                                                    

                                          |  Service                                                                          

Keith Paul Welton                         |Director, Kirklees and Wakefield Chamber                                           

                                          |  of Commerce and Industry Ltd.                                                    

Brighton Polytechnic                                                                                                          

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Michael J. Aldrich                        |Chief Executive, ROCC Computers Ltd.                                               

David J. Burt                             |Managing Director, Hellermann Deutsch                                              

                                          |  Ltd.                                                                             

Mrs. Julia F. Cumberlege                  |Chairman, Brighton Health Authority                                                

                                          |  Chairman, National Association of                                                

                                          |  District Health Authorities                                                      

Clifford Thomas Dann                      |Senior Partner, Clifford Dann & Partners,                                          

                                          |  Chartered Surveyors, Estate Agents,                                              

                                          |  Auctioneers, Development Advisers                                                

J. Garry Hawkes                           |Managing Director, Gardner Merchant                                                

                                          |  Director, Trusthouse Forte                                                       

Gavin Henderson                           |Artistic Director, Brighton Festival                                               

Michael C. McLaren Hume                   |Company Director                                                                   

David Arthur Jones                        |Consultant, Ewbank Preece Group Ltd.                                               

                                          |  Chairman, Made in Britain Ltd.                                                   

Dr. Edwin Norris                          |Former Chief Inspector, HMI                                                        

Oscar Roith                               |Former Chief Engineer and Scientist, DTI                                           

                                          |  President, Institution of Mechanical                                             

                                          |  Engineers                                                                        

Bristol Polytechnic                                                                                                                    

Independent Members                          |Affiliation                                                                              


Dr. Robert H. Glendinning                    |Retired General Practitioner                                                             

Philip Gregory                               |Regional Secretary, South West TUC                                                       

Clive A. Halton                              |Partner in charge, Deloitte, Haskins & Sells                                             

Michael C. J. Jackaman                       |Chairman and Chief Executive, Allied                                                     

                                             |  Vintners Ltd                                                                           

Michael E. Kelsey                            |Director and Chief Executive, Engineering                                                

                                             |  Employers' Western Association                                                         

Michael Knight                               |Agent, Bank of England, Bristol                                                          

John K. McDowall                             |Chairman: Business Centre Wales Ltd;                                                     

                                             |  Horstmann Group Ltd; Bank of Wales                                                     

                                             |  (Jersey) Ltd; Director, Bank of Wales plc                                              

Bel Mooney                                   |Journalist and author                                                                    

Karen Morgan                                 |Non-Executive Director, Sussex County                                                    

                                             |  Building Society; Chairman, Marine                                                     

                                             |  Logic Ltd                                                                              

John D. Prescott Thomas                      |Head of Broadcasting, BBC South & West                                                   

Peter Ward                                   |Director, (Human Resources) European                                                     

                                             |  Operations, 3 COM                                                                      

John D. Wragg                                |Director (Military Engines), Rolls Royce                                                 

                                             |  plc                                                                                    

Magsood Zamir                                |Executive (Special Projects), British Gas                                                

                                             |  South Western                                                                          

Column 613

Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education                                                                             

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


Colin Berry                             |European Education Manager, Tandem                                             

                                        |  Computers Europe Incorporated                                                

Lucian Ercolani                         |Chairman, Ercol Furniture Ltd.                                                 

Owen Harris                             |Former Financial Director, Compair Ltd.                                        

William Haynes                          |Managing Director, Rye Machinery Ltd.                                          

Miss Gillian Humphreys                  |Solicitor                                                                      

Nicholas G. Hurry                       |Group Training Manager, Meyer                                                  

                                        |  International plc.                                                           

David R. Jones                          |Chief Executive, Wagon Finance                                                 

                                        |  Corporation Ltd.                                                             

T. C. R. Jourdan                        |Managing Director, Parker Knoll Ltd.                                           

Peter Land                              |Chairman, Wycombe Health Authority                                             

John Lorenz                             |Managing Director, Equity Capital for                                          

                                        |  Industry                                                                     

The Hon. Mrs. Hilary Lewis              |Consultant Leisure Management                                                  

Michael E. P. Moss                      |Personnel Manager, Equity & Law                                                

                                        |  Assurance Society                                                            

Raymond C. Samuels                      |Group Personnel Manager, Y. J. Lovell                                          

                                        |  Group Services Ltd.                                                          

Bulmershe College of Higher Education                                                                             

Independent Members                   |Affiliation                                                                


William Barclay                       |Director, Metal Box Company                                                

P. R. Daish                           |Financial Director/Company Secretary,                                      

                                      |  Strayfield International Ltd.                                            

Sir James Hamilton                    |Former Permanent Under-Secretary, DES                                      

Sir Donald Hawley                     |Former member of Diplomatic Service                                        

A. H. Mann                            |Internal Training Consultant, Foster                                       

                                      |  Wheeler Energy Ltd., Reading                                             

William L. Stansfeld-Taylor           |Former Chief Editor, BBC Monitoring                                        

                                      |  Service, Soviet & Eastern European                                       

                                      |  Affairs;                                                                 

Professor Jack Wrigley CBE            |Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of                                      

                                      |  Reading                                                                  

Note: Bulmershe College of Higher Education merged with the University of Reading on 1 April 1989                 

Charlotte Mason College of Education                                                                                 

Independent Members                    |Affiliation                                                                  


Mrs. Meredyth Bell                     |Dental Surgeon, School Governor                                              

D. Browning                            |Chief Eduction Officer, Bedfordshire                                         

Sir Charles Carter                     |Former Vice-Chancellor, University of                                        

                                       |  Lancaster (retired)                                                        

Madeline Davies                        |Head, Queen Katherine School, Kendal                                         

David Hannah                           |Head of Training, Vickers Shipbuilding                                       

                                       |  and Engineering PLC                                                        

Mrs. J. OHare                          |Head, George Romney Junior School,                                           

                                       |  Dalton in Furness                                                          

J. Hole                                |Works Secretary, BNFL, Seascale                                              

John Morris                            |Assistnant Solicitor                                                         

Prof. Alec Ross                        |Professor of Education, Lancaster                                            

                                       |  University                                                                 

Kenneth Walker                         |Executive Deputy Chairman, Provincial                                        

                                       |  Insurance PLC                                                              

Coventry Polytechnic                                                                                                          

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Michael Collett                           |Policy Servicing Manager, Equity and                                               

                                          |  Law, Coventry                                                                    

Patrick B. Forde                          |Director and General Manager, Coventry                                             

                                          |  Building Society                                                                 

Leonard P. Grice, OBE                     |Personnel Director, GEC                                                            

                                          |  Telecommunications, Ltd.                                                         

Angela C. Griffin                         |Chief Executive Officer, Redditch Borough                                          

                                          |  Council                                                                          

Geoffrey Hughes                           |Barrister, GKN plc.                                                                

Stuart S. G. Linnell                      |Deputy Group Managing Director,                                                    

                                          |  Midlands Radio Holdings PLC and                                                  

                                          |  Chief Executive, Sound                                                           

Robert P. Lister                          |Former Director, Engineering Employers'                                            

                                          |  West Midlands Association (retired)                                              

Frederick A. M. Motture                   |Personnel Director, Coventry Region,                                               

                                          |  GEC Plessey Telecommunications                                                   

Merrick W. Taylor                         |Deputy Chairman and Managing Director,                                             

                                          |  Motor Panels (Coventry) Ltd.                                                     

Geoffrey H. Whalen                        |Managing Director, Peugeot Talbot Motor                                            

                                          |  Co. Ltd.                                                                         

Crewe and Alsager College of Higher Education                                                                           

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


Cyril Acton                             |Managing Director, ERF Ltd, Sandbach                                           

Vic Harris                              |Personnel Manager, Rolls-Royce Motor                                           

                                        |  Cars Limited, Crewe                                                          

Derek B Jennings                        |Director, Jennings Coachwork Ltd, Crewe                                        

Dr John A Payne                         |Information Systems Manager ICI                                                

                                        |  Chemicals and Polymers                                                       

Phillip Plant                           |General Manager, Refractory Production,                                        

                                        |  Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Ltd                                                 

Andrew P Rigby                          |Solicitor, Private Practice                                                    

Mrs. Barbara Sim Mutch                  |Superintendent, Cheshire Constabulary                                          

David Withers                           |Manager, Allied Dunbar Financial                                               

                                        |  Services                                                                     

Dorset Institute of Higher Education                                                                                          

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Marcus Beresford                          |Managing Director, Plessey Controls Ltd.,                                          

                                          |  Poole                                                                            

Martin C. Copp                            |Chairman, Coolmation Ltd., Ringwood;                                               

                                          |  Chairman, Wessex Board of Institute of                                           

                                          |  Directors                                                                        

Baroness Caroline Cox                     |Former Director of Nursing Education                                               

                                          |  Research Unit, Chelsea College,                                                  

                                          |  University of London; Member of                                                  

                                          |  House of Lords with special interest in                                          

                                          |  education                                                                        

Norman Drew                               |Managing Director, The Ryvita Co. Ltd.                                             

Alexander C. McKinlay                     |Partner, Peat Marwick & McLintock,                                                 

                                          |  Poole                                                                            

Thomas Stanley Monkcom                    |Former Managing Director and Chairman,                                             

                                          |  The De Vilbiss Co. Ltd.                                                          

Professor William Penny                   |Chairman, Penny & Giles International plc                                          

John D. Slater                            |Director, Southern Tourist Board,                                                  

                                          |  Eastleigh                                                                        

Roy J. Tazzyman                           |Managing Director, Davy McKee Ltd.                                                 

Ealing College of Higher Education                                                                                               

Independent Members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Geoffrey Cox                               |Chairman, Haymills Ltd.                                                              

Miss Tina Day                              |Head of Policy, National Consumer                                                    

                                           |  Council                                                                            

Mrs. Judith Exelby                         |Television Presenter                                                                 

Robin D. Gill                              |Director, 1970 Trust Ltd.                                                            

John G. Hendy, QC                          |Queens Counsel                                                                       

Mrs. Dorothy MacKenzie                     |Managing Director of Brand New (Product                                              

                                           |  Origination) Ltd.                                                                  

Miss Helena Molyneux                       |Vice President Personnel Europe, Middle                                              

                                           |  East, Africa Bankers Trust Co.                                                     

Colin Monk                                 |Managing Director, Memtec Europe Ltd.                                                

Dr. G. N. J. Port                          |Senior Managing Consultant, Peat                                                     

                                           |  Marwick McLintock                                                                  

John Francis Purnell, GM                   |Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan Police,                                           

                                           |  Officer Commanding Ealing Division                                                 

Miss Brenda Seel                           |Personnel Services Manager, Taylor                                                   

                                           |  Woodrow Group                                                                      

Dr. John Spreadborough                     |Managing Director, J. Spreadborough &                                                

                                           |  Co. Ltd.                                                                           

J. Q. Thompson                             |Director, Coopers & Lybrand                                                          

Polytechnic of East London                                                                                                       

Independent Members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Valerie Aggett                             |Chairman and Principal, HLT Group of                                                 

                                           |  Colleges; Solicitor; won Queen's award                                             

                                           |  for exports                                                                        

Ms. Jocelyn Barrow                         |Consultant on educational issues Governor                                            

                                           |  of the BBC                                                                         

Peter Blower                               |Scientific Adviser, Beechams                                                         

                                           |  Pharmaceutical                                                                     

Alex Ferry                                 |General Secretary, Confederation of Ship                                             

                                           |  Building and Engineering Unions                                                    

Kypros Nicholas                            |Solicitor, Nicholas & Co.                                                            

Allan S. J. Morgan                         |Personnel Director, Rhone-Poulenc Ltd.                                               

John Perry                                 |Chairman & Managing Director, Unisys                                                 

                                           |  Ltd. (UK)                                                                          

Andrew Rork                                |Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi                                                 

Naomi Sargent                              |Senior Commissioning Editor, Educational                                             

                                           |  Programming, Channel Four; former                                                  

                                           |  Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor at the                                           

                                           |  Open University                                                                    

Roger S. Shashoua                          |Chairman, The Shashoua Foundation                                                    

Ronald Shepherd                            |Manager, Education, Training and                                                     

                                           |  Personnel, Ford Motor Co. Ltd;                                                     

                                           |  Chairman of CBI Education & Training                                               

                                           |  Committee;                                                                         

John Tarrington                            |Senior Consultant, Peat Marwick                                                      

                                           |  McLintock                                                                          

Jean Tomlin                                |Personnel Manager, Prudential Assurance                                              

                                           |  Co.                                                                                

Edge Hill College of Further Education                                                                                                                      

Independent Members                                 |Affiliation                                                                                            


B. D. Blake                                         |Chairman, Venture Capital Ltd.,                                                                        

                                                    |  Manchester                                                                                           

Jonathan Chaytor                                    |Senior Partner, Chaytor Steele and Co.                                                                 

Charles Coombes                                     |Manager of Group Central Services, Ocean                                                               

                                                    |  Transport and Trading plc                                                                            

John Cowdall                                        |Chief Executive Officer, West Lancashire                                                               

                                                    |  District Council                                                                                     

M. Ford                                             |Headteacher, Heys Primary School, Ashton-Under-Lyne                                                    

Dr. Janet Kear                                      |Assistant Director, The Wildfowl Trust;                                                                

                                                    |  Curator, The Wildfowl Trust Centre,                                                                  

                                                    |  Martin Mere, Burscough                                                                               

Raymond McManus                                     |Official, Transport and General Workers                                                                

                                                    |  Union, West Lancashire District                                                                      

Brian Millner                                       |Director (External Relations), Pilkington                                                              

                                                    |  plc, St. Helens, Merseyside                                                                          

R. A. Wilson                                        |Director (Chief Executive), Thomas Bell                                                                

                                                    |  International Ltd., Liverpool                                                                        

Falmouth school of art and design                                                                                                

Independent members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Michael Bristow                            |Former deputy treasurer, Cornwall county                                             

                                           |  council                                                                            

Diane Colville                             |High sheriff of Cornwall                                                             

Richard Anthony Foster                     |Artist, former arts administrator                                                    

John Girdlestone                           |Finance-managing director, Rueckes                                                   

                                           |  Engineering Ltd. (automotive design                                                

                                           |  engineers)                                                                         

Clive W. Grownow                           |Director personnel and production,                                                   

                                           |  English China Clays                                                                

John Halkes                                |Director, Newlyn Orion Gallery                                                       

Gerard Mansell                             |Former deputy director-general, BBC;                                                 

                                           |  member, UK National Commission for                                                 

                                           |  UNESCO; chairman, British Committee                                                

                                           |  of Journalist in Europe                                                            

Michael Edward Richards                    |Solicitor                                                                            

Sir Kenneth Sharp                          |Partner, Baker Tilly chartered accountants                                           

David Julian Taylor                        |Retail director, Barclays bank                                                       

Mrs. Jessica D. E. Thomas                  |Professional writer and broadcaster                                                  

Hatfield Polytechnic                                                                                                                                                                                              

Independent Members                                                   |Affiliation                                                                                                                                


Dudley R. Cloake                                                      |Director of Management Services, John                                                                                                      

                                                                      |  Lewis Partnership plc                                                                                                                    

J. David OBE                                                          |Managing Director, Catomance Ltd.                                                                                                          

Peter Cecil Farmer                                                    |Manager (Human Resources), British                                                                                                         

                                                                      |  Petroleum                                                                                                                                

James F. McGown                                                       |Director and General Manager, Lee Valley                                                                                                   

                                                                      |  Water Company                                                                                                                            

T. G. Mercer OBE                                                      |Chairman, Thomas Mercer Ltd.                                                                                                               

Hugh Metcalfe                                                         |Former Deputy Chief Executive, British                                                                                                     

                                                                      |  Aerospace Ltd; non-Executive Director,                                                                                                   

                                                                      |  Hunting Engineering                                                                                                                      

Dr. Katie Petty-Saphon                                                |Publishing Manager, Institution of                                                                                                         

                                                                      |  Electrical Engineers                                                                                                                     

Mrs. Sheila Roy                                                       |Director of Nursing, North-West Thames                                                                                                     

                                                                      |  Regional Health Authority                                                                                                                

A. Stephenson                                                         |Engineering Manager of Civil Aircraft Division, British Aerospace plc                                                                      

Dr. Richard Sykes                                                     |Chairman and Chief Executive, Glaxo                                                                                                        

                                                                      |  Group Research Ltd.                                                                                                                      

M. Tempany OBE                                                        |Vice-Principal (External Affairs), Kings                                                                                                   

                                                                      |  College London                                                                                                                           

The Polytechnic Huddersfield                                                                                            

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


Mrs. Jane Carter                        |Former Councillor of Kirklees                                                  

                                        |  Metropolitan Council                                                         

Reginald Cross                          |District President, AEU                                                        

Peter Fielden                           |Chairman and Managing Director,                                                

                                        |  Olympic Holdings (South West) Ltd.                                           

Lord John Gregson                       |Director, Fairey Holdings                                                      

J. Haigh                                |Managing Director, F. Drake & Co. Ltd.;                                        

                                        |  Chairman, F. Drake Fibres Ltd.                                               

Norman Haigh                            |General Manager, Millers Oils Limited                                          

Mrs. Kay Hill                           |Partner, David Law & Company, Sheffield                                        

Dr. John S. Hughes                      |Consultant Psychiatrist                                                        

Brian Ward                              |Senior Partner, Revell Ward, Chartered                                         

                                        |  Accountants, Huddersfield                                                    

Humberside college of higher education                                                                                        

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Roger Ewart Brown                         |District General Manager, Hull Health                                              

                                          |  Authority                                                                        

Ian Colquhoun                             |City Architect, Hull City Council                                                  

Anthony A. Dunn                           |Works General Manager, BP Chemicals                                                

                                          |  Hull                                                                             

Michael Edwards                           |Divisional Director and General Manager,                                           

                                          |  British Aerospace, Brough                                                        

Frank Alan Flear                          |Director, Fitch, Lovell plc, Chairman and                                          

                                          |  Managing Director, Bluecrest Foods                                               

                                          |  Ltd, Grimsby                                                                     

Dr. J. H. Hooper CBE TD                   |Chairman, East Riding Health Authority                                             

David Frederick McGowan                   |Director, Hull and Humberside Housing                                              

                                          |  Association                                                                      

Andrew Milner                             |Managing Director, Humberside                                                      

                                          |  Fertilisers plc, Hull                                                            

Christopher M. Oughtred                   |Joint Managing Director, William Jackson                                           

                                          |  and Son plc                                                                      

Isobel Shepherdson                        |Self employed Education Consultant to                                              

                                          |  LEAs (notably Humberside)                                                        

Donald G. Snelgrove                       |Bishop of Hull                                                                     

John Francis White                        |Divisional Director, Faber Prest plc                                               

Jennifer Wilson                           |Partner with firm of Solicitors                                                    

Kent Institute of Art and Design                                                                                                 

Independent Members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Edward Booth-Clibborn                      |Chairman, Designers and Art Directors                                                

                                           |  Association of London; Consultant and                                              

                                           |  Lecturer                                                                           

David Callcott                             |Chairman and Managing Director, John                                                 

                                           |  Michael Design Consultants Ltd.                                                    

George Trevor Carney                       |Senior Partner, Argles and Court,                                                    

                                           |  Solicitors                                                                         

Graham Clarke                              |Professional artist and designer                                                     

Jill (Diana) Cochrane                      |Professional Broadcaster on radio and                                                

                                           |  television                                                                         

Dr. R. H. Cragg                            |Director, Pressprint Publicity (Kent) Ltd.                                           

                                           |  (advertising agency)                                                               

Sir David Crouch                           |Chairman, Theatres Trust Former MP for                                               

                                           |  Canterbury                                                                         

Miss J. Fraser                             |Former Head of Industrial Design                                                     

                                           |  Division, The Design Council; CNAA                                                 

                                           |  Assessor at Ravensbourne Graphics                                                  

G. Gilbert                                 |Managing Director, Pierre Elegante Ltd.                                              

P. D. Marsh                                |Architect, Dudley Marsh Son & Partners;                                              

                                           |  Surveyor to Canterbury Cathedral                                                   

Mrs. Fiona E. Miller                       |Buying Controller, British Home Stores plc                                           

Peter Smith                                |Deputy Marketing Director, British                                                   

                                           |  Airways                                                                            

W. Taylor                                  |Consultant, Arthur Young's Former                                                    

                                           |  County Treasurer, Kent County Council                                              

Kingston Polytechnic                                                                                                                            

Independent Members                             |Affiliation                                                                                    


Reginald W. Bailey OBE                          |Former Managing Director, Putney                                                               

                                                |  Division, Smiths Industries Aerospace &                                                      

                                                |  Defence systems                                                                              

Mrs. Joan Bingley                               |Company Secretary, Imry Merchant                                                               

                                                |  Developers plc                                                                               

Ronald F. Coleman                               |Chief Engineer and Scientist, DTI                                                              

J. Graham Day                                   |Chairman and Chief Executive, Rover                                                            

                                                |  Group                                                                                        

Royston Doughty                                 |Managing Director, Duracell (UK) Ltd.                                                          

George T. Freeman                               |Partner, Freeman, Robertson, Leese                                                             

                                                |  Design Consultants                                                                           

Donald F. Heaver                                |General Manager, Marks & Spencer plc,                                                          

                                                |  Oxford Street Store                                                                          

Jacob Lewin                                     |Senior Partner, Lewin Fryer & Partners                                                         

                                                |  Consulting Engineers                                                                         

Kenneth McAinsh                                 |Managing Director, Putney Division,                                                            

                                                |  Smiths Industries Aerospace & Defence Systems                                                

Eric A. G. Morgan                               |Former Managing Director, British                                                              

                                                |  American Cosmetics                                                                           

Mrs. Jane Priestman                             |Director Architecture, Design &                                                                

                                                |  Environment, British Rail Board                                                              

Christopher R. West                             |Director & General Manager, British                                                            

                                                |  Aerospace plc, Military Aircraft                                                             

                                                |  Division                                                                                     

Column 618

Lancashire Polytechnic                                                                                                                                                        

Independent Members                                       |Affiliation                                                                                                        


Clifford Birch                                            |Regional Manager, Royal Bank of                                                                                    

                                                          |  Scotland plc                                                                                                     

Christopher Crewdson                                      |Managing Director, Gilbert Gilkes &                                                                                

                                                          |  Gordon Ltd                                                                                                       

David Eaves                                               |Managing Director, Northern Region,                                                                                

                                                          |  Prudential Property Services                                                                                     

Sir Frank Kennedy                                         |Ex Diplomat; Director, British Airways                                                                             

Janice Langley                                            |Manager of Catalyst-the Museum of the                                                                              

                                                          |  Chemical Industry; Part-time student of the Polytechnic                                                          

Sally Medlyn                                              |Deputy Director, North West Arts                                                                                   

Gloria Oates                                              |General Manager, Rochdale Health                                                                                   

                                                          |  Authority                                                                                                        

Frank Roe                                                 |Former Managing Director, Military                                                                                 

                                                          |  Aircraft Division, British Aerospace                                                                             

Keith Scott                                               |Chairman, Building Design Partnership                                                                              

Iain Smith                                                |Chairman, Baxi Ltd                                                                                                 

Tony Stephens                                             |Director, British Nuclear Fuels Ltd                                                                                

David Taylor                                              |Managing Director, Lancashire                                                                                      

                                                          |  Enterprises Ltd                                                                                                  

Michael Watson                                            |Chairman, Fentons (Engineering/Design)                                                                             

Leeds Polytechnic                                                                                                       

Independent members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


Peter Alcock                            |Chairman, Hunslet (Holdings) plc                                               

Ruth Bundey                             |Head of a Leeds Solicitors' firm                                               

Paul H. Corby                           |Regional Secretary, UCATT                                                      

Yvette Gallagher                        |Company Secretary and Principal Co-                                            

                                        |  ordinator, PATH Ltd.                                                         

Anthony Ernest Grant                    |Partner in Charge, Coopers and Lybrand,                                        

                                        |  Leeds                                                                        

David Pickersgill                       |Managing Director, Pickersgill Kaye                                            

Peter Shakeshaft                        |Director, John Waddington plc                                                  

Leslie Silver                           |Chairman, Kalon Group plc                                                      

Leicester Polytechnic                                                                                                                        

Independent Members                            |Affiliation                                                                                  


Professor Peter Bell                           |Professor of Surgery, University of                                                          

                                               |  Leicester                                                                                  

Howard Davies                                                                                                                                

                                               |  local authorities in England and Wales                                                     

Mrs. Elizabeth Esteve-Coll                     |Director, Victoria and Albert Museum                                                         

                                               |  since 1988                                                                                 

Simon Everard                                  |Chairman, Ellis and Everard plc; Deputy                                                      

                                               |  Chairman, Alliance and Leicester                                                           

                                               |  Building Society                                                                           

Sir Ronald Halstead                            |Deputy Chairman, British Steel                                                               

William Irwin                                  |Chairman and Managing Director,                                                              

                                               |  Glovease Shoes Ltd.                                                                        

Russell Kempton                                |Chairman, T. W. Kempton Ltd.                                                                 

Dame Anne Mueller                              |Second Permanent Secretary, Her                                                              

                                               |  Majesty's Treasury                                                                         

Dr. Udai Singh                                 |Head of Aerodynamics, GEC                                                                    

Dr. Joseph Valentine                           |Deputy Chairman,                                                                             

                                               |  Fisons plc; Chairman, Fisons Pharmaceuticals                                               

Dr. John White                                 |Group Managing Director, BBA Group;                                                          

                                               |  Non-Executive Director, Burgess Group                                                      

                                               |  plc                                                                                        

John Whitehead                                 |Chairman, John Whitehead Textiles Ltd. &                                                     

                                               |  M. Harrison & Co. Finishers Ltd.                                                           

Column 619

Liverpool Polytechnic                                                                                                            

Independent Members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Charles B. Corden                          |Senior Partner, C. B. Corden & Co.,                                                  

                                           |  Chartered Surveyors                                                                

Henry Cotton                               |Development Director, Owen Owen Ltd.                                                 

Phillida G. S. Entwhistle                  |Director, J. Davey & Sons (Liverpool) Ltd.                                           

John H. Forrest                            |District General Manager, British                                                    

                                           |  Telecom, Liverpool                                                                 

Stanton Thomas Fuller                      |Chief Executive, Wavertree Technology                                                

                                           |  Park Co.                                                                           

Ms. Jane Kennedy                           |Branch Secretary, Liverpool City General                                             

                                           |  Branch NUPE                                                                        

John Moores                                |Main Board Director, The Littlewoods                                                 

                                           |  Organisation                                                                       

H. M. P. Robinson                          |Director, Merseyside Chamber of                                                      

                                           |  Commerce and Industry                                                              

Professor Alec Smith                       |Division Manager, Unilever Research                                                  

London Institute                                                                                                              

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Alan Bennett                              |Managing Director, Astral Ltd., Director,                                          

                                          |  House of Fraser Group                                                            

Sir Alan Bowness                          |Director, Tate Gallery; Director, Henry                                            

                                          |  Moore Foundation                                                                 

Robert J. Bright                          |Chairman and Managing Director, Wells                                              

                                          |  of Mayfair (Tailors)                                                             

Ronald David Carter                       |Chairman, DCA Design International                                                 

                                          |  Ltd.; Chairman, Conran Foundation                                                

Colin Cullimore                           |Managing Director, Retail Division, Union                                          

                                          |  International plc                                                                

Bernard Gay                               |Former HMI                                                                         

Jack Gold                                 |Director TV and film documentaries and                                             

                                          |  fiction                                                                          

Rodney Fitch                              |Chairman, Fitch and Co.                                                            

Mrs. Angela Lascelles                     |Director, OLIM                                                                     

Julian Markham                            |Chairman Glengate Holdings plc                                                     

David Padbury                             |Director, South Eastern Region, British                                            

                                          |  Printing Industries Federation                                                   

James Pilditch                            |President and former Chief Executive,                                              

                                          |  Allied International Designers                                                   

Mrs. Jenifer Rosenberg                    |Managing Director, J. & J. Fashions Ltd.                                           

Loughborough College of Art and Design                                                                                           

Independent Members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Paul E. Atkinson                           |Design Director, Atkinson Design                                                     

                                           |  Associates                                                                         

John Carter                                |Chairman and Managing Director, Carter                                               

                                           |  Design Group Ltd.                                                                  

Professor D. E. N. Davies                  |Vice Chancellor, University of Technology,                                           

                                           |  Loughborough                                                                       

Andrew Fairbairn                           |Former Director of Education,                                                        

                                           |  Leicestershire                                                                     

Martin W. Fear                             |Design Director, Derwent Upholstery                                                  

                                           |  Limited                                                                            

Raymond Hale                               |County Treasurer, Leicestershire County                                              

                                           |  Council                                                                            

David Manley                               |Art, Crafts and Photography officer, East                                            

                                           |  Midlands Arts                                                                      

Mrs. Jan P. Moscovitch                     |Design Manager, Moygashel Ltd.                                                       

Mrs. Cathy Stephens                        |Design Director, Cathy Stephens Jewellery                                            

Michael Taylor                             |Chairman, the Taylor Partnership                                                     

Luton College of Higher Education                                                                                                               

Independent Members                             |Affiliation                                                                                    


Julie Bonner                                    |Personnel Manager, Monarch Airlines                                                            

David Brown CBE                                 |Chairman, AWD Ltd., Artix Ltd.,                                                                

                                                |  Multidrive Ltd. (Engineering & Manufacturing)                                                

Clifford Bygrave                                |Senior Partner, Arthur Young                                                                   

Peter Henman                                    |Chairman, T. & E. Neville (Construction)                                                       

Philip Hoskins                                  |Secretary-General, Luton, Bedford and                                                          

                                                |  District Chamber of Commerce                                                                 

                                                |  and Industry                                                                                 

Anthony Lines                                   |Personnel Manager, Vauxhall Motors Ltd.                                                        

Derek Ludlow                                    |Chairman Ludlow Group (Automobile                                                              

                                                |  Engineering)                                                                                 

Professor John Matthews                         |Director, AFRC Engineering                                                                     

David A. Palmer                                 |Director of Finance & Administration, FI                                                       

                                                |  Group plc (Computer software)                                                                

George Slessor                                  |Assistant Divisional Organiser,                                                                

                                                |  Amalgamated Engineering Union                                                                

Mrs. Julia Thorn                                |Managing Director, Corporate &                                                                 

                                                |  International Division of Paragon                                                            

                                                |  Communications plc                                                                           

Anthony Whitear                                 |Director, Research & Development,                                                              

                                                |  Whitbreads plc                                                                               

Dr. Gerald Watson                               |Managing Director, Measurement                                                                 

                                                |  Technology Ltd. (Electronic equipment                                                        

                                                |  manufacturer)                                                                                

Manchester Polytechnic                                                                                                  

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


Sir Christopher Ball                    |Chairman, National Advisory Body for                                           

                                        |  Public Sector Higher Education in                                            

                                        |  England                                                                      

Mrs. Yvonne Bradbury                    |Director of Promotions, Greater                                                

                                        |  Manchester Economic Development                                              

                                        |  Corporation Ltd                                                              

William I Corlett                       |Solicitor                                                                      

Miss Frances Dean                       |Former Secretary, Manchester TUC                                               

Bryan D. Langton CBE                    |Chairman, Holiday Inns International                                           

Philip G. Livesey                       |Former partner in charge, Coopers &                                            

                                        |  Lybrand (North West Region)                                                  

Geoffrey Manton                         |Former Chairman, Sedgwick UK Ltd,                                              

                                        |  North West (International Insurance                                          

                                        |  Brokers)                                                                     

Louis Mitchell                          |Management Consultant                                                          

David E. Plowright                      |Managing Director, Granada TV                                                  

Peter G. Schaefer                       |Chairman & Chief Executive, Lawtex plc                                         

John A. Stanley                         |Senior Executive, Marks and Spencer plc                                        

Alan A. Watson                          |Agent, Bank of England (Manchester                                             

                                        |  Branch)                                                                      

Thomas Weatherby CBE                    |Executive Chairman, Whitecroft plc                                             

                                        |  (textiles, building supplies)                                                

Middlesex Polytechnic                                                                                                            

Independent Members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Clive H. Bateson                           |Managing Director, European Operations,                                              

                                           |  Atlantic Petroleum Corporation                                                     

Dinah Casson                               |Partner Casson/Mann Design Consultancy                                               

David Hyde                                 |Deputy Marketing Director, British                                                   

                                           |  Airways                                                                            

Professor John C. Levy OBE                 |Director, Engineering Profession of The                                              

                                           |  Engineering Council; Engineering                                                   

                                           |  Consultant to Shell International Marine                                           

Dr. E. L. Neufeld                          |Director, Systems Integration, IBM                                                   

                                           |  Europe                                                                             

Gordon C. Pettit                           |General Manager, British Rail, Southern                                              

                                           |  Region                                                                             

Howard T. H. M. Phelps                     |Former Director of Operations, British                                               

                                           |  Airways; Honorary Visiting Professor,                                              

                                           |  Middlesex Polytechnic                                                              

Judith Henley Sear                         |District Nurse Officer, Barnet Health                                                

                                           |  Authority                                                                          

George W. A. Shiells                       |Chairman, Morgan-Grampian Local                                                      

                                           |  Newspapers                                                                         

Francis P. Tridgell                        |Former Senior Deputy Divisional General                                              

                                           |  Manager, National Westminster Bank;                                                

                                           |  Chairman or Director of various bank-                                              

                                           |  ing enterprises                                                                    

Nene College                                                                                                                  

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Peter Bennett                             |Managing Partner, Howes Percival,                                                  

                                          |  Solicitors                                                                       

Jim Burrell                               |Group Training Manager, Lex Automotive                                             

                                          |  Ltd.                                                                             

Christopher Davenport                     |Joint Managing Director, Robert Horne                                              

                                          |  Group plc.                                                                       

Michael Dove                              |Managing Director, Express Lift Co. Ltd.                                           

Peter Elwood                              |Chief Executive, Barclaycard                                                       

Jeffrey Greenwell                         |Chief Executive, Northants County                                                  

                                          |  Council                                                                          

Lady Gayle Robinson                       |Member of the Northamptonshire                                                     

                                          |  Association of Youth Clubs                                                       

Dr. Sheila Shribman                       |Consultant Paediatrician, Princess Marina                                          

                                          |  Hospitals                                                                        

Paul Southworth                           |President and Chief Executive, Avon                                                

                                          |  Cosmetics Ltd.                                                                   

Anthony Stoughton-Harris                  |Executive Vice-Chairman, Nationwide                                                

                                          |  Anglia Building Society; Chairman of                                             

                                          |  the Building Societies Association                                               

The Rt. Rev. Wm. Westwood                 |Bishop of Peterborough                                                             

Newcastle Polytechnic                                                                                                               

Independent Members                         |Affiliation                                                                            


William Reay Atkinson                       |Chairman, Northern Development                                                         

                                            |  Company Ltd.; Former Assistant                                                       

                                            |  Under-Secretary, DTI                                                                 

Mrs. Margaret Barbour                       |Chairman and Controlling Director,                                                     

                                            |  J.Barbour and Sons Ltd.                                                              

Miss Dorothy Blenkinsop                     |Regional Nursing Officer, Northern                                                     

                                            |  Regional Health Authority                                                            

John Frost                                  |Television/Media Consultant; previously                                                

                                            |  BBC Regional TV Manager (North East                                                  

                                            |  and Cumbria)                                                                         

Lord Glenamara                              |Member of House of Lords; Former                                                       

                                            |  Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of                                               

                                            |  State for Education                                                                  

Bent Henriksen, OBE                         |Consultant to Industry in UK and USA                                                   

Charles Francis Herzberg                    |Consultant; Enterprise Counsellor, DTI;                                                

                                            |  Director, Northern Investors Co. Ltd.                                                

Peter McKendrick                            |A Senior and Managing Partner,                                                         

                                            |  Sanderson Townend and Gilbert (Surveyors)                                            

James Christopher Sharp                     |Managing Director, Northern Rock                                                       

                                            |  Building Society                                                                     

Graeme C. Stanton                           |Editor, "Evening Chronicle", Newcastle                                                 

R. N. D. Stephenson                         |Managing Director, Newcastle Breweries                                                 

                                            |  Ltd.                                                                                 

John Streeton Ward                          |Regional Director, Barclays Bank plc,                                                  

                                            |  Northern Region                                                                      

Susan M. Wilson                             |General Manager-Personnel (Divisional                                                  

                                            |  Responsibility) Vickers Defence Systems                                              

North Riding College                                                                                                    

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


John Jackson Carrier                    |General Manager (Operations),                                                  

                                        |  Scarborough Building Society                                                 

H. J. Evans                             |Chief Executive and Clerk, North                                               

                                        |  Yorkshire County Council                                                     

Andrew R. Gare                          |Managing Director, Boythorpe Ltd.                                              

Professor Peter H. J. H. Gosden         |Chairman of School of Education,                                               

                                        |  University of Leeds                                                          

Professor G. R. J. Jones                |Professor Historical Geography,                                                

                                        |  University of Leeds                                                          

Arthur William Kendrick                 |Head of Personnel, Rowntree PLC                                                

A. D. McCain                            |Deputy Managing Director, McCains                                              

                                        |  Foods (GB) Ltd.                                                              

Mrs. Mary McCormack                     |Headteacher, Hinderwell Primary School                                         

G. T. V. Pindar                         |Chairman, G. A. Pindar & Son Ltd.;                                             

                                        |  Chairman, Scarborough Building                                               

                                        |  Society                                                                      

Hilary Susan Truefitt                   |Partner, Buchannan & White (Solicitors)                                        

Oxford Polytechnic                                                                                                                                          

Independent Members                                 |Affiliation                                                                                            


Peter Bagnall                                       |Managing Director, W. H. Smith                                                                         

Dr. Paul Brankin                                    |The Oxford Instruments Group plc                                                                       

                                                    |  Managing Director, Oxford Medical                                                                    

                                                    |  Ltd.                                                                                                 

Stephen Dexter                                      |Senior Partner, Grant Thornton,                                                                        

                                                    |  Chartered Accountants                                                                                

Bernard Harty                                       |Former County Treasurer, Oxfordshire County Council                                                    

Dr. Paul Kent                                       |Former member Oxford City Council                                                                      

                                                    |  Lecturer                                                                                             

Mrs. Caroline Miles                                 |Chairman, Oxfordshire Health Authority                                                                 

Andrew Smith MP                                     |Member of Parliament for Oxford, East                                                                  

Portsmouth Polytechnic                                                                                                     

Independent Members                      |Affiliation                                                                      


Charles Brims                            |Chief Executive, Portsmouth & Sunderland                                         

                                         |  Newspapers Ltd.                                                                

Maurice G. Hardy                         |Chairman and Chief Executive, Pall                                               

                                         |  Europe Ltd. (Engineering)                                                      

James W. Harper                          |Architect-own practice                                                           

John Huffell                             |IBM UK Resident Director, Hampshire                                              

Victor J. Jenner                         |Chairman, Planning and Resource                                                  

                                         |  Allocation Panel-Portsmouth and                                                

                                         |  South East Hampshire Health Authority                                          

Nicholas Jonas                           |Chairman, Hampshire Development                                                  

                                         |  Association; formerly with IBM on main                                         

                                         |  UK Holdings Board                                                              

Jerome O'Hea                             |Joint Group Managing Director of Colt                                            

                                         |  Group Ltd. (Manufacturing company)                                             

Sandra Roberts                           |Assistant Company Secretary, Legal and                                           

                                         |  Administration Department, Lederle                                             

                                         |  Laboratories                                                                   

Dr. Helen M. Rule                        |Marine Archaeologist and Author                                                  

Charles H. Tidbury                       |Director, Whitbread; President/Chairman                                          

                                         |  of various trusts and foundations                                              

Stuart H. Waring                         |Chairman, Heaton Holdings Ltd.                                                   

George G. Zahler                         |Consultant to Thermal Scientific Group                                           

                                         |  plc; Director of Dartec Ltd. and of                                            

                                         |  Rosand Precision Ltd.                                                          

A. D. Zemenides                          |Managing Director, Sealectro Ltd. (sub-                                          

                                         |  sidiary of BICC plc)                                                           

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication                                                                              

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Christopher William Bellamy               |Barrister at law                                                                   

Richard Anthony Brook                     |Managing Director, Scientific Instruments                                          

                                          |  Research Association                                                             

Brian Markham Cooper                      |Formerly Registrar, Royal College of Art                                           

Neville Fox-Davies                        |Art Director, Reader's Digest                                                      

Mrs. Lyn Christine How                    |Head of International Unit, Pensions Fund                                          

                                          |  Department, Phillips and Drew                                                    

Ray Leigh                                 |Non-Executive Director and Design                                                  

                                          |  Consultant, Gordon Russell plc                                                   

Dr. Janet Morgan                          |Adviser to the BBC, Panasonic UK Ltd.,                                             

                                          |  Granada Group; formerly member of                                                

                                          |  the Central Policy Review Staff at                                               

                                          |  Cabinet Office                                                                   

Guy David Neely                           |Finance Director, Mercers Company                                                  

Mark Stevens                              |Director of Staff Relations, Thames                                                

                                          |  Television plc                                                                   

Royal Northern College of Music                                                                                                  

Independent Members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Sebastian De Ferranti                      |Director, GEC plc; Director, National                                                

                                           |  Nuclear Corporation                                                                

Sir Charles Groves CBE                     |Conductor                                                                            

David Hunter MBE                           |Chairman, Henry Cooke Lumsden plc;                                                   

                                           |  Director, Halifax Building Society                                                 

Mrs. Joyce Hytner                          |Manager, External Affairs, Granada                                                   

                                           |  Television Ltd                                                                     

Michael Kennedy OBE                        |Journalist and writer on music; formerly                                             

                                           |  Northern Editor, Daily Telegraph                                                   

Christopher Kenyon                         |Chairman & Group Chief Executive,                                                    

                                           |  William Kenyon & Sons Ltd                                                          

Sir Idwal Pugh KCB                         |Chairman, Chartered Trust Ltd; Director                                              

                                           |  of Standard Chartered Bank & of                                                    

                                           |  Halifax Building Society                                                           

Robert Scott                               |Managing Director, Manchester Theatres                                               

                                           |  Ltd                                                                                

Simon Towneley                             |Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire; Director of                                           

                                           |  Granada Television                                                                 

Salford College of Technology                                                                                                                                           

Independent Members                                     |Affiliation                                                                                                    


Anthony Boore                                           |Managing Director, Manchester Evening                                                                          

                                                        |  News                                                                                                         

David Coleman                                           |Director of Management, Colegate-                                                                              

                                                        |  Palmolive Limited                                                                                            

Sarah Dallas                                            |Designer/Partner for own company Sarah                                                                         

                                                        |  Dallas' (fashion)                                                                                            

Peter Foster                                            |District General Manager, Salford Health                                                                       

                                                        |  Authority                                                                                                    

Dr. Jack Goldberg                                       |Retired Solicitor; Chairman, Salford University Council                                                        

D. J. Kent                                              |Regional Manager, Copthorne Hotels Ltd.                                                                        

Peter Lauener                                           |Area Manager, Training Commission                                                                              

Susan Roberts                                           |Editor, Open Air (live programme)                                                                              

Robert Shields                                          |Chief Executive, Trafford Park                                                                                 

                                                        |  Development Corporation                                                                                      

Simon Sperryn                                           |Chief Executive, Manchester Chamber of                                                                         

                                                        |  Commerce and Industry                                                                                        

Gil Thompson                                            |Chief Executive, Manchester Airport plc                                                                        

David Wilson                                            |Director of Banking, British Linen Bank                                                                        

David Woods                                             |Chairman and Managing Director,                                                                                

                                                        |  Fearnley Construction Group                                                                                  

Sheffield Polytechnic                                                                                                   

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


Dr. Debjani Chatterjee                  |Principal Community Relations Officer                                          

                                        |  with the Sheffield Council for Racial                                        

                                        |  Equality                                                                     

Richard Field OBE                       |Deputy Chairman, J & J Dyson plc;                                              

                                        |  Chairman, Kent Aerospace Castings Ltd                                        

Mrs Jasmine Harfoot                     |Managing Director, Land Instruments                                            

                                        |  International Ltd                                                            

Peter Horsepool                         |Managing Director, Ackroyd & Abbott Ltd                                        

John Illingworth                        |Retired Chief Shopstewards' Convenor,                                          

                                        |  British Forgemasters                                                         

Ian A Johnston                          |Deputy Director General, Training                                              

                                        |  Commission                                                                   

Nicholas C Kemp                         |Director, Engineering Employers'                                               

                                        |  (Sheffield) Association                                                      

Malcolm Newman                          |City Treasurer, Sheffield City Council                                         

Peter J Newman                          |Chief Executive-Metals, Davy McKee                                             

Derek Simpson                           |District Secretary, AUEW                                                       

Harold B Stokes                         |Chairman & Chief Executive, Bassett                                            

                                        |  Foods plc                                                                    

David Stone                             |Managing Director, Stocksbridge                                                


Ms Clare Venables                       |Director, Crucible Theatre                                                     

Southampton IHE                                                                                                                        

Independent Members                          |Affiliation                                                                              


Dr. Stanley Crooks                           |Chairman, Pirelli Group                                                                  

Peter William Doble                          |Managing Director, Southampton                                                           

                                             |  Container Terminals Ltd. (subsidiary of                                                

                                             |  Associated British Ports)                                                              

John Fallow                                  |Regional Director of Personnel, British Gas                                              

                                             |  plc, Southern                                                                          

B. R. J. Gill                                |Senior Partner with Messrs Ernst                                                         

                                             |  & Whinney                                                                              

Dr. Jan Harding                              |Equal Opportunities Consultant                                                           

Malcolm Hedley Le Bas                        |Solicitor with Paris, Smith & Randall                                                    

Michael John Love                            |Managing Director, Lloyd Instruments plc                                                 

Ian A. Pirie                                 |Chairman and Managing Director,                                                          

                                             |  Hydralon Ltd.                                                                          

John Rendle                                  |Managing Director, Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd.                                               

James Edward Stanley                                                                                                                   

                                             |  Gabare Ltd.                                                                            

Rita Steel                                   |Sales Associate, Allied Dunbar Assurance plc                                             

South West London College                                                                                               

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


Dr. Walter Vego Baker                   |Chief Executive, South London Business                                         

                                        |  Initiatives                                                                  

Mrs. Janet Elliott                      |Director-General, Pitman Examination                                           

                                        |  Institute                                                                    

Colonel Thomas R. Fairclough            |Resettlement Training Policy Officer,                                          

                                        |  Ministry of Defence                                                          

T. G. P. Rogers                         |Chairman, BTEC; Chairman, Regional                                             

                                        |  Health Authority                                                             

Dr. Roy Salter                          |Director of Corporate Planning, BAT                                            

                                        |  Industries plc                                                               

Dr. Margaret L. Spong                   |Education Secretary, Chartered                                                 

                                        |  Association of Certified Accountants                                         

Michael David Stott                     |Regional Communications and External                                           

                                        |  Programmes Manager, IBM UK Ltd.                                              

Roger Donald McSweeny                   |Director of Personnel, Trustees Savings                                        

                                        |  Bank                                                                         

Efstratios Zographos                    |Finance Director, TV-am plc                                                    

Polytechnic South West                                                                                                        

Independent Members                       |Affiliation                                                                        


Charles Ansell                            |Former Chairman of Devon County                                                    

                                          |  Council                                                                          

Professor B. L. Bayne                     |Director, Plymouth Marine Laboratory                                               

R. Bentley                                |Planning Officer-Plymouth City Council;                                            

                                          |  Member of Plymouth Health Authority                                              

Mrs. Mary Gretton                         |Executive Committee, Devon Science and                                             

                                          |  Technology Regional Organisation; for-                                           

                                          |  mer Personnel Manager, Plessey                                                   

                                          |  Semiconductors Ltd.                                                              

Roger J. Harris                           |Senior Partner, Peat Marwick McLintock                                             

Alan J. Macfarlane                        |Former Managing Director, Farley Health                                            

                                          |  Products Ltd. (Subsidiary of Glaxo                                               

                                          |  Holdings plc)                                                                    

Victor Parsons                            |Managing Director, Wandel and                                                      

                                          |  Goltermann Ltd.                                                                  

Dr. Patricia Pay                          |Solicitor; Chair of Exeter and District                                            

                                          |  Community Health Council                                                         

Charles Stuart                            |Chairman and Chief Executive, Brymon                                               

                                          |  Airways                                                                          

Peter Thorpe                              |Former Bank Manager                                                                

John C. C. Warren                         |Deputy Chairman, Company of Designers plc                                          

Staffordshire Polytechnic                                                                                                              

Independent Members                          |Affiliation                                                                              


J. Broome CBE                                |Chairman and Chief Executive, Alton                                                      

                                             |  Towers Ltd.                                                                            

G. W. Buckley                                |Director and General Manager, GEC                                                        

                                             |  Turbine Generators Ltd.-Generator Division                                             

Ms. Valerie Burton                           |Planning Manager, Bass plc                                                               

Patrick P. Byrne                             |Chairman and Chief Executive, Wedgwood                                                   

                                             |  Group                                                                                  

Stanley W. Clarke                            |Chairman and Chief Executive, St.                                                        

                                             |  Modwen Properties                                                                      

T. E. Cowlishaw                              |Company Secretary, West Midland Estates                                                  

                                             |  Ltd.; Consultant                                                                       

D. A. Isherwood                              |Director, Century Oils Ltd.                                                              

Mrs. Helen S. Perkins                        |Personnel Co-ordinator-British Steel                                                     

David Scahill                                |Managing Director, Cannon Industries Ltd.                                                

Michael Shaw                                 |Chairman and Managing Director,                                                          

                                             |  Britannia Building Society                                                             

Sunderland Polytechnic                                                                                                  

Independent Members                     |Affiliation                                                                    


William Darling                         |Retail Pharmacist; Chairman, South                                             

                                        |  Tyneside Health Authority                                                    

Kenneth Douglas                         |Former Managing Director, Austin &                                             

                                        |  Pickersgill Shipbuilders                                                     

Stephen Harbottle                       |Senior Partner, Wilkinson Maughan                                              

                                        |  Solicitors                                                                   

William Hay                             |Chief Executive, Newcastle Initiative                                          

Frank Nicholson                         |Joint Managing Director, Vaux                                                  

                                        |  Breweries plc                                                                

Herbert Rice                            |Chartered Accountant, Spicer & Pegler                                          

Ms. Esmee Slattery                      |Staff Tax Partner, Price Waterhouse                                            

Peter Wickens                           |Director of Personnel, Nissan (UK) Ltd.                                        

Peter Vardy                             |Chairman and Managing Director, Reg                                            

                                        |  Vardy Ltd.                                                                   

Teeside Polytechnic                                                                                                                       

Independent Members                           |Affiliation                                                                                


Dr. John N. Bridge                            |Chief Executive, Northern Development                                                      

                                              |  Company                                                                                  

Mrs. Susan Bush                               |Manager Personnel & Administration,                                                        

                                              |  Davy McKee (Stockton) Ltd                                                                

Mrs. Joy Chapman                              |District Nursing Officer, North Tees                                                       

                                              |  Health Authority                                                                         

David J. Grant                                |Chairman, Darchem Ltd; Deputy                                                              


Miss Stella Guy                               |District Officer, Transport & General                                                      

                                              |  Workers Union, Stockton                                                                  

John P. Hackney                               |Chief Executive, Tees & Hartlepool Port                                                    

                                              |  Authority                                                                                

Richard Harker                                |Managing Director, Harkers Engineering                                                     

G. Hunter                                     |Chief Executive, Belasis Hall Technology Park                                              

Richard Lines                                 |Chairman & Chief Executive,                                                                

                                              |  Marlborough Technical Management                                                         

Christopher Shaw                              |Chairman, Micro-Metalsmiths Ltd (Light                                                     

                                              |  Precision Engineering)                                                                   

Dr. James Smith                               |Process Engineering Group Manager,                                                         

                                              |  Research & Technology Dept, ICI                                                          

                                              |  Chemicals & Polymers Ltd                                                                 

Dr. Robert G. J. Telfer                       |Director, Manchester Business School                                                       

Michael D. Ward                               |Director, Teeside Works, British Steel                                                     

                                              |  Corporation                                                                              

Thames Valley College of Higher Education                                                                                                    

Independent Members                            |Affiliation                                                                                  


Dr. John Frederick Cavalla                     |Vice President of Research &                                                                 

                                               |  Development, Wyeth Research (UK)                                                           

Miss Pamela Mary Cooper                        |District Nursing Officer, East Berkshire                                                     

                                               |  Area Health Authority                                                                      

John Danzeisen                                 |Finance Director, ICI Paints Division                                                        

D. W. Gration                                  |Chief Operating Officer, Celltech Limited                                                    

                                               |  (Biopharmaceuticals)                                                                       

Professor Thomas Kempner                       |Principal, Henley The Management                                                             

                                               |  College                                                                                    

Brian R. Law                                   |Former Managing Director, Mars Ltd.                                                          

Mrs. E. M. McClure                             |Personnel Manager, AEG (UK) Ltd.                                                             

Ms. Janet Nuttall                              |Strategic Human Resource Consultant,                                                         

                                               |  Deloitte Haskins & Sells                                                                   

Godfrey Harland Odds                           |Former Deputy Leader, Berkshire County Council                                               

G. Pye                                         |Personnel Director, Trust House Forte                                                        

                                               |  Hotels (UK)                                                                                

Leslie Peter Robinson                          |Director & Chief Executive of South Bucks                                                    

                                               |  & East Berks Chamber of Commerce                                                           

                                               |  & Industry                                                                                 

John Michael Spurr                             |Chief Manager, Corporate Banking                                                             

                                               |  Group, National Westminster Bank plc                                                       

John W. Thompson                               |Deputy Managing Director, Smiths                                                             

                                               |  Industries plc                                                                             

Trent Polytechnic                                                                                                                      

Independent Members                          |Affiliation                                                                              


E. Cliffe                                    |Board member of Boots Company Group                                                      

                                             |  & Managing Director of Industrial Division                                             

Dr. Christine Hopton                         |General Manager, Community Services,                                                     

                                             |  Nottingham Health Authority                                                            

Stephen John Hyde                            |Chairman & Managing Director, Hicking                                                    

                                             |  Pentecoste plc; Chairman & Managing                                                    

                                             |  Director, Globebirch-Business Consultancy                                              

His Hon. Judge T. O. Kellock QC              |Circuit Judge                                                                            

I. McLean                                    |Chairman, Plessey Communications                                                         

                                             |  Systems Ltd & Chairman, Plessey                                                        

                                             |  Finance Ltd                                                                            

Stephen John Plummer                         |Deputy Chairman, Lee Colourplan Ltd                                                      

                                             |  (Textiles)                                                                             

T. Richmond                                  |National Managing Partner, Pannell Kerr                                                  

                                             |  Forster Chartered Accountants                                                          

Gordon Ralph Waine                           |Regional Executive Director National                                                     

                                             |  Westminster Bank plc                                                                   

D. White                                     |Deputy Chairman, National Freight                                                        

                                             |  Consortium Ltd; Chairman,                                                              

                                             |  Nottingham Health Authority                                                            

West Surrey College of Art and Design                                                                                                                          

Independent Members                                  |Affiliation                                                                                              


L. Anthony Bracking                                  |Consultant in Public Affairs                                                                             

George Burnett                                       |Managing Director, Ashtead Group plc                                                                     

David Gillespie                                      |Sculptor and Business Consultant;                                                                        

                                                     |  Founder of David Gillespie Associates                                                                  

Professor David Hamilton                             |Professor of Ceramics and Glass, Royal                                                                   

                                                     |  College of Art                                                                                         

Richard Hoare                                        |Partner, Barlow Lyde & Gilbert, Solicitors                                                               

Ian T. Jenkin, OBE                                   |Director, The Open College of the Arts                                                                   

Audrey Levy                                          |Self employed Designer and Design                                                                        

                                                     |  Consultant; Teacher                                                                                    

John Miller                                          |Head of Features and Education with Television South                                                     

Creighton Redman                                     |Chief Manager, National Westminster                                                                      

                                                     |  Bank, Lothbury Officer                                                                                 

Doreen Simmons                                       |Chairman, Farnham Voluntary Services                                                                     

                                                     |  and Community Association; Former                                                                      

                                                     |  Teacher                                                                                                

Winchester School of Art                                                                                                   

Independent Members                      |Affiliation                                                                      


Edward Chamberlain                       |Design Centre Manager, IBM Hursley                                               

                                         |  Park                                                                           

Francis Graham-Dixon                     |Director, Francis Graham-Dixon Gallery                                           

Francoise Jollant                        |Design Director, Louis Vuitton, Paris                                            

John Miles                               |General Manager, Next Interiors                                                  

Peter B. Moody                           |Joint Managing Director, Generics                                                

                                         |  Holdings Ltd. (Scientific and business                                         

                                         |  consultancy)                                                                   

Dr. Marcia Pointon                       |Reader in History of Art, University of                                          

                                         |  Sussex                                                                         

William Pye                              |Sculptor                                                                         

Kingsley Williams                        |Solicitor; Chairman of Council and Pro                                           

                                         |  Chancellor, Southampton University.                                            

Wolverhampton Polytechnic                                                                                            

Independent Members                    |Affiliation                                                                  


John Gatenby                           |Deputy Regional Director, National                                           

                                       |  Westminster Bank plc                                                       

Dr. Michael Harrison                   |District General Manager, Sandwell                                           

                                       |  Health Authority                                                           

Miss Susan Massey                      |Solicitor                                                                    

Glynne Morris                          |Managing Director, Marston Palmer Ltd.                                       

                                       |  (Engineering)                                                              

Ms. Sonia Peters                       |Health Visitor and Field Work Teacher,                                       

                                       |  Wolverhampton Health Authority                                             

John Rice                              |Chief Executive, Wolverhampton Chamber                                       

                                       |  of Commerce and Industry                                                   

John Sayers                            |Managing Director, InterTAN (UK) Ltd.                                        

                                       |  (Tandy Ltd.) Walsall                                                       

Anthony Smith                          |Group Financial Director, Wagon                                              

                                       |  Industrial Holdings plc                                                    

Neville A. Soper                       |Former Executive Director, Tarmac                                            

                                       |  Construction Ltd.                                                          

Michael J. Tandy                       |Partner, Arther Young, Chartered                                             

                                       |  Accountants, Telford                                                       

John H. Young                          |Technology Research Manager, Synthetic                                       

                                       |  Chemicals Ltd.                                                             

Note: West Midlands College of Higher Education merged with Wolverhampton Polytechnic on 1 April 1989.               

Worcester College of Higher Education                                                                                            

Independent Members                        |Affiliation                                                                          


Christopher J. Blackman                    |Managing Director, Deansway Catering                                                 

                                           |  Company Ltd.                                                                       

Mrs. Margaret H. Buchan                    |Administration Manager, National                                                     

                                           |  Westminster Bank plc (Malvern)                                                     

Eric W. Dickinson                          |Joint Registrar of the County Courts                                                 

Raymond T. George                          |Former Managing Director, Royal                                                      

                                           |  Worcester Spode (Worcester Porcelain)                                              

Mrs Pamela C. Hawkeswood                   |Company Accountant, Cosworth                                                         

                                           |  Engineering                                                                        

Lowry D. Maclean                           |Chairman & Chief Executive, Tomkinsons plc                                           

Dr. Brian McCloskey                        |Acting District Medical Officer, Worceste                                            

                                           |  & District Health Authority                                                        

Albert Morris                              |Company Director, Old Worcestershire                                                 

                                           |  Furniture Company Ltd.                                                             

Richard H. C. Pugh                         |Director, Great Universal Stores, Kay &                                              

                                           |  Company Ltd.                                                                       

Major Peter L. Tapply                      |Chairman, Tapply Management                                                          

                                           |  Consultants                                                                        

Wilfred R. Tomlinson                       |Director, Worcester Group plc                                                        

Gordon Trueman                             |Director, Hereford & Worcester Chamber                                               

                                           |  of Commerce & Industry                                                             

Ms. Mary Vaughan                           |Manager, Sapphire Training Worcester                                                 


Growth Rates

Mr. Sillars : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will publish figures showing for each of the past 15 years United Kingdom growth rates, the growth rate of each of the United Kingdom's partners in the European Commission, and world growth rates, respectively.

Mr. Lilley : Figures for United Kingdom GDP can be found in the United Kingdom National Accounts Blue Book and in the Financial Statement and Budget Report. For EC countries growth rates for the years 1974 to 1987 can be found in the latest OECD Economic Outlook. Provisional figures for 1988 are given in OECD Main Economic Indicators, published monthly. Figures for world growth are given in the International Financial Statistics Yearbook and in the latest World Economic Outlook, both published by the IMF. All these publications can be obtained from the Library of the House.

EC Goods (Fast Lane Clearance)

Mr. Barry Field : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what progress he has made on the introduction of a fast lane clearance system for European Economic Community goods.

Mr. Lilley : Customs and Excise is developing two fast lane schemes as interim measures to speed up the clearance of freight in the period leading to completion of the single market. They depend on the use of computer systems to facilitate rapid clearance and to simplify requirements for most kinds of goods imported from the Community. The first scheme is planned to start nationally on 1 August 1989, from which date the Customs computer will be able to grant immediate clearance to the majority of Community goods upon arrival. The necessary paper documentation will be processed after clearance of the goods. The fast lane facility will not, however, remove the need for essential preventive checks in the case of drugs and other prohibited or restricted goods.

The second scheme will also allow immediate clearance for the same kinds of goods but the detailed information will be provided by importers later in the form of schedules transmitted to Customs electronically. This system will

Column 629

make use of recent developments in technology and will be used this winter on a trial basis before becoming generally available next year.

In consultation with the trading community Customs and Excise is also reviewing export procedures to see whether there is further scope for simplification in order to speed exports to other member states in the Community.

Premium Bonds

Mr. Jack : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what rate of premium savings bond sales in January were in denominations of less than £100.

Mr. Lilley : The number of premium bonds sold in January 1989 in denominations of less than £100 was 172,000. These bonds accounted for only about 12 per cent. of the total value.

Government Actuary

Mr. Hind : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he has any plans to change the 1989-90 cash limit and running costs limit for the Government Actuary's Department.

Mr. Lilley : Subject to parliamentary approval of the necessary Supplementary Estimate the cash limit for class XIX, vote 4 will be increased by £25,000 from £548,000 to £573,000, and the running costs limit by £178,000 from £2,510,000 to £2,688,000, to provide for recently implemented pay increases for actuarial staff, and the completion of the conversion of a major pension programme to in-house microcomputers. The increase in the cash limit will be charged to the Reserve and will not therefore add to the planned total of public expenditure.

Close Investment-Holding Companies

Mr. David Davis : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what representations he has received about the provisions in the Finance Bill concerning close investment-holding companies.

Mr. Norman Lamont : We have received a number of representations. The purpose of the provisions concerning close investment-holding companies is to enable the highly complex and lengthy legislation about close company apportionment to be abolished while preventing the avoidance of tax on investment income and capital gains by an individual placing personal investments in a closely controlled investment company. There is general agreement on these objectives. The approach of the provisions in the Finance Bill is to tax CICs like individuals, so far as possible. However, although there have been some misunderstandings of the effect of the provisions, we are persuaded that this approach has its own difficulties and could place some close companies at a competitive disadvantage in comparison with non-close competitors. This was not the intention. We therefore propose to bring forward amendments.

We have no doubt that the right approach remains to abolish apportionment and replace it by an appropriate tax charge on the company. We now propose that CICs will continue to be taxed like other companies, with the normal reliefs for interest and expenses. But, whatever the

Column 630

level of their profits, they will no longer receive the benefit of the small companies rate and so will be taxed at 35 per cent. This approach will result in rules that are simpler than both the old apportionment provisions and the provisions in the Bill. And it will protect the Exchequer since under existing law there is a further tax charge if an investor withdraws accumulated profits from a company or sells his or her shares.

We also propose to amend the definition of a CIC. No trading company (including a dealing company) will be a CIC. The existing apportionment provisions recognise that property investment companies may need to retain income for the purposes of the business and in practice these companies are little affected by apportionment--so these too will not be CICs. These changes will give a more simpler regime for taxing CICs, while guarding against tax avoidance. An Inland Revenue press release is being issued today giving further details of the proposals. The necessary amendments for the Committee stage of the Finance Bill will be put down as soon as possible.

Central Statistical Office

Mr. Patrick Thompson : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what the financial provision will be in 1989-90 for the enlarged Central Statistical Office.

Mr. Lawson : A new Estimate (class XIX, vote 18) will be presented to Parliament, in the summer Supplementary Estimate round, to provide for expenditure by the new department from 31 July 1989. The provision sought will be offset by corresponding reductions shown in Revised Estimates for the Cabinet Office (class XX, vote 2), of £2, 764,000, the Department of Trade and Industry (class V, vote 3), of £8,533,000, and the Department of Employment (class VII, vote 2), of £2,430,000 (which is part of the overall reduction on that vote), which will be presented to Parliament on the same day. It will not therefore add to the planned total of public expenditure. The cash limit for the new Central Statistical Office vote is £13,727,000 and the running costs limit is £10,804,000.

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