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Column 197

Wise, Mrs Audrey

Wray, Jimmy

Young, David (Bolton SE)

Tellers for the Noes :

Mr. Ken Eastham and

Mr. Allen McKay.

Question accordingly agreed to.

Amendments made : No. 80, in page 8, line 37, leave out paragraphs (a) to (c).

No. 81, in page 9, line 5, leave out and'.

No. 82, in page 9, line 6, at end insert--

; and

(g) give such other information as may be prescribed.'.

No. 83, in page 9, line 15, leave out provision, if any' and insert range of provisions'.

No. 84, in page 9, line 15, leave out makes' and insert has'. No. 85, in page 9, line 41, leave out from second the' to end of line 48 and insert--

persons who are members of the school board shall be constituted as an interim board of management on the school's becoming self-governing but that the interim board shall be succeeded, within three months after the incorporation date, by a board of management the parent members and staff members of which will be elected and on which the parent members will constitute an overall majority.'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 18

Rejection or approval of proposals

Amendments made : No. 86, in page 10, line 32, at end insert-- (initially an interim board of management)'.

No. 87, in page 10, line 41, leave out initial'.

No. 88, in page 10, line 42, after first of', insert interim'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Schedule 4

Initial Constitution of Board of Management

Amendments made : No. 121, in page 56, line 26, leave out Initial Constitution Of' and insert Interim'.

No. 122, in page 56, line 27, leave out The' and insert An interim'.

No. 123, in page 56, line 30, leave out Subject to section 3(1) of this Act'.

No. 124, in page 56, line 32, after the', insert interim'. No. 125, in page 56, line 34, after the', insert interim'. No. 126, in page 56, line 35, leave out sub-paragraph (3) and insert--

(c) co-opted members shall become members of the interim board of management being deemed appointed members thereof.'.

No. 127, page 56, line 38, leave out sub-paragraph (2)(a) or (b) of'.

No. 128, in page 56, line 39, leave out for such period as' and insert--

until the interim board of management is succeeded by the first board of management to which members are elected, regardless of whether any period which,'.

No. 129, in page 56, line 41, at end insert--

expires before the date of the relevant election'.

No. 130, in page 56, line 42, leave out paragraphs 3 and 4 and insert--

3. An interim board of management shall cease to exist on the fulfilment of their duty under section 3(4) of this Act and shall thereupon be succeeded as board of management by the parent members and staff members to whose election that

Column 198

duty related, together with the person who is for the time being the head teacher of the school.'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Schedule 5

Transition of Eligible Schools to Self-Governing Status

Amendments made : No. 131, in page 57, line 41, leave out second and'.

No. 132, in page 57, line 44, at end insert--


(e) that without prejudice to the generality of section 10(1)(a) of the 1988 Act (information and reports) and even in so far as that section might not otherwise compel compliance, the education authority shall provide the school board with such information as the board may reasonably request under that section in respect of-- (

(i) the administration of the school ;

(ii) the fabric of the school ;

(iii) the staff employed at the school ;

(iv) the pupils in attendance at the school ; and

(v) other children and young persons who would be expected to be pupils in attendance at the school within two years after the incorporation date and of whose existence the authority are aware.'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 20

Effect of pending procedure for acquisition of self-governing status on proposals for alteration etc. of schools

Amendment proposed : No. 89, in page 11, line 29, after proposal', insert shall be'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Question put, That the amendment be made :--

The House divided : Ayes 259, Noes 193.

Division No. 250] [6.46 pm


Adley, Robert

Aitken, Jonathan

Alexander, Richard

Alison, Rt Hon Michael

Allason, Rupert

Amess, David

Amos, Alan

Arbuthnot, James

Arnold, Jacques (Gravesham)

Ashby, David

Aspinwall, Jack

Atkinson, David

Baker, Nicholas (Dorset N)

Batiste, Spencer

Beaumont-Dark, Anthony

Bellingham, Henry

Bendall, Vivian

Bennett, Nicholas (Pembroke)

Benyon, W.

Bevan, David Gilroy

Biffen, Rt Hon John

Blackburn, Dr John G.

Body, Sir Richard

Bonsor, Sir Nicholas

Boscawen, Hon Robert

Boswell, Tim

Bottomley, Peter

Bottomley, Mrs Virginia

Bowden, A (Brighton K'pto'n)

Bowden, Gerald (Dulwich)

Bowis, John

Boyson, Rt Hon Dr Sir Rhodes

Braine, Rt Hon Sir Bernard

Brandon-Bravo, Martin

Brazier, Julian

Bright, Graham

Brown, Michael (Brigg & Cl't's)

Browne, John (Winchester)

Buchanan-Smith, Rt Hon Alick

Buck, Sir Antony

Budgen, Nicholas

Burns, Simon

Burt, Alistair

Butler, Chris

Butterfill, John

Carlisle, John, (Luton N)

Carlisle, Kenneth (Lincoln)

Carrington, Matthew

Carttiss, Michael

Cash, William

Chalker, Rt Hon Mrs Lynda

Channon, Rt Hon Paul

Chapman, Sydney

Chope, Christopher

Churchill, Mr

Clark, Dr Michael (Rochford)

Clark, Sir W. (Croydon S)

Colvin, Michael

Conway, Derek

Coombs, Anthony (Wyre F'rest)

Coombs, Simon (Swindon)

Cope, Rt Hon John

Cormack, Patrick

Couchman, James

Cran, James

Critchley, Julian

Currie, Mrs Edwina

Curry, David

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