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Column 208

Morley, Elliott

Morris, Rt Hon A. (W'shawe)

Mowlam, Marjorie

Mullin, Chris

Murphy, Paul

Oakes, Rt Hon Gordon

O'Brien, William

O'Neill, Martin

Orme, Rt Hon Stanley

Parry, Robert

Patchett, Terry

Pendry, Tom

Pike, Peter L.

Powell, Ray (Ogmore)

Prescott, John

Quin, Ms Joyce

Radice, Giles

Randall, Stuart

Redmond, Martin

Rees, Rt Hon Merlyn

Reid, Dr John

Richardson, Jo

Roberts, Allan (Bootle)

Robertson, George

Robinson, Geoffrey

Ross, Ernie (Dundee W)

Rowlands, Ted

Ruddock, Joan

Salmond, Alex

Sedgemore, Brian

Sheerman, Barry

Sheldon, Rt Hon Robert

Shore, Rt Hon Peter

Short, Clare

Sillars, Jim

Skinner, Dennis

Smith, C. (Isl'ton & F'bury)

Smith, Rt Hon J. (Monk'ds E)

Smith, J. P. (Vale of Glam)

Snape, Peter

Spearing, Nigel

Steinberg, Gerry

Stott, Roger

Strang, Gavin

Straw, Jack

Taylor, Mrs Ann (Dewsbury)

Taylor, Matthew (Truro)

Thompson, Jack (Wansbeck)

Turner, Dennis

Vaz, Keith

Wall, Pat

Wallace, James

Walley, Joan

Wardell, Gareth (Gower)

Wareing, Robert N.

Watson, Mike (Glasgow, C)

Welsh, Andrew (Angus E)

Welsh, Michael (Doncaster N)

Wigley, Dafydd

Williams, Rt Hon Alan

Williams, Alan W. (Carm'then)

Wilson, Brian

Winnick, David

Wise, Mrs Audrey

Wray, Jimmy

Young, David (Bolton SE)

Tellers for the Noes :

Mr. Allen McKay and

Mr. Ken Eastham.

Question accordingly agreed to.

Amendment made : No. 94, in page 19, line 6, leave out him' and insert the Secretary of State'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 31

Withdrawal of grant by Secretary of State

Amendment made : No. 32, in page 20, line 20, after authority,' insert--

(iia) the parents of the pupils in attendance at the school ; '.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 32

Transfer of land, moveable property and obligations to board of management

Amendment made : No. 95, in page 22, line 34, at end insert-- (ba) any obligation or liability under a contract of employment relating to a person previously employed by the education authority to whom section 21 of this Act does not apply ; or'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Schedule 8

Transfer and Apportionment of Assets

Amendments made : No. 135, in page 60, line 34, at end insert and'.

No. 136, in page 62, line 26, at end insert and'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Schedule 9

Commissioners for School Assets

Amendments made : No. 137, in page 64, line 15, after functions', insert of a commissioner'.

Column 209

No. 138, in page 64, line 19, leave out paragraph' and insert paragraphs 5 and'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 35

Transfer of property where no certificate issued

Amendment made : No. 96, in page 24, line 8, leave out become a party to' and insert raise or defend'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 37

Reduction of disposals of property by education authority

Amendment made : No. 97, in page 25, line 5, leave out may' and insert shall'-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 41

Commissioner for school assets' right of action for contravention of section 38

Amendment made : No. 98, in page 27, line 15, after may', insert seek to'.- - [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 45

Winding-up orders

Amendments made : No. 99, in page 28, line 41, after may', insert

after consultation with the education authority and subject to subsection (2A) below,'.

No. 100, in page 28, line 42, at end insert--

(2A) Where subsection (2)(a) of the said section 31 applies to a notice given under that section the Secretary of State shall not make an order under this section within 5 years of the date on which he gives the said notice.'.

No. 101, in page 28, line 43, after (2)' insert

Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) above,'. No. 102, in page 29, line 8, leave out or held'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 46

Disposal of property on winding up

Amendments made : No. 103, in page 29, line 38, leave out or held'.

No. 104, in page 30, line 2, leave out or held'.

No. 105, in page 30, line 4, leave out which formerly maintained the school'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 47

Transfer of school for establishment of new school

Amendment made : No. 106, in page 31, line 12, leave out which was formerly responsible for the discontinued school'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 48

Disposal of surplus money on winding-up

Amendment made : No. 107, in page 32, leave out lines 3 to 6 and insert

shall be paid or, as the case may be, transferred to the Secretary of State, after--

Column 210

(i) discharge of their liabilities (other than any not required to be discharged before the dissolution date is appointed) ; and (ii) payment of all expenses of the winding up.'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 49

Establishment of college councils

Amendments made : No. 7, in page 33, line 10, leave out industrial.'

No. 8, in page 33, line 21, after first by', insert employers, or by'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 60

Power of education authorities to form companies to manage colleges of further education

Amendments made : No. 9, in page 40, line 9, leave out An education authority' and insert A college council'.

No. 10, in page 40, line 9, after of,' insert--

(a) the education authority ; and

(b) '.

No. 11, in page 40, line 11, leave out transferring' and insert enabling the education authority to transfer.'

No. 12, in page 40, line 33, after amend", insert or revoke'. No. 13, in page 40, line 38, at end insert--

(5) Nothing in this section shall be construed as authorising the carrying on through a college of further education managed by a company formed by virtue of subsection (1) above of any commercial activities which are detrimental to the provision of further education at that college.'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

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