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Column 179

Shaw, David (Dover)

Shaw, Sir Michael (Scarb')

Shephard, Mrs G. (Norfolk SW)

Sims, Roger

Skeet, Sir Trevor

Smith, Tim (Beaconsfield)

Soames, Hon Nicholas

Speed, Keith

Speller, Tony

Spicer, Sir Jim (Dorset W)

Spicer, Michael (S Worcs)

Squire, Robin

Stanley, Rt Hon Sir John

Steen, Anthony

Stern, Michael

Stevens, Lewis

Stewart, Allan (Eastwood)

Stewart, Andy (Sherwood)

Stokes, Sir John

Stradling Thomas, Sir John

Summerson, Hugo

Tapsell, Sir Peter

Taylor, Ian (Esher)

Taylor, John M (Solihull)

Tebbit, Rt Hon Norman

Temple-Morris, Peter

Thompson, Patrick (Norwich N)

Thorne, Neil

Thornton, Malcolm

Thurnham, Peter

Townend, John (Bridlington)

Tracey, Richard

Tredinnick, David

Trippier, David

Trotter, Neville

Twinn, Dr Ian

Vaughan, Sir Gerard

Waddington, Rt Hon David

Wakeham, Rt Hon John

Walker, Bill (T'side North)

Waller, Gary

Walters, Sir Dennis

Ward, John

Wardle, Charles (Bexhill)

Watts, John

Wells, Bowen

Whitney, Ray

Widdecombe, Ann

Wiggin, Jerry

Wilshire, David

Winterton, Nicholas

Wolfson, Mark

Wood, Timothy

Yeo, Tim

Young, Sir George (Acton)

Tellers for the Noes :

Mr. Stephen Dorrell and

Mr. Sydney Chapman.

Question accordingly negatived.

Mr. Deputy Speaker-- then proceeded to put forthwith the Question on amendments, moved by a Member of the Government, up to the end of schedule 3.

Clause 3

The board of management and the articles of constitution

Amendments made : No. 61, in page 2, line 24, leave out of the same number as had the school board on the relevant date". No. 62, in page 2, line 28, leave out

of the same number as had the school board on that date'. No. 63, in page 2, line 32, leave out

of such number, greater than had the school board of co-opted members on that date, as shall be specified in the articles of constitution.'.

No. 64, in page 2, line 34, leave out

subject to subsection (2) below.'

No. 65, in page 2, line 39, leave out from beginning to end of line 47.

No. 66, in page 3, line 3, leave out subsection (5)' and insert subsections (5) and (6)'.

No. 67, page 3, line 11, leave out subsection (6) and insert-- (6) The duty, under subsection (4) above, of an interim board of management shall be construed as a duty to ensure that the election of the parent and staff members who are to succeed them on the board of management takes place as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any event within three months after the incorporation date.'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Schedule 1

The Scheme of Government

Amendment made : No. 111, in page 50, line 11, leave out and such specification shall accord with section 3(1) of this Act'

and insert

so however that the first such specification in respect of the board shall require that--

Column 180

(a) the parent members first elected shall be of greater number than had the school board on the relevant date ;

(b) the staff members first elected shall be of the same number as had the school board on that date ; and

(c) the appointed members ("appointed" not including persons deemed appointed by virtue of paragraph 1(2) of Schedule 4 to this Act) shall be of greater number than had the school board on that date. 2A. In paragraph 2 above the reference to the relevant date is to the date immediately preceding the incorporation date ; and for the purposes of that paragraph numbers shall be determined as if any vacancy in the membership of the school board were filled.' No. 112, in page 50, line 16, leave out

, or to be an appointed member'.

No. 113, in page 50, line 18, leave out from person' to ; and' in line 22 and insert

who is eligible for election to the board of management shall not be eligible for appointment to the board'.

No. 114, in page 50, line 26, leave out from beginning to end of line 30.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 4

Members' tenure of office

Amendments made : No. 68, in page 3, line 16, leave out subsection' and insert subsections (2) and'.

No. 69, in page 3, line 16, leave out from a' to shall' in line 18 and insert

member of a board of management'.

No. 70, in page 3, line 20, leave out subsection (2) and insert-- (2) Where the parent members first elected to a board of management constitute--

(a) an even number, half ;

(b) an odd number, the next whole number less than half, shall hold office for a term of two years only, the individuals whose term of office is affected by this subsection being determined (in the absence of the agreement of all such members as to who those individuals shall be) by the drawing of lots.'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 7

Powers and duties of board of management

Amendments made : No. 71, in page 4, line 13, after (b), insert subject to subsection (2) below and to section (disposal of land by board of management) of this Act,'.

No. 72, in page 4, line 47 at end insert--

--(5A) The board of management of a self-governing school shall, in the exercise of their functions, have regard to a need to make improvements in the provision which the school makes for pupils with special educational needs.'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

Clause 13

Initiation of procedure for acquisition of self-governing status

Amendments made : No. 25, in page 6, line 41, after are', insert--

(a) in a case other than that provided for in paragraph (b) below, '.

No. 26 in page 6, line 42, leave out a number of' and insert at least thirty'.

No. 27, in page 6, line 43, after school', insert

and that the number of such parents so signing must be'. No. 28, in page 6, line 43, leave out parents' and insert persons'.

Column 181

No. 29, in page 6, line 46, after maintained', insert

, in respect of the school,'.

No. 30, in page 6, line 47, at end insert

; and

(b) in a case where the names of fewer than sixty persons so appeared, that the request must be signed by such number of parents of pupils in attendance at the school as would constitute a simple majority of those parents were their total number equal to the number of persons whose names so appeared.'.

No. 31, in page 7, line 2, leave out

parent had a child who was'

and insert

person is the parent of'.-- [Mr. Michael Forsyth.]

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