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Mr. Amess : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what were the reasons for the two non-National Health Service abortions in 1987 over 25 weeks gestation.

Mr. Freeman : The informatin requested cannot be released for reasons of maintaining confidentiality.

Voluntary Organisations

Mr. Stevens : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list the grants awarded in 1988-89 to voluntary organisations under his Department's general scheme of section 64 grants.

Mr. Freeman : Our section 64 general scheme provides both core grants, to assist national voluntary organisations with their administrative costs, and project grants, which are experimental or innovative. In 1988-89, 237 organisations were awarded grants. These are listed in the table.

Grants to voluntary organisations under S64 of the health services        
and Public Health Act 1968-general scheme (subhead D2(1)A)                
1988-89 outturn                                                           
Access Committee (England)                          |91,000               
Action on Smoking and Health                        |230,000              
Adfam                                               |21,200               
Advance                                             |33,000               
Age Concern                                         |252,000              
Age Exchange Theatre Company                        |5,000                
AIDS Ahead                                          |17,800               
Alcohol Concern                                     |580,000              
Alzheimer's Disease Society                         |130,000              
Amnesia Association                                 |5,000                
Anorexic Family Aid                                 |51,500               
Assoication for Research into Restricted Growth     |13,000               
Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus      |26,250               
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers                |5,000                
Association of Professions for the Mentally                               
  Handicapped                                       |7,000                
Association of Residential Communities for the                            
  Retarded                                          |8,000                
Association to Combat Huntington's Chorea           |10,000               
Asthma Society                                      |10,000               
Babylife Support Systems                            |8,000                
Bacup                                               |15,000               
Breakthrough Trust                                  |35,000               
Breastcare and Mastectomy Association of Great                            
  Britain                                           |15,000               
Brendoncare Foundation                              |550                  
Bridge                                              |60,000               
British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering         |285,000              
British Association for Services to the Elderly     |12,000               
British Association of Immediate Care               |10,000               
British Association of the Hard of Hearing          |39,564               
British Council of Organisations of Disabled People |13,000               
British Fluoridation Society                        |30,000               
British Institute of Industrial Therapy             |25,000               
British Institute of Mental Handicap                |35,000               
British Kidney Patient Association                  |35,000               
British Organ Donor Society                         |5,000                
British Red Cross Society                           |10,000               
Brittle Bones Society                               |6,000                
Brook Advisory Centres                              |53,500               
Campaign for the Mentally Handicapped               |24.205               
Cancer Link                                         |10,000               
Carers National Association                         |77,000               
Catholic Child Welfare Council                      |1,500                
Catholic Marriage Advisory Council                  |40,000               
Centre for Policy on Ageing                         |9,200                
Centre on Environment for the Handicapped           |38,500               
Chest Heart and Stroke Association                  |23,000               
Child Accident Prevention Trust                     |93,500               
Child Care                                          |115,500              
Child Line                                          |83,200               
Child Poverty Action Group                          |17,000               
Children's Legal Centre                             |38,000               
Children's Society                                  |25,750               
Chinese Health Information Centre                   |30,000               
Christian Concern for the Mentally Handicapped      |11,000               
Coeliac Society                                     |14,500               
Community Service Volunteers                        |50,452               
Compassionate Friends                               |15,000               
Contact                                             |30,000               
Contact a Family                                    |64,969               
Cope                                                |72,000               
Coronary Prevention Group                           |80,000               
Council for the Advancement of Communication                              
  with Deaf People                                  |78,000               
Crossroads Care Attendant Scheme Ltd                |80,000               
Cruse                                               |134,931              
Cry-Sis                                             |4,000                
Demand                                              |10,500               
Dial UK                                             |40,000               
Disability Alliance                                 |20,000               
Disabled Living Foundation                          |313,000              
Disabled Living Services Manchester                 |7,000                
Disablement Income Group                            |37,000               
Dr. Barnardo's                                      |240,000              
Ethnic Study Group                                  |33,827               
Exploring Parenthood                                |9,000                
Extend                                              |25,000               
Family Holiday Association                          |7,000                
Family Planning Association                         |146,620              
Family Policy Studies Centre                        |125,000              
Family Rights Group                                 |36,000               
Family Service Units                                |160,000              
Family Welfare Association                          |96,450               
First Key                                           |91,000               
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths           |10,000               
Foundation for Women's Health Research and                                
  Development (Forward)                             |20,000               
Friends for the Young Deaf                          |10,000               
Gingerbread                                         |78,000               
Good Practice in Mental Health                      |94,973               
Haemophilia Society                                 |35,000               
Headway Association                                 |40,000               
Herpes Association                                  |5,000                
Holiday Care Service                                |10,000               
Home Start Consultancy                              |45,000               
Homes for Homeless People                           |48,000               
Horticultural Therapy                               |52,000               
Housing Campaign for Single Homeless                |34,800               
Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence          |317,207              
International Social Service                        |47,500               
In Touch                                            |2,500                
Iris Fund                                           |2,500                
Joint Committee on Mobility for the Disabled        |900                  
La Leche League of Great Britain                    |7,000                
Landmark South London HIV Centre                    |69,500               
L'Arche Ltd.                                        |12,000               
London Black Womens Health Action Project           |3,000                
London Lighthouse                                   |207,986              
MacFarlane Trust                                    |100,000              
Manic Depression Fellowship                         |2,500                
Marie Curie Memorial Foundation                     |10,000               
Maternity Alliance                                  |37,000               
McIntyre Schools (Shipton)                          |2,000                
Medical Commission on Accident Prevention           |7,000                
Mencap                                              |220,000              
Menieres Disease Society                            |5,000                
Mental After Care Association                       |50,000               
Mental Health Film Council                          |55,000               
Mental Health Foundation                            |27,000               
Mildmay Mission Hospital                            |256,000              
Miscarriage Association                             |4,000                
Mobility Information Service                        |5,000                
Motor Neurone Disease Association                   |10,000               
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Association               |5,000                
Nafsiyat                                            |5,000                
National Aids Trust                                 |113,919              
National Association for Maternal and Child                               
  Welfare                                           |10,000               
National Association for Mental Health (Mind)       |415,000              
National Association for Patient Participation      |4,730                
National Association for the Care and Resettlement                        
  of Offenders                                      |300,000              
National Association for the Childless              |33,000               
National Association for the Limbless Disabled      |15,000               
National Association for the Welfare of Children in                       
  Hospital                                          |90,000               
National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends |24,000               
National Association for Voluntary Hostels          |5,250                
National Association of Young People in Care        |32,000               
National Back Pain Association                      |21,000               
National Childbirth Trust                           |77,682               
National Childminding Association                   |105,000              
National Children's Bureau                          |322,506              
National Childrens Home (Leeds)                     |17,500               
National Citizens Advocacy                          |11,250               
National Community Health Resource                  |89,421               
National Council for One Parent Families            |150,000              
National Council for Voluntary Organisations        |112,500              
National Eczema Society                             |5,000                
National Federation of Kidney Patients              |10,000               
National Foster Care Association                    |100,000              
National Information Forum                          |1,000                
National Institute for Social Work                  |172,000              
National Organisation for Counselling Adoptees and                        
  Parents (NORCAP)                                  |8,000                
National Osteoporosis Society                       |20,000               
National Out of School Alliance                     |77,000               
National Playbus Association                        |51,500               
National Schizophrenia Fellowship                   |91,000               
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to                         
  Children                                          |125,000              
National Stepfamily Association                     |10,000               
National Toy Libraries                              |45,000               
National Youth Bureau                               |74,000               
New Horizons Trust                                  |10,000               
Newcastle upon Tyne Council for the Disabled        |4,500                
Northern Schizophrenia Fellowship                   |27,500               
North Lambeth Day Centre Ltd                        |16,000               
North Regional Association for the Blind            |53,169               
North West Fellowship                               |20,000               
Ockenden Venture                                    |104,000              
One to One                                          |1,500                
Organisation for Sickle Cell Anaemia Research       |11,250               
Outset                                              |25,000               
Overseas Doctors Association                        |15,000               
Pain Relief Foundation                              |8,000                
Parent to Parent Information on Adoption Services   |6,500                
Parentline Opus                                     |38,000               
Parents Against Injustice (PAIN)                    |18,000               
Parents for Children                                |48,500               
Parkinsons Disease Society                          |15,000               
Partially Sighted Society                           |10,000               
Patients Association                                |12,500               
Phobic Action                                       |8,000                
Phobics Society                                     |5,000                
Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied              |30,000               
Pre-School Playgroups Association                   |410,000              
Prince of Wales Advisory Group on Disability        |15,000               
Queen Elizabeth Foundation for the Disabled         |32,500               
Rape Counselling and Research Project               |25,000               
Rathbone Society                                    |20,000               
Raynauds' Association Trust                         |6,000                
Research Council for Complementary Medicine         |40,000               
Research Institute of Consumers Association         |8,000                
Research Trust for Metabolic Diseases               |5,000                
Richmond Fellowship                                 |97,000               
Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation                       
  (RADAR)                                           |237,000              
Royal National Institute for the Blind              |270,000              
Royal National Institute for the Deaf               |66,380               
Samaritans                                          |155,000              
Save the Children Fund                              |423,489              
Scoliosis Association UK                            |1,000                
Sense (NADBRH)                                      |45,000               
Sequal                                              |41,000               
Sexual and Personal Relationships of the Disabled   |33,500               
Shape                                               |1,050                
Sickle Cell Society                                 |15,000               
Society of Voluntary Associates                     |15,900               
South Regional Association for the Blind            |106,702              
Spinal Injuries Association                         |25,000               
St. Christopher's Hospice Information Service       |5,711                
St. John Ambulance                                  |10,000               
St. Katherine Housing Trust                         |18,000               
Standing Committee on Sexual Abuse of Children      |12,000               
Standing Conference on Drug Abuse (SCODA)           |236,000              
Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association           |22,000               
Tacade                                              |19,248               
Tay Sachs and Allied Diseases Association           |1,000                
Terence Higgins Trust                               |400,000              
Thalassamenia Society                               |15,000               
Tibble Trust                                        |500                  
Tripscope                                           |4,000                
Tuberous Sclerosis Association                      |1,500                
Turning Point                                       |100,00               
Twins and Multiple Births Association               |3,000                
Vitiligo                                            |4,000                
Vocal                                               |15,000               
Voice for the Child in Care                         |3,500                
Voluntary Council for Handicapped Children          |40,000               
Voluntary Organisations Liaison Committee for                             
  Under Fives                                       |37,650               
Volunteer Centre                                    |12,500               
Vortex                                              |12,500               
Walsingham Community Homes                          |10,000               
Wessex Rehabilitation Association                   |24,000               
Westminster Pastoral Foundation                     |66,000               
West Yorks Youth Association                        |25,000               
Widows Advisory Trust                               |25,000               
Winged Fellowship Trust                             |15,000               
Women's Aid Federation (England)                    |121,961              
Women's Health Concern                              |17,500               
Women's National Cancer Control Campaign            |74,500               
Womens Therapy Centre                               |5,000                
Working Mothers Association                         |15,950               
Young Minds                                         |3,000                
£ for £ Scheme                                      |19,855               
Total paid                                          |13,517,507           
Table file CW890630.011 not available
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Museums (Fire Alarms)

Mr. Devlin : To ask the Minister for the Arts how many and which national museums do not have adequate fire alarms (a) at their main gallery and (b) at any storage warehouse ; what proposals he has to remedy this defect ; how many do not currently meet fire regulations ; when they were last inspected for safe electrical wiring ; and what was the result of these inspections.

Column 577

Mr. Luce : All national museums and galleries have fire alarm and precaution systems which, since the institutions untied from the Property Services Agency, are subject to inspection by the appropriate local authority fire officer. Fire alarm systems, which are often combined with security systems, are upgraded and updated as and when necessary, in consultation with the fire officer. A completely new fire and security system is being installed in the National gallery to coincide with the opening of the Sainsbury wing and the British museum is also planning to replace and upgrade its present system.

Institutions carry out regular inspections of their wiring, and replace it when necessary. Work is in progress, for example, on a major new high voltage ring main system serving all three of the South Kensington museums.

Directors very rightly treat these basic safety matters as of high priority.


Supply-side Measures

Mr. Leighton : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what have been the Government's main supply-side measures over the last 10 years ; and what have been their practical results.

Mr. Major : The Government have undertaken a very wide range of measures over the past decade which have contributed to freer and more flexible markets and have improved the competitiveness of the economy. These include the privatisation programme, deregulation, liberalisation of financial markets, tax reform, improved incentives, promotion of enterprise and reforms in housing, education, and industrial relations. The cumulative result has been a positive transformation in our economic performance and prospects, with buoyant investment, profitability, and output and employment growth.

Personal Savings

Mr. Allen : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what he is doing to improve the savings ratio.

Mr. Lilley : The rise in interest rates over the past year will encourage higher saving and lower borrowing.

Pound Coins and Notes

Mr. Canavan : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what estimate he has of the number of pounds sterling coins and notes which are in circulation (a) in Scotland and (b) in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Lilley : The total number of £1 coins in circulation in the United Kingdom is estimated at 842 million. There are no statistics available on the number of £1 coins in circulation in Scotland. At the end of February 1989 there were 102 million Bank of England £1 notes recorded as outstanding, but none of these is in active circulation anywhere in the United Kingdom. Certain Scottish and Northern Irish banks retain a privilege to issue their own bank notes ; the numbers of each denomination of their notes in circulation is a matter for them.

Column 578

Finance Bill

Dr. Godman : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer when the hon. Member for Greenock and Port Glasgow can expect an answer to his letter, dated 12 May, regarding clause 167 of the Finance Bill and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Mr. Norman Lamont : Shortly.


Mr. Gordon Brown : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he will show for 1988 the total level of fixed investment by industrial and commercial companies in (a) plant and machinery, (b) dwellings, (c) company cars, (d) other vehicles, (e) other new buildings and works, (f) purchases less sales of land and existing buildings and (g) all fixed assets.

Mr. Major : Total fixed investment by industrial and commercial companies in 1988 is estimated at £37,461 million. The analysis by type of asset is not yet available. An analysis will be published in the 1989 edition of the "United Kingdom National Accounts" in September, but will not distinguish between company cars and other vehicles.

Mr. Jack : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what are the latest projections for the growth of manufacturing investment in 1989.

Mr. Major : The latest Department of Trade and Industry investment intentions survey published in June projected manufacturing investment in constant prices to rise by 15 per cent. in 1989 on a year earlier. The latest CBI quarterly trends survey published in April confirms this buoyant outlook.

Italian Consumer Price Index

Mr. Chris Smith : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if, further to the reply by the Economic Secretary to the hon. Member for Islington, South and Finsbury on 26 June, he will indicate what local government taxation costs are included in the Italian consumer price index.

Mr. Lilley [holding answer 29 June 1989] : I refer the hon. Member to my reply to his question of 26 June, at column 297, which stated that the Italians do not include rates or their equivalent in their consumer price index.


Mr. Ron Davies : To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what action Her Majesty's Customs and Excise proposes to take in respect of the ivory earrings deposited with them by the Prime Minister after her visit to Africa.

Mr. Lilley [holding answer 29 June 1989] : Customs and Excise use articles made from parts and derivatives of endangered species for educational, publicity and display purposes. The goods deposited by the Prime Minister have been added to the pool of items from which they may draw.

Column 579


Human Rights

Mr. Vaz : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1) how many representations he has made complaining about the denial of human rights in the last five years in West Germany ;

(2) how many representations he has made complaining about the denial of human rights in the last five years in Canada.

Mr. Eggar : None.

Mr. Vaz : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how many representations he has made complaining about the denial of human rights and the use of torture in the last five years in Ethiopia.

Mr. Eggar : We have made many representations about human rights to the Ethiopian authorities over the last five years. The latest occasion was my right hon. Friend's meeting with the Ethiopian Foreign Minister on 20 June. However, the precise information requested is not readily available and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

People-to-People Relations

Mr. John Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what is the Government's policy towards people to people links between citizens in the United Kingdom and those abroad and, in particular, links with people in the Soviet Union and the countries of the eastern bloc ; and what measures are being taken to encourage people-to -people relations.

Mr. Waldegrave : We are strongly committed to increasing direct contacts between people in this country and those in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe. The success of this policy depends, however, on the approach adopted by the other countries involved. In some cases direct contacts are developing rapidly as east European Governments lift longstanding restrictions on their citizens. But in other cases little or no progress has been made because the Governments concerned still prevent their own people from travelling abroad and discourage Western visitors.

Council of Ministers

Mr. Tredinnick : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on the forthcoming business in the European Community Council of Ministers.

Mr. Eggar : The usual forecast was deposited in the House earlier today. At present five meetings of the Council of Ministers are planned for July.

The Economic and Finance Council will meet on 10 July to consider the Commission's second quarterly review of the economic situation in the Community.

The Foreign Affairs Council meets on 17 and 18 July. It will discuss issues relating to the current renegotiation of the Lome convention, and receive reports from the Commission on EC relations with the United States and the Gulf Co-operation Council. It is also likely to discuss the draft broadcasting directive. The Council may also

Column 580

discuss relations with Eastern Europe, in particular the negotiation of a trade and co-operation agreement with Poland. The Internal Market Council in 18 July will discuss a number of measures relevant to the completion of the single market. The Agriculture Council will meet on 24 and 25 July to discuss reform of the sheep regime, New Zealand butter and sheep, and adaptation of agricultural structures policy (Objective 5(A)). It may also discuss bovine somatotropine compound feedingstuffs and pesticide residues.

The Budget Council on 28 July will give a first reading to the 1990 Community Budget.

International Coffee Agreement

Mr. Mans : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what is the current state of negotiations on a new international coffee agreement.

Mrs Chalker : The international coffee agreement (1983) expires on 30 September 1989. Intensive discussions have taken place since mid-1988 but have failed to result in a consensus on the content of a new agreement. On 3 July the International Coffee Council will consider two draft resolutions for extension with economic provisions. If neither resolution obtains the required majority, the Council may adopt a resolution providing for the 1983 agreement to be extended without economic provisions. With its Community partners the United Kingdom has supported the principle of extension of the 1983 agreement as part of a transition to a new agreement.

It has been the practice to lay the text of any agreed resolution for extension of an international commodity agreement before Parliament for 21 sitting days before the United Kingdom deposits an instrument of acceptance with the United Nations. Given the parliamentary recess, there will not be 21 sitting days between 3 July and 1 October. We cannot wait until Parliament sits again in the autumn, because under the terms of article 68 of the current ICA, contracting parties who have not notified the United Nations of their acceptance by 1 October 1989 will cease to be members of the ICA. I have therefore decided to place in the Library of the House today copies of the two draft resolutions to be considered by the Council on 3 July. Once the final text of the Council resolution is known, I will ensure that it is laid before Parliament for as much of the usual 21-day period as possible.


Community Charge

Mr. David Nicholson : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if community charges are payable by a single person who is a resident member of staff in a boarding school during term time and who also rents a home elsewhere which is only occupied out of term time.

Mr. Gummer : All adults, unless they are exempt, will pay a personal community charge to the charging authority in which they have their sole or main residence. Individuals with more than one home will pay a personal community charge to the authority where they mainly live and may be liable to a separate standard charge on any other domestic property they own or lease if it is no other person's main residence.

Column 581

Environmental Assessment

Ms. Walley : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment when he expects the booklet on guidance for developers and others on environmental assessment to be published.

Mr. Howard : We hope to send this booklet to the printers shortly.

Rose Theatre

Mr. Fisher : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what information he has about the title to the site of the Rose theatre held by Imry Merchant Ltd.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley : The hon. Member may approach the developers, Imry Merchant Developers plc for the details.

Mr. Fisher : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what sums his Department has paid to the developers Imry Merchant Ltd. in compensation for any delays experienced at the site of the Rose theatre.

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley : None so far.

Column 582

Water Purity

Mrs. Ann Taylor : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, further to his reply to the hon. Member for Dewsbury of 14 June, Official Report, column 417, if he will publish his response to the reasoned opinion of 14 April.

Mr. Howard : Both the European Commission and the Government regard the detailed, formal correspondence on infraction proceedings as confidential. To publish the United Kingdom response to the Commission's reasoned opinion would be a breach of that confidentiality.

Council House Sales

Mr. Cartwright : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will set out the number of appeals to the district valuer against right-to-buy valuations made in each London borough during (a) 1988 and (b) the first quarter of 1989, indicating the numbers resulting in reductions.

Mr. Trippier : The information requested is as follows :

Column 581

Determinations under section 128 of the Housing Act 1985                                                                                                    
                        Period 1 January-31                                      Period 1 January-31                                                        
                        December 1988                                            March 1989                                                                 
                       |Requests received |Reports issued    |Valuations reduced|Requests received |Reports issued    |Valuations reduced                   
Barking and Dagenham   |70                |68                |22                |26                |16                |5                                    
Barnet                 |72                |72                |17                |16                |10                |1                                    
Bexley                 |5                 |5                 |0                 |2                 |2                 |2                                    
Brent                  |9                 |7                 |3                 |19                |9                 |8                                    
Bromley                |7                 |7                 |6                 |2                 |2                 |0                                    
Camden                 |293               |293               |275               |152               |144               |129                                  
Croydon                |51                |28                |20                |25                |5                 |0                                    
Ealing                 |35                |35                |18                |11                |6                 |3                                    
Enfield                |9                 |9                 |5                 |3                 |3                 |1                                    
Greenwich              |369               |369               |360               |213               |150               |149                                  
Hackney                |49                |49                |22                |29                |21                |14                                   
Hammersmith and Fulham |44                |40                |25                |26                |8                 |6                                    
Haringey               |58                |54                |46                |24                |22                |18                                   
Harrow                 |5                 |5                 |1                 |1                 |1                 |1                                    
Havering               |46                |45                |9                 |22                |9                 |2                                    
Hillingdon             |21                |21                |13                |0                 |0                 |0                                    
Hounslow               |75                |71                |57                |25                |3                 |2                                    
Islington              |267               |267               |111               |120               |79                |30                                   
Kensington and Chelsea |8                 |8                 |4                 |12                |8                 |3                                    
Kingston upon Thames   |5                 |5                 |3                 |2                 |2                 |0                                    
Lambeth                |39                |38                |22                |21                |19                |11                                   
Lewisham               |47                |42                |40                |26                |11                |11                                   
Merton                 |19                |19                |2                 |15                |13                |3                                    
Newham                 |26                |24                |17                |35                |3                 |2                                    
Redbridge              |15                |15                |14                |10                |10                |5                                    
Richmond upon Thames   |61                |60                |10                |8                 |8                 |5                                    
Southwark              |125               |106               |74                |40                |31                |12                                   
Sutton                 |12                |4                 |3                 |6                 |1                 |0                                    
Tower Hamlets          |195               |195               |73                |36                |8                 |1                                    
Waltham Forest         |33                |33                |29                |25                |24                |22                                   
Wandsworth             |102               |102               |36                |50                |50                |38                                   
City of Westminster    |155               |131               |50                |24                |20                |4                                    
City of London         |14                |14                |12                |1                 |1                 |1                                    

Planning Authority Membership

Mr. McLoughlin : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list the planning authorities on which members of those authorities (a) do not have a requirement to live or work in the area in which those

Column 582

authorities have planning jurisdiction and (b) do not have to live within the area of their planning jurisdiction as a result of their election.

Mr. Chope [holding answer 29 June 1989] : Except in areas covered by the Peak District and Lake District national parks, the Broads Authority and the English urban development corporations, the planning authority is

Column 583

the local authority. Section 79(1) of the Local Government Act 1972 requires that candidates for election to office as a member of a local authority should (a) be a local government elector for the area of the authority or (b) have occupied as owner or tenant land or premises in the area for the whole 12 months preceding the election or (c) have worked in the area during the preceding 12 months or (d) have lived in the area during the whole of the preceding 12 months.


NATO Naval Exercises

Ms. Short : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if there has been any change in Soviet naval responses to NATO naval exercises since President Gorbachev announced changes in Soviet military strategy towards defensive defence.

Mr. Archie Hamilton : The reduced Soviet response to NATO naval exercises, which was evident before the announced change in military doctrine towards "defensive defence", has since continued.

Soviet Naval Forces

Ms. Short : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if there have been any changes in the deployment of Soviet naval forces since President Gorbachev announced changes in Soviet military strategy towards defensive defence.

Mr. Archie Hamilton : The lower level of Soviet naval activity worldwide, evident before the announced change in Soviet military strategy towards "defensive defence", has since continued.

British and French Ships (Docking)

Mr. McFall : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if reciprocal insurance arrangements exist for British/French ships docking at British/French bases.

Mr. Neubert : No. Any claims arising from the activities of a vessel of either navy visiting the other country would be dealt with in accordance with well-established international procedures.

Soviet Submarines

Ms. Short : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what was the number of incidents of detection of Soviet submarines in the vicinity of (a) the United States navy base at Holy Loch and (b) British naval bases in 1978 ; and whether the frequency of such incidents has increased since President Gorbachev announced changes in Soviet military strategy towards defensive defence.

Mr. Archie Hamilton : I presume that the hon. Member intended to refer to 1987. The answer is (a) nil ; (b) nil. Since the announced change in Soviet military strategy towards "defensive defence" there have been no such detections.

Nuclear Submarines

Mr. John Evans : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will make a statement on the progress of research into radiation and nuclear submarine personnel.

Column 584

Mr. Archie Hamilton : There is no research specifically being undertaken into radiation and nuclear submarine personnel. The study to which I presume the hon. Member refers is part of the general study being undertaken by the Medical Research Council environmental epidemiological centre at Southampton univerity into mortality and morbidity among all submariners in the machine-manufactured submarine environment. The study, which began in 1988, is due to finish next year. It is too early to comment on any possible findings.

Rosehearty Range

Mr. Salmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many bombing and firing runs have been made on Rosehearty range in each year since 1979.

Mr. Neubert : Bombing and firing runs have been made on Rosehearty range as follows :

1979 to 1986--No records available.

1987--8,332 passes.

1988--8,547 passes.

1989 (to May)--4,363 passes.

Mr. Salmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what increases in the hours of aerial bombing and firing activity at Rosehearty bombing range are planned for the month of July ; on which dates these activities will take place ; how many and what types of aircraft will take part ; and what is the purpose of the additional activity.

Mr. Neubert : From 8 to 23 July, while Tain range is closed for maintenance work, the operating hours at Rosehearty range will be as follows :

Monday 0900-1630 and 1730-2200 (normally 0830-1200 and 1300-1630) Tuesday 0900-1700 (normally 0830-1200 and 1300-1630)

Wednesday 0900-1630 and 1730-2200 (normally 0830-1200 and 1300-1630)

Thursday 0900-1700 (normally 0830-1200 and 1300-1630)

Friday 0900-1700 (normally 0830-1200 and 1300-1630)

The range will close for maintenance from 24 July until 11 August (except for 2 and 3 August).

Aircraft types using the range will be Jaguar, Buccaneer, F111, Tornado and Hawk. It is not possible to say in advance the numbers of aircraft involved, but the range utilisation is not expected to be greater than normal.

A local press release about the evening opening will be made during the week beginning 3 July.

Low Flying

Mr. Salmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will make a statement on the special procedures to be followed by military pilots in low flying area 14C.

Mr. Neubert : Special procedures apply to aircraft operating in the coastal area between Aberdeen and Rattray Head because of intensive civilian helicopter activity in the area.

ROF Enfield

Mr. John Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether he was aware of British Aerospace's proposals to close the former Royal Ordnance factory at Enfield at the time when the factory was sold to Britsh Aerospace.

Mr. Sainsbury : No.

Column 585

Tornado Aircraft

Mr. Wilson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence when the decision was taken to divert aircraft off the Royal Air Force Tornado production line in order to meet orders from Saudi Arabia and Oman ; and what has been the impact on the timing of deliveries of Tornado aircraft to the Royal Air Force of these changes.

Mr. Sainsbury [holding answer 14 June 1989] : Details of the decision to divert a small number of Tornado aircraft to meet orders from Saudi Arabia were announced during the RAF debate on 26 February 1986 at column 960. As the House has been informed, the diversion will have a temporary effect on the build up of the RAF's Tornado force.

Column 586

I understand that Oman's order for Tornados has been postponed for the time being ; the question of a consequent possible delay in the delivery of aircraft to the RAF does not, therefore, arise.

United States Warships (Visits)

Mr. John Evans : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will list United States foreign naval warship visits to British ports from June 1987 to the present date, the time at which they visited, and the type of vessel involved.

Mr. Archie Hamilton [holding answer 26 June 1989] : The following United States naval warships have visited British ports since June 1987 :

Column 585

Thurso                         |McCoy                         |Frigate                       |13 to 15 July 1987                                           
Leith                          |Capondanno                    |Frigate                       |25 to 28 September 1987                                      
Portsmouth                     |Augusta                       |Submarine                     |19 to 22 February 1988                                       
Portsmouth                     |Mendel Rivers                 |Submarine                     |22 to 25 April 1988                                          
Plymouth                       |Portland                      |Dock Landing Ship             |13 to 15 June 1988                                           
Glasgow                        |Portland                      |Dock Landing Ship             |17 to 21 June 1988                                           
Leith                          |Portland                      |Dock Landing Ship             |30 June to 6 July 1988                                       
Portsmouth                     |Mississippi                   |Cruiser                       |4 to 7 July 1988                                             
Loch Ewe                       |King                          |Destroyer                     |5 to 6 July 1988                                             
Portsmouth                     |Se Morrison                   |Frigate                       |7 to 12 July 1988                                            
Leith                          |Elrod                         |Frigate                       |11 to 15 August 1988                                         
Faslane                        |Baton Rouge                   |Submarine                     |12 to 15 August 1988                                         
Liverpool                      |Elrod                         |Frigate                       |2 to 6 September 1988                                        
Scapa Flow                     |Puget Sound                   |Destroyer Tender              |8 to 10 September 1988                                       
Portsmouth                     |Ly Spear                      |Submarine Tender              |16 to 22 September 1988                                      
Portsmouth                     |Semmes                        |Destroyer                     |23 to 27 September 1988                                      
Portsmouth                     |Forrestal                     |Aircraft Carrier              |24 to 27 September 1988                                      
Newcastle                      |Portland                      |Dock Landing Ship             |28 September to 2 October 1988                               
Newport                        |Annapolis                     |Frigate                       |30 September to 2 October 1988                               
Portsmouth                     |Mt Whitney                    |Amphib Command Ship           |2 to 6 October 1988                                          
Leith                          |Grapple                       |Salvage Ship                  |8 to 13 October 1988                                         
Rosyth                         |Hayler                        |Destroyer                     |25 October to 2 November 1988                                
Faslane                        |Phoenix                       |Submarine                     |1 to 9 November 1988                                         
Portsmouth                     |Alberquerque                  |Submarine                     |3 to 8 February 1989                                         
Southampton                    |Dahlgren                      |Destroyer                     |19 to 22 March 1989                                          
Plymouth                       |Hayler                        |Destroyer                     |19 to 22 March 1989                                          
Fairlie                        |McInery                       |Destroyer                     |16 to 18 April 1989                                          
Portsmouth                     |Preble                        |Destroyer                     |19 to 23 May 1989                                            
Table file CW890630.016 not available

Nuclear Weapons

Ms. Short : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if there has been any increase in the number of the Royal Navy's tactical nuclear weapon capable ships since 1980 ; and if there are any plans in existence or under consideration to increase this capability.

Mr. Archie Hamilton : No ; I refer the hon. Member to the answer I gave to the hon. Member for West Bromwich, East (Mr. Snape) on 27 June at column 385.

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