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Index                  |Current   |Minimum   |Maximum              


Vehicle owners         |41,386,599|39,948,809|41,386,599           

Stolen vehicles        |475,199   |461,234   |478,104              

Chassis-engine numbers |791,850   |755,425   |792,028              

Wanted/missing persons |112,384   |107,707   |112,384              

Cross reference        |963,010   |939,279   |963,010              

Disqualified drivers   |368,214   |361,716   |368,214              

Convictions            |2,929,865 |2,539,276 |2,929,865            

Criminal names         |5,457,187 |5,301,962 |5,457,187            

Fingerprints           |4,004,441 |3,881,363 |4,004,441            

Crime pattern analysis |13,394    |11,786    |13,394               

Extremists crime index |142       |112       |142                  

Major investigation    |326,362   |301,787   |326,362              

Mr. Cohen : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he has information as to the number of accesses made to the police national computer by each constabulary over the last year ; and whether he can give the proportion of access requests made to the vehicle indexes of the police national computer.

Mr. Douglas Hogg : This information is collected on the basis of occasional monthly samples and annual totals are not therefore available. The last sample was taken in Febrary 1989. In that month, the number of transactions made to the police national computer (PNC) by each constabulary, and the proportion of these transactions which were made to the vehicle indices on the PNC, were as follows :

Constabulary             |Nos. of transactions in|Proportion of                                  

                         |February 1989          |transactions made to                           

                                                 |vehicle indices                                


Avon and Somerset        |76,595                 |60.3                                           

Bedfordshire             |32,180                 |61.1                                           

British Transport Police |11,083                 |33.3                                           

Cambridgeshire           |29,254                 |61.9                                           

Central                  |9,733                  |52.6                                           

Cheshire                 |39,560                 |57.4                                           

City of London           |8,580                  |60.9                                           

Cleveland                |27,478                 |60.2                                           

Cumbria                  |31,387                 |59.0                                           

Derbyshire               |37,040                 |67.5                                           

Devon and Cornwall       |54,430                 |59.1                                           

Dorset                   |28,779                 |58.5                                           

Dumfries and Galloway    |8,681                  |50.2                                           

Durham                   |30,236                 |57.4                                           

Dyfed-Powys              |17,435                 |46.6                                           

Essex                    |73,061                 |62.0                                           

Fife                     |10,992                 |56.6                                           

Gloucestershire          |24,595                 |62.9                                           

Grampian                 |18,651                 |57.0                                           

Greater Manchester       |178,420                |56.6                                           

Guernsey                 |888                    |15.3                                           

Gwent                    |13,122                 |58.4                                           

Hampshire                |69,840                 |52.4                                           

Hertfordshire            |30,679                 |58.1                                           

Humberside               |40,351                 |57.9                                           

Isle of Man              |2,820                  |76.1                                           

Jersey                   |3,509                  |16.8                                           

Kent                     |104,167                |59.2                                           

Lancashire               |88,280                 |57.1                                           

Leicestershire           |30,345                 |55.8                                           

Lincolnshire             |17,553                 |64.3                                           

Lothian and Borders      |51,489                 |53.3                                           

Merseyside               |76,081                 |54.0                                           

Metropolitan             |612,032                |51.0                                           

Norfolk                  |28,181                 |68.3                                           

North Wales              |21,922                 |48.5                                           

North Yorkshire          |38,095                 |67.4                                           

Northamptonshire         |26,033                 |63.6                                           

Northern                 |9,174                  |51.9                                           

Northumberland           |81,803                 |63.8                                           

Nottinghamshire          |52,149                 |69.9                                           

South Wales              |68,189                 |64.6                                           

South Yorkshire          |58,966                 |67.6                                           

Staffordshire            |32,507                 |58.1                                           

Strathclyde              |114,162                |38.8                                           

Suffolk                  |22,104                 |57.8                                           

Surrey                   |31,849                 |57.4                                           

Sussex                   |67,668                 |53.8                                           

Tayside                  |22,575                 |55.4                                           

Thames Valley            |84,200                 |57.0                                           

Warwickshire             |19,495                 |65.7                                           

West Mercia              |34,955                 |60.3                                           

West Midlands            |165,088                |65.0                                           

West Yorkshire           |94,156                 |52.7                                           

Wiltshire                |24,473                 |66.6                                           

Mr. Cox : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will place a copy of the consultants' report on the future of the police national computer organisation in the Library.

Mr. Douglas Hogg : I refer the hon. Member to the reply given to a question from the hon. Member for Tottenham (Mr. Grant) on 14 July at column 661.


Mr. Thornton : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list in the Official Report the names of all organisations and individuals who submitted representations to him for a change in summertime arrangements prior to the decision to go out to consultation in 1987, for each of the last five years indicating the date when such representations were made.

Mr. Douglas Hogg : In the year before the first departmental survey on summertime arrangements, which was undertaken at the end of 1987, my Department was

Column 398

receiving about six to eight letters from hon. Members per month along with 12 to 15 letters from the public, and representations from Lords Vinson and Mountgarret and the Policy Studies Institute, among others. The rest of the information required is not readily available and could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.


Mr. Terry Fields : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what figures he has for arrests and resultant convictions arising out of incidents at horse racing meetings, for each of the past five years as totals and as a proportion of attendances.

Mr. John Patten : This information is not available centrally.


Mr. Steinberg : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many persons are currently detained at Her Majesty's pleasure under the terms of the Children and Young Persons Act 1983 ; and what was the average length of sentence for those convicted of murder who were released or paroled in the last five years.

Mr. Douglas Hogg : Information about the time detained in institutions other than prison service establishments is not readily available. The average time spent under sentence in prison service establishments by persons detained during Her Majesty's pleasure was between nine and a half and 10 years for those first released on licence in the years 1984 to 1988.


Mr. Steinberg : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department which firms of consultants his Department has employed ; and at what cost, for each year since 1979.

Mr. Douglas Hogg : The following contracts were awarded to firms of consultants during the period 1986-88 :

Communications Studies and Planning International--Study on subscription television.

Concurrent Computer Corporation--Survey of Home Office Accounts Branch.

Coopers and Lybrand Associates--Evaluation of the use of computers in Magistrates Courts : Funding and procurement of systems. Coopers and Lybrand Associates--Study into future provision of training for Magistrates Courts staff.

Data Logic--Review study on police national computer project. Deloitte, Haskins and Sells--Development of a financial management information system for the Probation Service.

Ernst and Whinney--Support for automatic fingerprinting recognition planning.

Express Computer Consultants--Performance study of Home Office Finance Division 1.

Gilpin black Associates ; The Grubb Institute--Management training for the Probation Service.

Hay--MSL--Monitoring the performance bonus scheme.

KMG Thomson McLintock--Office automation study for Home Office. PA Computers and Telecommunications--Study of network migration to police national computer project.

PA Computers and Telecommunications--Future developments of computer system in Magistrates Courts.

Pearn Kandola Associates--Formal qualifications and ethnic minority recruitment to white collar jobs.

Column 399

Price Waterhouse--Implementation of computer systems in Home Office Prison Department.

Purchasing Index (UK) Purchasing management information system. RIPA Services--Evaluation of the use of computers in Magistrates Courts training needs.

Smith Associates--An analysis of the likely costs and benefits of introducing a mobile data terminal system in police vehicles. Sound Techniques--Evaluation of the use of computers in Magistrates Courts : Use of Computers in courtrooms.

Systems Designers--Interim systems options study for police national computer project.

Systems Designers--Feasibility study into the use of expert systems for multi-ethnic names matching.

Systems Designers Scientific--A review of emergency communications services.

Touche Ross Management Consultants--Study on scientific support for the police service in England and Wales.

White Waghorn--Computerisation of Home Office Scientific Research and Development Branch accountancy system.


Admiral Computing Ltd.--Automatic Handwriting Recognition--technical support.

Arthur Young--Manpower Division--financial strategy review. Arthur Young-- Police National Computer Upgrade--user requirement survey.

Arthur Walton and Partner--Procurement in Home Office Science and Technology Group.

Artificial Intelligence--Crime Auto Index--technical support. Atkins MC-- Rental invoicing.

Bechtel UK Ltd.--Assist in WARC purchasing.

Bell Software Systems--Bootle Bureau Computer--technical support. BIS Applied Systems--Bootle Bureau Computer disaster-planning report.

CAP Industry Ltd.--Automatic Fingerprint Recognition--design support.

Claymore Services--Area Mapping System--technical support. Computer Services Company--Policy National Computer upgrade technical/management support.

Coopers and Lybrand--Study on the future provision of staff training in the magistrates court service.

Coopers and Lybrand--Staff training in Prison Service.

Data Logic--Crime Auto Index--technical support.

Roston Ltd.--Assist in WARC purchasing.

Scientific Business Systems--Police Staff College Computer-technical support.

Smith Associates--Automatic Fingerprint Recognition-technical support.

Software Sciences--Immigration Service-technical support. Systems Designers --Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems-technical support.

Systems Designers--Facial Recognition System-technical support. Systems Designers--PNCO Interim system arrangement study. Technical Support Consultants Ltd.--File transfer MCS facility project.

Touche Ross MC--General Ledger System design and implementation. Touche Ross MC--Police National Computer Upgrade-project management support.

Touche Ross MC--Police Administration Support Unit-business analysis.

VNG Professional Services--Bootle Bureau Computer-technical support.

White Waghorn--Financial Management System-technical support. Electronic Facilities Design--Automatic Fingerprint

Recognition-operational requirement support.

Ernst and Whinney ML--Procurement and Charging review.

Column 400

Ewbank Preece Ltd.--Survey for Fire Service.

Express Computers--Financial Management System-tech-nical support. Fraser Williams--Bootle Bureau Compuer-technical support. Huddart Security Consultancy--Research into major crime investigation.

Mr. A. Iliffe--Writing new test material for CSSB.

International Computers Ltd--Private Office Correspondence-technical support.

IO Research--Electronic Facial Recognition-technical


JSB--Immigration Service-SSADM support.

Lear Month and Burchett--Bootle Computer Bureau-SSADM support. Logica Space and Defence--Automatic Fingerprint Recognition-design support.

McPherson Associates--Research on reliability of a new personality test.

MOM International--Project Management-technical support. PA Management Consultants--Assist with implementation of "Fresh Start" to Prison Service.

PA Consultants--WARC Project.

Procom Ltd--WRAC Project.

RIPA Consultancy Services--Probation Information Service-technical support.


Aberdeen University--Technical support for Scientific Research and Development Branch.

Ampex--Videofile testing.

Batalas--Police National Computer Office, Quality Assurance support.

BIS--Magistrates Court contingency study.

BIS--Financial Systems support.

Cooper and Lybrand--Assistance with training seminars in Prison Service.

Computer Search and Selection--Immigration programming support. CCTA--IT Division Post Implementation Review.

Data Logic--Local Area Networks study.

Dataflex--Programming support for Prison Service.

Deloitte Haskins and Sells--Improving Clerical Support Services to HM Prison forms.

Deloitte Haskins and Sells--Study of potential feasibility of private sector involvement in the remand system.

Digitus--IT Division technical support.

Eosys--Police Requirements Network study.

Ewbank Preece--Microwave study.

Express Computer Consultants--Software development for Financial Division.

Grafton--Benchmark preparation for Police National Computer. Grafton-- Software support for Police National Computer.

Hunterskill--Programming support for Prison Service.

ICL--Systems analysis for Immigration and Nationality Department. ICL-- Bootle Computer Bureau Network Support.

ICL--System sizing for Immigration and Nationality Department IN2--Post Administration programming support

JSB--Database support for computerisation of central records Kerman Associates--IT Division technical support

Logica--Fire Department Brigade requirements study

Logica--Local Area Network study for Immigration and Nationality Department

Metier--Bootle Computer Bureau project management tool support Oasis-- Intelligency Knowledge Based Systems study

Oracle--Bootle Computer Bureau software support

PA Management Consultants--WARC project management

PA Consulting--Investment Appraisal support for Immigration and Nationality Department

PA Consulting--Police National Computer Office project

Column 401

management support

PA Technology--Proposal Evaluation : Automatic Fingerprint Recognition

P-E Computer Services--Bootle Computer Bureau programming support Peat Marwick McLintock--Review of laundry service

Peat Marwick McLintock--IND Relocation Study

SIA--Fire Statistics Section hardware sizing trial

Software AG--Police National Computer Office ; Software support (2 contracts).

St. George's Medical School--Technical support from Forensic Science Service.

Touche Ross--Management systems strategy for prison industries. TSC Ltd.-- Police National Computer Office ; Operating System Support.

Thornhill Computer Services--Bootle Computer Bureau programming support.

Dr. R. L. Williams--Reviewing fingerprint evidence.

Yale Data--IT Division technical support.

The Home Office spent approximately £2,665,000 on consultancy services for 1986-87. Equivalent estimated payments for the calendar years 1987 and 1988 were £3,316,000 and £3,572,000 respectively. These payments include VAT as well as fees.

Information for the years before 1986 is not readily available.

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