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Column 646

£570,837,000. This reduction reflects the offset for the increase of £3,500,000 on class V, vote 3 in respect of the Teddington acquisition : it also covers a reduction of £4,000,000 to reflect the transfer of responsibility for city action teams to the Department of the Environment class V, vote 3, and a reduction of £300,000 to reflect the transfer of responsibility for the Government's contribution to a rent subsidy for the international sugar and wheat organisations to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food class IV, vote 4.


Strathclyde Structure Plan

Mr. Galbraith : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what assessment he has made of the staffing consequences in planning authorities of the proposed quarterly roll-on of private sector housing demand contained in his draft decision letter on the Strathclyde structure plan 1988 update.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton : A number of planning authorities have commented on this issue in responding to my right hon. and learned Friend's draft modifications, and he will take these comments into account in reaching his decision.

Mr. Galbraith : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what effect his proposed modifications to the 1988 update of the Strathclyde structure plan 1986 update will be on the green belt, particularly in relation to the evidence submitted to the relevant district councils and the Strathclyde regional liaison committee on housing land targets.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton : Adjustments of green belt boundaries would only be needed if sufficient suitable sites could not be found elsewhere. It would be for the planning authorities, in consultation with the housebuilders, to find suitable sites. My right hon. and learned Friend will take all objections to his draft modifications into account in reaching his decision on the update.

Crinan Old Harbour

Mrs. Ray Michie : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what representations he has received regarding the proposed housing development at Crinan old harbour ; and what action he intends to take.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton : My right hon. and learned Friend has received 10 representations about this proposed development. Responsibility for planning matters generally rests with the planning authority, in this case Argyll and Bute district council. It is not the intention of my right hon. and learned Friend to intervene in this matter.

Lennox Castle Hospital

Mr. McFall : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland how many full-time and part-time dentists are employed to provide for the needs of patients resident in Lennox Castle hospital ; and how many full-day and half-sessions each of these categories of dentists undertook each year.

Mr. Michael Forsyth : Three dentists are contracted by Greater Glasgow health board to undertake one half-day

Column 647

session each per week at Lennox Castle hospital. Eighty-six sessions have so far been undertaken this year, plus 15 theatres sessions for oral surgery.

Mr. McFall : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland how many patients are currently resident in Lennox Castle hospital.

Mr. Michael Forsyth : The answer is 795.

Official Transport

Mr. Harry Ewing : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what costs have been incurred since July for transport for, and on how many occasions such transport was used by, hon. Members on non-ministerial duties ; and for what reasons.

Mr. Rifkind : Transport is provided and used by Scottish Office Ministers solely to facilitate the efficient conduct of their ministerial duties.

Scottish Office Background Papers

Mr. Harry Ewing : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what provisions are made for Scottish Office civil servants to copy to hon. Members all background papers and policy proposals arising from such background papers ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Rifkind : None.

Lothian Health Board

Mr. Nigel Griffiths : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he is satisfied that the management and purchasing of supplies by Lothian health board is being conducted in a proper manner.

Mr. Michael Forsyth [holding answer 26 October 1989] : This is primarily a matter for the board, which is required under guidance issued by the Scottish Home and Health Department to draw up standing instructions to cover all financial matters and to keep them under review. The relevant procedures and controls are subject to egular internal and external audit checks. The Department's Accounting Office has established that the board is currently reviewing these procedures and systems.

Cancer Treatment (Children)

Mr. Wray : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what are the figures for each Scottish regional health authority for postponement of cancer treatments of children for this year ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Michael Forsyth [holding answer 26 October 1989] : Postponement of treatment is likely to be for purely medical considerations and the information is not collected centrally.


Regional Fisheries Advisory Committees

Mr. Onslow : To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will publish the names of all those so far appointed as members of regional fisheries advisory committees in England and Wales.

Column 648

Mr. Gummer : Appointments to the regional fisheries advisory committees are made by the National Rivers Authority. Appointments made so far are :

Anglian Region

Mr. P. Tombleson (Chairman)

Mr. C. Groome (Chairman RRAC)

Mr. J. Martin (Chairman RFDC)

Other appointments to be finalised and announced shortly. Northumbrian Region

Mr. P. Tennant (Chairman)

Dr. T. Crisp

Mr. J. Evans-Freke

Mr. J. Fry

Dr. S. Haile

Mr. R. D. Hall

Mr. D. Heselton

Mr. K. Hewitson

Mr. R. Kirkton-Darling

Dr. M. Owen

Mr. E. Pratt

Mr. E. J. Thomas

Mr. C. T. Warwick

Mr. K. Young

Mr. J. Browne-Swinburne (Chairman RRAC)

Mr. E. A. Wrangham (Chairman RFDC)

North West Region

Mr. T. A. F. Barnes (Chairman)

Mr. R. Bailey

Mr. A. G. R. Brown

Mr. F. Bunting

Mr. J. M. Croft

Mr. E. P. Ecroyd

Mr. J. H. Fell

Mr. C. Holland

Mr. B. Irving

Mr. K. Lambert

Dr. E. D. Le Cren

Mr. J. E. Lovell

Dr. F. S. Martin

Mr. R. E. Weston (Chairman RRAC)

Mr. J. B. Robinson (Chairman RFDC)

Severn Trent Region

Mr. F. Jennings (Chairman)

Mr. P. Buckland-Large

Mr. W. Casey

Mr. W. Chambers

Mr. M. Childs

Mr. T. W. Clowes

Mr. E. Dodson

Mr. W. Hardy

Mr. H. Howarth

Mr. J. Keedwell

Mr. D. Orton

Mr. T. Turner

Mr. R. Williams

Dr. P. Bottomley

Dr. H. Tebbutt (Chairman RRAC)

Mr. C. G. Hawthorne (Chairman RFDC)

Southern Region

Mr. A. Humbert (Chairman)

Mr. J. W. Potter

Mr. D. N. Brunwin

Dr. J. L. Cotton

Mr. I. P. E. Gay

Mr. F. Reader

Mr. J. Parkman

Mr. A. R. G. Barnard

Mr. B. E. Aldrich

Mr. A. L. Costen

Major J. L. Thomas

Mr. B. Stott

Mr. M. A. C. Drummond (Chairman RRAC)

Mr. H. J. L. Harris (Chairman RFDC)

South West Region

Mrs. A. Voss-Bark (Chairman)

Column 649

Mr. B. G. Wilson

Lt. Col. G. P. Badham

Lord Clinton

Mr. T. E. F. Mutton

Mr. S. J. Day

Mr. M. Mountjoy

Mr. A. M. Perry

Mr. V. N. Feneck

Miss M. Edwards

Professor C. R. Kennedy

Mr. M. L. Weaver

Mr. H. G. Maund

Mr. P. D. Edwards (Chairman RRAC)

Mr. G. C. Manning (Chairman RFDC)

Thames Region

Mr. H. P. Parry (Chairman)

Mr. A. E. Hodges

Mr. D. Komrower

Mr. G. G. Lee

Mr. E. J. Macer

Mr. D. Wales

Mr. A. L. Williams

Mr. B. Knights

Mr. A. V. Meddle

Mr. M. A. Gregory

Mrs. J. George

Dr. J. S. Albaster

Dr. D. G. Jamieson

Mrs. J. K. Wykes (Chairman RRAC)

Mr. M. Davies (Chairman RFDC)

Welsh Region

Lord Moran (Chairman)

Mr. M. J. Morgan

Mr. J. Mayers

Mr. J. Rhydderch

Mr. W. Hardy

Mr. R. I. Millichamp

Mr. I. Edward Jone

Mr. M. Matthews

Colonel P. C. Ormrod

Vice Admiral Sir Iwan Raikes

Mr. M. F. Johnston

Mr. W. J. Williams

Mrs. J. Spence

Dr. J. Fish

Mr. G. Roberts

Mr. A. Rees

Dr. W. Roscoe Howells (member (RRAC)

Member RFDC--to be appointed

Wessex Region

Major J. M. Mills OBE TD JP DL (Chairman)

Captain P. Green MC

Major D. A. C. Rasch

Mr. R. Corbett

Brigadier S. N. Floyer-Acland CBE DL

Mr. D. Gifford

Dr. H. I. S. Thirlaway

Mr. R. Harrison

Mr. M. J. Stoodley

Mr. G. A. Topp

Mr. K. W. Lacey

Mr. J. J. Mathrick

Mr. K. Hall

Mr. V. D. Tyrell

Mr. J. S. Parker

Mr. L. H. Ames

Sir Stephen Hammick Bt

Mr. P. W. Lacey (Chairman (RRAC)

Mr. R. H. Baker (Chairman RFDC)

Yorkshire Region

Mr. J. A. Fawcett (Chairman)

Mr. J. Austerfield

Mr. A. R. Dalby

Mr. A. Evans

Mrs. S. Griffiths

Mr. P. Hayton

Mr. W. Jackson

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