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Column 152

* Poisons


* Counter Inflation (Temporary Provisions)

* Northern Ireland (Financial Provisons)

* Pensioners and Family Income Supplement Payments

* Northern Ireland (Border Poll)

* Costs in Criminal Cases

Protection of Wrecks

* Northern Ireland Assembly

* Northern Ireland (Constitution)


*Channel Tunnel (Initial Finance)

*Fuel and Electricity (Control)

*International Sugar Organisation

*Northern Ireland Constitution (Amendment)

*Representation of the People

*Pensions (Increase)

*Charlwood and Horley


*National Insurance

*Lord High Commissioner (Church of Scotland)

*Contingencies Fund

*Ministers of the Crown

*Northern Ireland

*Road Traffic


*Pensioners' Payments

*National Theatre

*Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions)

*Offshore Petroleum Development (Scotland)


Hearing Aid Council (Extension)

*Malta Republic

*British Leyland


*Northern Ireland (Loans)

*Civil List


*Endangered Species (Import and Export)

*Industry (Amendment)

*Moneylenders (Crown Agents)

*OECD Support Fund

Protection of Birds (Amendment)

Solicitors (Scotland)


*Trinidad and Tobago Republic

*Valuation and Rating (Exempted Classes) (Scotland)

*Water Charges


*Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries

*National Insurance Surcharge

*Fishery Limits

*Scotland and Wales

Roe Deer (Close Seasons)

*Job Release

*Representation of the People

*Agricultural Holdings (Notices to Quit)

*British Airways Board

*Statute Law (Repeals)

*New Towns

*Restrictive Trade Practices

*Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) (Amendment)


*Protection from Eviction

*National Health Service


*Pensioners' Payments



*Finance (Income Tax Reliefs)

*European Assembly Elections

*Commonwealth Development Corporation

*Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions)

*Education (Northern Ireland)

Column 153

Protection of Children

*Refuse Disposal (Amenity)

Internationally Protected Persons

Local Government Act 1974 (Amendment)

Education (Northern Ireland)

Theatres Trust (Scotland

*Solomon Islands



*Export Guarantees and Overseas Investment

*House of Commons (Administration)

*Parliamentary Pensions

*Representation of the People

*Adoption (Scotland)

*National Health Service (Scotland)


Import of Live Fish (Scotland)

*Employment Protection (Consolidation)

*Statute Law (Repeals)


*House of Commons (Redistribution of Seats)


*Price Commission (Amendment)

*Vaccine Damage Payments

Licensed Premises (Exclusion of Certain Persons)

*Confirmation to Small Estates (Scotland)

*Customs and Excise Management

*Customs and Excise Duties (General Reliefs)

*Alcoholic Liquor Duties

*Hydrocarbon Oil Duties

*Matches and Mechanical Lighter Duties

*Tobacco Products Duty

*Excise Duties (Surcharges or Rebates)

Licensing (Amendment)

*Independent Broadcasting Authority

Criminal Evidence

*Capital Gains Tax

*Agricultural Statistics

*Wages Councils

*Electricity (Scotland)

*Administration of Justice (Emergency Provisions) (Scotland) *Legal Aid

*Representation of the People


*Pneumoconiosis etc. (Workers' Compensation)

*Leasehold Reform

*Carriage by Air and Road

*Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas

*Exchange Equalisation Account

*International Monetary Fund

*Prosecution of Offences



*Pensioners' Payments and Social Security

*European Assembly (Pay and Pensions)

*European Communities (Greek Accession)


*Southern Rhodesia

Representation of the People

*Papua New Guinea, Western Samoa and Nauru (Miscellaneous Provisions)

*Isle of Man

*Justices of the Peace

*Sale of Goods


*Residential Homes

*Child Care

*Foster Children

Import of Live Fish (England and Wales)

*Reserve Forces

Gaming (Amendment)

*Highlands and Islands Air Services (Scotland)

*Slaughter of Animals (Scotland)

*New Hebrides

*Consular Fees

*Police Negotiating Board

*National Health Service (Invalid Direction)

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