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Column 154

Betting, Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment)

*Port of London (Financial Assistance)

Licensing (Amendment) (No. 2)


*Iran (Temporary Powers)


*Sea Fish Industry

*Magistrates' Courts

*Education (Scotland)

*Water (Scotland)

*Solicitors (Scotland)

*Criminal Appeal (Northern Ireland)


*Imprisonment (Temporary Provisions)

*Overseas Development and Co-operation


*Statute Law Revision (Northern Ireland)

*Tenants' Rights Etc. (Scotland)


*European Assembly Elections

*Social Security (Contributions)


*Gas Levy

*Redundancy Fund

*Iron and Steel (Borrowing Powers)

*House of Commons Members' Fund and Parliamentary Pensions Disabled Persons (No. 2)

Food and Drugs (Amendment)

*English Industrial Estates Corporation

*Film Levy Finance

*National Film Finance Corporation

*Public Passenger Vehicles

*Judicial Pensions

Licensing (Alcohol, Education and Research)

*Armed Forces

*Statute Law (Repeals)

Transport Act 1962 (Amendment)

Local Government and Planning (Amendment)

Matrimonial Homes and Property

*Animal Health

*Criminal Justice (Amendment)

Licensing (Amendment)

*Representation of the People


*Friendly Societies

*Betting and Gaming Duties

*Acquisition of Land

*Compulsory Purchase (Vesting Declarations)

*New Towns

*Trustee Savings Banks



*Social Security (Contributions)

*New Towns


*Travel Concessions (London)

*Agricultural Training Board

*Industrial Training

Copyright Act 1956 (Amendment)

*Northern Ireland

*Civil Aviation

*Iron and Steel

*Aviation Security

*Insurance Companies

*Industrial Development


*Commonwealth Development Corporation

*Electricity (Financial Provisions) (Scotland)

*National Insurance Surcharge

*Lands Valuation Amendment (Scotland)

*Pig Industry Levy

*Representation of the People

Licensing (Occasional Permissions)

Level Crossings

British Nationality (Falkland Islands)

Column 155

*British Fishing Boats

*Matrimonial Incomes

*Mental Health


*Social Security and Housing Benefits

Coroners' Juries

Pet Animals Act 1951 (Amendment)

*Importation of Milk


Road Traffic (Driving Licences)

*County Courts (Penalties for Contempt)


*Local Authorities (Expenditure Powers)

*International Monetary Arrangements

*Companies (Beneficial Interests)


*Car Tax

*Value Added Tax

*Oil Taxation

*Restrictive Trade Practices (Stock Exchange)

*Town and Country Planning

*Tourism (Overseas Promotion) (Scotland)

*Pensions Commutation

Road Traffic (Driving Instruction)

Education (Amendment) (Scotland)

*Local Government (Interim Provisions)

*County Courts

*Mental Health (Scotland)


*Public Health (Control of Disease)

*Registered Homes


*Parliamentary Pensions etc

*Roads (Scotland)

*Capital Transfer Tax

*Rent (Scotland)

*Foster Children (Scotland)



*Elections (Northern Ireland)

*Friendly Societies

*Local Government

*Representation of the People

*Hong Kong

*Brunei and Maldives

*Town and Country Planning (Compensation)

*London Regional Transport (Amendment)

Hospital Complaints Procedure

*Companies Consolidation (Consequential Provisions)


*Company Securities (Insider Dealing)

*Business Names

*Interception of Communications


Hill Farming

Agricultural Training Board

*Reserve Forces (Safeguard of Employment)

Betting, Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment)

Rent (Amendment)

*Rating (Revaluation Rebates) (Scotland)

*European Communities (Finance)

*Further Education

*Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc)

Wildlife and Countryside (Service of Notices)


*Housing Associations

*Housing (Consequential Provisions)

*Landlord and Tenant

*Weights and Measures


*Northern Ireland (Loans)

*European Communities (Spanish and Portuguese Accession) *Education (Amendment)

Marriage (Wales)


Industrial Training

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