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Rural Disadvantage

Dr. Thomas : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what amounts of social policy expenditure have been allocated by his Department, and its agencies, to combat rural disadvantage.

Mr. Grist : Expenditure is not classified in the way implied by the hon. Gentleman's question. However, by

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way of example, well over £3 million is being spent by the Welsh Development Agency each year to fund its various rural development measures including the allocation of £1 million a year for the next five years for the development of rural initiatives and venture enterprises--DRIVE. This is expected to generate a further £15 million to £20 million of private sector investment. Tai Cymru aims to allocate £25 million towards the provision of housing in rural areas in Wales in this financial year, which should generate around £7.5 million of private finance. In addition the gross budget for the Development Board for Rural Wales is £19.918 million for 1990-91. The formulae used for the allocation of resources to local authorities and to district health authorities both contain certain elements which recognise the particular needs of rural areas.

Departmental Research (Expenditure)

Dr. Thomas : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what was the total identifiable expenditure on research by his Department in each year since 1979 ; what proportion was awarded on a

customer-contractor basis ; and what proportion of his total departmental budget was expended on research for each year.

Mr. David Hunt : All of the expenditure will have been based on the customer-contractor principle, and the information is shown in the table :

                    |Total departmental | Proportion of                         

                    |expenditure on R&D |departmental budget                    

                    |£ million          |per cent.                              


1979-80             |1.1                |0.15                                   

1980-81             |1.1                |0.13                                   

1981-82             |1.6                |0.17                                   

1982-83             |1.6                |0.14                                   

1983-84             |1.3                |0.11                                   

1984-85             |1.6                |0.13                                   

1985-86             |2.6                |0.20                                   

1986-87             |3.5                |0.24                                   

1987-88             |1.9                |0.12                                   

1988-89             |2.0                |0.12                                   

Hospital Laundering

Mr. Robert G. Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what capital expenditure has been incurred by health boards on the purchase of new laundering and dry cleaning equipment over the past two years.

Mr. Grist : Capital expenditure incurred by health authorities on the purchase of laundry and dry cleaning equipment over the last two years for which information is currently available is as follows :



1987-88 |136,243        

1988-89 |701,796        

Source: Health          

authorities annual      


Mr. Robert G. Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales (1) what capital expenditure has been incurred on the building of new national health service laundries and the renovation of existing laundry facilities over the last two years ;

(2) what proportion of the capital expenditure incurred on the purchase of a new laundry and dry cleaning machine and on the construction of new, and renovation of existing, laundry facilities over the past two years was for the creation of additional laundry capacity.

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Mr. Grist : The information requested is not collected centrally.

Maternity Services

Mr. Michael : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales how many obstetric beds are available now in Wales, how many were available in each of the past five years ; and what are the equivalent figures for each district health authority in Wales.

Mr. Grist : Details of obstetric beds in district health authorities in Wales for 1988-89, the latest available, and previous years are published in "Hospital Bed Use Statistics", copies of which are in the Library.

Mental Illness

Mr. Michael : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales whether he will make it his policy to allocate resources to support the role of voluntary organisations at a local and national level in Wales in the implementation of the all-Wales strategy for mental illness.

Mr. Grist : My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State has already allocated resources to voluntary organisations at both national and local level for a variety of purposes connected with the mental illness strategy.

Departmental Publications

Mr. Michael : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will list all working papers, implementation documents, departmental circulars and other publications, whether in draft or final form, that have been issued by his Department to date arising from the National Health Service and Community Care Bill, "Working for Patients", "Caring for People" and associated Government initiatives.

Mr. Grist : I refer the hon. Gentleman to the comprehensive reply I gave him on 14 March 1990. An updated list of Welsh Office and Department of Health material arising from the National Health Service and Community Care Bill and related White Papers will shortly be placed in the Vote Office and Libraries.

DHAs (Capital Assets)

Mr. Michael : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will give full details of the requirements he has placed on district health authorities in Wales in respect of drawing up a register of their capital assets.

Mr. Grist : District health authorities in Wales were asked to compile capital asset registers by 31 March 1990. The registers contain details of those assets managed or owned by each authority, including land and buildings, which individually have a value of £1, 000 or above or in the case of groups of related assets with individual values of less than £1,000 exceed £250 and are collectively worth more than £1,000. The format of asset registers has not been prescribed but they should contain as a minimum : 1. Asset identification and description.

2. Asset location.

3. Date of acquisition.

4. Method of acquisition.

5. Initial capital expenditure.

6. Expected replacement cost.

7. Expected date of replacement (or end of life).

Column 299

Authorities may, however, wish to include additional information for their own asset management purposes. A comprehensive asset register will enable managers to undertake effective management and utilisation of capital assets as well as providing the basis for capital charging.

No standard computerised recording system has been prescribed for maintaining and updating asset registers, but most authorities in Wales are using variants of the works information and management system--WIMS.

Market Research

Mr. Michael : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will list all market research surveys (a) commissioned by his Department or (b) paid for by his Department in the current financial year.

Mr. David Hunt : I shall write to the hon. Gentleman and place a copy of my letter in the Library of the House.

Project 2000

Mr. Wigley : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales (1) for what purpose the resources originally earmarked for Project 2000 for nurse training in Wales, but which will not now be used for that purpose, will be redirected ;

(2) what was the original total financial sum earmarked for the implementation of Project 2000 for nurse training in Wales ; and what is the latest figure for this purpose.

Mr. Grist : The only provision which has been earmarked for the implementation costs of Project 2000 are the resources which have been made available for the current financial year which total £1,493,000. Funding requirements for future years will be subject to the decisions which my right hon. Friend will take on the distribution of his block allocation following this year's public expenditure review.

Mr. Wigley : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what was the original total number of nurses who would be trained each year in Wales under Project 2000 ; and what is the revised figure.

Mr. Grist : The estimated intake of nurses who would have trained in the first year of an all-Wales introduction of Project 2000 courses is as follows :

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