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Column 547

each abstraction granted by the National Rivers Authority or, for the authority itself, by the Department. The only changes in the statutory provisions have been in the temporary drought orders made under section 131 of the Water Act 1989. Changes in licence conditions are specific to each licence.

River Quality

Mr. Ieuan Wyn Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will make a statement on the National Rivers Authority's report on river quality in respect of its comparison of river quality in 1985 and 1990.

Mr. Baldry : There have been references in the press to a preliminary draft of this report, but I believe any comment should await the report as approved and published by the authority later in the year.

Council Tax

Mr. Dunn : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment whether he will, in establishing the banding of property values for the purposes of collecting the council tax, introduce a mechanism that will protect the clergy who live in large tied property whilst in receipt of limited stipends.

Mr. Key : My Department is presently discussing with

representatives of the churches the position of the clergy under the council tax.


Mr. Battle : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what guidance has been offered to local authorities who wish to purchase the homes of mortgagees facing repossession as a means to enable the mortgagees to remain in their homes as tenants.

Mr. Yeo [holding answer 11 November 1991] : Long-standing rules have enabled local authorities to acquire property from a defaulting borrower where they are themselves the lender and, if they choose, leave the former owner in place as a tenant. Authorities also acquire property with a view to disposal including disposal of a shared ownership lease. Details of these rules are currently set out in schedule 3 to the Housing Revenue Account Subsidy Determination 1990. They may also provide resources to housing associations to enable them to purchase homes to enable the previous owner to remain on shared ownership terms or as a tenant.

Wind Farms

Dr. David Clark : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what guidance has been issued to farmers wishing to have wind farms on their land if they are in (a) environmentally sensitive areas, (b) national parks, (c) areas of outstanding natural beauty and (d) outwith any designated area ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Yeo [holding answer 11 November 1991] : Preliminary guidance about renewable energy installations, including wind farms, was given in a written answer by my hon. Friend the Minister for Housing and Planning on 28 March at column 543. Officials in my Department, the Department of Energy and the Welsh Office are preparing a draft planning policy guidance note--PPG

Column 548

--about renewable energy which we hope to issue for public consultation later this month. The draft PPG will include the Government's proposed planning policies for renewable energy installations in designated and other areas.

Coca-Cola Development, Northampton

Mr. Michael Morris : To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list the critical conditions highlighted by the European Commissioner for Environment concerning the Coca-Cola development in Northampton.

Mr. Yeo [holding answer 12 November 1991] : The European Commission's letter of 17 October alleges infraction of directive 85/337/EEC in respect of a number of development projects including the proposed Coca-Cola factory at Brackmills, Northampton. The Commission alleges that the developer's environmental statement which was considered by the local planning authority in granting planning permission failed to cover various relevant significant environmental effects. My Department has asked the authority for its comments for the purpose of providing a full response to the detailed points raised by the Commission. In the meantime, I understand that the developer has submitted a new planning application and accompanying environmental statement in respect of a revised proposal.


Grant-maintained Schools

Mr. Andrew Smith : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science if he will provide a summary of the ballots on

grant-maintained school status, tabulated according to (a) the proportion of eligible parents voting and (b) the proportion of votes cast for and against grant-maintained status.

Mr. Eggar : The information requested by the hon. Member is as follows :

Name of school                   |Column        |Column        |Column                       

                                 |A             |B             |C                            


Skegness Grammar School          |80            |95            |5                            

St. James' CE School             |89            |99            |1                            

Hendon School                    |76            |95            |5                            

The GS For Girls Wilmington      |83            |94            |6                            

Queen Elizabeth's GM                                                                         

   Grammar School                |65            |79            |21                           

Baverstock Grant-Maintained                                                                  

   School                        |68            |75            |25                           

The Kings School Grantham        |76            |80            |20                           

Old Swinford Hospital            |79            |96            |4                            

Heckmondwike Grammar                                                                         

   School                        |84            |97            |3                            

Bankfield High School            |83            |97            |3                            

Netherthorpe School              |68            |92            |8                            

Ribston Hall High School         |61            |73            |27                           

Claremont High School            |63            |65            |35                           

Southfield School for Girls      |81            |93            |7                            

Guildford County School          |68            |67            |33                           

Blessed Hugh More RC                                                                         

   Secondary School              |81            |100           |0                            

Southpark High School            |88            |97            |3                            

The Longlands School             |84            |97            |3                            

Simon Digby Comprehensive                                                                    

   School                        |73            |98            |2                            

Rickmansworth School             |69            |81            |19                           

Foster's Grammar School          |71            |63            |37                           

Lord Digby's Grammar School                                                                  

   for Girls                     |69            |51            |49                           

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial                                                                    

   School                        |92            |95            |5                            

Watford Grammar School           |80            |54            |46                           

Stratford School                 |65            |51            |49                           

Francis Bacon School             |81            |95            |5                            

Sale Grammar School for Boys     |72            |45            |55                           

Wilmington Grammar School                                                                    

   for Boys                      |88            |99            |1                            

Chesterfield School              |79            |35            |65                           

Droylsden County High School     |54            |15            |85                           

Hadham Hall School               |68            |20            |80                           

Weald of Kent Grammar                                                                        

   School                        |76            |13            |87                           

Ruffwood School                  |73            |3             |97                           

Eckington School                 |81            |25            |75                           

St. Josephs RC High School       |62            |22            |78                           

Watford Girls Grammar School     |66            |36            |64                           

Wade Deacon High School          |59            |23            |77                           

North Halifax High School        |72            |82            |18                           

Crossley Heath School            |68            |80            |20                           

Highwood School                  |57            |81            |19                           

Wymondham College                |80            |89            |11                           

Pate's Grammar School            |62            |70            |30                           

Audenshaw School                 |86            |91            |9                            

Wilsons School                   |76            |89            |11                           

Queensbury School                |84            |97            |3                            

London Oratory School            |63            |96            |4                            

Queen Elizabeth's GM                                                                         

   School for Boys               |68            |61            |39                           

Colyton Grammar School           |82            |78            |22                           

Bacup and Rawtenstall                                                                        

   Grammar School                |69            |56            |44                           

Castle Hall Grant-Maintained                                                                 

   School                        |76            |82            |18                           

Small Heath School               |80            |56            |44                           

St. Francis Xavier's College     |72            |60            |40                           

London Nautical School           |63            |99            |1                            

Beechen Cliff School             |69            |55            |45                           

Lancaster Royal Grammar                                                                      

   School                        |68            |58            |42                           

Long Field High School           |85            |96            |4                            

Sir James Altham School          |52            |59            |41                           

Castlemount School               |60            |97            |3                            

Ramsden School for Girls         |57            |71            |29                           

Kettering Boy's School           |55            |91            |9                            

Hindley Park High School         |43            |85            |15                           

Southlands School                |43            |83            |17                           

Marling School                   |70            |71            |29                           

Stroud High School               |66            |63            |37                           

Bishopshalt School               |66            |77            |23                           

Wolverhampton Girls High                                                                     

   School                        |76            |96            |4                            

Adams' Grammar School            |78            |91            |9                            

Ravensbourne School for Girls    |59            |27            |73                           

Millais School                   |79            |9             |91                           

Queen Elizabeth's Senior                                                                     

   High School                   |64            |30            |70                           

Chichele School                  |58            |39            |61                           

Siddal Moor High School          |70            |13            |87                           

Gaynes School                    |66            |9             |91                           

St. Helena School                |74            |48            |52                           

St. Gregory's RC High School     |76            |4             |96                           

Sir Thomas Rich's School         |73            |7             |93                           

Preston Manor High School        |52            |22            |78                           

Bridgewater Hall School          |29            |66            |34                           

Brindley Hall School             |35            |59            |41                           

Handsworth Grammar School        |81            |96            |4                            

Carre's Grammar School           |80            |85            |15                           

Bournemouth School               |81            |83            |17                           

The Mountbatten School           |54            |72            |28                           

The Maplesden Noakes School      |66            |85            |15                           

Ecclesbourne School              |84            |64            |36                           

Armthorpe Comprehensive                                                                      

   School                        |60            |31            |69                           

The Cornwallis School            |54            |81            |19                           

St. George's School              |59            |80            |20                           

Reading School                   |73            |67            |33                           

Chalvedon School                 |54            |52            |48                           

Bullers Wood School for Girls    |70            |74            |26                           

Sutton Manor High School         |87            |89            |11                           

The Grammar School for Boys                                                                  

   Wilmington                    |72            |45            |55                           

Lancaster Girls Grammar                                                                      

   School                        |67            |54            |46                           

King Edward VI School            |64            |62            |38                           

Failsworth School                |66            |15            |85                           

Hardley School                   |64            |60            |40                           

Ailwyn Community School          |65            |17            |83                           

Ripon Grammar School             |80            |44            |56                           

Woodford County High             |69            |22            |78                           

Kingsley Park Middle School      |60            |83            |17                           

Blackfield Middle School         |71            |27            |73                           

Dearneside Comprehensive                                                                     

   School                        |62            |22            |78                           

Swanscombe High School           |66            |99            |1                            

Cliffe Woods Middle School       |53            |60            |40                           

Blackpool 6th Form College       |68            |37            |63                           

Hoo St. Werburgh Middle                                                                      

   School                        |49            |19            |81                           

Manor High School                |59            |98            |2                            

Oldfield School                  |66            |56            |44                           

Bingley Grammar School           |72            |68            |32                           

Edenbridge Middle School         |59            |58            |42                           

Kings School                     |72            |40            |60                           

Westcliff High School for Boys   |71            |69            |31                           

Woodroffe School                 |62            |67            |33                           

St. Bartholomew's School         |52            |65            |35                           

St. George's CE School           |64            |89            |11                           

Grange School                    |70            |41            |59                           

Walsingham School                |68            |96            |4                            

Sexey's School                   |74            |94            |6                            

Alexandra High School            |47            |31            |69                           

Nonsuch High School For Girls    |76            |71            |29                           

St Augustine RC School           |79            |65            |35                           

Queen Elizabeth Grammar                                                                      

   School                        |82            |63            |37                           

Beaconsfield High School         |73            |68            |32                           

Great Barr School                |62            |52            |48                           

Burgate School                   |79            |88            |12                           

Kingswood School                 |57            |79            |21                           

Caistor Grammar School           |62            |81            |19                           

Thamesview School                |44            |71            |29                           

Queensmead School                |60            |91            |9                            

Manor High School, Oadby         |65            |27            |73                           

Morecambe High School            |66            |24            |76                           

Haydon School                    |67            |83            |17                           

Cliffe Woods Primary School                                                                  

   Rochester                     |67            |76            |24                           

Aylesford School                 |56            |89            |11                           

Banbury School                   |60            |38            |62                           

Blackthorn Middle School         |62            |13            |87                           

Chestnut Grove School            |58            |7             |93                           

Homewood School                  |63            |81            |19                           

Harwood School                   |64            |96            |4                            

King Edward VI School            |63            |39            |61                           

Parmiters School                 |72            |58            |42                           

Saffron Walden County High                                                                   

   School                        |66            |60            |40                           

Hayes Manor School               |54            |97            |3                            

The Down County Primary                                                                      

   School                        |93            |95            |5                            

Dartford Grammar School          |78            |85            |15                           

Kettleshulme CE Cont Primary                                                                 

   School                        |95            |100           |0                            

Kirkbie Kendal School            |62            |60            |40                           

Clitheroe Royal Grammar                                                                      

   School                        |67            |57            |43                           

Ellerdine County Primary                                                                     

   School                        |73            |94            |6                            

Watford Girls' Grammar School    |75            |71            |29                           

Whickham School                  |78            |44            |56                           

Moseley Park GM School           |62            |54            |46                           

St Theresa's RC Girls School     |39            |32            |68                           

Crossgates Primary School        |80            |59            |41                           

Drayton Manor High School        |55            |57            |43                           

Copland Community School         |85            |99            |1                            

Greenway Comprehensive                                                                       

   School                        |76            |99            |1                            

Foster's Boys Grammar School     |84            |78            |22                           

Lord Digby's Girls Grammar                                                                   

   School                        |81            |74            |26                           

Ridgeway JMI School              |70            |26            |74                           

Newton Bluecoat C of E GM                                                                    

   Primary School                |89            |50            |50                           

Wold Newton Primary School       |84            |79            |21                           

Vyners School                    |68            |82            |18                           

William Gladstone School         |60            |98            |2                            

Bourne Primary School            |70            |91            |9                            

Highams Park School              |52            |48            |52                           

Southlands Comprehensive                                                                     

   School                        |63            |87            |13                           

St. Helen's Primary School       |71            |87            |13                           

Magdalen CE/Methodist                                                                        

   Primary School                |83            |98            |2                            

Featherstone High School         |75            |24            |76                           

St. Mary's R.C. Primary School   |86            |94            |6                            

Appledore CE Primary School      |76            |89            |11                           

St. Aidan's School               |84            |97            |3                            

Villiers High School             |74            |7             |93                           

Weaverham High School            |70            |45            |55                           

Langley Park Boys School         |67            |74            |26                           

Coopers School                   |64            |63            |37                           

Boothroyd Junior & Infants                                                                   

   School                        |68            |46            |54                           

Collingwood School               |66            |83            |17                           

Northolt High School             |57            |76            |24                           

Raines Foundation School         |64            |74            |26                           

Graveney School                  |54            |87            |13                           

Moulton Primary School           |58            |42            |58                           

Turnham Junior & Infant                                                                      

   School                        |71            |86            |14                           

Mellow Lane School               |44            |93            |7                            

Townmead School                  |67            |98            |2                            

Arley County Primary School      |93            |100           |0                            

Sheppey School                   |45            |79            |21                           

Arnewood School                  |62            |79            |21                           

Budmouth School                  |54            |90            |10                           

Burntwood School                 |73            |89            |11                           

Elmbridge School                 |72            |97            |3                            

John Henry Newman School         |59            |43            |57                           

Kelsey Park School               |57            |86            |14                           

Lincoln Christ's Hospital School |54            |77            |23                           

Oakwood Park Grammar                                                                         

   School                        |81            |96            |4                            

The Plume School                 |56            |71            |29                           

Ravens Wood Boys' School         |77            |91            |9                            

Wood End First School            |55            |61            |39                           

Wood End Middle School           |51            |65            |35                           

Northwood School                 |51            |80            |20                           

Senacre High School              |54            |77            |23                           

Send C of E First School         |80            |96            |4                            

Manor County First School                                                                    

   Byfleet                       |82            |1             |9                            

The Crypt School                 |61            |87            |13                           

St. John the Baptist School      |61            |79            |21                           

de Stafford School               |81            |95            |5                            

Greenford High School            |65            |75            |25                           

Newborough Primary School        |80            |67            |33                           

Ellen Wilkinson High School      |68            |88            |12                           

King James 1st Comprehensive                                                                 

   School                        |78            |24            |76                           

Dartford Grammar School for                                                                  

   Girls                         |65            |87            |13                           

South Farnborough County                                                                     

   Infants                       |67            |6             |94                           

Desborough Comprehensive                                                                     

   School                        |62            |67            |33                           

Waltham Toll Bar                 |80            |28            |72                           

Ravensdale Middle School         |61            |57            |43                           

Hawkedale 1st School             |94            |96            |4                            

Oldborough Manor High            |51            |77            |23                           

Yarborough High School           |58            |70            |30                           

London Middle School             |61            |75            |25                           

Gamlingay Village College                                                                    

   (Middle School)               |63            |87            |13                           

Riddlesdown High School          |59            |56            |44                           

Ash Green School                 |52            |71            |29                           

Glyn School                      |59            |77            |23                           

Redgate Middle School            |72            |89            |11                           

Silverdale School                |81            |36            |64                           

Hatchford Junior and Infant                                                                  

   School                        |42            |53            |47                           

St. Thomas More RC High                                                                      

   School                        |68            |49            |51                           

Snodland CE Primary School       |55            |77            |23                           

The Skinner's School             |84            |92            |8                            

King John School                 |67            |74            |26                           

Woolley CE First School          |80            |86            |14                           

Booth Lower School               |61            |42            |58                           

Hayes School                     |65            |57            |43                           

Wrotham School                   |58            |77            |23                           

Simon Langton Boys' Grammar                                                                  

   School                        |63            |62            |38                           

The Park School                  |59            |94            |6                            

Stoneleigh First School          |64            |70            |30                           

The Admiral's Middle School      |60            |66            |34                           

High Oakham Middle School        |62            |30            |70                           

South Holmwood CE First                                                                      

   School                        |90            |98            |2                            

Brookmead County Combined                                                                    

   Middle School                 |65            |77            |23                           

Christ Church CE JMI School                                                                  

   Chorleywood                   |84            |92            |8                            

Downham Market High School       |54            |58            |42                           

Eden School                      |73            |98            |2                            

Gordon's School                  |68            |98            |2                            

Norwich Road First and Middle                                                                

   School                        |58            |87            |13                           

St. Paul's CE Primary School     |76            |17            |83                           

St. Peter's Primary School                                                                   

   Tunbridge Wells               |81            |3             |97                           

Wortley CE Controlled Junior                                                                 

   and Infant School             |82            |90            |10                           

Sir Wilfrid Martineau School     |51            |31            |69                           

Cranbrook School                 |66            |86            |14                           

Hartshill School                 |51            |57            |43                           

Belmont Primary School           |77            |52            |48                           

North Rauceby School             |82            |88            |12                           

Heathside Secondary School       |57            |80            |20                           

William Alvey CE Junior                                                                      

   School                        |64            |86            |14                           

Warmbrook Junior School          |75            |38            |62                           

Gresham County Primary                                                                       

   School                        |86            |90            |10                           

Barnhill School                  |74            |98            |2                            

King John School, Benfleet       |52            |83            |17                           

Heacham Middle School            |75            |75            |25                           

Salterlee Primay School          |89            |84            |16                           

The Philip Morant School         |57            |59            |41                           

Tudor Grange School              |71            |45            |55                           

Windmill Ridge Middle School     |64            |45            |55                           

Borrow Wood Junior School        |67            |51            |49                           

Boyton Primary School            |75            |73            |27                           

Denefield School                 |54            |52            |48                           

Walford High School              |50            |75            |25                           

Brentside High School            |44            |65            |35                           

Bishop Stopford School           |62            |22            |78                           

Newstead Wood School             |73            |82            |18                           

Nower Hill High School           |68            |40            |60                           

Silverhill Primary School        |83            |47            |53                           

Langley Grammar School,                                                                      

   Slough                        |59            |81            |19                           

Rainham Mark Grammar                                                                         

   School                        |74            |73            |27                           

Elmwood County Primary                                                                       

   School                        |70            |86            |14                           

Bliss Charity Primary School     |76            |58            |42                           

Crofton Junior School            |64            |86            |14                           

Parkstone Grammar School,                                                                    

   Poole                         |67            |85            |15                           

La Retraite School               |83            |98            |2                            

Epsom and Ewell High School      |60            |69            |31                           

Ringwood Comprehensive                                                                       

   School                        |59            |87            |13                           

John Fisher School               |68            |77            |23                           

Ethelburga JMI School            |78            |96            |4                            

Neroche Primary School           |79            |27            |73                           

Gartree School                   |60            |83            |17                           

Hassall Green Methodist                                                                      

   Primary School                |83            |91            |9                            

Beaverwood School for Girls      |52            |68            |32                           

Romanby County Primary                                                                       

   School                        |93            |23            |77                           

Castle Hills School,                                                                         

   Gainsborough                  |54            |82            |18                           

Dereham Church VA First                                                                      

   School                        |75            |75            |25                           

Bowness-on-Solway Primary                                                                    

   School                        |83            |93            |7                            

Myton School                     |57            |53            |47                           

Queen Elizabeth High School      |65            |28            |72                           

Hayton CE Primary School         |97            |76            |24                           

Newlands Spring County                                                                       

   Primary School                |83            |79            |21                           

Northampton School for Boys      |56            |68            |32                           

Bridport County Primary                                                                      

   School                        |72            |10            |90                           

Cheam High School                |57            |63            |37                           

Lodge Park School                |52            |79            |21                           

Fulston Manor School             |60            |85            |15                           

Westfield County First School    |53            |26            |74                           

Parkside First School            |47            |86            |14                           

Underhill Junior School          |73            |43            |57                           

Baines School                    |61            |82            |18                           

Cromer High School               |58            |58            |42                           

Robinswood Primary School        |68            |64            |36                           

Huntingfield Primary School      |60            |98            |2                            

Deighton High School             |54            |88            |12                           

Thomas Whitehead VA Lower                                                                    

   School                        |71            |83            |17                           

Blindley Heath CE First School   |88            |98            |2                            

Angley School                    |70            |87            |13                           

Hamilton County Primary                                                                      

   School                        |68            |44            |56                           

The Canterbury High              |51            |86            |14                           

Sir Roger Manwood's School       |81            |88            |12                           

Trinity School                   |74            |86            |14                           

The City of Portsmouth Boys'                                                                 

   School                        |66            |81            |19                           

The North Kesteven School        |72            |82            |18                           

West Hatch High School           |75            |93            |7                            

Atherstone Upper School          |67            |75            |25                           

Robert Napier School,                                                                        

   Gillingham                    |55            |90            |10                           

Crofton School, Fareham          |72            |53            |47                           

Borough Green CP                 |71            |74            |26                           

The Robert Pattison School       |71            |86            |14                           

The Downs School                 |64            |78            |22                           

Atherstone Lower School          |56            |77            |23                           

Marshland High, West Walton      |68            |68            |32                           

Manor JMI School, Walsall        |67            |65            |35                           

Torells Comprehensive School,                                                                

   Grays                         |50            |72            |28                           

Clifford School, Sheffield       |76            |66            |34                           

St. George's Middle School,                                                                  

   Norfolk                       |80            |29            |71                           

The Malling School               |61            |78            |22                           

Note: Column A represents the percentage of eligible parents voting.                         

Column B represents the percentage of "yes" votes of those                                   


Column C represents the percentage of "no" votes of those                                    


Science and Engineering Research Council

Mr. Anthony Coombs : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science whether he has received the annual report of the Science and Engineering Research Council for 1990-91 ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Kenneth Clarke : The annual report of the Science and Engineering Research Council--SERC--for 1990-91 has been submitted to me under the requirements of the Science and Technology Act 1965, and a copy is being placed before the House today.

The report describes a challenging year for the council when important decisions were taken about future research priorities. The report describes important developments in science and engineering. These include, among many others.

a. The completion of the MERLIN network of radio-telescopes. In November 1990 I had the pleasure of opening the new 32 metre radio-telescope at Cambridge--the central element of the project. With the linking together of the seven telescopes in the network, the UK now has a facility equivalent to a telescope 230 kilometres in diameter. Observations from the MERLIN system will allow British astronomers to maintain their position in the forefront of their field.

b. The exciting discovery by a team at Cambridge of light-emitting polymers. This is an excellent example of collaboration between physicists and chemists in tackling problems in the important field of materials science. Light-emitting polymers have now been produced of a similar efficiency to conventional light-emitting diodes and the development of such materials to cover the whole of the optical spectrum is now in progress.

c. The Clean Technology programme. This is a joint venture by the SERC and the AFRC which promotes long-range opportunities for research into prospective new clean technologies. Examples of work in progress include investigation of alternatives to bulk chemicals and the concentration and disposal of dilute waste.

d. The identification of a third form of carbon structure in addition to diamond and graphite. These closed cage structures have become known as "fullerenes" after Buckminster Fuller, the architect of the geodesic dome. As well as opening up whole new fields of carbon chemistry and materials science their discovery also promises new insights into the mechanisms of star and planet formation. A group at Sussex university has played a leading role in identifying these structures.

e. In the field of engineering, the development of novel image sensing technology. Work at Edinburgh university has made possible for the first time the combination of analogue image sensors and digital processing circuitry on a single silicon chip. This will enable the production of high resolution image sensors at a substantially lower cost, size and power consumption than previously possible. This important development offers the possibility of new products such as "micro" video cameras, with potential further applications in computer optics, videophones and robotics. I congratulate the Science and Engineering Research Council on these and other achievements during the year. I expect the council to continue the task of reviewing its forward programme to match changing scientific priorities.

Student Grants

Mr. Marlow : To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Science by what amount student grants will be reduced, pursuant upon the introduction of the council

Column 555

tax, based on today's rate of payments made to compensate for the 20 per cent. community charge payments, assuming no increase in the cost of living.

Mr. Alan Howarth : Students' total resources from grant and loans will continue to be reviewed annually in the light of broad overall cost changes, including those in local taxation, affecting students. We have recently announced an increase in the average student support of 4 per cent. for the academic year 1992-93, thereby at least maintaining its value in real terms. It remains our policy to freeze the basic maintenance grant rates in cash and to apply any increase in resources to the loan facility only.


Local Government Structure

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will give (a) the consultants appointed by his Department to evaluate responses to the consultation paper on the structure of local government in Wales, (b) the fee agreed in each case, (c) the criteria used in selecting the consultants and (d) state whether consultants were appointed for the process of drawing up the consultation paper.

Mr. David Hunt : The consultation paper on the structure of local government was produced by my Department ; consultants were not engaged. Responses to the paper are being evaluated by my Department in consultation with the Council of Welsh Districts and the Assembly of Welsh Counties and in due course will be the subject of discussion by the Welsh Consultative Council on Local Government. Touche Ross has been appointed following open competition to provide technical advice to enable officials to make an assessment of the financial implications of any reorganisation. The fee agreed is subject to commercial confidentiality.

Patients Charter

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what is the cost of printing and distributing the patients charter in Wales.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett : The cost of printing and distributing the patients charter for Wales to every household in Wales is £203,030.

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales how many households in Wales are expected to receive the patients charter in Wales.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett : The patients charter for Wales will be sent to all households in Wales. Approximately 1,192,000 copies will be distributed.

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will make a statement on the patients charter in Wales.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett : The patients charter for Wales was launched by my hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Wales and myself on 28 October.

The patients charter for Wales is part of the Government's citizens charter initiative aimed at improving the standards of public services. The patients

Column 556

charter aims to raise the standard of the NHS in Wales. It describes the rights of patients and the standards and guarantees which we expect health authorities to achieve.

It reiterates the Government's belief that there must be no change to the fundamental principles on which the NHS was founded and on which it has continued ever since, namely that services should be available to every citizen on the basis of clinical need, regardless of ability to pay, and that the service should mainly be paid for out of general taxation.

The patients charter builds on the aim of making the NHS in Wales a people- centred service. It complements the strategic intent and direction of the NHS in Wales and the all-Wales quality strategy. The patients charter introduces a number of new measures. From 1 April 1992 there will be a waiting times guarantee. Patients will be guaranteed admission for treatment by a specific date no later than two years from the day when they are placed on a waiting list. The great majority of patients will be admitted before their guaranteed date. Exceptionally for some treatments it may be necessary to set a date more than two years away. Health authorities or GPs will be responsible for ensuring that the guaranteed times are met, if necessary by offering treatment in an alternative hospital. Charter standards have been set in several key areas of health care. These are waiting times for an emergency ambulance ; waiting times in accident and emergency departments ; cancellation of operations ; named nurses, midwives and health visitors responsible for patients' care ; arrangements for discharge from hospital ; waiting times for out-patients.

These standards build on existing good practice. We are asking health authorities to set their own standards in these areas in the first instance, with the aim of meeting all the charter standards as soon as possible.

Local charters will be drawn up jointly by district health authorities and family health services authorities to tell people about the services available in their locality. Health authorities will publish waiting times for out-patient, day care and in-patient treatment by hospital, speciality and individual consultant. Health authorities will publish standards of service agreed with hospitals and others who provide care. Health authorities will publish an annual report of achievement against local standards, and what action has been taken where necessary to improve performance. The Welsh Office will monitor authorities' performance against these standards.

Hospitals and other organisations which provide health care services will display a patients charter which will explain the main aspects of the service and the standards patients should receive. Details of an information service will be made available shortly. The Department will be monitoring the performance of all those concerned with health care in these areas.

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales how many copies of the patients charter in Wales have been printed ; and if he will give the name and address of the printer.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett : A total of 1,253,000 copies of the patients charter for Wales are being printed. An initial quantity of 3,000 copies was produced by Colibri Press Ltd. of Amhurst terrace, Hackney, London. The

Column 557

production of the remainder was undertaken by Flair Printers of South Portway close, Round Spinney, Northampton. Contracts for printing and distribution were arranged for the Department by the Central Office of Information, in accordance with print procurement procedures.

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales to whom the patients charter in Wales has been distributed ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett : The patients charter for Wales has been distributed to health authorities, health professional groups, consumer groups, Members of Parliament and individual members of the public who have requested a copy. The charter will shortly be distributed to all households in Wales. Copies of the charter will also be made available from hospitals, surgeries and other information points.

The charter describes the rights, standards and guarantees which patients can expect from the NHS in Wales. It is important that every household is informed about these matters.

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what is his estimate of the cost of the public launch of the patients charter in Wales.

Mr Nicholas Bennett : The cost of the launch of the patients charter for Wales was £1,352.

HMI Wales

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales when Her Majesty's inspectorate Wales' last annual report was published ; and what is the expected publication date of the next annual report.

Sir Wyn Roberts : The last annual report of Her Majesty's inspectorate Wales was published in March 1991. It is anticipated that the next annual report will be published in January 1992.

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will make a statement on the future of Her Majesty's inspectorate Wales.

Sir Wyn Roberts : The Education (Schools) Bill introduced on 6 November will establish an independent office of Her Majesty's chief inspector of schools in Wales to oversee arrangements for a new system of regular school inspections and to advise my right hon. Friend about the quality of education provided by schools and the educational standards achieved. Other aspects of the role of Her Majesty's inspectorate in Wales are being considered in the light of the review which has been undertaken and my right hon. Friend will make his proposals known as soon as possible.

Mr. Barry Jones : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what is the current size of Her Majesty's inspectorate Wales.

Sir Wyn Roberts : Fifty-nine.

St. Michael's Church, Manafon

Mr. Alex Carlile : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will make a statement on the response of Cadw to the request for grant aid towards the maintenance and repair of the historic church of St. Michael, Manafon.

Column 558

Sir Wyn Roberts : My right hon. Friend makes grants towards the costs of repairing churches and other buildings judged by the Historic Buildings Council for Wales--our independent adviser--to be of outstanding architectural or historic interest.

The council's assessment of St. Michael's church, Manafon, after considering further information provided by the church authorities, is that the building is not outstanding and, therefore, regrettably does not qualify for grant aid under the terms of the Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments Act 1953.

Wind Farms

Mr. Alex Carlile : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will make a statement on his Department's policy towards proposals for the construction of wind farms in rural Wales.

Mr. David Hunt : The Government wish to exploit the development of renewable energy resources wherever they are environmentally and economically acceptable. The policy of encouraging renewables is being carried forward in two principal ways : first, through a Government-funded research, development and demonstration programme ; and, secondly, by removing institutional barriers to the renewables, for example by introducing the Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation Renewables Order. We intend to issue a draft planning policy guidance note on renewable energy, including wind farms, for public consultation later this month.

Lamb Sales

Mr. Alex Carlile : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will estimate the gross value of fat lamb sales by farmers at live markets and direct to abattoirs, respectively, in Wales in each year since 1979 ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. David Hunt : The estimated gross values of fat lambs sold in Wales at live markets and direct to abattoirs in each year since 1979 are shown in the table :

           |Sales at  |Sales to             

           |live sales|abattoirs            

           |(£,000) |(£,000)            


1979       |62,705    |13,951               

1980       |73,595    |16,375               

1981       |96,890    |21,557               

1982       |102,575   |22,822               

1983       |105,725   |27,766               

1984       |125,286   |37,423               

1985       |129,143   |41,455               

1986       |137,294   |43,833               

1987       |145,793   |48,597               

1988       |157,608   |47,344               

1989       |159,630   |47,951               

<1>1990    |163,744   |49,187               


Development Board for Rural Wales

Mr. Alex Carlile : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what was the gross budget of the Development Board for Rural Wales in each year from 1975 ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. David Hunt : The table shows the DBRW's gross expenditure for each year since its inception in 1977.

Column 559

DBRW gross expenditure<3>           

Year        |£ million            


1977-78     |6.5                    

1978-79     |9.7                    

1979-80     |12.2                   

1980-81     |10.3                   

1981-82     |12.6                   

1982-83     |14.4                   

1983-84     |14.2                   

1984-85     |16.4                   

1985-86     |17.9                   

1986-87     |<4>15.4                

1987-88     |15.3                   

1988-89     |18.3                   

1989-90     |19.5                   

1990-91     |19.6                   

1991-92     |<1>20.9                

1992-93     |<2>23.6                



<3>Including National Loans Fund    


<4>Loan servicing requirements      

reduced by Welsh Office.            

The increase of £2.2 million planned for the DBRW's budget in 1992-93 will enable the board to build on its special rural action programme, introduced to stimulate enterprise in the more remote rural areas of mid- Wales, as well as allowing the board to increase its social development work and take forward several joint initiatives with local authorities.

The planned gross expenditure for the board in 1992-93 represents an increase of almost 13 per cent. over estimated gross expenditure for 1991- 92.

Welsh Office Expenditure

Mr. Livsey : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will indicate, following the Chancellor's autumn statement on the allocation of Welsh Office expenditure for 1992-93, how much of the block has been allocated to (a) health, (b) education, (c) housing, (d) the environment and (e) tourism ; and what were the comparable allocations to these headings for 1991-92.

Mr. David Hunt : I have already announced that I have secured an extra £80 million per year for mandatory home renovation grants. This means that, within the £5,810 million available for Welsh Office programmes in 1992-93, total provision for these grants will be £143 million--sufficient to bring over 11,500 dwellings up to the required fitness standard.

I shall be making further announcements about the allocation of resources to the remainder of my block programmes in due course, and full details will be published in next year's departmental report. The original allocations of provision for 1991-92 were set out in this year's report, Cm 1516.


Mr. Geraint Howells : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he has any plans to visit the President of the European Commission to discuss the situation of the Welsh farmers ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. David Hunt : It is my intention to visit Brussels in the near future for discussions with the Agriculture Commissioner among others.

Column 560

Ambulance Service

Mr. Morgan : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what guidelines he has issued to the chairmen of the Welsh health authorities concerning the logos to be used on NHS ambulances in Wales.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett : None.

Mr. Morgan : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what consultations he has had with the chairman of the South Glamorgan health authority concerning the expenditure of £40,000 on so far unused uniforms for the South Glamorgan ambulance service.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett : None. This is a matter for the health authority.

Council Tax

Mr. Livsey : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what is the estimated cost to local authorities in Wales of preparing for the administration of the council tax and the level of Welsh Office support for this expenditure.

Mr. Nicholas Bennett : A study undertaken by the management consultants CSL Group estimated the cost to local authorities in Wales at £9.2 million. The Government have accepted the report's conclusions and on 5 November my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Wales announced that revenue costs would be supported by a specific grant of 75 per cent. and capital costs through supplementary credit approvals.

Livestock Feed

Mr. Geraint Howells : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales how many tonnes of grain have been fed to Welsh livestock during the last 12 months ; at what cost ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. David Hunt : Information is not available separately on grain fed to Welsh livestock. The total cost of the feed bill as a whole over the past 12 months is estimated to be over £198 million.


Electricity Production

Mr. Hinchliffe : To ask the Secretary of State for Energy what studies have been undertaken by his Department into the effect of increasing dependency on gas-fired electricity production ; and what are the implications for gas reserves.

Mr. Moynihan : My Department is monitoring the development of the new power generation market for gas. Power generation from gas contributes towards fuel diversity in electricity production and carries environmental benefits. The current evidence suggests the United Kingdom has sufficient known reserves of gas and the potential for new discoveries to supply all the demands of the United Kingdom market, including power generation, well into the next century.

Nuclear Power Stations

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Energy when he hopes to announce his decision about the dates of closure or continued operation of the nuclear power stations at (a) Bradwell, Essex, (b) Sizewell A, Suffolk, (c) Dungeness A, Kent, and (d) Hinkley Point, Somerset.

Column 561

Mr. Heathcoat-Amory : This is a matter for the company. The decision will be a commercial one, provided that the Health and Safety Executive's nuclear installations inspectorate are satisfied that continued operation of the plant is safe.

Chapel Cross Power Station

Mr. Martlew : To ask the Secretary of State for Energy if he will make a statement on the proposal to construct a new atomic power station at Chapel Cross.

Mr. Heathcoat-Amory : No such proposal has been made at this stage. I refer the hon. Member to my reply to the hon. Member for Don Valley (Mr. Redmond) on 15 October 1991 at columns 137-38.

Renewable Energy

Mr. Morgan : To ask the Secretary of State for Energy, pursuant to his statement of 5 November, Official Report, columns 329-31, which new projects from the first approved tranche of renewable energy contracts have so far proceeded to commencement of construction ; and what arrangement he has made to recycle entitlement from projects approved but not proceeded with, to those not approved but still active. Mr. Moynihan : Of the 42 new projects which secured contracts under the 1990 renewables non-fossil fuel obligation (NFFO), some 12 have already been commissioned. The other 30 are planned to commission by the end of 1994 at the latest. The Government are committed to make further renewables orders during the 1990s to provide up to 600 MW of capacity, in addition to that forthcoming from the 1990 NFFO. The 1991 Renewables Order which I announced on 5 November made a substantial contribution to this commitment.

Nuclear Installations Inspectorate

Mr. Flynn : To ask the Secretary of State for Energy if he will publish in full the assessment by the nuclear installations inspectorate of the safety of the gas outlet welds at Trawsfynydd reactor number one and all similar reactors at Bradwell, Sizewell and Dungeness.

Mr. Heathcoat-Amory : The publication of such reports is a matter for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of

Column 562

which the nuclear installations inspectorate (NII) is a part. However, I understand that in due course the HSE intends to publish the NII's response to operators' assessments of a number of generic issues relating to Magnox reactors which will include that of the integrity of steel pressure vessel welds. The HSE also intend to publish the NII's response to Nuclear Electric plc's long-term safety reviews (LTSR) of Trawsfynydd, Sizewell A and Dungeness A reactors. The response to the LTSR of Bradwell was published in 1987.



Ms. Primarolo : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will list all aid payments made available to Indonesia between 1975 to 1991 and the projects financed by this aid.

Mrs. Chalker : The gross bilateral aid expenditure on technical co- operation, debt relief, disaster relief and project aid was as follows :

£ thousand                

        Total of which Proje


1975   |6,777 |4,796        

1976   |4,651 |2,407        

1977   |5,646 |2,691        

1978   |6,541 |2,718        

1979   |13,144|7,334        

1980   |11,190|4,963        

1981   |15,350|9,729        

1982   |17,219|11,442       

1983   |12,358|6,260        

1984   |28,292|22,192       

1985   |33,649|26,753       

1986   |8,898 |2,482        

1987   |12,223|4,550        

1988   |17,334|6,139        

1989   |20,772|10,883       

1990   |22,714|9,464        

The "project aid" column covers expenditure on the following Overseas Development Administration and Commonwealth Development Corporation capital aid projects.

Column 561

Sector                               |Title                              |First year of                                                          



Overseas Development Administration                                                                                                              

Agricultural and water resources     |East Java operation and maintenance|1980                                                                   

Agricultural and water resources     |Madura groundwater                 |1980                                                                   

Agricultural and water resources     |Kediri Nganjuk irrigation II       |1980                                                                   

Agricultural and water resources     |Kediri irrigation IIIa             |1980                                                                   

Agricultural and water resources     |Krueng Jerue and Baro irrigation   |1980                                                                   

Oil-fired power plants               |Isolated diesel generator          |1980                                                                   

Oil-fired power plants               |Bali/Madura power generators       |1980                                                                   

Agricultural and water resources     |Kali Progo irrigation              |1980                                                                   

Electrical distribution              |Bali electrification I             |1980                                                                   

Electrical distribution              |Bali electrification: Nusa Dua     |1980                                                                   

Harbours and docks                   |Marine navigational aids           |1980                                                                   

General Government services          |Computer: statistics bureau        |1980                                                                   

Water supply                         |Palambang water supply             |1980                                                                   

Passenger road transport             |Buses for Jakarta                  |1981                                                                   

Hydro-electric power/dams            |Mrica hydro-electric project       |1982                                                                   

Agricultural and water resources     |Kali Progo irrigation              |1983                                                                   

Coal mining                          |Ombilin coal mine                  |1983                                                                   

Electrical distribution              |Java/Madura power programme        |1984                                                                   

Telecommunications                   |Telecommunications cable           |1984                                                                   

Rail infrastructure                  |Rail bridges                       |1985                                                                   

Oil-fired power plants               |Diesel power plants                |1985                                                                   

Passenger road transport             |Supply of steel bridges            |1987                                                                   

Water transport                      |Marine navigation aids             |1987                                                                   

Telecommunications                   |Colour television station equipment|1988                                                                   

Hydro-electric power/dams            |Scattered diesels                  |1989                                                                   

Harbours and docks                   |Port facilities                    |1989                                                                   

Rail infrastructure                  |Cigading/Serpong railway           |1990                                                                   

Radio links and equipment            |Radio studios                      |1990                                                                   

Commonwealth Development Corporation                                                                                                             

Coffee/cocoa/tea                     |Coklat Ransiki cocoa/chocolate     |1980                                                                   

Textile fibres                       |Tubantia Kudus spinning mills      |1980                                                                   

Textile fibres                       |Pt Sumatex Subur                   |1980                                                                   

Cement/lime/plaster                  |Pt Semen Andalas; equity           |1980                                                                   

Textile fibres                       |Pt Kewalrams-spinning plant        |1981                                                                   

Crop production                      |Tatar Anyar tea and rubber         |1981                                                                   

Textile fibres                       |Tubantia Kudus spinning mills      |1982                                                                   

Textile fibres                       |Sumatex Suber textile mill         |1982                                                                   

Cement/lime/plaster                  |Pt Semen Andalas I                 |1982                                                                   

Cement/lime/plaster                  |Pt Semen Andalas II                |1982                                                                   

Crop production                      |Pt Tatar Anyar                     |1982                                                                   

Coffee/cocoa/tea                     |Cocoa estates development          |1983                                                                   

Agricultural development             |Nucleus estates/smallholders       |1983                                                                   

Hydro-electric power/dams            |Java hydro-electric scheme         |1983                                                                   

Crops: development-processing        |Crop developing and processing     |1983                                                                   

Textile fibres                       |PTKI-fund operating deficit        |1984                                                                   

Fibre crops                          |Cloth and yarn production          |1986                                                                   

Rubber                               |Rubber plantations                 |1986                                                                   

Coffee/cocoa/tea                     |Cocoa estate development II        |1987                                                                   

Textile fibres                       |Yarn spinning mill and dye house   |1989                                                                   

Oils and fats                        |PT Tasik Raja                      |1990                                                                   

Project level information is not available prior to 1980. Projects listed under 1980 include projects started in the 1970s on which expenditure was still continuing at that date.

Figures for 1991 are not available.

Technology Transfer Fund

Mr. Morgan : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1) what progress has been made so far with the allocation of expenditure to each of the former eastern bloc countries under the technology transfer fund ; and if he will make a statement ;

(2) what is the total expenditure so far allocated on individual projects out of the technology transfer fund set up to assist the development of eastern bloc countries ; and in which of the categories within the fund the projects fit ;

(3) if he will give details of the staffing, training and qualifications of the unit set up to administer the technology transfer fund with the former eastern bloc countries.

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