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Carriers' Liability

Ms. Hoey : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what is the total sum of fines issued to carriers since the introduction of the Immigration (Carriers' Liability) Act 1987 ; and what is the total in outstanding fines.

Mr. Charles Wardle : The total sum is £44.01 million, of which £21.78 million is outstanding.

Housing Services for the Elderly

Ms. Janet Anderson : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will make arrangements for Housing Services for the Elderly to have free access to fire control ex-directory telephone numbers.

Mr. Peter Lloyd : I have no reason to believe that the current arrangements whereby emergency telephone calls are routed through the public telephone operators are unsatisfactory. Exceptionally, fire control ex-directory numbers may be made available by a chief fire officer to high- risk establishments and to emergency alarm receiving companies at their expense in order to receive calls directly in the brigade area.


Mr. Heppell : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will give figures for the total number of prisoners held in HMP Nottingham in 1979 and in each following year until 1992 ; and what category of prisoner they were.

Mr. Peter Lloyd : The readily available information is given in the table. The population has been taken as at 31 March for each of the years requested in order to include the latest figures for 1992. All inmates held were in the category adult sentenced males.

Column 239

|c|Population of Nottingham closed training prison on 31 March 1979-1992|c|                                                   

|c|Adult sentenced males|c|                                                                                                   

                      Sentence length                                                                                         

Year                 |Up to and including |Over 18 months and  |Over 4 years        |Total as at 31 March                     

                     |18 months           |up to 4 years                                                                      


1979                 |4                   |188                 |64                  |256                                      

1980                 |1                   |168                 |89                  |258                                      

1981                 |4                   |170                 |81                  |255                                      

1982                 |7                   |159                 |84                  |250                                      

1983                 |10                  |159                 |89                  |258                                      

1984                 |5                   |185                 |108                 |298                                      

1985                 |3                   |151                 |124                 |278                                      

1986                 |2                   |133                 |157                 |292                                      

1987                 |1                   |111                 |179                 |291                                      

1988                 |3                   |100                 |191                 |294                                      

1989                 |4                   |97                  |189                 |290                                      

1990                 |3                   |89                  |176                 |268                                      

1991                 |3                   |74                  |153                 |230                                      

1992                 |2                   |36                  |174                 |212                                      

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list by prison establishment for the past 12 months, the number of inmates that have had self-inflicted wounds ; and what was the comparative figure for (a) 24 months, (b) 36 months and (c) 48 months previously.

Mr. Peter Lloyd : The number of self-inflicted injuries at each prison service establishment in 1991 is listed in the table. Information for earlier years is not available.

|c|Incidents of self-injury in prison service     

establishments during 1991|c|                     

Establishment         |Total                      


Acklington            |4                          

Albany                |-                          

Aldington             |-                          

Ashwell               |2                          

Askham Grange         |1                          

Aylesbury             |19                         

Bedford               |20                         

Belmarsh              |6                          

Birmingham            |48                         

Blantyre House        |-                          

Blundeston            |7                          

Brinsford             |10                         

Bristol               |5                          

Brixton               |29                         

Brockhill             |35                         

Bullwood Hall         |29                         

Camp Hill             |11                         

Canterbury            |15                         

Cardiff               |29                         

Castington            |3                          

Channings Wood        |5                          

Chelmsford            |17                         

Coldingley            |1                          

Cookham Wood          |33                         

Dartmoor              |29                         

Deerbolt              |23                         

Dorchester            |1                          

Dover                 |20                         

Downview              |-                          

Drake Hall            |2                          

Durham                |66                         

East Sutton Park      |-                          

Eastwood Park         |1                          

Elmley                |-                          

Erlestoke House       |4                          

Everthorpe            |20                         

Exeter                |35                         

Featherstone          |10                         

Feltham               |106                        

Ford                  |-                          

Frankland             |18                         

Full Sutton           |20                         

Garth                 |8                          

Gartree               |5                          

Glen Parva            |76                         

Gloucester            |17                         

Grendon               |38                         

Guys Marsh            |2                          

Haslar                |2                          

Hatfield              |1                          

Haverigg              |3                          

Hewell Grange         |-                          

Highpoint             |10                         

Hindley               |70                         

Hollesley Bay         |15                         

Holloway              |95                         

Hull                  |116                        

Huntercombe           |21                         

Kingston              |-                          

Kirkham               |1                          

Kirklevington Grange  |15                         

Lancaster             |5                          

Latchmere House       |-                          

Leeds                 |130                        

Leicester             |27                         

Lewes                 |25                         

Leyhill               |3                          

Lincoln               |117                        

Lindholme             |12                         

Littlehey             |13                         

Liverpool             |74                         

Long Lartin           |22                         

Low Newton (Male)     |55                         

Low Newton (Female)   |3                          

Maidstone             |6                          

Manchester            |35                         

Moorland              |117                        

Morton Hall           |2                          

The Mount             |1                          

New Hall              |113                        

Northallerton         |17                         

Northeye              |2                          

North Sea Camp        |-                          

Norwich               |6                          

Nottingham            |4                          

Onley                 |34                         

Oxford                |14                         

Parkhurst             |2                          

Pentonville           |8                          

Portland              |39                         

Preston               |7                          

Pucklechurch (Female) |112                        

Ranby                 |4                          

Reading               |9                          

Risley (Male)         |-                          

Risley (Female)       |50                         

Rochester             |68                         

Rudgate               |1                          

Send                  |-                          

Shepton Mallet        |4                          

Shrewsbury            |34                         

Stafford              |36                         

Standford Hill        |1                          

Stocken               |8                          

Stoke Heath           |29                         

Styal                 |304                        

Sudbury               |5                          

Swaleside             |2                          

Swansea               |10                         

Swinfen Hall          |4                          

Thorn Cross           |4                          

Thorp Arch            |-                          

Usk                   |3                          

The Verne             |3                          

Wakefield             |12                         

Wandsworth            |9                          

Wayland               |7                          

Wellingborough        |-                          

Werrington            |3                          

Wetherby              |19                         

Whatton               |1                          

Whitemoor             |-                          

Winchester            |10                         

Wormwood Scrubs       |32                         

Wymott                |9                          


Total                 |1,615                      

Deportation Orders

Ms. Hoey : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what action is being taken on applicants for asylum who have received paragraph 101 refusals on the basis of non-appearance at interviews ; and how many of those refused since 1 December 1991 have been served with removal or deportation orders.

Mr. Charles Wardle : Unless an asylum applicant refused under paragraph 101 of the immigration rules is subsequently in touch with the Department, he remains liable to arrest and administrative action to enforce his departure. Information about the numbers subject to such action is not collected in the form requested.


Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list in rank order for each police force in England and Wales, the number of females who have reported being raped during the last 12 months.

Mr. Jack : The available information held centrally relates to the number of notifiable offences of rape recorded by the police and is given in the table. Although there are no figures for the number of offences reported, recent Home Office research shows that 61 per cent. of allegations of rape were recorded by the police in 1989.

|c|Notifiable offences of rape recorded by the police by police  



England and Wales                                                

Police force area            |Number of                          



Metropolitan police district |1,158                              

Greater Manchester           |227                                

West Midlands                |214                                

West Yorkshire               |213                                

Hampshire                    |136                                

Kent                         |115                                

Nottinghamshire              |111                                

Thames Valley                |99                                 

Avon and Somerset            |98                                 

Northumbria                  |93                                 

South Wales                  |91                                 

Essex                        |83                                 

South Yorkshire              |74                                 

Sussex                       |73                                 

Merseyside                   |63                                 

Cambridgeshire               |62                                 

Norfolk                      |62                                 

Suffolk                      |61                                 

Humberside                   |61                                 

Devon and Cornwall           |60                                 

Lancashire                   |58                                 

North Wales                  |55                                 

Staffordshire                |53                                 

West Mercia                  |50                                 

Dorset                       |49                                 

Dyfed-Powys                  |47                                 

Cleveland                    |47                                 

Wiltshire                    |46                                 

Bedfordshire                 |46                                 

Hertfordshire                |46                                 

Durham                       |45                                 

Northamptonshire             |44                                 

Surrey                       |41                                 

Gwent                        |38                                 

Lincolnshire                 |38                                 

Leicestershire               |38                                 

Cheshire                     |37                                 

Derbyshire                   |34                                 

Gloucestershire              |23                                 

Cumbria                      |19                                 

North Yorkshire              |19                                 

Warwickshire                 |18                                 

City of London               |-                                  


England and Wales            |4,045                              

Aquatic Environment

Mr. Tyler : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what are the responsibilities and duties of his Department and any agency which reports to his Department in relation to inshore waters, intertidal areas and maritime land ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Charles Wardle : I refer the hon. Member to the Government's memorandum on this subject which was submitted to the Environment Committee of this House in the previous Session. It has now been published by HMSO as part of the Environment Committee's report on coastal zone protection and planning, volume II, minutes of evidence and appendices.

Intelligence Data

Mr. Cohen : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will make a statement, in the form that does not jeopardise national security, on the criteria used by the Security Service to help it decide whether personal data should be retained by it ; and how such criteria have varied since 1989.

Mr. Charles Wardle : I have nothing to add to the Security Service Commissioner's report on Security Service record-keeping policy in his annual report for 1991 and his conclusion that the general policy on retention of records was acceptable.


Mr. Cohen : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will provide, in a form that does not jeopardise national security, generalised examples of subversive activities that do not involve law breaking ; and whether he will make a statement.

Mr. Charles Wardle : No.

Ethnic Minorities

Ms. Estelle Morris : To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department by what means and through what channels section 11 resources will be allocated to colleges of further education following their removal from local authority control.

Mr. Peter Lloyd : After further education and sixth form colleges leave local authority control on 1 April 1993, they will be eligible to receive, and to apply for, section 11 grant direct. Posts already approved for funding from 1 April 1992 will continue to be eligible for grant, with the

Column 245

contribution previously made by the local authority being met by the Further Education Funding Council. Detailed administrative arrangements are under consideration.


Eye Tests

Mr. Cousins : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will list the circumstances under which pensioners may be asked to pay for eye tests.

Dr. Mawhinney : Pensioners as a group have never been automatically exempted from payment of optical costs, including those for sight tests. Pensioners who receive income support are entitled to free NHS sight tests. Pensioners on a low income can claim help with their optical costs under the NHS low-income scheme.

Community Health Services

Mr. Stephen : To ask the Secretary of State for Health how spending on health and community health services (a) for elderly people and (b) for mentally ill people has changed since 1979.

Mr. Yeo : Available data are given in the table. Estimated spending on services for elderly people does not include spending on the acute hospital services which are used by people in all age groups including elderly people.

|c|Estimated Hospital and Community Health Service (HCHS)|c|                                     

|c|spending on services for elderly people and for mentally ill people|c|                        

|c|1979-80 and 1990-91.|c|                                                                       

                                                  Spending                Real terms             

                                                  (£ million cash)        increase<1>            

                                                 |1979-80    |1990-91    |(per cent.)            


Services for elderly people                      |651        |1,927.6    |36.5                   

Services for mentally ill people                 |592.8      |1,763.5    |37.1                   

Total HCHS expenditure (excluding joint finance) |5,309.5    |14,745.8   |28.0                   

<1> After allowing for changes in general inflation as measured by the GDP deflator.             

Breast Cancer

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will make a statement on the clinical trials at London's Royal Marsden hospital that are planned to discover if patients suffering from breast cancer would benefit from hormone replacement therapy ; and when she expects the results will be published.

Mr. Sackville : There are no firm plans to hold such a trial at the Royal Marsden hospital.


Mr. Tyler : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what research has been carried out into the effects of organophosphates on the human body and methods of entry into the human body ; who carried out that research ; and who is carrying out research currently.

Mr. Sackville : Organophosphate toxicology is a very heavily researched area and many papers reporting such research are published each month in the world's scientific journals. Organophosphate research was recently reviewed by Ballantyne and Marrs--"Clinical and experimental toxicology of organophosphates and carbamates", published by Butterworth-- Heinemann, Oxford, 1992.

Column 246

A number of groups are carrying out research into the action of organophosphates including, in the United Kingdom :

(a) Medical Research Council Laboratories, Carshalton (Dr. Martin Johnson).

(b) University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Professor Peter Blaine). (

(c) Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment, Porton Down, Salisbury.

In addition, clinical research has been carried out at the poisons units, particularly by Dr. Virginia Murray in London and Dr. Allister Vale in Birmingham, and the Health and Safety Executive is proposing to carry out a study of farm staff and contract workers using organophosphate sheep dips.

Outside the United Kingdom, there are numerous groups working on organophosphates, notably :

BelgiumUniversity of Ghent (Dr. Willems).CanadaDRES, Suffield, Alberta (Dr. Clements).HungarySzent-Gyorgy University, Szeged (Professor Desi).ItalyUniversity of Padua (Professor Lotti).PortugalCoimbra University Hospital (Dr.

Pimentel).USAVanderbilt University, Nashville

(Professor Dettbarn).

Trust Hospitals

Mr. Batiste : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will list all trust hospitals together with their postal addresses and the names of their chief executives.

Dr. Mawhinney : The information requested has been placed in the Library.

Nursing Beds

Mr. Cummings : To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many nursing beds within the private sector there are within the Seaham, Murton, Easington, Peterlee, Shotton, Horden, Blackhall and South Hetton area.

Mr. Yeo : Information is not available in the form requested.


Mr. Cousins : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will give the membership and remuneration of the members of the Dental Estimates Board.

Dr. Mawhinney : The Dental Practice Board--DPB--previously known as the Dental Estimates Board, comprises five dental members, two lay members and the chief executive, who is also a lay member. Current membership is as follows :

Chairman (dentist)

Mr. T. H. Farrell

Vice Chairman (dentist)

Mr. W. H. Evans

Dental Members

Mr. D. W. Lester

Mr. R. A. Gorham

Mr. H. G. Lewis

Lay Members

Mr. D. A. Dryer

Mrs. C. A. Osborne

Chief Executive

Mr. J. A. Taylor

The chairman receives remuneration of £23,658.18 per annum for an average attendance of 2.5 days per week, plus £182 for each additional day of attendance. He is also entitled to travel and subsistence payments for attendance at meetings held away from the DPB site at Eastbourne.

Column 247

Other members, with the exception of the chief executive, receive a fee of £124.68 for each day of attendance at the DPB. They are also entitled to travel and subsistence payments.

The chief executive is a full-time employee of the DPB. He is not remunerated separately as a board member.

Community Care

Mr. Godsiff : To ask the Secretary of State for Health when she last met the Association of Directors of Social Services to discuss community care.

Mr. Yeo : My hon. Friend the Minister for Health last met the Association of Directors of Social Services on 4 June.

Child Care

Mr. Leighton : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what steps Her Majesty's Government are taking to improve child care provision, following the EC child care recommendations.

Mr. Yeo : The EC child care recommendation, adopted on 31 March 1992, will contribute to the continuing debate on child care. The Department's latest statistics, "Children's day care facilities at 31 March 1991, England" ; a copy of which is available in the Library, show that in England between 1988 and 1991 registered day nursery places grew by 112 per cent. from 36,000 to 77,000 and the number of registered child-minders by 42 per cent. from 73,600 to 104,900. The Children Act 1989 gives a new duty to local authorities to review the child-care services used by children aged under eight in their area every three years and publish a report. This requirement gives local authorities a strategic role in child care and provides a legal framework for production of a local child care plan which will result in sensible expansion and development.

Waiting Lists

Mr. Simon Coombs : To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many patients had been waiting for hospital treatment (a) under one year, (b) one to two years and (c) over two years at the latest date for which figures are available.

Mr. Sackville : I refer my hon. Friend to the reply I gave my hon. Friend the Member for Uxbridge (Mr. Shersby), on 10 June at columns 219-20 .

Community Psychiatric Nursing

Mr. Win Griffiths : To ask the Secretary of State for Health when the current review of community psychiatric nursing will be completed ; and if she will make a statement.

Mr. Yeo [holding answer 9 June 1992] : The review of mental health nursing was announced by my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State in her speech to the Royal College of Nursing congress on 27 April 1992.

The precise terms of reference, the chairmanship and membership of the steering group for the review, together with its method of working, are being finalised.

The review will be concerned with all aspects of mental health nursing including community psychiatric nursing and will examine practice, leadership and education.

Column 248

The review will be taken forward by a multi- disciplinary steering group. The chairmanship and membership of the group will be announced by mid-July. The first meeting of the group will take place in September and the work will be completed within a year.

The work of this review will feed into that of the mental health task force which was announced at the end of February.


Personal Data

Mr. Cohen : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what assessment he has made of the effectiveness of his Department's arrangements for consulting the Data Protection Registrar during the planning stage of any initiative involving the collection, use or disclosure of personal data ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd : Officials are aware of the need to consult the registrar about proposed legislation or other initiatives which might affect or be affected by the Data Protection Act 1984, and will consult him as necessary when planning the collection, use or disclosure of automated personal data.

Developing Nations (Trade)

Mrs. Gorman : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what policies Her Majesty's Government pursue to promote trade between developing nations and the EC.

Mr. Needham : I have been asked to reply.

The Government support the Community's efforts, as in the current GATT Uruguay round negotiations, to create open trading conditions which will increase trade with all countries, including the developing nations. In addition, the European Community gives preferential access to most products from developing countries under its generalised system of preferences scheme. This provides especially generous treatment for the least developed. The trade provisions of the Lome convention also provide access to Community markets at zero duty for most products from the African, Caribbean and Pacific states.

Clothing and Textiles

Mr. Barnes : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what is the position of the United Kingdom Government regarding the import of Bangladeshi textiles and clothing into the EC after the creation of the single market ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Needham : I have been asked to reply.

Regulation of textiles and clothing imports from Bangladesh into the European Community is governed by the multi-fibre arrangement bilateral agreement on trade in textiles between the two parties, the provisions of which are unlikely to be significantly affected by completion of the single market.

Mr. Barnes : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what are the current quotas for textile and clothing imports into the United Kingdom from countries covered by the multi-fibre arrangement.

Column 249

Mr. Needham : I have been asked to reply.

I refer the hon. Member to EC regulation 369/92 published in the "Official Journal of the European Communities", No. L45 of 20 February 1992, copies of which are in the Library of the House.


Student Grants

Mr. Andrew Smith : To ask the Secretary of State for Education what is the cost of producing and distributing "student grants and loans" ; and how many copies are being produced.

Mr. Forman : We plan to produce and distribute at least 900,000 copies of "Student Grants and Loans : A brief guide 1992-93" at an estimated cost of about £88,000. We shall produce additional copies if there is sufficient demand.


Greenwich Generating Station

Mr. Raynsford : To ask the President of the Board of Trade, pursuant to his answer of 19 May, Official Report, column 104, how many of the representations he has received about the MetroPower proposals to redevelop Greenwich generating station have supported the proposal and how many have objected to it.

Mr. Eggar Under the Electricity (Applications for Consent) Regulations 1990 an opportunity must be given for objections to the MetroPower proposals to be registered with my Department. More than 100 objections were so registered by the date specified under the regulations. The regulations do not provide for support for proposals to be registered.

Waste Strategy

Mr. Dafis : To ask the President of the Board of Trade if he will make it his policy to prepare a United Kingdom-wide strategy for the commercial energy industry covering extraction, conversion, transport and waste over the next 30 years.

Mr. Eggar : No. The Government have set out their policy designed to ensure that consumers obtain energy efficiently. Strategy blueprints on the lines proposed by the hon. Member do not work and have been rejected even by the former socialist economies.

Natural Gas

Mr. Dafis : To ask the President of the Board of Trade what action is being undertaken by his Department to reduce the flaming of natural gas in the oil extraction process.

Mr. Eggar : My consent is required to the flaring of any gas produced in association with oil in the United Kingdom. In granting such consents, my policy is to ensure that flaring is restricted to the minimum amounts which are consistent with maintaining safe and economic operations.

Column 250


Mr. Dafis : To ask the President of the Board of Trade how much has been allocated during each of the last five years by his Department to fund research and development on (a) energy produced from fossil fuel sources and (b) the development of energy from renewable sources.

Mr. Eggar : Following is the information requested :


          |£ million          


1987-88   |9.8                

1988-89   |7.9                

1989-90   |5.6                

1990-91   |15.9               

1991-92   |8.4                


          |£ million          


1987-88   |16.1               

1988-89   |16.3               

1989-90   |17.9               

1990-91   |20.9               

1991-92   |24.0               


<1> 1987-88 and 1988-89       

figures are taken from the    

annual review of              

Government-funded research    

and development. These        

figuress relate essentially   

to Frascati research and      


<2> 1989-90 and 1990-91       

figures are final outturn.    

<3> 1991-92 figures are taken 

from main estimates.          

Coal Imports

Mr. Cummings : To ask the President of the Board of Trade what were the tonnages of coal imports into the ports of Sunderland, Seaham, Hartlepool and Teesside during the years 1988-89, 1989-90 and 1990-91 ; and what were the points of origin.

Mr. Eggar : Coal imports for these areas are shown in the table. Imports at Seaham are recorded under the port of Sunderland. Imports at Teesside are shown for the port of Middlesbrough.

|c|Thousand tonnes<1>|c|                        




United States   |58     |109    |63             

Australia       |184    |35     |0              

Venezuela       |104    |34     |9              

Soviet Union    |49     |0      |56             

Canada          |29     |9      |22             

Germany         |16     |24     |7              

Other countries |64     |41     |42             

                |---    |---    |---            

  Total         |503    |251    |198            



Colombia        |22     |44     |101            

Poland          |67     |25     |14             

Soviet Union    |57     |5      |0              

Australia       |51     |2      |0              

Other countries |26     |5      |0              

                |---    |---    |---            

  Total         |224    |82     |115            



Australia       |1,393  |1,254  |1,407          

United States   |1,130  |1,106  |722            

Poland          |322    |71     |20             

Canada          |117    |169    |25             

Other countries |48     |181    |215            

                |---    |---    |---            

  Total         |3,010  |2,781  |2,388          

<1> Figures are rounded independently and a     

total may therefore differ from the sum of its  

constituent parts.                              


Mr. Evennett : To ask the President of the Board of Trade when he expects to announce the public inquiry into the Cory waste-to-energy incinerator proposal in Belvedere ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Eggar : Arrangements for the public inquiry are nearing completion and I expect to announce the details shortly. I will write to my hon. Friend once they are finalised.

Renewable Energy

Mr. Martyn Jones : To ask the President of the Board of Trade if the United Kingdom has set a target for the percentage of total electricity supply from renewable resources.

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