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Mr. Lennox-Boyd : The British embassy in Baghdad sent the then consul's sworn affidavit to the appropriate coroner's office who passed it to the head coroner before the inquest on 28 August 1990. So far as we are aware, the Iraqi authorities have charged no one with any crime in connection with the death of Mr. Glass.

Prerogative Powers

Mr. Allen : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs on what occasions since 1987 the Government have bound the United Kingdom under international law by virtue of Ministers' prerogative powers ; and on which of these occasions prior approval was sought from Parliament.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd : Ministers do not have prerogative powers. All treaties entered into by the United Kingdom are concluded by Her Majesty's Government exercising the royal prerogative on behalf of the Crown. Ratification of treaties only exceptionally requires prior parliamentary

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approval, but all treaties which are subject to ratification are brought to Parliament's attention by being laid before both Houses for a minimum of 21 days. If primary or secondary legislation is required in order to ensure compliance with obligations arising under a treaty, the Government will not ratify a treaty until such legislation has been implemented. The information sought regarding which treaties required prior approval or legislation is not readily available and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.


Mr. Meacher : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what representations Her Majesty's Government made to the Government of Zaire concerning human rights.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd : We are gravely concerned about the widespread abuses of human rights in Zaire, caused notably by the lack of control of the security forces. We intend to support a resolution at the current session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights deploring the continued serious violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Zaire.


Tools for Self Reliance

Mr. Burden : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what representations he has received from the Tools for Self Reliance campaign ; and what action he is taking to assist the replenishment and supply of tools to developing countries.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd : We have received a number of representations as a result of the Tools for Self Reliance campaign. The supply of appropriate technology, including hand tools, forms part of many of our aid projects, both those we support directly and those managed by non-governmental organisations. These include rural development projects, promotion of small enterprises and agricultural rehabilitation following natural or manmade disasters.

South Africa

Mr. Hunter : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what representations he has made to the South African Government about their continued detention of black South African political prisoners in contravention of the Pretoria minute, signed in 1990, and the Further Idemnity Bill, gazetted in 1992.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd : We have made it clear to the South African Government, and to all other concerned parties that the question of political prisoners and any other remaining disagreements should be resolved as soon as possible and should not be allowed to adversely affect progress on constitutional negotiations.


Oral Contraceptives

Ms. Mowlam : To ask the Secretary of State for Health, pursuant to her answers of 5 February, to the hon. Member for Bristol, South (Ms. Primarolo), Official

Column 481

Report, columns 376-77, and 11 February, to the hon. Member for Glasgow, Maryhill (Mrs. Fyfe), Official Report, columns 757-59, which brands of oral contraceptives are currently available on prescription ; and if she will list (a) the hormone dosages and (b) the cost of a month's supply for Eugynon 50, Minilyn, Minovlar, Minovlar ED, Norimin and Ovulen 50.

Dr. Mawhinney : The brands of oral contraceptives available on prescription are as follows :

Combined Oral Contraceptives




Conova 30

Eugynon 30


Femodene ED

Loestrin 20

Loestrin 30


Logynon ED



Microgynon 30


Neocon 1.35



Ortho-Novin 1/50


Ovran 30








Trinovum ED

Emergency Contraception

Schering PC4

Progesterone-only Contraceptives




Column 482




Eugynon 50, Minilyn, Minovlar, Minovlar ED and Ovulen 50 have been discontinued. The hormone dosages and price of Norimin are as follows :

Active constituents                     |Price (one month's                     



Norethisterone 1mg. Ethinyloestadiol 35                                         

  micrograms                            |65p                                    

Ms. Walley : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what research has been carried out into the side effects of cheaper varieties of the oral contraceptive pill ; and if she will make a statement.

Dr. Mawhinney : Before any medicinal product may be marketed in the United Kingdom it is subject to stringent testing for safety, quality, and efficacy to enable a product licence to be granted by the licensing authority. Thereafter the safety of all licensed medicinal products is carefully monitored. Neither the licensing authority nor its advisory committee, the Committee on Safety of Medicines has the remit to take into consideration the cost of a medicine.

General Practitioners

Ms. Primarolo : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what evidence she has establishing the cost-effectiveness of those general practitioner services for which practitioners receive an item of service payment.

Dr. Mawhinney : Within the general practitioner remuneration system, item of service fees are paid in a wide variety of circumstances, some to promote specific health policies--for example, for certain immunisations-- and others to reflect variations in workload--for example, for providing treatment in the case of an accident involving a patient not on the practice list. There is no single way of measuring cost effectiveness in all such cases.

Column 483

NHS Employees (Freedom of Speech)

Ms. Primarolo : To ask the Secretary of State for Health when the final guidelines on freedom of speech for NHS employees will be published.

Dr. Mawhinney : We expect the final guidance to be issued shortly.

Elderly People, Newcastle

Mr. Cousins : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what is her estimate for the number of adults aged over 65, over 75 and over 85 years in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne (a) in 1982 and (b) in each year since 1986.

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Mr. Sackville : The information is shown in the table. The figures for 1991 are not fully comparable with those for earlier years. The provisional 1991 estimates have been based upon early 1991 census results, and are considerably more reliable than the current estimates for earlier years. The final estimates for 1991 will be issued in June 1993, after which the estimates for 1982-1990 will be revised to provide a consistent time series using data for both the 1981 and the 1991 censuses.

Column 483


Population estimates for Newcastle-upon-Tyne                                             


Year                     |1982   |1986   |1987   |1988   |1989   |1990   |1991<1>        


Persons aged 65 and over |46.4   |46.5   |47.0   |46.8   |46.8   |46.4   |46.0           

Persons aged 75 and over |18.8   |20.0   |20.6   |20.8   |21.1   |21.1   |20.4           

Persons aged 85 and over |3.4    |4.0    |4.3    |4.5    |4.8    |4.9    |4.7            

<1>More reliable estimate based upon early 1991 Census results; not fully comparable     

with earlier estimates.                                                                  

Source: Population Estimates Unit, OPCS.                                                 


Ms. Primarolo : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what percentage of patients saw a consultant (a) on their first visit and (b) generally in out-patients in each of the last three years.

Mr. Sackville : This information is not held centrally.

Medical Practices Committee

Ms. Primarolo : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what was the annual cost of the Medical Practices Committee for each of the last five years.

Mr. Sackville : The information available is shown in the table.

Year       |Budget (£)           


1988-89    |294,000              

1989-90    |-                    

1990-91    |340,000              

1991-92    |408,000              

1992-93    |358,000              

Note: The budget for 1989-90     

cannot be identified separately. 

Specialist Training

Ms. Primarolo : To ask the Secretary of State for Health when the Chief Medical Officer's working group to re-evaluate the United Kingdom approach to specialist training will report.

Dr. Mawhinney : The working group was established to review arrangements for specialist training in the United Kingdom, in the light of the EC medical directives. The group's work is now nearing completion and its report will be published shortly.

Hospital Treatment

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will give (a) the number of in-patients treated, (b) the number of out-patients treated, (c) the number of day

Column 484

cases treated and (d) the number of emergency cases treated by health authority and trust in England and Wales in 1989-90, 1990-91 and 1991-92 ; and if she will make a statement.

Mr. Sackville : Information for health authorities on in-patients and day cases for 1989-90 and 1990-91 is published in "Ordinary Admissions, Day Cases Admissions and Regular Day and Night Admissions, England, Financial Year 1990-91". Information about out-patients and accident and emergency attenders is included in "Out-Patients and Ward Attenders, England, Financial Year 1989-90", "Out-Patients and Ward Attenders, England and Regions, Financial Year 1990-91" and "Out-Patients and Ward Attenders, Districts, Financial Year 1990-91". These documents are available in the Library. Information for 1991-92 will be published shortly in these series of publications and copies will be placed in the Library. The 1991-92 editions will include information for the first wave of national health service trusts, established on 1 April 1991.

Fire Safety

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Health which national health service premises in England at 31 December 1992 failed to hold a valid fire certificate ; and if she will make a statement.

Mr. Sackville : This information is not held centrally. Health authorities and national health service trusts are required to apply to their local fire authority for fire certificates for those premises which require them under fire precautions legislation, and to agree with the fire authority a programme for rectifying any deficiencies.

Service Arrangements

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will make a statement on the basis of the service arrangements between provider and purchaser authorities.

Dr. Mawhinney : The national health service management executive has recently issued two pieces of guidance on contracting to purchasers and providers--EL(92)79,

Column 485

"Review of contracting-guidance for the 1993 -94 contracting cycle" and EL(93)10--"Managing activity and change through contracting." Copies are available in the Library.

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Health whether purchaser health authorities can limit the hospitals to which general practitioners can send patients.

Dr. Mawhinney : No.

Extra Referrals

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will provide a list of health authorities in England which on 31 January had placed limitations on extra-contractual referrals.

Dr. Mawhinney : This information is not held centrally. However, it has always been recognised that purchasers may need to manage the timing of the commitment of funds for some extra-contractual referrals, in the same way as they do for contracted services.

NHS Chairmen and Directors

Mr. Redmond : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will list the names of the chairmen of each national health service trust and health authority in England, showing their professional qualifications and employment.

Dr. Mawhinney : For details on chairmen of national health service trusts, I refer the hon. Member to my reply of 2 February 1993, to the hon. Member for Darlington (Mr. Milburn), at column 153 . A list of all chairmen of health authorities in England is shown in the table.

Information on the professional qualifications and employment of NHS trust and health authority chairmen is not held centrally. East Anglian Region DHAs Chairmen

Cambridge--Mr. R. A. King

East Suffolk--Mr. N. A. Ridley

Great Yarmouth and Waveney--Mr. R. Duncan

Huntingdon--Mr. I. Langworthy

North West Anglia--Mr. J. W. F. Durance

Norwich--Mr. M. G. Falcon

West Suffolk--Mr. M. D. Corke

FHSA Chairmen

Cambridgeshire--Mrs. M. Scott

Norfolk--Mrs. J. L. Hopwood

Suffolk--Mrs. J. Spicer

Oxford Region DHA Chairmen

Aylesbury Vale--Mrs. G. M. Miscampbell

East Berkshire--Mr. R. W. F. Eassie

Kettering--Mr. R. E. Button

Milton Keynes--Mr. T. Benyon

Northampton--Mr. S. G. Schanschieff

Oxfordshire--Dr P. Iredale

West Berkshire--Mr. R. E. Lucas

Wycombe--Mr. M. Baxter

FHSA Chairmen

Berkshire--Mr. G. H. Odds

Buckinghamshire--Mr. P. D. M. Gell

Northamptonshire--Mrs. S. Barnes

Oxfordshire--Mrs D. Levy

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