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Young People (Rent)

Mr. Gareth Wardell : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will take steps to ensure that local authority social services departments pay the rent of young persons being helped by the local authority under the terms of section 17 or section 20 of the Children Act 1989.

Mr. Bowis : Young persons may be entitled to housing benefit if they have a legal liability to pay rent. Section 17 of the Children Act is about the provision of services for children in need, their families and others by local authorities, and does not have a bearing on the liability of a young person to pay rent. Section 20 of the Children Act sets out the duties and powers of local authorities to provide accommodation for those children or young persons in need who require it. The Departments of Health and of Social Security are jointly considering going out to consultation on guidance to clarify the responsibilities of local authority social services departments and the benefit position when a young person is helped by an authority under the Children Act.

Column 115

GP Fundholders

Mr. Blunkett : To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will list those general practitioners who will become fundholders in each region on 1 April.

Dr. Mawhinney : This information is not available centrally. Regional health authorities manage the general practitioner fundholding scheme and are responsible for admitting practices to the scheme.

Mr. Kevin Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what is the procedure for the continuing treatment of patients when a GP fundholder has overspent his budget and therefore run out of funds.

Dr. Mawhinney : Patients of general practitioner fundholders will not suffer because a fundholder overspends his budget. Any overspending will be met from regional health authority contingencies, but where overspending is the result of mismanagement the GP fundholder may have fundholding status withdrawn.

Community Care (Transitional Grants)

Mr. Pike : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what consultations she has had, and what representations she has received, regarding the implications and operation of the special transitional grant to local authorities in respect of responsibilities arising under the community care policy ; and if she will make a statement.

Mr. Bowis : We have had discussions with, or received representations from, various people, including the local authority associations and representatives of private and voluntary sector community care service providers.

Standard Spending Assessment, Dorset

Mr. David Atkinson : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what will be (a) the social service standard spending assessment for Dorset and (b) its mental health specific grant ; and what it was in 1993-94.

Mr. Bowis : The personal social services standard spending assessments for Dorset for 1993-94 and 1994-95 are £59.481 million and, provisionally, £68.429 million respectively. The mental illness specific grant is £427,000 for 1993-94 ; the grant for 1994-95 has not yet been decided.


Mr. Bates : To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many dental domiciliary visits involving a dental chair anaesthetist have been made in each of the last five years.

Dr. Mawhinney : This information is not available centrally.

Health Authorities

Mrs. Helen Jackson : To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) if the proceeds of health authority land are held at central, regional or local health authority level ; and what changes are proposed when the regional authorities are reorganised ;

(2) what are the rules governing the use of proceeds from the sale of health authority land ;

Column 116

(3) what restrictions are placed on health authorities with regard to the use of capital receipts in their area ;

(4) what changes are proposed within the national health service reorganisation to the guidelines for the control of capital receipts ;

(5) when health authority land or assets are sold, if the capital receipts are held centrally, regionally or at a local health authority level.

Mr. Sackville : Regional health authorities retain capital receipts as additions to their cash limits. Deployment of this resource to support RHA and trust capital programmes is agreed between RHAs and management executive outposts. In the case of assets which provided services for mentally ill people and people with learning disabilities, regions are expected to make sure that priority in the use of such proceeds is given to the development of services for these groups.

No decision has yet been taken on the handling of capital receipts following the proposed abolition of RHAs.

Mrs. Helen Jackson : To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) what capital receipts were realised from the sale of health authority land and buildings in the Trent region in 1992-93 ;

(2) what capital receipts have been raised in the Trent region over the last five years from the sale of land, buildings and assets.

Mr. Sackville : The available information on capital receipts that have been raised/realised is :

Year      |£ million          


1988-89   |13.9               

1989-90   |18.7               

1990-91   |25.9               

1991-92   |4.8                

1992-93   |2.9                

No breakdown of these figures into land, buildings and other assets is available centrally.

Mr. Kevin Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what will happen to any surplus moneys not spent by district health authorities in the course of the current financial year ; and what effect the fact of the DHA being in surplus will have on the calculation of funding allocation for future years.

Mr. Sackville : Surpluses at regional health authorities are carried forward. They are not taken into account when subsequent allocations are calculated.

Allocations to district health authorities are made by RHAs and there are some variations in the approaches adopted. The hon. Member may wish to contact the chairmen of the RHAs for further information.

Mr. Kilfoyle : To ask the Secretary of State for Health who are those people currently appointed to serve on district health authorities.

Dr. Mawhinney : The names of district health authority chairmen are listed in the table. Regional health authorities are responsible for the appointment of non-executive members. The appointment of executive members is a matter for individual district health authorities.



East Anglian regional health authority                                                

Cambridge                       |Mrs. M. Hardiment                                    

Suffolk                         |Mr. N. Ridley                                        

Great Yarmouth and Waveney      |Mr. R. Duncan                                        

Huntingdon                      |Mr. I. Langworthy                                    

North West                      |Mr. J. Durance                                       

Anglia Norwich                  |Mr. M. Falcon                                        


Mersey regional health authority                                                      

Liverpool                       |Mr. D. Tod                                           

St. Helens and Knowsley         |Mr. G. Murray                                        

Wirral                          |Mr. R. Gordon                                        

Sefton                          |Mr. F. Ludlow                                        

Chester                         |Mr. J. Ross                                          

South and East Cheshire         |Mr. S. Cussons                                       

North Cheshire                  |Mr. C. Hamer                                         


North East Thames regional health authority                                           

Camden and Islington            |Mr. R. Everington                                    

Barking and Havering            |Mr. B. Littlewood                                    

Redbridge and Waltham Forest    |Miss D. Patman                                       

South Essex                     |Mr. D. Micklem                                       

North Essex                     |Mr. A. Sexton                                        

East London and The City        |Mrs. F. Heidensohn                                   

New River                       |Mr. D. G. Kleeman                                    


Northern regional health authority                                                    

Northumberland                  |Mr. J. Baker                                         

South Tees                      |Mr. P. A. Marsden                                    

North Durham                    |Professor John Clarke                                

East Cumbria                    |Mr. I. Carr                                          

Gateshead                       |(Vacancy)                                            

South Cumbria                   |Mrs. A. Graham                                       

Hartlepool                      |(Vacancy)                                            

North Tees                      |Mr. D. Otter                                         

North Tyneside                  |Mrs. S. Murray                                       

Newcastle                       |Mr. A. Crute                                         

Sunderland                      |Mr. G. Bedell                                        

South Durham                    |Dr. John Marshall                                    

South Tyneside                  |Mr. W. Darling                                       

West Cumbria                    |(Vacancy)                                            


North Western regional health authority                                               

Blackburn, Hyndburn and         |(Vacancy)                                            

 Ribble Valley                                                                        

Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde       |Mr. R. Parkinson                                     

Bolton                          |Mr. T. Taylor                                        

Burnley, Pendle and             |Mr. W. Ashworth                                      


Bury                            |(Vacancy)                                            

Central Manchester              |Mr. E. Parker                                        

Chorley and South Ribble        |(Vacancy)                                            

Lancaster                       |Professor Alwyn Smith                                

North Manchester                |(Vacancy)                                            

Oldham                          |Mr. J. Downs                                         

Preston                         |(Vacancy)                                            

Rochdale                        |Mrs. P. Hawton                                       

Salford                         |Dr. Frederick Beswick                                

South Manchester                |(Vacancy)                                            

Stockport                       |Mr. F. Russell                                       

Tameside and Glossop            |Mr. B. Leck                                          

Trafford                        |Mrs. S. Alexander                                    

West Lancashire                 |Dr. Kathleen Rowsell                                 

Wigan                           |Mr. J. McDonald                                      


North West Thames regional health authority                                           

Barnet                          |Mr. A. Jacobs                                        

Ealing, Hammersmith and         |Baroness Eccles of Moulton                           


North and East Hertfordshire    |Mrs. C. Quest                                        

Hillingdon                      |Mr. D. Evans                                         

South Bedfordshire              |Mr. A. Hendry                                        

North Bedfordshire              |Mrs. J. Swift                                        

South West Hertfordshire        |Mr. D. Rawlings                                      

North West Hertfordshire        |Mr. D. Bucknall                                      

Kensington, Chelsea and         |Mrs. J. Hughes                                       



Oxford regional health authority                                                      

Berkshire                       |Mr. R. Eassie                                        

Kettering                       |Mr. R. Button                                        

Northampton                     |Mr. S. Schanschieff                                  

Oxfordshire                     |Dr. P. Iredale                                       

Buckinghamshire                 |Sir Norman King                                      


South East Thames regional health authority                                           

Bexley                          |Dr. Norbert Singer                                   

Bromley                         |(Vacancy)                                            

Canterbury and Thanet           |Mr. H. Bragg                                         

Dartford and Gravesham          |Mr. C. Thornton                                      

East Sussex                     |Mr. J. Wellesley                                     

Maidstone                       |Mrs. A. Nelson                                       

Medway                          |(Vacancy)                                            

South East Kent                 |(Vacancy)                                            

Tunbridge Wells                 |Mr. P. Edgley                                        

South East London               |Mr. I. Mills                                         

Greenwich                       |Mr. P. Prior                                         


South Western regional health authority                                               

Plymouth and Torbay             |Mrs. J. Leverton                                     

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly    |Mr. J. Askham                                        

Gloucestershire                 |Miss J. Trotter                                      

Exeter and North Devon          |Mrs. R. Day                                          

Somerset                        |Mr. T. Ward                                          

Bristol and District            |Mr. M. Crowson                                       


South West Thames regional health authority                                           

ChichesterMr. J. Hooley                                                               

East Surrey                     |Mr. J. Poole                                         

Kingston and Richmond           |Mr. R. Galley                                        

Merton and Sutton               |Mr. H. Cowd                                          

Mid Downs                       |Mr. M. Long                                          

Mid Surrey                      |Professor A. Holmes                                  

South West Surrey               |Sir Nicholas Hunt                                    

Wandsworth                      |Dr. E. Vincent                                       

North West Surrey               |Professor J. Kennerley                               

Worthing                        |Mr. P. Lawson                                        

Croydon                         |Mrs. A. Fresko                                       


Trent regional health authority                                                       

North Nottinghamshire           |Mr. A. Tolhurst                                      

Barnsley                        |Mrs. A. Cook                                         

Doncaster                       |Mr. J. Smith                                         

Leicestershire                  |Mr. N. Townsend                                      

North Derbyshire                |Mr. R. Robinson                                      

North Lincolnshire              |Mrs. K. Hall                                         

Nottingham                      |Sir David White                                      

Sheffield                       |Mr. J. Neill                                         

South Derbyshire                |Mr. J. Rudd                                          

South Lincolnshire              |Dr. J. Brackenridge                                  

Rotherham                       |Mr. D. Clark                                         


Wessex regional health authority                                                      

Basingstoke and North Hampshire |Mrs. A. Sealey                                       

Bath                            |(Vacancy)                                            

Dorset                          |Major General R. Keightley                           

Isle of Wight                   |Mrs. A. Clarke                                       

Portsmouth and South East       |Dr. T. Taylor                                        


Salisbury                       |(Vacancy)                                            

Southampton and South West      |Professor J. Howell                                  


Swindon                         |Mr. D. Hulme                                         

Winchester                      |(Vacancy)                                            


West Midlands regional health authority                                               

Coventry                        |Mr. A. Guy                                           

East Birmingham                 |(Vacancy)                                            

Herefordshire                   |Mr. J. E. Bulmer                                     

North Worcestershire            |Mr. M. Cooper                                        

Mid Staffordshire               |Mr. B. Liss                                          

North Birmingham                |Mr. M. Skillicorn                                    

North Staffordshire             |Mr. M. Procter                                       

Warwickshire                    |Mr. G. Jackson                                       

Sandwell                        |Mr. C. Wilkinson                                     

Shropshire                      |Mr. D. Lloyd                                         

Solihull                        |Mr. R. Fordham                                       

South Birmingham                |Mr. B. Stoten                                        

South East Staffordshire        |Mrs. M. Stanhope                                     

West Birmingham                 |Mr. G. Coghlan                                       

Wolverhampton                   |Mr. R. Carver                                        

Worcester and District          |Mr. A. Prescott                                      

Walsall                         |Mr. M. Wolverson                                     

Dudley                          |Mrs. M. Fenton                                       


Yorkshire regional health authority                                                   

East Riding                     |(Vacancy)                                            

West Yorkshire                  |Mr. P. Wood                                          

Leeds                           |Mrs. P. Smith                                        

Wakefield                       |Mr. B. Hayward                                       

Bradford                        |Mrs. Z. Manzoor                                      

North Yorkshire                 |Mrs. S. Wrigley                                      

Grimsby and Scunthorpe          |Mrs. V. Pettifer                                     


Mrs. Mahon : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what arrangements she has made to replace circular LAC(88)17 on social services confidentiality, which expired on 31 December.

Mr. Bowis : Circular LAC(88)17 was continued in force by virtue of local authority social services letter--LASSL--(92)9 issued to authorities in November 1992. I am arranging for copies of both circulars to be placed in the Library.

Disability Working Allowance

Mr. Flynn : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what is the estimated cost of extending remission of national health service charges to disability working allowance claimants.

Dr. Mawhinney : The estimated cost of providing automatic remission of national health service charges for disability working allowance recipients with capital of £8,000 or less from 1 April 1995 is about £1 million in the first year.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Mrs. Ewing : To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many people United Kingdom have been registered as suffering from ME.

Mr. Sackville : As there is no agreed case definition, accurate figures cannot be collected.

Mrs. Ewing : To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much funding has been allocated by Her Majesty's Government for research into the causes and treatment of ME.

Mr. Sackville : The main agency through which the Government support biomedical and clinical research is the Medical Research Council, which receives its grant in aid from the office of my right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. The MRC has been funding a study at the Institute of Psychiatry for four years where researchers are attempting to find ways to help myalgic encephalomyelitis sufferers to cope with their disease and regain their health. The estimated cost of this project is £91,000. The Department and the MRC are always willing to receive and consider soundly based research proposals in competition with other applications.


Mr. Blunkett : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what guidance or advice has been issued on the activity rates to be undertaken by clinicians working within the NHS ; and if she will make a statement.

Column 120

Dr. Mawhinney : Guidance from the Department is issued to ensure that the national health service provides high quality, effective and efficient health care. Locally agreed contracts between purchasers and providers specify the level, quality and cost of services. Guidance stresses that clinicians should be involved in this process.

Working Parties

Mr. Blunkett : To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many working parties she has set up since becoming Secretary of State ; if she will list them ; and if she will provide a breakdown of their cost.

Dr. Mawhinney : Collective discussion involving officials and outside experts, either in a formal or in an ad hoc meeting or series of meetings is an integral part of the way the Department conducts its business.

Ministerial Visits

Mr. Blunkett : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what visits she has made over the last 12 months ; and what has been the cost of each visit.

Mr. Sackville : Information to this level of detail could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

Community Health Sheffield NHS Trust

Mrs. Helen Jackson : To ask the Secretary of State for Health which land and buildings, currently in health authority ownership, will pass to the ownership of the new trust, on the formation of Community Health Sheffield NHS trust.

Mr. Sackville : A final decision on the land and buildings that will transfer to the Community Health Sheffield trust has not yet been made.

Statutory Sick Pay

Mr. Ingram : To ask the Secretary of State for Health, pursuant to her answer on 17 January, Official Report , column 393 , what estimates he has made of the additional costs, net of any reduction in employer's national insurance contributions, to her departmental budget for the financial year 1994-95 resulting from the changes in statutory sick pay provision.

Mr. Sackville : Current estimates suggest that the changes in statutory sick pay provision, offset by reductions in employer's national insurance contributions, will result in a net additional cost within the Department of some £50,000 in 1994-95. This additional cost will be absorbed within the Department's running costs of £253 million.

Organ Donations

Mr. Ainger : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what proposals she has to bring forward legislation to increase the number of organ transplant donors by requiring individuals and their families to opt out of organ donation rather than opt in ; and if she will make a statement.

Mr. Sackville : None. Increasing the organ donation rate is a Government priority. We do not believe that

Column 121

opt-out legislation would achieve this. We believe that the decision to donate should continue to be a positive choice made by individuals rather than a presumed statutory right.

Mr. Ainger : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what proposals she has to increase the number of organ transplant donors ; and if she will make a statement.

Mr. Sackville : The Government actively and continuously pursue the promotion of organ donation ; more resources are being devoted to publicity than ever before. Examples of current initiatives are : The scheme for reimbursing costs to donor hospitals which has proved effective.

A programme of information and training for doctors and nurses developed by the European donor hospital education programme which is being piloted in two regions with the co-operation of the professions concerned.

Multi-organ retrieval teams which were introduced in October 1993 to speed up and increase the recovery of organs.

The survey into reasons why some relatives refuse permission to use organs ; the results are expected this summer.

Consideration is being given to a computerised register of organ donors.

Patient S

Mrs. Ann Winterton : To ask the Secretary of State for Health in which hospitals Patient S, who recently died in Cossham hospital, Bristol, previously received care ; and why he was transferred from those hospitals.

Column 122

Mr. Sackville : The Department does not hold confidential personal information of this nature.

Nuffield Trust Hospital

Mr. Byers : To ask the Secretary of State for Health on how many occasions she or her Ministers or officials have discussed with the Brighton health care trust the role to be played in health care provision in the Brighton area by the new Nuffield trust hospital.

Dr. Mawhinney : We are aware of no such discussions.

Back to Basics"

Mr. Simon Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what are the implications of the Government's "back to basics" policy for her Department during 1994.

Mr. Rendel : To ask the Secretary of State for Health what working definition of "back to basics" is used by her Department ; and what her Department has done in the past three months to implement the policy.

Mr. Sackville : [holding answer 20 January 1994] : I refer the hon. Members to the reply my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister gave the hon. Member for Southwark and Bermondsey (Mr. Hughes) on 21 January at col. 849.


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