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Column 902

5 Reconnaissance squadrons

7 Air Defence squadrons

1 Airborne Early Warning squadron

14 Air Transport squadrons

1 Tanker squadron

2 Search and Rescue squadrons

Total : 45

(e) Munitions Factories. Records of royal ordnance factories in 1979 are not held. Royal Ordnance ceased to be part of the Ministry of Defence in January 1985.

The figures    

are as follows:


(f) Naval      


1979 |1994     


5    |2        


change: -60    

per cent.      

(g) Regiments Taking "regiments" to mean front-line units, the figures 

are as follows:                                                        

Regular Army front-line units                                          

                          |1 April 1979  |1 January 1994               


Royal Armoured Corps                                                   

Regiments                 |19            |10                           

Royal Artillery Regiments |22            |15                           

Royal Engineer Regiments  |9             |12                           

Infantry Battalions       |56            |45                           

SAS Regiment              |1             |1                            

Army Air Corps Regiments  |6             |5                            

                          |--            |--                           

Total                     |113           |88                           

Total percentage change: -22 per cent.                                 

TA Front-line units                                                    

                          |1 April 1979  |1 January 1994               


Royal Armoured Corps      |5             |5                            


Royal Artillery Regiments |5             |5                            

Royal Engineer Regiments  |7             |9                            

Infantry Battalions       |37            |36                           

SAS Regiments             |2             |2                            

                          |--            |--                           

Total                     |56            |57                           

Total percentage change: +2 per cent.                                  

Column 903

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Mr. Llew Smith : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if it is the Government's policy to seek the negotiation of a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty by September 1996.

Mr. Aitken : I refer the hon. Member to the answer given by the Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, my hon. Friend the Member for Wells (Mr. Heathcoat-Amory), on 31 January, Official Report, column 481.

RAF Byelaws

Mr. Vaz : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) what directions or guidance of a general nature now apply in respect of the arrest, detention, charge and prosecution of a person under either the RAF Lakenheath Byelaws 1986--SI 1986/480--or the RAF Mildenhall Byelaws 1986-- SI 1986/479;

(2) what directions or guidance of a general nature have been given to the Ministry of Defence police and the Crown Prosecution Service in the last five years concerning the arrest, detention, charge and prosecution of a person under either the RAF Lakenheath Byelaws 1986--SI 1986/480--or the RAF Mildenhall Byelaws 1986--SI 1986/479.

Mr. Hanley : The Ministry of Defence police is an operationally independent body responsible for policing the defence estate in accordance with the provision of the Ministry of Defence Police Act 1987. One of its duties is to enforce military byelaws. Those applicable at RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall are extant but under review. In November 1993 general guidance was given to MDP by its chief constable not to arrest for byelaws offences at these sites until the review process is complete.

MDP continues, however, to escort trespassers off the premises for their own safety or may make arrests if other non-byelaws offences such as criminal damage are committed or suspected.

The Crown Prosecution Service is an independent prosecuting authority which does not accept instructions from outside agencies.

Paveway III Bomb Fuse

Mr. Llew Smith : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what research is being conducted by his Department on collateral damage to humans caused by the use of the Paveway III multi-function bomb fuse in laser-guided bombs deployed by the RAF.

Mr. Aitken : My Department conducts research into a wide range of weapon technologies and effects, many of which are relevant to precision- guided systems, with the aim of improving performance in line with evolving

Column 904

military requirements for increased reliability and accuracy and reduced collateral damage. The RAF is currently equipped not with Paveway III but with the Paveway II guidance kit which provides a precision bombing capability and can be used in conjunction with the multi-function bomb fuse, and the UK 1,000 lb bomb.


Mr. Simpson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how much plutonium British Nuclear Fuels plc has stockpiled at Sellafield on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.

Mr. Aitken : The United Kingdom does not hold significant stocks of weapons-grade plutonium which is not required for our operational stockpile of weapons.

Mr. Gorst : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence on what occasions it has been necesssary for him to appeal to the Secretary of State for the Environment against a local authority's refusal of planning permission for the destruction of listed buildings or properties regarded as having heritage importance ; and whether he consults the Department of National Heritage before deciding how to dispose of Ministry of Defence property of heritage significance.

Mr. Hanley : To date, there have been no occasions when it has been necessary for my Department to appeal to the Secretary of State for the Environment against a local authority's refusal to grant permission to demolish an historic building. Kennet district council has refused a recent application for consent to demolish Gore Cross farmhouse, grade II listed building. We are awaiting the outcome of an appeal which was submitted and subsequently heard by means of an informal planning inquiry during December 1993. Currently the Department does not consult the Department of National Heritage as a matter of routine when considering proposed disposals of historic buildings, although this is currently under review by my officials.

Mr. Gorst : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will list the buildings, docklands, barracks, sites or premises that have a significant heritage value and that have become or are likely shortly to become redundant to the requirements of his Department ; what action he is taking to dispose of each of these properties ; from whom and at what stage he obtains advice with regard to the preservation of properties of heritage importance ; and what factors dictate whether heritage aspects should be subordinated to financial considerations.

Mr. Hanley : The information requested is as follows. The listed and scheduled properties have been identified as redundant by the Department and the current position over their disposal is shown :

Column 903

Property and                                              |Disposal position                                                                                                  



28A Colliergate-ex. Sandhill Hotel-York,                  |With defence land agent for disposal                                                                               



29 Pembridge Gardens, London W11                          |Group value grade II                                                                                               


33 Upton Scudmore, Wiltshire                              |Being offered to tenant for purchase                                                                               


ACIO Edinburgh, 73 Hanover Street, Edinburgh              |Will be sold during 1995                                                                                           


Bawdsey Manor, Bawdsey, Suffolk                           |With defence land agent for disposal                                                                               


DRA Christchurch                                          |With defence land agent for disposal                                                                               


East Camp, RAF Hendon, Hendon                             |Officers' mess has been offered to Middlesex university.                                                           

                                                          |The entrance way, control tower and Grahame White                                                                  

                                                          |hanger are currently up for sale                                                                                   


Hilton Farm, Steading, Rosyth                             |Sale expected to be completed during 1994-95                                                                       


Horseshoe Barracks, Shoeburyness, Essex                   |Planning negotiations in progress with Southend                                                                    

                                                          |council. Site cannot be sold until accommodation has                                                               

                                                          |been provided for the Sergeants' mess and an                                                                       

                                                          |archaeological survey undertaken                                                                                   


Peninsula Barracks, Winchester, Hampshire                 |Joint MOD/Crown estate disposal                                                                                    


RAF Greenham Common, Newbury, Berkshire                   |Greenham lodge sold subject to contract                                                                            

                                                          |Mews cottage sold subject to contract                                                                              

                                                          |West lodge to be remarketed as original offers too low                                                             


Royal Arsenal Woolwich, Woolwich, London                  |With defence land agent for disposal                                                                               


Royal Marine Barracks, Eastney, Hampshire                 |Eastney fort and north wing of museum to be sold to                                                                

                                                          |Hampshire county council. Remainder of museum to                                                                   

                                                          |be sold to the trustees of the museum. Both sales to                                                               

                                                          |be completed mid-1994                                                                                              


Royal Naval Armaments Depot, Priddy's Hard,               |Heritage area and Palmerston fortifications to be sold to                                                          

Gosport, Hampshire                                        |Gosport borough council                                                                                            


St. George Barracks (North), Gosport,                     |Disposal linked to future of Royal Clarence yard                                                                   



Waltham Abbey                                             |Steering committee preparing case for transfer of                                                                  

                                                          |heritage holding to a trust                                                                                        

Column 906

These properties have been identified for disposal but not action has yet been taken :

Column 905

Property and                                            |Proposed action                                                                                                



ACIO Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells, Kent             |To be sold on relocation of explosive ordnance unit.                                                           

Angelsey House,Aldershot,Hampshire                                                                                                                                      


Carlton House, Stirling                                 |Two listed buildings currently used by the Army will be                                                        

HMS Nelson-Gunwharf-Portsmouth,                         |declared surplus                                                                                               


RAF Hullavington                                                                                                                                                        


Royal Naval Hospital, Stonehouse, Plymouth,                                                                                                                             


We are conducting a systematic review of all our historic buildings to determine which should be retained by the Ministry of Defence, in their current or alternative use, and which should be disposed of expeditiously to ensure their preservation by finding a suitable alternative use.

Following the transfer of responsibility for the upkeep of its property, including historic buildings, from the Property Services Agency in 1990, the Department has been putting in place new arrangements. An official has also been nominated to be the focal point for policy on hisoric buildings and is in active consultation with the Department of the Environment conservation unit, Department of National Heritage and the national heritage bodies over the preservation of properties of heritage importance. Defence Works Services has appointed a conservation architect who is available to advise all of our property managers, who also call upon specialist conservation consultants to produce quadrennial reports on each listed and scheduled historic building.

Column 906

When disposing of historic buildings the Department aims to achieve sympathetic and suitable alternative uses which assure their preservation whilst retaining a duty to secure the best price that can reasonably be obtained.

Staff Requirement (Air) 1242

Mr. Menzies Campbell : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) if he will make a statement on the progress of staff requirement (air) 1242 ;

(2) when he expects to announce the result of the contest for the low-level laser-guided bomb under staff requirement (air) 1242.

Mr. Aitken : I refer the hon. Member to the reply I gave to the hon. Member for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley (Mr. Foulkes) on 17 January 1994, Official Report , column 441 . I hope to be able to announce the results of the competition by April 1994.

Column 907

Touche Ross

Mr. Darling : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if his Department or any agencies for which he is responsible has engaged the services of the firm Touche Ross or any of its partners since 1 July 1993.

Mr. Aitken : My Department, including its agencies, has placed six contracts with Touche Ross since 1 July 1993. These exclude local purchase orders, of small value, information on which is not held centrally.

Arms Sales

Mr. Meacher : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will set out the levels of arms sales to (a) Malaysia, (b) Indonesia, (c) Jordan, (d) Oman, (e) Thailand, (f) Nigeria and (g) India for each of the last 10 years.

Mr. Aitken : It has been the policy of successive Governments not to reveal details of arms sales to individual countries. However, "Defence Statistics 1993" gives information on the value of sales by region in table 1.11. A copy of this has been placed in the Library of the House.


NHS (Staff Cars)

Mr. Donohoe : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list for each year since 1990 the expenditure on staff cars for each (a) health board and (b) NHS Trust in Scotland.

Mr. Stewart : This information is not held centrally and could be collected only at disproportionate cost.

Leisure Facilities

Mr. Donohoe : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will make a statement listing in descending order the net changes in the leisure and recreation and sports facilities and swimming pools grant-aided expenditure assessment for 1994-95 for each Scottish local authority; and if he will similarly list the amounts awarded to each Scottish local authority for this element of grant-aided expenditure in 1993-94 and in 1992-93.

Mr. Stewart : The information requested is set out in the table. The treatment of this GAE assessment has been changed for 1994-95 following a decision by the joint Scottish Office--COSLA distribution committee of the working party on local government finance to discontinue the secondary indicator for the assessment. This indicator--the number of unemployment benefit recipients per 1,000 population--was no longer considered to be plausible.

Leisure and Recreation: Sports Facilities   

and Swimming Pools                          

Table 1: Changes in GAE (Ranked)            

                |Net change in              

                |GAE 1993-94                

                |to 1994-95                 


                |£ 000                      


Aberdeen        |819                        

Gordon          |410                        

Perth and K     |349                        

Banff           |306                        

Edinburgh       |298                        

Kincardine      |284                        

NE Fife         |236                        

Moray           |234                        

Eastwood        |194                        

Angus           |177                        

Bearsden        |175                        

Stirling        |126                        

Strathkelvin    |124                        

Inverness       |117                        

East Lothian    |115                        

Shetland        |107                        

Dunfermline     |106                        

Ettrick         |104                        

Roxburgh        |73                         

Midlothian      |71                         

Orkney          |69                         

Kyle and C      |66                         

Annandale       |62                         

Nithsdale       |57                         

Stewartry       |56                         

Berwick         |56                         

East Kilbride   |54                         

Badenoch        |51                         

Ross and C      |45                         

Argyll and Bute |44                         

Clydesdale      |41                         

Nairn           |26                         

Tweeddale       |25                         

Lochaber        |25                         

West Lothian    |18                         

Cumbernauld     |15                         

Skye and L      |3                          

Caithness       |-5                         

Sutherland      |-6                         

Clackmannan     |-12                        

Falkirk         |-16                        

Dumbarton       |-26                        

Western Iisles  |-30                        

Wigtown         |-34                        

Hamilton        |-79                        

Renfrew         |-96                        

Clydebank       |-104                       

Kilmarnock      |-115                       

Cumnock         |-142                       

Kirkcaldy       |-160                       

Monklands       |-173                       

Cunninghame     |-185                       

Motherwell      |-213                       

Inverclyde      |-243                       

Dundee          |-261                       

Glasgow         |-3,008                     


Scotland        |232                        

Table 2: GAE 1992-93-1994-95                                    

                |Grant aided|Grant aided|Grant aided            


                |1992-93    |1993-94    |1994-95                

                |£000       |£000       |£000                   


Berwick         |216        |222        |278                    

Ettrick         |382        |424        |528                    

Roxburgh        |383        |436        |509                    

Tweedale        |181        |191        |216                    

Clackmannan     |745        |772        |759                    

Falkirk         |2,156      |2,236      |2,221                  

Stirling        |1,184      |1,211      |1,338                  

Annandale       |431        |489        |551                    

Nithsdale       |751        |824        |881                    

Stewartry       |299        |301        |357                    

Wigtown         |488        |489        |455                    

Dunfermline     |1,884      |2,011      |2,117                  

Kirkcaldy       |2,260      |2,440      |2,280                  

Nefife          |831        |888        |1,124                  

Aberdeen        |2,562      |2,869      |3,688                  

Banff           |1,036      |1,052      |1,358                  

Gordon          |772        |839        |1,250                  

Kincardine      |550        |597        |881                    

Moray           |1,074      |1,124      |1,358                  

Badenoch        |161        |168        |218                    

Caithness       |404        |421        |416                    

Inverness       |895        |973        |1,090                  

Lochaber        |334        |354        |379                    

Nairn           |132        |134        |160                    

Ross and C      |766        |760        |804                    

Skye and L      |200        |199        |203                    

Sutherland      |212        |205        |199                    

East Lothian    |1,171      |1,158      |1,273                  

Edinburgh       |6,412      |7,168      |7,466                  

Midlothian      |1,165      |1,171      |1,243                  

West Lothian    |2,335      |2,402      |2,420                  

Argyll and Bute |988        |999        |1,044                  

Bearsden        |458        |469        |643                    

Clydebank       |828        |816        |711                    

Clydesdale      |814        |849        |890                    

Cumbernauld     |1,009      |1,060      |1,075                  

Cumnock         |760        |802        |660                    

Cunninghame     |2,261      |2,373      |2,188                  

Dumbarton       |1,252      |1,320      |1,294                  

East Kilbride   |1,178      |1,311      |1,365                  

Eastwood        |706        |700        |893                    

Glasgow         |14,001     |14,402     |11,394                 

Hamilton        |1,701      |1,794      |1,715                  

Inverclyde      |1,660      |1,638      |1,395                  

Kilmarnock      |1,242      |1,370      |1,255                  

Kyle and C      |1,591      |1,658      |1,724                  

Monklands       |1,793      |1,856      |1,683                  

Motherwell      |2,403      |2,528      |2,314                  

Renfrew         |3,104      |3,253      |3,157                  

Strathkelvin    |1,215      |1,231      |1,355                  

Angus           |1,235      |1,273      |1,450                  

Dundee          |2,768      |2,954      |2,693                  

Perth and K     |1,557      |1,579      |1,928                  

Orkney          |224        |233        |302                    

Shetland        |258        |265        |372                    

Western Isles   |464        |483        |453                    

                |---        |---        |---                    

Scotland        |77,844     |81,742     |81,974                 

Local Government Finance

Mr. Donohoe : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland where the membership of the distribution committee of the working party on local government finance is drawn from ; and if he will indicate specifically what representation Scottish local authorities have on this committee.

Mr. Stewart : Membership of the committee comprises Scottish Office officials, members of the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities' secretariat and representatives of a number of local authorities. Each regional authority provides one member. There are six members from district authorities and one representing the islands authorities. Additionally there are four technical advisers to the committee who are also local authority officials. The local authority representatives are nominated by COSLA.

Column 910

Community Charge

Mr. Donohoe : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what guidelines his Department has issued to Scottish local authorities in respect of pursuing unpaid community charge where the costs of pursuing the debt exceed the amount owed ; what representations he has received from local authorities on this matter ; and what plans he has to amend the current guidance to allow local authorities to write off community charge in situations where the costs involved in pursuing amounts owed exceed the amount being owed.

Mr. Stewart : My Department has not issued any guidance to local authorities on this matter which is for each authority to consider in consultation with its auditor. My right hon. Friend last received representations from local authorities on this issue in 1991.

Health Boards

Mr. Home Robertson : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list any voting members of health boards who are also employed by those boards as managers or administrators showing the salaries paid in each case.

Mr. Stewart : Executive members of health boards are those who are employees of the board. They are all voting members. The present executive members are listed. Salaries are determined by the boards and details are not held centrally.

Argyll and Clyde Health Board

Mr. I. C. Smith

Dr. A. A. Reid

Ayrshire and Arran Health Board

Mr. J. M. Eckford, OBE

Mr. N. R. Lammie

Mrs. M. Durie

Dr. D. Walker

Borders Health Board

Mr. D. A. Peters, OBE

Dr. I. A. McDonald

Mr. J. S. Wilson

Mrs. A. Weston

Dumfries and Galloway Health Board

Mr. D. J. Banks

Mr. D. McEachran

Mr. P. J. Kelly

Mr. A. P. Milligan

Dr. I. H. MacLean

Fife Health Board

Miss P. Frost

Mr. M. D. Murray

Mrs. J. Edey

Dr. I. G. Jones

Forth Valley Health Board

Mr. D. F. Hird

Dr. D. C. Moir

Grampian Health Board

Mr. F. E. L. Hartnett, OBE

Mr. A. J. Cumming

Dr. H. R. M. Wilson

Dr. J. G. Paterson

Greater Glasgow Health Board

Mr. C. M. Gordon

Mr. T. A. Divers

Dr. H. J. G. Burns

Column 911

Highland Health Board

Mr. R. R. W. Stewart

Dr. G. V. Stone

Mr. M. S. Iredale

Mr. D. T. Wright

Lanarkshire Health Board

Professor F. Clarke, CBE

Dr. J. B. P. Ferguson

Mr. M. Docherty

Mr. B. Gill

Miss E. Hastings, OBE

Lothian Health Board

Mr. J. Lusby

Dr. H. Zealley

Mr. P. Wilson

Dr. L. Burley

Mr. P. White

Orkney Health Board

Mr. G. W. Jackson

Mr. R. L. Allan

Shetland Health Board

Mr. B. J. Atherton

Dr. F. C. Cox

Mr. D. P. P. Eva

Mrs. M. S. Henderson, OBE

Tayside Health Board

Miss L. Barrie

Mr. J. R. Hudson

Miss E. A. Edwards

Western Isles Health Board

Mr. R. Mullan

Mr. G. N. Stobbs

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