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Mr. Kilfoyle : To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food who are the members currently appointed to the Plant Varieties and Seeds Tribunal.

Mr. Jack : The current chairmen and members of panels of the plant varieties and seeds tribunal are as follows :


England and Wales--Mr. D. E. M. Young QC

Scotland--Mr. W. C. Galbraith QC

Northern Ireland--Mr. J. D. McSparran QC

Panel Members--

General Agriculture

Professor G. R. Dickson

Mr. C. J. Beynon

Mr. J. R. Gill

Dr R. C. F. Macer

Mrs. S. Ward

General Horticulture

Professor G. R. Dixon

Mr D. J. Fuller

Professor H. J. Gooding

Apples and Pears

Mr. B. F. Self


Professor D. Gareth Jones

Professor J. C. Holmes

Dr. R. T. Plumb


Dr. K. E. Cockshull

Forest Seeds

Mr. A. T. Wood


Dr. P. S. Savill

French Beans

Dr. J. Smartt

Column 981


Mr. B. F. Self

Dr. C. J. Wright

Glasshouse Crops

Dr. J. G Atherton

Mr. D. J. Harrison

Grasses and Legumes

Dr. J. S Brockman

Dr. D. Wilman

Professor D. Wilson


Dr. A. R. Rees


Dr. P. D. Hebblethwaite

Mrs. C. M. Knott


Mr. P. M. Harris

Dr. P. D. Jenkins

Mr. P. H. Lamin


Mr. J. A. Steele

Seed Industry

Mr. N. Bark

Mr. D. F. R. George

Dr. P. R. Dawson

Mr. C. R. Alderton

Dr. R. M. Eckersall

Trees, Shrubs and Ornamentals

Dr. P. G. Alderson

Mr. J. Fraser

Mr. Kilfoyle : To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food who are the members currently appointed to each of the regional panels.

Mr. Jack : The present members of the Department's nine regional panels are as follows :

Anglia Region--


Mr. J. Wallace


Mr. P. Allenson

Mr. D. Barker

Mr. A. Bowes

Miss C. Chivers

Mrs. W. Long

Miss M. Macrae

Mr. D. Moore

Mr. R. Paynter

Mr. J. Shropshire

Mrs. M. Skinner

Mr. M. Thomasin-Foster

Mr. R. Torrance

East Midlands Region--


Mr. W. S. Hemington


Mr. P. Atkinson

Mr. R. Bealby

Mrs. P. Broadhurst

Dr. J. Carmichael

Hon. D. Legh

Mr. C. Matts

Dr. J. Owen

Mrs. P. Perkins

Mr. R. Southgate

Mr. J. Taylor

Mr. R. Thomas

Mr. R. Watts

Column 982

North East Region--


Mr. P. Coverdale


Mr. D. Avery

Mrs. J. Bell

Mrs. B. Binns

Mr. T. Bromfield

Mr. J. Cooke

Mrs. A. Cowan

Mr. D. Howard

Mr. J. Howard

Mr. M. Pollard

Mr. J. Stephenson

Professor R. Ward

Mr. S. Wharton

Northern Region--


Mr. A. Jackson


Mr. J. Carr

Mr. R. Grove-White

Mr. J. Howson

Mr. P. Lansdale

Miss C. Ridley

Mr. A. Sanderson

Dr. R. Smith

Mrs. M. Storer

Mr. A. Walling

Mr. A. Wannop

Mr. A. Watson

Mr. B. Webster

Mr. G. Wilson

North Mercia Region--


Mrs. A. Williams


Mr. A. Ayres

Mr. B. Boot

Mr. T. Bulmer

Mr. J. Frost

Mr. P. Gray

Mr. F. Gribble

Mr. J. Hunter

Mr. N. Moore

Mr. T. Prince

Mr. D. Roberts

Mr. W. Snelson

South East Region--


Mr. D. Browning


Mr. C. Boswell

Mr. D. Brazier

Mr. G. Butler

Mr. J. Jenkinson

Mr. R. Jones

Mr. P. Lowater

Mr. M. Lowry

Mr. D. Monnington

Mr. H. Oliver-Bellasis

Mr. A. Redsell

Hon. L. Sandys

Dr. P. Sharma

Mrs. E. Stanton

South Mercia Region--


Mr. D. Harper


Mr. C. Briscoe

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