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Mr. Redwood : Yes.

Cardiff Bay Development Corporation

Mr. Morgan : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what consultations he has had with the chairman of the Cardiff Bay development corporation in relation to the reduction in the number of consultants to be employed by the corporation.

Column 598

Mr. Redwood : The chairman has suggested to me that the development corporation could save money by employing fewer consultants and doing more work in-house. I have encouraged him to work up such proposals.

Munchhausen's Syndrome by Proxy

Mr. Morgan : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what consultations he has had with area child protection teams in relation to approving a protocol on covert video surveillance in hospitals in the case of Munchhausen's syndrome by proxy, non-accidental injury and allied suspected conditions and episodes.

Mr. Redwood : None.

Sustainable Development

Mr. Dafis : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales whether he consulted the Secretary of State for Scotland regarding his plans for a special advisory body on sustainable development before deciding not to set up a similar body for Wales.

Mr. Redwood : No, because effective arrangements already exist in Wales for consulting Welsh interests on matters relevant to sustainable development. For example, my Department organised a successful seminar in Cardiff in September 1993 on this topic. I am not immediately persuaded that these arrangements need to be formalised via a new advisory body. They will, however, be developed further through the national round table and citizen's environment initiatives.


Sustainable Development

Mr. Dafis : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will publish his reasons for establishing a special advisory body for sustainable development in Scotland.

Sir Hector Monro : Separate advisory bodies across the full range of Scottish Office responsibilities are appropriate from time to time to help in the effective delivery of policies and programmes in Scotland. In this instance, in view of the range of interests, my right hon. Friend considered that there would be advantage in establishing such a body to facilitate action in Scotland on agenda 21.

The Government's panel on sustainable development, chaired by Sir Crispin Tickell, will, of course, be advising on strategic policies and progress for the United Kingdom as a whole.

Public Bodies

Mr. Kilfoyle : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland who are the members currently appointed to the Scottish Studentship Selection Committee.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton [holding answer 24 February 1994] : The current Secretary of State appointees are shown in the table : Professor J. Trainer (Chairman), University of Stirling Professor J. Butt, University of Strathclyde

Professor D. Harding, University of Edinburgh

Professor R. Jack, University of Edinburgh

Professor W. Gordon, University of Glasgow

Column 599

Professor R. J. Bauckham, University of St. Andrews

Professor S. W. Smith, University of Dundee

Professor J. R. Cameron, University of Aberdeen

Professor J. B. I. McDonald, University of Glasgow

Professor P. H. Ramsay, University of Aberdeen

All members were nominated by the principal of their respective university, with the exception of Professor D. Harding, who was nominated by the senate of the university of Edinburgh.

Mr. Kilfoyle : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland who are the members currently appointed to the Scottish Examination Board.

Lord James Douglas-Hamilton [holding answer 24 February 1994] : The members currently appointed to the Scottish Examination Board by my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Scotland are listed in the table, with the source of their nomination where relevant : Chairman appointed by Secretary of State :

Mr. I. L. Fraser OBE (Chairman)

Chosen by Secretary of State for experience in industry, commerce or other relevant qualifications :

Mr. R. Dobson

Mrs. A. J. Gardner

Mrs. A. I. Ritchie

Miss V. M. Pugh

Mr. J. B. Wright

Universities of Scotland nominated by Scottish Universities Council on Entrance :

Professor R. J. Lyall

Professor P. R. Boyle

Dr. J. M. Hannah

Professor H. M. Hine

Professor M. K. Thomas

Professor D. J. Tedford

Professor E. H. Thomson

Professor R. J. Knops

Education Authorities nominated by COSLA :

Councillor T. M. Dair

Councillor Mrs. K. Hutchison

Councillor T. R. Dumble

Councillor T. McAughtrie

Councillor Mrs. E. Macginnis

Councillor Mrs. J. P. Orskov

Director of Education nominated by ADES :

Mr. D. S. Alexander

Mr. N. R. Galbraith

Teachers employed in Education Establishments nominated by various teacher unions :

Mr. J. Bell--EIS

Mr. G. M. Munro--HAS

Mr. A. Hannah--SSTA

Mr. D. Drever--EIS

Mrs. E. C. Marsh--AHTS

Mr. G. MacBride--EIS

Mr. J. B. O. McNair--HAS

Mr. K. Paterson--PAT

Mr. G. A. Rubenski--EIS

Dr. P. W. Thomson--EIS

Mr. B. Williams--SSTA

Central Institutions nominated by Committee of Principals and Directors of Central institutions :

Professor C. E. R. Maddox

Institutions of Further Education nominated by Association of Principals of Colleges :

Principal W. Greenock

Colleges of Education nominated by Conference of Scottish Centrally Funded Colleges :

Professor Kirk

Educational Advisers nominated by Association of Educational Advisers in Scotland :

Mrs. D. McVean

Independent Schools nominated by Scottish Council for Independent Schools :

Mr. R. Nimmo

Column 600

Mr. Kilfoyle : To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland who are the members currently appointed to the Animal Diseases Research Association.

Sir Hector Monro [holding answer 24 February 1994] : The Animal Diseases Research Association is a registered friendly society. There are currently 49 members of the directorate of ADRA. They are listed in the table. All officers and directors except the president, vice- president and the co-opted and special directors are elected by the members of the association present and entitled to vote at an annual general meeting or a special general meeting. Directors are elected by members on a regional basis. The president and vice-president are elected by the directors. The source of the appointments of the co-opted directors and special directors are shown in the table.

Hon. President --His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch

Hon. Vice-Presidents

Sir John Gilmour

J. Cameron

C. B. R. Gray


J. Stobo


J. Matts


Scotland North

R. J. Lennox

R. Simpson

A. D. Forbes

G. A. D. Clyne

R. Paterson

Scotland South

K. A. Brooke

J. Duncan

J. Sharp

I. MacMillan

W. Brown

J. Jeffrey

England North

H. McLaren

C. Slade

P. Johnson

Fiona Fell

A. Harker

M. Walton

England South

J. Matts

Lesley Stubbins

D. Harbottle

J. Hindson

Catherine Paine

D. Mackie


T. Tudor

R. Howells

H. Hughes

J. Willyman

A. Lewis

J. Jones

Northern Ireland

J. Campbell

Co--opted Directors

W. Elliot--Sheep Representative

D. J. Biggar--Cattle Representative

Dr. K. A. Linklater--Veterinary Representative

Dr. P. Wells--Industry Representative

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