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(a) Chancellor of the Exchequer ;

(b) No salary ;

(c) 2 years ;

(d) Mr. D. Wroe

Mr. D. A. Jones

Mr. A. Armstrong

Sir S. Brittan

Mr. R. Brown

Mr. J. Calder

Mr. A. Chanbraine

Dr. C. Cosgrove

Mr. L. Cousins

Mr. S. Jukes

Mr. M. King

Prof. D. Lievesley

Prof. D. Mayes

Mr. C. Mowl

Mrs. B. Rosewell

Dr. A. Sentance

Dr. J. Whitley

Mrs. A. Wright

Royal Mint Management Board :

(a) Chancellor of the Exchequer ;

(b) £4,500 per annum ;

(c) 3 years ;

(d) Mr. S. Cameron

Mr. S. Taylor

Ms G. Burg, CBE

Column 36

Royal Mint Advisory Committee :

(a) Her Majesty the Queen on the Chancellor of the Exchequer's recommendation in his capacity as Master of the Mint ;

(b) No salary ;

(c) 7 years ;

(d) HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Marchioness of Anglesey

Professor E. Arthur Bell

Mrs. Philomena Davison Davis

Sir Hugh Casson

Dr. Christopher Challis

Mr. Mark Jones

Sir John Hale

Michael Harvey

Professor Bryan Kneale

John Porteous

Dr. Conrad Swan

National Savings Board :

(a) Myself ;

(b) No salary ;

(c) 1 year ;

(d) Mr. R. Heape

Mr. M. St. Giles

Public Works Loan Board

(a) Her Majesty the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister who is advised by the Chancellor of the Exchequer ;

(b) No salary ;

(c) 4 years ;

(d) Sir R. Dent, KCVO

Miss F. M. Cook

Miss V. J. Di Palma, OBE

Mr. G. Ross Russell

Mr. P. Brackfield

Mr. D. Adams

Mr. R. A. Chapman

Mr. A. Morton

Mr. G. G. Williams

Mr. R. G. Tettenborn

Mr. J. E. Scotford, CBE

Mr. A. Gillespie

Financial Services Tribunal :

(a) Treasury appointments agreed by myself ;

(b) Daily rate of £291 for Chairmen and £215 for members ; (

(c) 3 years ;

(d) Mr. J. M. Bowers

Mr. D. Campbell

Mr. P. E. Heim

Mr. E. C. Woods

Mr. A. Gordon

Mr. J. E. Drummond Young

Mr. K. A. Blundell

Mr. W. M. Carson

Mr. P. G. Green

Mr. G. C. Grover

Mr. J. L. Kirkpatrick

Mr. A. F. Lamb

Mr. H. G. Littlefair

Sir James McKinnon

Mr. A. W. Mallinson

Mr. W. O'Farrell

Mr. J. B. Page

Mr. R. C. Ritchie

Mr. R. P. Wilkinson

Mr. G. Willetts

Mr. P. D. Williams

Mr. H. Woods

Building Societies Commissioners :

(a) Treasury appointments agreed by myself ;

(b) £17,750 per annum ;

(c) Normally 3 years ;

(d) Mr. H. R. C. Walden, CBE

Mr. F. E. Worsley

Mr. G. Sunderland

Mr. N. Fox-Bassett

Sir J. Birrell

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