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Column 717

Dr B Farrington

Provide a detailed assessment of Roads Service Integrated Computer System contractual dispute and provide advice

and negotiating strategy

DBI Associates Ltd.

To prepare an Information Systems Strategy for the Roads Service (including supplementary study into best use of IBM 3090 with Department)

Crawford W

To advise on Nature Conservancy Council Recorder System

Campbell Associates

To record and update open areas within Belfast

Water Research Centre

Arddvart System for Water Executive


CRAMM Security Review





Delta Performance Systems

Comp Based Training

Aims Ireland

Prince Management Standard

Project Approval Mechanisms


Capacity Planning

Park Place Training

Prince and PID

Ernst and Young

Fin Systems Support

BIC Systems

Oracle for Prescription Pricing

Introductory Guides to DHSS Network


ISG Project


Accident and Emergency Radiology Systems

T Morris and D Shaw

Job Satisfaction Survey


Transaction Processing Element on Pop Census

Investigation of Problems in Data Dictionary for Giro

Reconciliation System


Report on UTP Data Cabling in Castle Court

Elite Consultancy Services

Revision of Project Cost Monitoring System


Personnel Review

Year 1992-93--Total cost £1,025,631

CSC Index

Butler Cox Foundation

Corporate Information Management

OSS Project

SD Consultancy

Butler Cox Foundation

Kainos Software

OSS Project

Information Systems Ltd.

OSS Project

Security and Standards

OSS Project

CFM Ltd.

Software Consultancy

Oracle Programmer for development of Driver and Vehicle


Agency Computerised Booking System

Date Capture for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency

Computerised Booking System

Systems Development for Driver and Vehicle Testing


Digital Equipment Co.

PRINCE Consultancy

To undertake project management for Driver and Vehicle

Testing Agency

Pathworks (LAN) Software implementation

Oracle (UK) Ltd.

Oracle Consultancy

Database Development Support

Column 718


Quality Assurance of Database Design for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency.

NCC Ltd.

OSS Project


Scoping Study

Telecoms Project

To appraise the way forward for the implementation of a

computerised accounting system within DANI in the

context of NICS policy on convergence

Facilities Management Support

Quality Assurance of IS Strategy

CSA Support


Purchasing System

OSI Group plc

Telecoms Billing

ITAT Associates Ltd.

Datacoms Network

Purchasing Index (UK) Ltd

Purchasing Index

Elite Consultancy

Lotus Training

Rewrite of the PCM System

University of Ulster

Introduction to Personal Applications

Stonehenge Consultancy Services Ltd.

Study to advise on strategic, operational and data management issues as part of a Client Database investigation

Capita Management Consultants Ltd.

Delivery and Quality Assurance of a Framework Report for Geographical Information System

Accident and Emergency Radiology Systems

Hewlett-Packard Ltd.

Linking of equipment to the Laboratory Information Management System at the Veterinary Sciences Division

Portfolio Systems

Advice on software development and hardware procurement for the Grants and Subsidies System

Systar Ltd.

A Capacity Management Study to consider the efficiency of and identify any problem areas in the Animal Health System

To assist in completing acceptance tests of a contingency Animal Health System, by a comparative analysis with the existing system of the capacity and performance of both systems

Unisys Ltd.

Load Analysis of the Animal Health System

Touche Ross and Co.

Information Systems Strategy Study

Amendments to Integrated Complementing System Models

Laboratories Systems Study


Systems Administration Support

GP Fundholding

Coopers and Lybrand

Full Study Report on Computerised Charging Regime for Water Privatisation Division

Assistance with preparation of a Technical Specification for the Unix Processor

Briefing to DCC on the Strategy Structures for RCA and Land Registry

To prepare an Information Systems Strategy for the Water Service Study of Future Computerised Financial Systems for Water Executive Information System Strategy for Rate Collection Agency

Development of Programme for Driver and Vehicle Testing Agency Productivity Models and Reports

Computerisation Options for Land Registry

Strategic Planning of Introduction on Non-Operational Strategy Systems on STAP

IT Strategy of Child Support Agency

Health and Personal Social Services

DBI Associates Ltd.

Computerised Routes Procurement System for Roads Service Telecoms Strategy Study for Roads Service

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