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Column 83

Heads I Win--HMS Raleigh, Plymouth

Head Over Heels--HMS Raleigh, Plymouth

Headstrong--HMS Raleigh, Plymouth

Hedonist--HMS Raleigh, Plymouth

Janthia--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Lambis--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Mitra--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Nerita--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Olympus--HMS Sultan, Gosport

Placunda--HMS Hornet--Gosport

Proteus--HMS Sultan, Gosport

Rapana--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Redcoat 2--Commander British Forces, Hong Kong

Sarie Marais 2--Royal Marines, Stonehouse, Plymouth

Syrinx--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Trochus--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Voluta--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Zidona--HMS Hornet, Gosport

Ministry of Defence Police

Mr. George : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence to whom the report to be produced by the committee on the future of the Ministry of Defence police chaired by Mr. Blelloch will report ; when it is expected to be finalised ; and if it will be published.

Mr. Hanley : I have nothing further to add to the answer that I gave to my hon. Friend the Member for Dorset, West (Sir J. Spicer) on 15 December 1993, Official Report, columns 738-39.

RAF Chivenor

Mr. Harvey : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) what delegations from North Devon he has received or has appointments to receive to discuss the future of RAF Chivenor ;

(2) what alternative uses he has recently considered for the site of RAF Chivenor.

Mr. Hanley : I met the hon. Member and a number of North Devon county councillors on 17 January 1994. There are no current plans to meet any further delegations.

RAF Chivenor will continue to house a search and rescue flight. From 1 July 1994 this will be upgraded to a 24-hour Sea King flight. In addition, the site will continue to be considered for any possible alternative defence requirement that might arise.

Nuclear Weapons Exercises

Mr. Llew Smith : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what representations he has made to the United States authorities regarding the possibility of their publishing contingency planning information on exercises conducted with American nuclear weapons in the United Kingdom along the lines of information published in this area by Her Majesty's Government.

Mr. Hanley : My Department has made no such representations. A document issued by the MOD in December 1992 and distributed to local authorities and emergency services already gives relevant guidance on the actions to be taken in the event of any transport accident in the United Kingdom involving a nuclear weapon. A copy of this document--"Local Authority and Emergency Service Information on Nuclear Weapon Transport Contingency Plans"--is also in the Library of the House.

Column 84

Exercise Diver Mist

Mr. Llew Smith : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) what arrangements have been made for the media to (a) participate in the Diver Mist nuclear weapons accident exercise and (b) report on the activities and outcome of the Diver Mist exercise ;

(2) if he will place in the Library a copy of the Diver Mist nuclear weapons emergency exercise scenario.

(3) if he will place in the Library an unclassified version of his Departmental report evaluating the Diver Mist nuclear weapons accident exercise conducted in East Anglia 18 to 22 April ; (4) which military authorities will participate in the Diver Mist nuclear weapons accident exercise on 18 to 22 April in East Anglia ; (5) which emergency plans will be tested during the Diver Mist nuclear accident exercise in East Anglia on 18 to 22 April ; (6) what are the objectives of the joint United Kingdom/United States nuclear weapon accident exercise Diver Mist due to take place near Thetford on 18 to 24 April ;

(7) if he will list the observers invited to attend the Diver Mist nuclear weapons accident exercise in East Anglia on 18 to 22 April.

Mr. Hanley : The accident scenario for Exercise Diver Mist was based on a crash of a United States transport aircraft carrying nuclear weapons in United Kingdom airspace. The objective was to exercise the combined response of relevant United Kingdom and United States Government Departments and local authorities and civil emergency services to a nuclear weapon transport accident, and as such it offered the opportunity to test relevant United Kingdom-United States and national contingency plans, as well as the major incident plans of local authorities and emergency services. The exercise involved the participation of the MOD's nuclear accident response organisation, which includes military units and personnel with relevant capabilities from all three services. United States military forces with similar capabilities also participated. I attended the exercise to provide the parliamentary and political dimension.

Observers from relevant central Government Departments, local authorities and emergency services, and from United States federal authorities were invited to attend the exercise. Media participation in the circumstances created by the exercise scenario was simulated by exercise players, who included reservists who are journalists by profession. In addition, a briefing attended by representatives of the local media was held on 17 April to explan the scope and purpose of the exercise.

The post-exercise report will be a classified document.

Nuclear Weapon Accidents

Mr. Llew Smith : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will seek from his United States counterpart a copy of the United States Department of Defence manual on nuclear weapon accident response procedures ; and if he will place it in the Library.

Mr. Hanley : I will arrange for a copy of this document to be placed in the Library of the House.

Column 85

Public Bodies

Mr. Kilfoyle : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence who are the members currently appointed to the Anglo/Scottish/Welsh-American community relations committees.

Mr. Hanley [holding answer 28 January 1994] : The members currently appointed to the Anglo/Scottish/Welsh-American community relations committees are as follows :

Cliff Woodhead

Michael Behagg

Mrs. Carol Booker

Mrs. Kay Dunn

Mrs. Sue Parkin

David Parsons

Dr. Irwin Peck

Richard Scantlebury

Bob Seery

J. F. Green, OBE TD

E. Jenkins, MBE

D. Mayman

L. Jones

Sir Stanley Odell

Mrs. Gee Bird

Mrs. Meg Bennett

Mrs. Cherry Jephson

James Leaver

Richard Parrish

Wing Commander Chris Taylor RAF (Retd)

The Hon Mrs. Bing

Hon. Sherriff Willie Johnston, MBE, JP

Dr. Ion Grove-White

Hugh A. C. Adamson

Mrs. Rose Rickman

Peter Arkell

Mrs. Linda Jones

Mark Whittering

David Marshall

Eustace Crawley

Alec Faulds

Brendan Fulham

Councillor Mrs. Eileen Jacob

Councillor Mrs. Carol Lynch

Mrs. Maya Morriss

Bruce Rutterford

Jack Haylock, MBE

Nick Berry

Sheila Bonnett

Dr. Colin Dring

Edward Kydd

Canon David Merkle

David Minns

Ken Thompson

John Zeal

A. I. Rabey

Mrs. S. J. Christopher

Column 86

D. Curnow

Captain E. T. Denholm RN (Retd)

D. James

Superintendent K. H. Shepperd

Charles Parker

Mrs. Jose

Canon Hewitt Wilson

Group Captain James Marmion RAF (Retd)

Superintendent Alan Partridge

The Earl of Swinton

John A. Winter

Mrs. Heather Manton

Mrs. Kathleen Wood

Mrs. Katherine Lovell

Mr. Roger K. Linfoot

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