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Clause 11 --

Remuneration of employees of local authorities

Amendments made : No. 60, in page 6, line 18, after (b)' insert by order made by statutory instrument'.

No. 61, in page 6, line 21, at end insert

() An order under subsection (1)(b) above

(a) may make provision as to the constitution and membership of the body established ;

(b) may include provision as to the employment of staff and the remuneration and superannuation of the members and staff of the body ; and

(c) shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.'.--[ Mr. Stewart .]

Clause 13 --

Compensation for loss of office or diminution of emoluments

Amendment made : No. 62, in page 8, line 46, leave out or under' and insert

, under or by virtue of'.--[ Mr. Stewart.]

Clause 19 --

Property commission

Amendments made : No. 63, in page 15, line 45, leave out (A)'. No. 64, in page 15, leave out from line 47 to the end of line 2 on page 16.--[ Mr. Stewart .]

Clause 20 --

Joint committees and joint boards

Amendment made : No. 65, in page 16, line 40, after shall' insert

be in terms agreed by the relevant authorities and shall'.--[ Mr. Stewart .]

Column 897

Clause 23 --

Duty to prepare decentralisation schemes

Amendment made : No. 6, in page 20, after scheme', insert and about the proposed number and powers of future community councils within their area.'.-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 24 --

Transitional Provisions : finance

Amendment made : No. 67, in page 20, line 38, after may' insert , after consulting such associations of local authorities as appear to him to be appropriate,'.

-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 26 --

Valuation lists

Amendment made : No. 280, in page 21, line 46, after Galloway,' insert Fife,'.-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 27 --

Valuation areas and authorities and appointment of assessors etc.

Amendment made : No. 68, in page 23, leave out lines 31 to 34.-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 28 --

Valuation rolls

Amendment made : No. 281, in page 23, line 43, after Galloway,' insert Fife,'.-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Schedule 4 --

Amendments of the 1972 Act

Amendments made : No. 304, in page 134, line 26, leave out from words' to end of line and insert

from "any", where it first occurs, to "may" substitute "any local authority may" ;'.

No. 223, in page 134, line 28, leave out from words' to end of line 29 and insert

from "of the", where they thirdly occur, to the end substitute "of the area of the local authority"'.-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 34 --

Reorganisation of police areas

Amendments made : No. 282, in page 29, line 2 [Clause 34], leave out and'.

No. 283, in page 29, line 4, column 2, leave out and' and insert Lothian,'. -- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 36 --

Fire services

Amendments made : No. 284, in page 31, line 22 [Clause 36], leave out and'.

No. 285, in page 31, line 28, leave out and' and insert Lothian, '.

Column 898

No. 70, in page 32, line 8, at end insert

( ) Before making an administration scheme under this section the Secretary of State shall

(a) consult such fire authorities as appear to him to be affected by the scheme ; and

(b) where any such authority submit objections to the scheme, inform that authority in writing whether he accepts the objections and, if he does not, why he does not.'.-- [Lord James


Clause 40 --

Establishment etc. of Strathclyde Passenger Transport Authority

Amendments made : No. 183, in page 38, line 46, at end insert ( ) Before making an order under subsection (4) above the Secretary of State shall consult such persons or bodies as he thinks fit.'.

No. 286, in page 39, line 8, at end insert

( ) section 97A (studies for improving economy etc. in services) ;

( ) section 97B (furnishing of information and documents to Commission) ;'. -- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 43 --

Guidance as to exercise of traffic powers

Amendments made : No. 71, in page 41, line 17, after consult' insert

the Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service in respect of the provision by them of an ambulance service by virtue of the National Health Service (Functions of the Common Services Agency) (Scotland) Order 1974 and'.

No. 72, in page 41, line 18, leave out officers of police ;' and insert

constables of the police forces maintained ;

( ) the fire authorities (within the meaning of the Fire Services Act 1947) ;'.-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 44 --

Restriction on order-making powers of existing authorities

Amendments made : No. 73, in page 42, line 28, leave out relevant'.

No. 74, in page 42, leave out lines 42 and 43.

No. 75, in page 42, line 46, at end insert

( ) Where

(a) a regional council have sought the consent of a successor authority to the making of a proposed order to which this section applies ; and

(b) the successor authority have failed, within 6 weeks of such consent being sought, to consent,

the successor authority shall be deemed to have given such consent.

( ) In this section "successor authority" means any council constituted under section 2 of this Act (other than the councils for Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands and Western Isles) in whose area the proposed order will have effect.'.-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 50 --

Registration of births, deaths and marriages

Amendment made : No. 76, in page 44, line 46, leave out from in' to

; and' in line 47 and insert subsection (1), for the words from "the director" to "person" substitute "such officer of the local authority" ;

Column 899

( ) in subsection (3), for the words from "the director" to "authority" substitute "such officer of the local authority as may be appointed for the purpose by the local authority"'.-- [Lord James Douglas-Hamilton.]

Clause 54 --

Restriction on disposal of assets and entering into contracts by existing authorities

Amendments made : No. 77, in page 47, line 13, leave out £100, 000' and insert £250,000'.

No. 78, in page 47, line 28, leave out from disposal' to is' in line 29 and insert of relevant property (within the meaning assigned by paragraph (b) of section 90(1) of this Act) or proposed contract in so far as it relates to functions mentioned in that paragraph'.-- [Mr. Stewart.]

Clause 57 --

Further provision as to discharge of functions by authorities

Amendment made : No. 79, in page 50, leave out lines 33 to 36.-- [Mr. Stewart.]

Clause 58 --

Local Acts and instruments

Amendments made : No. 80, in page 52, line 48, at end insert or a provision of an instrument made under any such Act ;'. No. 81, in page 53, line 7, leave out from instrument' to any' in line 8 and insert in so far as that enactment or instrument relates to functions mentioned in section 90(1)(b) of this Act nor'.-- [Mr. Stewart.]

Schedule 7 --

Consitution and Proceedings etc. of a New Water and Sewerage Authority

Amendment proposed : No. 10, in page 138, leave out lines 18 to 23 and insert

3. The members of an authority shall be

(a) such number of elected councillors as the councils in the area covered by the authority shall by agreement determine and shall be appointed by those councils (in this schedule referred to as the "appointing authorities"),

(b) the person who is for the time being the chief executive of the authority.'.-- [Mr. McLeish.]

Question put, That the amendment be made :

The House divided : Ayes 238, Noes 252.

Division No. 245] [8.45 pm


Abbott, Ms Diane

Adams, Mrs Irene

Ainger, Nick

Ainsworth, Robert (Cov'try NE)

Allen, Graham

Anderson, Donald (Swansea E)

Anderson, Ms Janet (Ros'dale)

Armstrong, Hilary

Ashton, Joe

Austin-Walker, John

Banks, Tony (Newham NW)

Barnes, Harry

Barron, Kevin

Battle, John

Beckett, Rt Hon Margaret

Bell, Stuart

Benn, Rt Hon Tony

Bennett, Andrew F.

Benton, Joe

Bermingham, Gerald

Berry, Roger

Betts, Clive

Blair, Tony

Blunkett, David

Boyes, Roland

Bradley, Keith

Bray, Dr Jeremy

Brown, Gordon (Dunfermline E)

Brown, N. (N'c'tle upon Tyne E)

Burden, Richard

Byers, Stephen

Caborn, Richard

Callaghan, Jim

Campbell, Mrs Anne (C'bridge)

Campbell, Menzies (Fife NE)

Campbell, Ronnie (Blyth V)

Column 900

Campbell-Savours, D. N.

Canavan, Dennis

Carlile, Alexander (Montgomry)

Chisholm, Malcolm

Clapham, Michael

Clark, Dr David (South Shields)

Clarke, Eric (Midlothian)

Clarke, Tom (Monklands W)

Clelland, David

Clwyd, Mrs Ann

Coffey, Ann

Connarty, Michael

Cook, Frank (Stockton N)

Corbyn, Jeremy

Corston, Ms Jean

Cousins, Jim

Cummings, John

Cunningham, Jim (Covy SE)

Dafis, Cynog

Dalyell, Tam

Darling, Alistair

Davidson, Ian

Davies, Bryan (Oldham C'tral)

Davies, Ron (Caerphilly)

Davis, Terry (B'ham, H'dge H'l)

Dixon, Don

Dobson, Frank

Donohoe, Brian H.

Dowd, Jim

Dunnachie, Jimmy

Eagle, Ms Angela

Eastham, Ken

Enright, Derek

Etherington, Bill

Evans, John (St Helens N)

Ewing, Mrs Margaret

Fatchett, Derek

Field, Frank (Birkenhead)

Fisher, Mark

Flynn, Paul

Foster, Rt Hon Derek

Foster, Don (Bath)

Foulkes, George

Fraser, John

Fyfe, Maria

Galloway, George

Gapes, Mike

Garrett, John

George, Bruce

Gerrard, Neil

Gilbert, Rt Hon Dr John

Godman, Dr Norman A.

Godsiff, Roger

Golding, Mrs Llin

Gordon, Mildred

Graham, Thomas

Grant, Bernie (Tottenham)

Griffiths, Nigel (Edinburgh S)

Griffiths, Win (Bridgend)

Grocott, Bruce

Gunnell, John

Hain, Peter

Hall, Mike

Hanson, David

Hardy, Peter

Harvey, Nick

Henderson, Doug

Heppell, John

Hill, Keith (Streatham)

Hinchliffe, David

Hoey, Kate

Hogg, Norman (Cumbernauld)

Home Robertson, John

Hood, Jimmy

Howarth, George (Knowsley N)

Howells, Dr. Kim (Pontypridd)

Hoyle, Doug

Hughes, Kevin (Doncaster N)

Hughes, Robert (Aberdeen N)

Hughes, Roy (Newport E)

Hutton, John

Ingram, Adam

Jackson, Glenda (H'stead)

Jamieson, David

Johnston, Sir Russell

Jones, Barry (Alyn and D'side)

Jones, Lynne (B'ham S O)

Jones, Martyn (Clwyd, SW)

Jones, Nigel (Cheltenham)

Kaufman, Rt Hon Gerald

Kennedy, Charles (Ross,C&S)

Kennedy, Jane (Lpool Brdgn)

Khabra, Piara S.

Kilfoyle, Peter

Kirkwood, Archy

Lewis, Terry

Livingstone, Ken

Lloyd, Tony (Stretford)

Llwyd, Elfyn

Loyden, Eddie

Lynne, Ms Liz

McAllion, John

McAvoy, Thomas

McCartney, Ian

Macdonald, Calum

McFall, John

McKelvey, William

McLeish, Henry

Maclennan, Robert

McMaster, Gordon

McNamara, Kevin

MacShane, Denis

McWilliam, John

Madden, Max

Maddock, Mrs Diana

Marek, Dr John

Marshall, David (Shettleston)

Martlew, Eric

Maxton, John

Meale, Alan

Michael, Alun

Michie, Bill (Sheffield Heeley)

Michie, Mrs Ray (Argyll Bute)

Milburn, Alan

Miller, Andrew

Moonie, Dr Lewis

Morley, Elliot

Morris, Rt Hon A. (Wy'nshawe)

Morris, Rt Hon J. (Aberavon)

Mowlam, Marjorie

Mudie, George

Mullin, Chris

Murphy, Paul

Oakes, Rt Hon Gordon

O'Brien, William (Normanton)

O'Hara, Edward

Olner, William

O'Neill, Martin

Orme, Rt Hon Stanley

Parry, Robert

Patchett, Terry

Pendry, Tom

Pickthall, Colin

Pike, Peter L.

Pope, Greg

Powell, Ray (Ogmore)

Prentice, Ms Bridget (Lew'm E)

Prentice, Gordon (Pendle)

Prescott, John

Primarolo, Dawn

Quin, Ms Joyce

Radice, Giles

Raynsford, Nick

Redmond, Martin

Reid, Dr John

Rendel, David

Robertson, George (Hamilton)

Roche, Mrs. Barbara

Rogers, Allan

Rooker, Jeff

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