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Column 58

registererd tonnage using the passage between Grassholm and Skomer islands ; and how many vessels are known to have broken the ban since it was introduced.

Mr. Norris : None. The Department is unaware of any breaches of the internationally agreed recommendation that large laden tankers should avoid the Grassholm channel. Nevertheless, Lord Donaldson's report, "Safer Ships, Cleaner Seas", announced to the House on 17 May, recommends a traffic survey of the areas for a limited but representative period, and we are considering how best to respond to this recommendation.

Accidents (Children)

Mr. Flynn : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many children have died in cycling accidents in each of the last 10 years ; and what proposals he has to reduce the number of such fatalities.

Mr. Key [holding answer 20 May 1994] : The information requested is shown in the table. The Department is continually investing time and resources into finding ways to improve safety and convenience for cyclists. The ongoing cycle safe campaign promotes safer cycling and is particularly aimed at children. They are especially encouraged to take proper training. We actively promote the benefits of cycle helmets for children.

The Department is working to harden attitudes to speeding motorists--one of the major causes of accidents for all road users, cyclists or otherwise.

The Department also offers guidance to local highway authorities on the facilities which may be introduced to benefit cyclists.

Child<1> pedal cyclist fatalities: Great  

Britain 1982-1992                         


Year          |Pedal cyclist              


1982          |93                         

1983          |102                        

1984          |110                        

1985          |79                         

1986          |58                         

1987          |79                         

1988          |62                         

1989          |73                         

1990          |59                         

1991          |50                         

1992          |48                         

<1> Aged 0-15.                            

Mr. Flynn : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many accidents in which children died in each of the last 10 years were caused by drinking and driving.

Mr. Key [holding answer 20 May 1994] : The national road accident database includes only objective accident details. It does not include information on the cause of accidents and the information requested is not available. However the following table shows the number of child fatalities in drink-drive accidents during the past 10 years.

Child Fatalities in   

Drink Drive Accidents 



1982    |37           

1983    |29           

1984    |27           

1985    |35           

1986    |22           

1987    |27           

1988    |18           

1989    |19           

1990    |24           

1991    |14           

<1>1992 |15           

<1> Provisional       

London Underground

Mrs. Roche : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the recommendations of the Fennell report into the King's Cross fire which have not yet been implemented ; and when he expects them to be implemented.

Mr. Norris [holding answer 20 May 1994] : London Underground Ltd. has now implemented 116 of the 127 recommendations addressed to it in the Fennell report. One recommendation, which was not accepted by LUL, has been completed by other means. This leaves the following recommendations still to be fully implemented :

6a Escalator lubrication

8b Line Controllers facilities

16a Research into air movement

36 Escalators--elimination of wooden treads and risers

49a Station ventilation systems

52a Elimination of VIR cable (infrastructure)

69 Removal of hazardous materials

114 Improvements to CCTV

125 Control of smoke and ventilation

142 Subway link at King's Cross

Discussions on how best to deal with these are taking place between Her Majesty's railways inspectorate and London Underground.

Mrs. Roche : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport which consultants carried out the quantified risk assessment from which his Department concluded that there was little risk of fire as a result of wooden treads on London Underground's escalators ; and if he will publish that assessment.

Mr. Norris [holding answer 20 May 1994] : The quantified risk assessment was carried out for London Underground by Trident Consultants Ltd. as part of a comprehensive two-year study of risks on the underground. As the consultants' final report also includes assessments of risks arising from terrorism it is not for general publication. However, I understand that London Underground is willing to give the hon. Lady a briefing on the risks associated with the wooden escalator treads if she would find that helpful.

Ms Ruddock : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what was the ethnic origin of each of the employees of London Underground who experienced an assault while on duty during 1993.

Mr. Norris [holding answer 20 May 1994] : The ethnic origins of the 431 London Underground staff who were victims of either criminal or common assaults in 1993 were as follows :

Column 60



UK/Eire        |237          

Other European |17           

Asian          |59           

African        |44           

Caribbean      |59           

Other          |15           


Total          |431          

Jubilee Line Extension

Mr. Spearing : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what is the range of estimated cost of additions to Westminster underground station occasioned by the Jubilee line extension, excluding any features necessary for the new parliamentary building.

Mr. Norris [holding answer 20 May 1994] : Contracts have been awarded for both the civil and the electrical and mechanical work associated with the new Westminster station. The estimated cost for the work is in the range of £75 million to £80 million. It is not possible separately to identify the effect of the new parliamentary building.

Road Construction Contracts

Mr. Simon Hughes : To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will list the major road construction contracts awarded by his Department worth over £300,000 at current prices, indicating the name of the construction company who was awarded the contract for (a) the year from January 1993 to January 1994 and (b) since February 1994.

Mr. Key : [holding answer 20 May 1994] : Since 1 April, responsibility for managing, maintaining and improving the national road network in England now lies with the Highways Agency. As the information requested by the hon. Member relates to operational matters of the Highways Agency, I have asked the chief executive to write to the hon. Member.

Letter from Lawrie Haynes to Mr. Simon Hughes, dated 20 May 1994 :

You put down a Parliamentary Question for answer by the Secretary of State concerning major construction contracts awarded since January 1993.

As the information requested concerns operational matters for which the Highways Agency is now responsible I am replying to your Question.

You asked for a list of road construction contracts over £300,000 in value that had been awarded firstly for the period January 1993 to January 1994, and secondly since February 1994, together with the name of the successful contractor.

The attached lists give the information in relation to contracts valued in excess of £1 million. The Agency does not currently keep central records of contracts below £1 million and I regret this information cannot be provided without incurring disproportionate cost.

Column 61

List of all major road schemes (over £1 million estimate) awarded between 1 January 1993 and 31 January 1994 (13 months)                                                 

Scheme name                              |Award date                     |Award price (£)                |Contractor                                                     


A19 Clack Lane to Silton                 |5 January 1993                 |2,129,639.00                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

A49 Onibury-Stokesay Improvement         |6 January 1993                 |1,848,925.00                   |Biwater Construction Ltd.                                      

M23 between junction 10 Crawley and      |8 January 1993                 |4,724,106.00                   |Colcon Ltd.                                                    

junction 11 Pease Pottage                                                                                                                                                

M5 between junctions 20 (Clevedon) and   |8 January 1993                 |858,860.00                     |Redland Aggregates Ltd.                                        

19 (Portbury), North                                                                                                                                                     

A31 Ringwood to Picket Post, Hampshire   |15 January 1993                |1,904,208.00                   |Mowlem, John, Construction plc                                 

A45 and A11 Swaffham Heath Road          |18 January 1993                |567,788.00                     |Christiani and Nielsen Ltd.                                    


M50 and M5, Cabling Works, Hindlip B     |21 January 1993                |1,604,418.14                   |Murphy Ltd.                                                    

M54 and M6, Cabling Works, Hindlip C     |21 January 1993                |1,384,283.56                   |Murphy Ltd.                                                    

M4 junction 4B (M25)-junction 5          |29 January 1993                |4,970,314.00                   |Amey Construction Ltd.                                         


A64 Wild Man Inn-York bypass             |2 February 1993                |1,814,733.00                   |Balfour Beatty Ltd.                                            

A1 between M62 south of Darrington,      |3 February 1993                |2,119,387.00                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

West Yorkshire                                                                                                                                                           

M4 and M5-Second Severn crossing         |5 February 1993                |65,119,651.00                  |Balfour Beatty Ltd.                                            


M1 junction 9-10 (Northbound),           |5 February 1993                |9,719,555.00                   |Amey Construction Ltd.                                         


M56 widening between junction 4          |11 February 1993               |11,820,083.00                  |McAlpine, Alfred, Construction                                 

(Simonsway) and junction 6                                                                               |Ltd.                                                           

M6 Preston-junctions 30-32               |11 February 1993               |37,458,986.00                  |Balfour Beatty Ltd.                                            

Term maintenance-Trunk roads and         |15 February 1993               |11,414,660.00                  |Amey Construction Ltd.                                         

motorways, M4 West                                                                                                                                                       

M56 between junctions 12 and 14          |15 February 1993               |3,939,879.00                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

M27 junctions 3 to 2 concrete repairs    |19 February 1993               |1,367,252.00                   |AMEC Civil Engineering Ltd.                                    

(M271 spur)                                                                                                                                                              

M1 between junctions 28 and 29,          |22 February 1993               |4,465,418.00                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

(Tibshelf to Heath)                                                                                                                                                      

Term maintenance, Greater Manchester,    |23 February 1993               |23,163,993.00                  |Nuttall, Edmund Ltd.                                           


M5 Oldbury Viaduct, Sandwell contract    |2 March 1993                   |1,230,572.00                   |Shephard Hill Civil Engineering                                

R39                                                                                                      |Ltd.                                                           

Term maintenance, A23 and A205 trunk     |2 March 1993                   |7,040,203.00                   |Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd.                                   

roads in South London                                                                                                                                                    

Term maintenance-M1, M18 and A1,         |5 March 1993                   |16,577,868.00                  |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

South Yorkshire                                                                                                                                                          

M57 junctions 4-7, A59 trunk road        |8 March 1993                   |3,630,005.00                   |Galliford (U.K.) Ltd.                                          

M20 junctions 1-3, Contract 8            |9 March 1993                   |3,323,433.00                   |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                       

M5 between M6 junction 7 and M5,         |12 March 1993                  |3,134,870.00                   |Nuttall, Edmund, Ltd.                                          


A1(M) between Bowburn interchange        |16 March 1993                  |3,258,101.00                   |Cumbrian Industrials Ltd.                                      

and Carville, Durham                                                                                                                                                     

M20 between junctions 8 and 13           |16 March 1993                  |1,538,143.00                   |Associated Asphalt Ltd.                                        

communications upgrade                                                                                                                                                   

A5 Tamworth-Staffordshire (Fazeley Two   |23 March 1993                  |25,955,498.00                  |McAlpine, Alfred, Construction                                 

Gates)                                                                                                   |Ltd.                                                           

Term maintenance-M1, M62 and M621,       |23 March 1993                  |17,060,250.00                  |Amey Construction Ltd.                                         

West Yorkshire                                                                                                                                                           

A38 Plympton bypass, westbound, near     |30 March 1993                  |1,179,906.00                   |Associated Asphalt Ltd.                                        


A1(M) between junction 4 (Hatfield) and  |31 March 1993                  |5,506,152.00                   |Laing, John, Construction Ltd.                                 

junction 6 (Welwyn)                                                                                                                                                      

Term maintenance-Midland Links           |1 April 1993                   |3,467,832.00                   |Prismo Ltd.                                                    

Motorway 1993-95                                                                                                                                                         

M25 between junctions 8 and 10,          |1 April 1993                   |2,508,051.00                   |Mowlem, John, Construction                                     

Reigate-Wisley interchange                                                                               |plc.                                                           

M62 improvement between junction 14      |5 April 1993                   |10,223,164.00                  |Birse Construction Ltd.                                        

and junction 17                                                                                                                                                          

A1 Walshford-Dishforth, north of         |8 April 1993                   |53,795,508.00                  |joint venture-A. McAlpine                                      

Wetherby                                                                                                 |Construction/AMEC                                              

A38 Drybridge-Wrangaton, south of        |8 April 1993                   |1,171,664.00                   |ARC Ltd.                                                       


A5 Staples Corner, London Borough of     |14 April 1993                  |901,113.00                     |Tilbury Douglas Construction                                   

Barnet                                                                                                   |Ltd.                                                           

M5 Oldbury Viaduct, Contract R17,        |16 April 1993                  |1,425,317.00                   |Christiani & Nielsen Ltd.                                      


A31 Picket Post to Ocknell               |27 April 1993                  |1,753,742.00                   |Birse Construction Ltd.                                        

M1 junction 1, Barnet, viaduct access    |28 April 1993                  |4,235,912.00                   |Shephard Hill Civil Engineering                                

slips                                                                                                    |Ltd.                                                           

A20 Swanley bypass, west of M25/M20,     |29 April 1993                  |1,275,338.00                   |May Gurney & Co., Ltd.                                         

junction 3                                                                                                                                                               

A406 North Circular Road, Falloden       |4 May 1993                     |1,247,694.00                   |Nuttall, Edmund, Ltd.                                          

way, Barned (adv. works)                                                                                                                                                 

A69 Hexham-Corbridge bypass between      |6 May 1993                     |778,057.00                     |Davison, Alan (Construction)                                   

Styford and Bridge End                                                                                   |Ltd.                                                           

M6 Thornbridge Viaduct, Contract R52     |7 May 1993                     |595,898.00                     |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                       

A12 between Hughes Corner (B1068)        |11 May 1993                    |1,111,187.00                   |Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd.                                   

and Old London Road (C472)                                                                                                                                               

M66 Denton-Middleton (M62 to River       |14 May 1993                    |19,237,248.00                  |Costain Building & Civil                                       

Irk), con. 4                                                                                             |Engineering Ltd.                                               

A45 maintenance between Quy and          |14 May 1993                    |4,198,842.00                   |AMEC Civil Engineering Ltd.                                    

Newmarket bypass                                                                                                                                                         

M6 between junctions 38-39, Cumbria      |17 May 1993                    |4,099,000.00                   |Cumbrian Industrials Ltd.                                      

M3 junctions 8-9                         |17 May 1993                    |2,267,947.00                   |Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd.                                   

M5 junction 18, Avonmouth, north-west    |19 May 1993                    |7,926,340.00                   |Wimpey Construction Ltd.                                       

of Bristol                                                                                                                                                               

A66 Cumbria, East of Brough to Palliard  |26 May 1993                    |7,636,582.00                   |Kier Construction Ltd.                                         

M1 junctions 34-35                       |27 May 1993                    |2,417,294.00                   |Balfour Beatty Ltd.                                            

A1 Little Ponton-Gorse Lane,             |28 May 1993                    |884,918.00                     |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    


A52 South of Ashbourne, Derbyshire       |7 June 1993                    |3,185,220.00                   |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                       

Relief Road                                                                                                                                                              

M62 junctions 30-31                      |8 June 1993                    |6,702,818.00                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

A34 Botley Flyover-Deck                  |9 June 1993                    |933,876.00                     |Norwest Holst Construction Ltd.                                


A30/A39 Indian Queen junction between    |10 June 1993                   |12,695,070.00                  |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                       

Bodmin and Redruth                                                                                                                                                       

A17 Wigtoft-Sutterton, Lincolnshire      |14 June 1993                   |4,402,863.00                   |May Gurney & Co. Ltd.                                          

M18 junctions 5-6                        |16 June 1993                   |4,039,307.00                   |Mowlem, John, Construction                                     


A40 between A4095 Overbridge Witney,     |24 June 1993                   |2,035,182.00                   |SIAC Construction Ltd.                                         


A406 North Circular Road, East of        |29 June 1993                   |27,013,720.00                  |Nuttall, Edmund, Ltd.                                          

Falloden Way, Main Works                                                                                                                                                 

M62 junction 26, Gildersome-Dulverton    |30 June 1993                   |2,899,500.00                   |Tilcon Ltd.                                                    

M4 between junction 15 (A419) and        |6 July 1993                    |1,335,684.00                   |Redland Aggregates Ltd.                                        

junction 16 (A3102), Wiltshire                                                                                                                                           

M62 between Pollington and Whitley       |9 July 1993                    |2,770,040.00                   |Tilcon Ltd.                                                    

Bridge, Westbound                                                                                                                                                        

M6 Midland links Motorway East of        |9 July 1993                    |4,665,172.00                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

junction 2, Coventry                                                                                                                                                     

M50, M54 and M5 Electrical Works,        |14 July 1993                   |1,088,818.00                   |Philips Communications Ltd.                                    

Hindlip D.                                                                                                                                                               

M3/A34 junction 9, Maintenance           |19 July 1993                   |1,191,796.00                   |Wiltshier Construction                                         

Compound                                                                                                 |(Midland) Ltd.                                                 

A12 Hackney Wick to Redbridge            |27 July 1993                   |31,558,185.00                  |Norwest Holst Construction Ltd.                                

Roundabout Contract 4                                                                                                                                                    

A65 Burley in Wharfedale bypass, West    |30 July 1993                   |5,547,467.00                   |Amey Construction Ltd.                                         


M6 between junctions 12-13,              |2 August 1993                  |746,459.00                     |Colcon Ltd.                                                    


M27 junctions 7-8                        |17 August 1993                 |2,306,052.00                   |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                       

A40 Crockers Ash-Newton Court            |19 August 1993                 |2,140,716.00                   |Laing, John, Construction Ltd.                                 

A34 Hinksey Hill (A423) to Lodge Hill    |24 August 1993                 |2,251,013.00                   |Colcon Ltd.                                                    


M3 between Sunbury junction 1 M/P        |24 August 1993                 |3,848,762.00                   |Costain Building & Civil                                       

24/6-Junction M/P 28/0                                                                                   |Engineering Ltd.                                               

M1 junction 30-31                        |25 August 1993                 |4,481,825.00                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

A52/A453 Clifton Bridge Complex,         |25 August 1993                 |1,459,814.79                   |Morrison Construction Ltd.                                     


A56 Edenfield bypass Contract T 138      |26 August 1993                 |1,689,918.00                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

M1 East and North of Milton Keynes,      |27 August 1993                 |1,278,387.86                   |Redland Aggregates Ltd.                                        


M5 between junctions 13-15               |13 September 1993              |1,650,447.00                   |Galliford (U.K.) Ltd.                                          

M6 junctions 15-16, Keele Bank M/P       |16 September 1993              |1,456,464.00                   |McAlpine, Alfred, Quarry                                       

246/5-249/4                                                                                              |Products Ltd.                                                  

M5 between junction 27 and 26,           |16 September 1993              |1,352,977.68                   |Associated Asphalt Ltd.                                        

Sampford Peverell-Chelston                                                                                                                                               

A38 Plympton bypass, Stage 2             |16 September 1993              |1,496,250.65                   |Costain Building and Civil                                     

                                                                                                         |Engineering Ltd.                                               

M4 junction 14, Shefford Woodlands       |16 September 1993              |2,674,964.36                   |Associated Asphalt Ltd.                                        


A168 Asenby-Topcliffe, Yorkshire         |17 September 1993              |1,531,000.00                   |Cumbrian Industrials Ltd.                                      

A1 Stamford Bypass                       |20 September 1993              |1,010,236.00                   |Wrekin Construction Co. Ltd.                                   

A140 South of Scole and East of          |22 September 1993              |7,186,504.00                   |Boot, Henry, Southern Ltd.                                     


A64 Hopgrove to Grimstone, Major         |23 September 1993              |2,107,717.00                   |Ward, Thos. W., Roadstone Ltd.                                 


A120 Crown Interchange-Stratford St.     |28 September 1993              |3,131,169.08                   |Tilbury Douglas Construction                                   

Mary                                                                                                     |Ltd.                                                           

M25 junctions 2-3 between A2             |1 October 1993                 |11,602,076.00                  |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                       

Interchange and A20/M20                                                                                                                                                  

A21 Tonbridge bypass between A2014-      |1 October 1993                 |4,898,988.00                   |Birse Construction Ltd.                                        

Medway Viaduct                                                                                                                                                           

A435 Norton Lenchwick bypass             |5 October 1993                 |19,226,966.89                  |McAlpine, Alfred, Construction                                 


A31 between Ringwood and St. Ives,       |5 October 1993                 |6,696,391.00                   |Wimpey Construction Ltd.                                       

Dorset (Ashley Heath)                                                                                                                                                    

M1 junctions 18-19, near Rugby,          |6 October 1993                 |2,265,545.00                   |Amey Construction Ltd.                                         


A130 Pairglen Interchange-A132           |6 October 1993                 |1,515,627.77                   |Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd.                                   


A1 Jockey Lane-Apley Head                |8 October 1993                 |2,999,020.44                   |Ward, Thos. W. Roadstone Ltd.                                  

M4 between junction 18 (Tormanton) and   |11 October 1993                |1,648,631.60                   |Wimpey Hobbs Ltd.                                              

junction 19 (Hambrook)                                                                                                                                                   

M23 between Hooley and Merstham          |13 October 1993                |2,024,991.00                   |Birse Construction Ltd.                                        

Interchanges, Road Lighting                                                                                                                                              

A38 Trethawle-Tinkers Lake, Cornwall     |15 October 1993                |1,529,429.00                   |Cornwall CC DLO                                                

A3 between south of Wisley M/P 13/6-     |15 October 1993                |14,231,837.71                  |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                       

Burpham M/P 20/4                                                                                                                                                         

A4 West Cromwell Road, Viaduct           |15 October 1993                |1,994,604.00                   |Tilbury Douglas Construction                                   

Repairs                                                                                                  |Ltd.                                                           

M1 junctions 12-11                       |21 October 1993                |909,918.12                     |Laing, John, Construction Ltd.                                 

A30 Shallowater Hill-Bodmin Moor         |21 October 1993                |1,703,628.00                   |Christiani and Neilsen Ltd.                                    

A30 Honiton bypass                       |22 October 1993                |1,422,586.77                   |Associated Asphalt Ltd.                                        

A34 Wood Farm-Redhill, Southbound        |26 October 1993                |982,811.76                     |Wrekin Construction Co. Ltd.                                   

A1(M) between junction 1 South Mimms     |28 October 1993                |1,960,435.00                   |Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd.                                   

and junction 2 (Colney)                                                                                                                                                  

M56 between junctions 11 and 12          |10 November 1993               |6,873,993.00                   |ARC Ltd.                                                       

(Stage 10)                                                                                                                                                               

A406 Silver Street-Hall Lane, Lea Valley |12 November 1993               |21,761,735.00                  |Nuttall, Edmund, Ltd.                                          


M5 Titford Viaduct-junction 2 Contract   |15 November 1993               |2,114,382.91                   |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                       


A303 Bullington Cross-Andover            |18 November 1993               |1,596,982.96                   |Osborne, Geoffrey, Ltd.                                        

M1 between South of junction 23 and      |25 November 1993               |1,301,135.27                   |Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd.                                   

junction 23A, Road Lighting                                                                                                                                              

A30 Staines By-pass between Glanty and   |26 November 1993               |3,190,236.45                   |Costain Building & Civil                                       

Billet Bridge                                                                                            |Engineering Ltd.                                               

A50 Blythe Bridge-Queensway,             |29 November 1993               |23,072,304.00                  |Birse Construction Ltd.                                        


A12 Hackney Wick-M11 Link Road,          |30 November 1993               |1,949,394.00                   |Christiani & Nielsen Ltd.                                      

Contract 1A                                                                                                                                                              

A13 Butcher Row and Branch Road, East    |30 November 1993               |922,128.89                     |Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd.                                   


A417 Brockworth Bypass, East of          |2 December 1993                |35,142,010.58                  |Wimpey Construction Ltd.                                       


A5 between Longford Island (junction     |7 December 1993                |1,452,363.36                   |Kimbell Construction Ltd.                                      

A460) and (junction 12)                                                                                                                                                  

A11 between Stump Cross and Four         |8 December 1993                |18, 149,454.27                 |Roadworks (1952) Ltd.                                          

Wentways, Cambridgeshire                                                                                                                                                 

A34 between Firgo Park-Tufton            |13 December 1993               |955,144.00                     |ARC Ltd.                                                       

A12 between Hackney Wick and M11         |13 December 1993               |3,524,321.00                   |Murphy, J. & Sons Ltd.                                         

Link Road, Contract 2B                                                                                                                                                   

M2 junctions 5 and 7, major maintenance  |13 December 1993               |1,333,137.66                   |May Gurney & Co. Ltd.                                          

M4 junction 4-4A Heathrow Airport Link   |15 December 1993               |2,755,299.19                   |Amey Construction Ltd.                                         


M1 junction 30, Barlborough-Woodall      |17 December 1993               |3,963,812.84                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

A11 Wymondham Southern Bypass            |17 December 1993               |16,940,943.10                  |McAlpine, Alfred, Construction                                 


M18 junction 3-4                         |21 December 1993               |3,289,904.53                   |Ward, Thos. W., Roadstone Ltd.                                 

A17 Leadenham Bypass Improvement         |22 December 1993               |3,322,890.66                   |May Gurney & Co. Ltd.                                          

A45 Stonebridge, East of A45/M42         |23 December 1993               |8,447,149.00                   |Tilbury Douglas Construction                                   


M25 Widening between junctions 10 and    |23 December 1993               |35,097,353.15                  |Mowlem, John, Construction                                     

11, Wisley and Chertsey                                                                                  |Plc                                                            

M4-A3005 Heston Road, Hounslow           |23 December 1993               |5,695,224.00                   |Associated Asphalt Ltd.                                        

A406 Silver Street-Hall Lane, Angel      |24 December 1993               |19,785,316.89                  |AMEC Civil Engineering Ltd.                                    

Road Viaduct                                                                                                                                                             

M6 Bescot Viaduct, North of junction 9,  |24 December 1993               |1,182,897.00                   |Taylor Woodrow Construction                                    

Contract R43                                                                                             |Holdings Ltd.                                                  

A64 Fulford-A19 and A1079                |5 January 1994                 |3,075,229.72                   |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                    

A47 Walpole Highway and Tilney High      |7 January 1994                 |23,455,738.07                  |May Gurney & Co. Ltd.                                          

Bypass, Cambridgeshire                                                                                                                                                   

A13 West of Heathway (A1240), South      |10 January 1994                |11,785,847.56                  |AMEC Civil Engineering Ltd.                                    

East of Wennington                                                                                                                                                       

M58 junction 3-M6 Interchange            |11 January 1994                |2,397,882.60                   |Galliford (U.K.) Ltd.                                          

M602 junction 1, West of Manchester      |12 January 1994                |3,992,093.55                   |Mowlem, John, Construction                                     


A303 between Harewood Forest and         |12 January 1994                |2,597,425.87                   |Costain Building & Civil                                       

Bransbury                                                                                                |Engineering Ltd.                                               

A12 Boxted Bridge to Spring Lane         |13 January 1994                |1,098,504.88                   |Roadworks (1952) Ltd.                                          

A27 Patching between Worthing and        |20 January 1994                |6,402,673.62                   |Amey Construction Ltd.                                         

Arundel, West Sussex                                                                                                                                                     

A50 Blythe Bridge-Contract 1B            |21 January 1994                |28,414,397.00                  |Joint venture-Christiani/Kier                                  

M25 between junction 7 (Merstham) and    |25 January 1994                |45,979,928.48                  |Laing, John, Construction Ltd.                                 

junction 9 (Reigate)                                                                                                                                                     

A249 between Bobbing and North of        |25 January 1994                |35,721,035.06                  |AMEC Civil Engineering Ltd.                                    

Iwade, Kent                                                                                                                                                              


Total for period                                                         |£1,037,208,941.30                                                                              

List of all major road schemes (over £1 million estimate) awarded between 1 February 1994 and 18 May 1994                                                         

Scheme Name                           |Award date                    |Award price (£)               |Contractor                                                   


M4 junction 19 and junction 18        |1 February 1994               |2,036,894.21                  |ARC Ltd.                                                     

A4 River Loddon, East of Reading      |3 February 1994               |951,569.00                    |Christiani & Nielsen Ltd.                                    

M64 Blackburn Southern bypass,        |4 February 1994               |65,861,695.00                 |Tarmac Construction Ltd.                                     

Contract 1                                                                                                                                                        

A2 Canterbury bypass between A2050    |4 February 1994               |1,869,246.29                  |ARC Ltd.                                                     

(Harbledown) and A28                                                                                                                                              

A55 Between junction A483 and         |7 February 1994               |3,296,329.00                  |Galliford (U.K.) Ltd.                                        


A13 Thames Avenue-Wennington          |9 February 1994               |71,273,666.10                 |Balfour Beatty Ltd.                                          

A4/A46 Batheaston-Swainswick bypass   |11 February 1994              |44,953,293.00                 |Amey Construction Ltd.                                       

A1 South Witham-Woolfox, Nr.          |14 February 1994              |1,420,181.50                  |ARC Ltd.                                                     

Stamford, Leicestershire                                                                                                                                          

M6 junctions 5-6, Bromford Viaduct    |15 February 1994              |7,095,869.00                  |Galliford (U.K.) Ltd.                                        

M20 Between junction 1 and 3,         |15 February 1994              |552,443.84                    |Semple & Cochrane Ltd.                                       

Communications Infrastructure                                                                                                                                     

A66 Penrith and Keswick (Climbing     |16 February 1994              |846,748.70                    |Cumbria CC DLO (County                                       

Lane)                                                                                               |Contracting)                                                 

M66 Moston Brook Outfall, Advance     |17 February 1994              |2,083,000.00                  |Kennedy Construction Group                                   


A38 (Catholme) Barton-Bramston        |22 February 1994              |1,479,936.78                  |Tarmac Quarry Products Ltd.                                  


A27 Kingston-Hangleton, Southwick     |1 March 1994                  |4,561,802.00                                                                                

Hill Tunnel                                                                                         |Electrical Engineering                                       

A249 Queenborough bypass              |3 March 1994                  |1,096,053.77                  |Tilbury Douglas Construction                                 


M26 junction 5-junction 2A Dunton     |3 March 1994                  |4,561,544.09                  |ARC Ltd.                                                     

Green Railway Bridge                                                                                                                                              

M11 Between junctions 7 and 8         |16 March 1994                 |1,505,838.85                  |SIAC Construction Ltd.                                       

M1 junction 4-Deansbrook Viaduct      |20 March 1994                 |11,981,013.00                 |Fitzpatrick  Contractors Ltd.                                

A66 Bassenthwaite Lake/Keswick        |21 March 1994                 |1,328,700.00                  |Cumbrian Industrials Ltd.                                    

M5 Western Arm-Contract MM84          |22 March 1994                 |5,687,538.00                  |Christiani & Nielsen Ltd.                                    

A13 Cotton Street Blackwall Tunnel-   |23 March 1994                 |5,100,697.98                  |Murphy, J. & Sons Ltd.                                       

A102 Improvement                                                                                                                                                  

M5 North of Exeter, Poltimore To Hele |23 March 1994                 |1,690,066.90                  |Costain Building & Civil                                     

Straight                                                                                            |Engineering Ltd.                                             

A5  Between B5011 and A461, North of  |25 March 1994                 |1,171,607.00                  |Galliford (U.K.) Ltd.                                        


A38 Marsh Mills Viaduct Replacement   |30 March 1994                 |12,229,225.00                 |Hochtief A.G.                                                

M4 junction 10, Winnersh Interchange  |11 April 1994                 |7,152,923.21                  |Mowlem, John, Construction                                   


M5 Between junction 22 (Edithmead)    |12 April 1994                 |1,148,618.00                  |Constable Hart & Co. Ltd.                                    

and junction 23 (Dunball)                                                                                                                                         

A19 Sheraton-Peterlee, North and      |15 April 1994                 |3,533,000.00                  |Cumbrian Industrials Ltd.                                    

South Bound, Durham                                                                                                                                               

A27 West of Lewes, East Sussex        |15 April 1994                 |1,590,523.50                  |Associated Asphalt Ltd.                                      

M4 junction 3-Heston Road             |22 April 1994                 |5,720,560.00                  |Associated Asphalt Ltd.                                      

Term Maintenance, North Yorkshire-    |26 April 1994                 |1,017,072.00                  |North Yorkshire County                                       

Contract 3                                                                                          |Council DLO                                                  

Term Maintenance, North Yorkshire-    |26 April 1994                 |1,154,705.00                  |North Yorkshire County                                       

Contract 2                                                                                          |Council DLO                                                  

A1(M) Sprotborough-junction 37        |10 May 1994                   |6,640,000.09                  |Ward, Thos. W., Roadstone Ltd.                               

(Marr), South Yorkshire                                                                                                                                           

A46-A606 Widmerpool junction,         |12 May 1994                   |885,974.00                    |Shanks & McEwan                                              

Nottinghamshire                                                                                     |(Contractors) Ltd.                                           


Total for period                                                     |£283,478,334.81                                                                             

Column 69



Ms Primarolo : To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what was the expenditure on management and financial consultants by her Department in 1992-93.

Mr. Jack : The expenditure by my Department--excluding the Intervention Board executive agency--on management and financial consultants in 1992-93 was approximately £2,021,000.


Mr. Jim Cunningham : To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if she will make a statement about the International Whaling Commission's study on whale watching.

Mr. Jack : The United Kingdom introduced a resolution on whale watching to the 1993 annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission which was adopted by consensus. This called on IWC members to submit reports on the extent and economic significance of whale-watching operations in their respective countries. Many countries, including the United Kingdom, have submitted reports and these have summarised by the IWC secretariat in a document which is being discussed by the IWC at its current meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At this meeting, the United Kingdom delegation is seeking to ensure that the IWC plays a leading role in the development of this growing new industry, which represents an important new way of utilising whale resources.

Mr. Jim Cunningham : To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (1) whether she intends to put pressure on the Norwegian Government at the International Whaling Commission in Puerto Vallarta between 23 and 27 May ;

(2) what further action she plans if Norway continues to ignore the International Whaling Commission moratorium on whaling.

Mr. Jack : Norway is well aware of the United Kingdom Government's strong opposition to its decision to resume commercial whaling. This has been made clear to the Norwegian Government on numerous occasions and at the highest levels. Although Norway is not legally bound by the IWC moratorium on commercial whaling as, under IWC rules, it lodged an objection to the original decision taken in 1982, I can assure the hon. Gentleman that we shall continue to urge Norway, at the IWC meeting and beyond, to respect fully the terms of the moratorium.

Mr. Jim Cunningham : To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (1) what figures she has for the current levels of International Whaling Commission protected stock ;

(2) if she will review the levels of internationally protected stock, particularly the minke whale ; and if she will make a statement.

Mr. Jack : Whale stocks are currently classified by the IWC under the terms of its obsolete new management procedure--NMP. The revised management scheme--

Column 70

RMS--on which the IWC is now working and which incorporates a revised management procedure--RMP--would, if adopted, replace the NMP and would no longer require the formal classification of whale stocks. If the RMP were implemented, zero catch limits would apply to stocks estimated at below 54 per cent. of their pre-exploitation levels. This would be likely to cover the great majority of species of "great" whale.

The IWC currently estimates the stock of minke whales in the Antarctic to number some 750,000 animals. In the north-east Atlantic the most recent estimate available for minke whales, produced by Norway, is of around 87,000 animals ; that estimate is currently under review by the IWCL's scientific committee. The position on minke whales in the north Pacific is less clear, as uncertainty exists over stock identities.

Mr. Jim Cunningham : To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food when the long-term research project at the sea mammal research unit on the effect of environmental change on whales will be complete.

Mr. Jack : The project being funded by my Department at the sea mammal research unit to assess the effects of environmental change on whale populations began in April 1993 for an initial period of three years. The project is therefore due for review in April 1996.



Ms Mowlam : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, pursuant to his answer to the hon. Member for Normanton (Mr. O'Brien) of 10 May 1994, Official Report , column 127 , what representatives of Opposition parties have been invited to the events his Department is organising to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the D-day landings.

Mr. Hanley : The following representatives of opposition parties have been invited :

The Rt. Hon. Mrs. Margaret Beckett

The Rt. Hon. James Molyneux

The Rt. Hon. Stanley Orme

Mr. John Home Robertson

Mr. Frank Cook

Mr. Eddie Loyden

Mr. Don Dixon

Mr. Archie Kirkwood

Rev. Martin Smyth

The Rt. Hon. Paddy Ashdown

Mr. John Denham

Mr. Bruce George

Mr. John McWilliam

Mr. Menzies Campbell CBE QC

Mr. Andrew MacKinlay

The Rt. Hon. Sir David Steel KBE

Mr. William Ross

Mr. Ken Maginnis

Private Members' Bills

Ms Lynne : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence on what occasions since April 1992 Ministers from his Department have (a) requested parliamentary counsel to assist in preparing amendments to private Members' Bills on behalf of other private Members and (b) authorised

Column 71

officials to instruct parliamentary counsel to prepare amendments which were subsequently passed to private Members.

Mr. Hanley : There have been no such occasions.

Departmental Housing

Mr. Steen : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many empty houses and flats are currently in his ownership within the city of Plymouth boundaries ; what steps he will be taking to dispose of them ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Hanley : As at 31 March 1994, my Department owned 301 vacant houses and flats within the city of Plymouth, of which 296 were service married quarters and five were civilian houses. The majority of those properties were undergoing major maintenance work or were already allocated to service families, and some were in the process of being sold. Where there is no long-term requirement, it is our policy to offer properties for sale to service personnel at a discount, to housing associations or on the open market.

Royal Dockyards

Mr. Jamieson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will place in the Library a copy of the invitation to tender for the sale of Devonport and Rosyth royal dockyards.

Mr. Aitken : The invitations to tender for the royal dockyards will contain commercially confidential material. It will not therefore be possible to place copies in the Library.

Mr. Jamieson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will make it his policy that the contracts of employment of current employees at Devonport and Rosyth royal dockyards will not be changed after privatisation without the agreement and consent of the employees.

Mr. Aitken : The contracts of employment of current employees of Devonport Royal Dockyard plc and Rosyth Royal Dockyard plc are entirely a matter for the dockyard companies and their employees. The present terms and conditions will continue to apply after the proposed sale of the royal dockyards unless and until changes are agreed between the company then owning each dockyard and its employees or the contracts of employment are terminated.

Mr. Jamieson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what is the total cost of the redundancy liability for the work force at each of Devonport and Rosyth royal dockyards.

Mr. Aitken : As the Government plan to continue with two royal dockyards, this is a hypothetical issue. The costs that would be incurred in meeting such a severance liability could be determined only in the full knowledge of all the relevant circumstances applying at the time. Estimates have, however, been made by the Government Actuary, on the basis of information provided by the dockyard contractors, which indicate that the total severance liability for the work forces at Devonport and Rosyth royal dockyards as at 31 March 1994 would have been some £147 million and £101 million respectively, based on the theoretical situation of all staff being made redundant on that date.

Column 72

Mr. Jamieson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence when he expects his Department to apply for planning permission for the Trident refit facility at Devonport royal dockyard.

Mr. Aitken : This is currently scheduled for August 1994.

Attack Helicopter

Mr. Davidson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence when he expects an order being placed for an attack helicopter for the armed forces ; how many he intends to purchase ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Aitken : The assessment of the bids received last November in response to the attack helicopter competition is currently under way and the fuller bid from Atlas Aviation is due at the end of September. A final decision is expected in spring of next year and the contract is expected to be in place with the successful contractor by the middle of next year. We intend to order about 90 aircraft, although precise numbers have yet to be determined.


Ms Rachel Squire : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) if he will break down the costings involved in the quoted cost of the Trident refitting facilities at Devonport ;

(2) what additional costs his Department has identified to the figures so far given for the Trident refitting at Devonport ; and what is his estimate of the final cost of the contract.

Mr. Aitken : I refer the hon. member to annexe A of the consultation document "The Royal Dockyards--Future Arrangements for Ship Refitting" issued by my Department on 8 July 1993, and also to my written answer of 15 March 1994, Official Report , column 655 . The detailed composition of the quoted cost is commercially confidential.

Ms Rachel Squire : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will make a statement about the progress made on negotiating the Trident refitting contract with DML.

Mr. Aitken : Contractual arrangements for the refitting of Trident submarines will be a matter for negotiation with the successful bidder for Devonport royal dockyard.

Ms Rachel Squire : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what steps will be taken to manage closely the fixed-price contract to be placed with DML for Trident refitting facilities.

Mr. Aitken : All necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the project proceeds to time and cost.


Mr. Davidson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what is the expected cost of Eurofighter per unit indicating the variations depending on the numbers ordered ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Aitken : On the basis of our declared offtake of 250 aircraft out of a production run of 602 aircraft, the current estimated unit production cost is £34 million at 1993 prices.

Column 73

The unit production cost will vary according to the number of aircraft ordered by each of the four partner nations, the work sharing ratio and the contract prices negotiated.

Mr. Davidson : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what is the cost of Eurofighter's development programme to date ; what assessment he has made of the reasons for the cost overruns ; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Aitken : The project cost is reviewed annually. As reported in MOD's major projects report 1993 the development cost was estimated at that time at £3,463 million at 1993 prices. That represents an increase of some £570 million since the project was originally approved. Of this, some £450 million is due to German withdrawal from certain equipments, higher than expected equipment costs and the estimated cost of the reorientated development programme. The remainder reflects a reassessment of the estimated development costs between the dates of ministerial approval--April 1988--and the prices negotiated before the start of development--November 1988. The cost increases are unwelcome but not unexpected for a collaborative project of this complexity and technical sophistication. Negotiations are still in progress with industry over the cost of the reorientated development programme. A new estimate reflecting the expected outcome of these negotiations should be available soon.

Public Bodies

Mr. Kilfoyle : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence who are the members currently appointed to the Dartmoor steering group and working party.

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