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European Council

Mr. Nigel Evans : To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will publish a statement on the forthcoming business in the Council of the European Union.

Mr. Heathcoat-Amory : The following meetings are planned : A : 2 June Health

B : 6 June ECOFIN

C : 6 June Youth

D : 8-9 June Environment

E : 10 June Fisheries

F : 13-14 June FAC

G : 13-14 June Transport

H : 16 June Internal Market

I : 17 June Culture

J : 20-21 June Justice

K : 21 June Education

L : 22 June Social Affairs

M : 27 June Research

N : 27-28 June Agriculture

The following subjects are likely to be discussed, although those marked with an asterisk are not yet firm.

A--2 June : Health

Proposal for a European Parliament and Council decision concerning the extension of the "Europe against AIDS" programme.

Draft resolution on the framework for action in the field of public health.

Amended proposal for a directive on advertising for tobacco products.

Communication and proposal for a decision on combating cancer within the framework for action in the field of public health. B--6 June : ECOFIN

Preparation of Corfu European Council.

European investment fund.

CO Energy tax.

Witholding tax.

Taxation of diesel.

Fight against fraud.

Albania (Possible).

C--6 June : Youth

The European Parliament and Council decision to adopt the third phase of the programme "Youth for Europe III".

Co-operation in the field of Youth.

D--8-9 June : Environment

Landfill--Common position.

Packaging and Packaging Waste--follow-up to EP decision. Integration Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)--Debate. Commission on Sustainable Development--follow-up to meeting in New York on 16-27 May.

Climate Change and Carbon/Energy Tax--Report from the High Level Group and Note from the Presidency.

White Paper on Growth, Competitiveness and Employment--Conclusions.

Column 598

Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation.

Disposal of end-of-life vehicles (AOB item).

Pesticides and drinking water (AOB item).

E--10 June : Fisheries

Technical measures in the Mediterranean.

Compensation for peripheral regions.

Drift nets.

Definition of characteristics of fishing vessels.

Report of the market situation.

Report on the multi-annual guidance programme.

Objectives and strategies for the CFP.

UN conference on highly migratory species.

Negotiating mandate code of conduct.

Aquacultural research.

Economic research.

Community wide fishing permits.

Report on third country agreements.

F--13-14 June FAC

Preparation of Corfu European Council.

White Paper.

Relations with Israel : preparation for Co-operation Council. Results of mission of Cyprus observer.

Cyprus : new financial protocol.

Malta : new financial protocol.


Russia : PCA.


Stability pact.

CFSP Financing.

Dual use goods.

Textiles : amendment of regulation 636/82.

Relations with ACP/Bananas.

OECD ship building negotiations.

Public access to Council documents.

G--13-14 June : Transport


Minimum training requirements for seafarers.

Minimum standards for classification societies.

Community Shipping Register (EUROS).

Segregated Ballast Tanks.


Railway Access and Charging.

Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road.

Road transport negotiations with third countries.


Trans-European Networks.

Transport relations with Switzerland.

H--16 June : Internal Market

Resolution on administrative co-operation.

Decision on mutual recognition.

13th amendment to marketing and use of dangerous substances Directive.

14th amendment to marketing and use of dangerous substances Directive.

15th amendment to marketing and use of dangerous substances Directive.

Data Protection.



European pharmacopoeia.

Novel Foods Regulation.

European co-operation statute.

Pension Funds Directive.

Legal protection of databases.

Customs mutual assistance regulation.

I--17 June : Culture

Agenda unavailable.

J--20-21 June : Justice

Agenda unavailable.

K--21 June : Education

Agenda unavailable.

L--22 June : Social Affairs

Regulation establishing a Health and Safety Agency.

Decision on a Programme to combat Social Exclusion.

Directive on the Protection of Health and Safety of Young People at Work.

Decision on a Vocational Training Programme (Leonardo da Vinci). Directive on the setting up of a European Works Council Agreement of the 11.

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