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initiative ; and extra £500,000 for a supplementary credit approval for the third Dee crossing and a reduction of £421,000 as a result of a transfer to the Home Office in respect of the fire service. None of the proposed changes will add to the planned total of public expenditure.


Mr. Richards : To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what targets he has set for Cadw, Welsh Historic Monuments Executive Agency.

Sir Wyn Roberts : Cadw has been set the following key targets for 1994-95 :

(i) To complete 90 per cent. of the approved conservation maintenance programme.

(ii) To complete 40 re-survey lists.

(iii) To resolve 75 per cent. of ad hoc listing cases within 120 days.

(iv) To complete 100 scheduling actions, of which at least 70 per cent. involve additional protection.

(v) To resolve 75 per cent. of listed building consent cases within 28 days, and 90 per cent. of cases within 42 days.

(vi) To resolve 75 per cent. of scheduled monument consent cases within 90 days, and 90 per cent. of cases within 120 days. (

(vii) To resolve 80 per cent. of historic buildings grant applications within 17 weeks.

(viii) To resolve 80 per cent. of ancient monument grant applications within six weeks.

(ix) To pay 90 per cent. of properly presented claims for historic buildings and ancient monument grants within four weeks of receipt. (

(x) To achieve a market share of 63 per cent. of the number of visitors to the top 20 heritage sites in Wales.

(xi) To increase the average spend per visitor to 206 pence. (

(xii) To operate within allocated programme and running cost budgets.

(xiii) To achieve an efficiency saving of 2.0 per cent. on gross running costs.

Full details of Cadw's performance against its targets for 1993-94 will be published in the agency's annual report.


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