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Mr. Richards: This publication was distributed in England only and is therefore a matter for my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Education.

Playing Fields

Mr. Hain: To ask the Secretary of State for Wales if he will list the capital receipts from the sale of school playing fields for each of the last six years by education authority.

Mr. Richards [holding answer 26 October 1994]: The information requested is not held centrally.


Housing Associations

Mr. Battle: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will publish for the latest year for which figures are available total annual rent roll and the

Column 813

total annual staff salaries bill for the top 100 housing associations.

Mr. Curry: The latest available information is for the financial year 1992 93 and is set out below.

The annual rent roll has been provided for the top 100 associations and includes rents collected from both self-contained accommodation and from shared housing developments such as hostels.

Information on staff salaries is available only for the top 50 associations, based on a special exercise mounted by the Housing Corporation earlier this year.

Name of Housing         |HA Type        |Rents (£'000s)                 



Anchor                  |GENF           |79,651                         

North British           |GENF           |43,281                         

North                   |GENF           |37,009                         

London & Quadrant HT    |MIXD           |31,877                         

Sanctuary               |GENF           |25,392                         

Hyde                    |MIXD           |24,010                         

Peabody Donation Fund   |GENF           |23,257                         

Guinness Trust          |MIXD           |23,082                         

Sutton HT               |MIXD           |22,250                         

Northern Counties       |GENF           |21,100                         

English Churches        |MIXD           |20,143                         

Notting Hill            |GENF           |19,923                         

Merseyside Improved     |GENF           |18,419                         

Paddington Churches     |MIXD           |17,837                         

Bradford & Northern     |MIXD           |17,535                         

Hanover                 |GENF           |17,284                         

Circle 33               |GENF           |16,316                         

Focus                   |MIXD           |16,162                         

Servite                 |MIXD           |14,223                         

Network                 |GENF           |13,802                         

Tonbridge & Malling     |LSVT           |13,413                         

Orbit                   |GENF           |13,224                         

South London Family     |GENF           |12,712                         

Ealing Family           |GENF           |12,532                         

Stonham                 |MIXD           |12,364                         

Shaftesbury             |GENF           |12,163                         

Bedfordshire Pilgrim    |LSVT           |11,656                         

Swale                   |LSVT           |11,620                         

Metropolitan HT         |GENF           |11,355                         

High Weald              |LSVT           |11,193                         

West Kent               |LSVT           |10,953                         

East London             |MIXD           |10,791                         

Sovereign               |LSVT           |10,635                         

Family                  |MIXD           |10,564                         

Knightstone             |GENF           |10,055                         

Samuel Lewis Found      |MIXD           |10,012                         

Jephson Homes           |GENF           |9,789                          

New Islington & Hackney |MIXD           |9,414                          

United Kingdom HT       |MIXD           |9,331                          

Liverpool HT            |MIXD           |9,116                          

Springboard             |MIXD           |8,848                          

Raglan                  |GENF           |8,533                          

Chiltern Hundreds       |LSVT           |8,085                          

Touchstone 2            |MIXD           |7,666                          

Richmond Churches       |GENF           |7,527                          

Manchester and District |GENF           |7,379                          

Mid Sussex              |LSVT           |7,356                          

Devon & Cornwall        |GENF           |6,905                          

Warden                  |GENF           |6,388                          

Salvation Army          |MIXD           |6,386                          

Beacon                  |LSVT           |6,316                          

Liver                   |GENF           |6,026                          

Downland                |MIXD           |6,017                          

Grosvenor               |GENF           |5,951                          

Johnnie Johnson HT      |GENF           |5,877                          

Wherry                  |LSVT           |5,696                          

James Butcher           |MIXD           |5,644                          

Midland Area            |GENF           |5,548                          

Portico                 |GENF           |5,533                          

Bromford                |GENF           |5,490                          

Yorkshire MET           |GENF           |5,470                          

Leicester               |GENF           |5,420                          

Threshold               |GENF           |5,222                          

Medina                  |LSVT           |5,210                          

Ryedale                 |LSVT           |5,176                          

Family HA Manchester    |MIXD           |4,867                          

YWCA of GB              |MIXD           |4,829                          

Shepherds Bush          |MIXD           |4,776                          

Irwell Valley           |GENF           |4,669                          

Bourneville Village     |GENF           |4,651                          

Leeds Federated         |MIXD           |4,580                          

Kensington HT           |GENF           |4,422                          

Brunel & Family         |GENF           |4,372                          

Thames Valley           |GENF           |4,317                          

Kelsey                  |GENF           |4,289                          

East Dorset             |LSVT           |4,287                          

St. Pancras             |GENF           |4,278                          

Portsmouth              |GENF           |4,257                          

Touchstone              |GENF           |4,203                          

Collingwood             |GENF           |4,180                          

City and Counties       |MIXD           |4,176                          

Airways                 |GENF           |4,168                          

Guardian                |GENF           |4,164                          

Milton Keynes           |LSVT           |4,102                          

Accord HSG Management   |MIXD           |4,091                          

Moat HS                 |GENF           |4,061                          

Aldwyck                 |MIXD           |3,952                          

Habinteg                |MIXD           |3,934                          

West Country            |MIXD           |3,929                          

Swaythling              |GENF           |3,911                          

South Yorkshire         |GENF           |3,769                          

Muir Group              |GENF           |3,642                          

Newlon                  |GENF           |3,641                          

Western Challenge       |GENF           |3,558                          

Community               |MIXD           |3,543                          

South Wight             |LSVT           |3,509                          

Cheviot                 |GENF           |3,496                          

Walbrook                |MIXD           |3,476                          

West Hampstead          |GENF           |3,457                          

Nene HS                 |MIXD           |3,432                          

Name of Housing         |Type HA             |Staff Costs (£'000s)                     



Anchor                  |GENF                |30,869                                   

North British           |GENF                |13,813                                   

English Churches        |MIXD                |9,728                                    

Peabody Donation Fund   |GENF                |9,217                                    

Sanctuary               |GENF                |8,411                                    

North                   |GENF                |8,060                                    

Sutton HT               |MIXD                |7,513                                    

Guinness Trust          |MIXD                |7,273                                    

London & Quadrant HT    |MIXD                |7,203                                    

South London Family     |GENF                |7,064                                    

Paddington Churches     |MIXD                |6,751                                    

Bradford & Northern     |MIXD                |6,666                                    

Northern Counties       |GENF                |6,640                                    

Merseyside Improved     |GENF                |6,522                                    

Notting Hill            |GENF                |6,363                                    

Focus                   |MIXD                |5,794                                    

Circle 33               |GENF                |4,952                                    

Orbit                   |GENF                |4,693                                    

Shaftesbury             |GENF                |4,690                                    

Metropolitan HT         |GENF                |4,661                                    

Hyde                    |MIXD                |4,494                                    

Network                 |GENF                |4,283                                    

East London             |MIXD                |3,700                                    

Hexagon                 |GENF                |3,431                                    

Family HA               |MIXD                |3,357                                    

Knightstone             |GENF                |3,327                                    

West Berkshire          |LSVT                |3,267                                    

New Islington & Hackney |MIXD                |3,231                                    

Samuel Lewis HT         |MIXD                |3,137                                    

Ealing Family           |GENF                |3,098                                    

Leicester               |GENF                |2,784                                    

Manchester & Dist.      |GENF                |2,713                                    

Jephson Homes           |GENF                |2,503                                    

Raglan                  |GENF                |2,500                                    

Threshold               |GENF                |1,857                                    

East Midlands           |MIXD                |1,824                                    

Devon & Cornwall        |GENF                |1,636                                    

Aldwyck                 |MIXD                |1,585                                    

Bromford                |GENF                |1,566                                    

Moat HS                 |GENF                |1,365                                    

Ujima                   |MIXD                |1,272                                    

Thames Valley           |GENF                |1,254                                    

Wandle                  |GENF                |1,079                                    

Swaythling              |GENF                |965                                      

West Country            |MIXD                |687                                      

Asra Greater London     |GENF                |582                                      

Metropolitan HO         |SALE                |446                                      

Islington & Shoreditch  |GENF                |439                                      

Tower                   |SALE                |425                                      

Notting Hill HO         |SALE                |421                                      


Mr. Clifton-Brown: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what advice he has given to the Office of Water Services and the water companies to ensure that river sites of special scientific interest are protected from deterioration due to sewage effluent during the period 1995 2000.

Mr. Atkins: In an answer to my hon. Friend on 6 July, Official Report, columns 241 42, my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State announced £522.3 million of spending in the period 1995 to 2000, specifically to improve river quality where such improvements would not otherwise be required. This was taken into account by the Director General of Water Services when he determined the water companies' new price limits, announced on 28 July. The National Rivers Authority will decide in consultation with the water companies how this spending should be prioritised.

Single Regeneration Budget

Mr. Raynsford: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list for 1992 93 and 1993 94, the amount spent in each London borough, with totals for each training and enterprise council area, under each of the programmes now incorporated into the single regeneration budget, regardless of whether the sums were paid to the borough council, and the amount allocated to be spent in 1994 95 on the same basis.

Sir Paul Beresford: The information requested has been placed in the Library. The figures cover the support given to projects under the programmes, or parts of programmes, which now form the single regeneration budget. The total expenditure on several of the programmes will be higher, reflecting contributions from local authorities, the private sector and so on.

Rights of Way

Mr. Gordon Prentice: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what assessment has been made of

Column 816

the number of public rights of way that have been blocked or otherwise obstructed by landowners since 1984.

Mr. Atkins: The Countryside Commission carried out a major sample survey of the condition of the network in 1988 and estimated that more than 39,000 km of rights of way were blocked and unusable, about half of which were thought to be the responsibility of landowners. The commission, which gave up responsibility for Wales in 1991, has a further sample survey in hand.

Opencast Mines

Mr. Clapham: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will make it his policy that fresh planning applications by the new mining companies for opencast coal mines on sites which the local planning authority has previously rejected will not be entertained and if he will make a statement.

Sir Paul Beresford: No. Each case must be considered on its merits. Where a development plan is material to the proposal, application must be determined in accordance with the plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise. However, section 70A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as inserted by section 17 of the Planning and Compensation Act 1991, provides that a local planning authority may decline to determine an application if within the period of two years ending with the date on which the application is received the Secretary of State has refused a similar application referred to him under section 77 of the 1990 Act or has dismissed an appeal against the refusal of a similar application; and there has been no significant change since the decision in the development plan, so far as it is relevant, or in any other material considerations.

Wildlife and Countryside Act

Mr. Bennett: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment if he will list the number of appeals under paragraph 4 of schedule 14 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 determined in 1992 and 1993 for which the time taken from receipt of appeal by his Department to its determination was (a) not more than six months, (b) more than six months but not more than 12 months, (c) more than 12 months but not more than 18 months, (d) more than 18 months but not more than 24 months or (e) more than 24 months.

Mr. Atkins: Statistics on appeals under paragraph 4 of schedule 14 are not collected in the form requested. However, the table shows on a regional basis the average time taken for the cases determined in each year.

Appeals under paragraph 4, schedule 14 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981                                      

                          1992                              1993                                              

Regional offices         |Number of cases |Average time    |Number of cases |Average time                     

                                          |(months)                         |(months)                         


Northern                 |-               |-               |-               |-                                

North Western            |3               |16              |11              |20                               

Yorkshire and Humberside |-               |-               |5               |13                               

West Midlands            |-               |-               |-               |-                                

East Midlands            |6               |8               |1               |9                                

Eastern                  |11              |12              |9               |6                                

South Eastern            |14              |26              |19              |11                               

South Western            |7               |21              |24              |15                               

London                   |1               |13              |1               |22                               

Mr. Bennett: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment how long he allows surveying authorities to comment on appeals under paragraph 4 of schedule 14 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Mr. Atkins: Surveying authorities are given eight weeks to comment on the appellant's grounds of appeal and to submit a statement of case. If no response is received, a reminder is sent and a further two weeks allowed before the appeal can proceed: extensions of time are granted where appropriate. The authority is then given three weeks to comment on each occasion the appellant or third party makes further representations.

Renewal Programmes

Mr. Rooker: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment (1) if he will make a statement on his policy towards urban renewal programmes based upon area schemes;

(2) how many renewal areas have been designated each year under the provisions of Local Government and Housing Act 1989

Mr. Robert B. Jones: We encourage local authorities to declare renewal areas where the appropriate circumstances exist. The number that have been notified to the Department each year since introduction of the 1989 Act is:



1990   |9            

1991   |27           

1992   |18           

1993   |21           

1994   |<1>5         


Total  |80           

<1> To date.         

Mr. Rooker: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment (1) when he expects to announce the result of his consultation on private housing renewal programmes;

(2) What study he has made of the adverse effect on area renewal programmes in urban areas by a shift towards pepper potting of individual properties.

Mr. Robert B. Jones: We are considering the responses to the consultation paper, many of which addressed the effect of the demand-led arrangements that we have at the moment on the ability of local authorities to develop renewal strategies for their areas. An announcement on the outcome of this review will be made in due course.


Mr. Vaz: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment when he will respond to the letter of 26 September from the hon. Member for Leicester, East.

Sir Paul Beresford: I replied to the hon. Member's letter yesterday.

Rented Accommodation

Mr. Pike: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what percentage of private rented accommodation has (a) two rooms or fewer or (b) three

Column 818

rooms or more; and what plans he has to produce guidelines concerning suitable accommodation for households in the private rented sector.

Mr. Robert B. Jones: Some 15 per cent. of households renting privately in England have two rooms or fewer, and 85 per cent. have three rooms or more. These proportions are from the 1993 94 survey of English housing and are subject to sampling error.

The Department has issued guidance to local authorities in support of their powers to enforce adequate standards of safety and amenity in houses in multiple occupation. Certain general standards relating to fitness and overcrowding are set out in primary legislation. But otherwise it is for landlords and tenants to agree the suitability of accommodation. We have no plans to issue further guidelines.

Mr. Hardy: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what payments have been made by his Department during the last five years to individuals or companies in Yorkshire and Humberside in support of projects which it was assumed would create employment; and how many jobs have been created in each case.

Sir Paul Beresford [pursuant to his reply, Wednesday 26 October 1994, column 76]: Until last November my Department awarded city grant to private developers in support of projects designed to create employment. On 10 November 1993, responsibility for city grant was assumed by English Partnerships.

In the five years to April 1994, £43.75 million of city grant was awarded in Yorkshire and Humberside in support of 41 schemes, which were expected to create 6,318 new jobs.

Clock Adjustment

Mr. Barry Field: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment how many man hours were taken up by adjusting the clocks throughout his Department.

Sir Paul Beresford: Adjusting clocks forms part of the normal day-to -day maintenance of my Department's buildings. No separate records are kept of the time spent on this.

Butterfly Conservation

Mr. Flynn: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what new proposals he has to improve butterfly conservation.

Sir Paul Beresford: The Conservation (Natural Habitats Etc.) Regulations 1994, implementing the EC habitats directive, take effect on 30 October. Of native species, the marsh fritillary--euphydryas aurinia--is included on annexe II of the directive, which lists those species whose conservation requires the designation of special areas of conservation; the large blue butterfly--maculinea arion--is included in annexe IV, for species requiring strict protection.

English Nature's species recovery programme is enjoying some success with the large blue butterfly. Adult butterflies have emerged on five sites and a sixth site is being prepared for next year. The development of targets for species conservation for publication in 1995 was announced in "Biodiversity : The United Kingdom Action Plan". We expect these to include butterflies.

Column 819


Mr. Dafis: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what advice he has received from the European Commission regarding the application of directive 85/337 to the proposed A34 Newbury bypass.

Sir Paul Beresford: The Secretary of State for the Environment has received no advice from the European Commission regarding the application of directive 85/37 to the proposed A34 Newbury bypass. The European Commission did, however, send informal letters of inquiry about this project, to which we replied, in 1991 and 1993. No further communication has been received.


Mr. Dafis: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what assessment he has made as to whether the provisions of the Conservation (Natural Habitats Etc) Regulations are adequate to comply fully with the United Kingdom Government's obligation to protect the habitats of dormice, under the European habitats directive.

Sir Paul Beresford: The regulations were drafted to afford the requisite level of protection for all animal species listed on annexe IVa of the EC habitats directive, including the dormouse--muscardinus avellanarius. Regulation 39(1)(d) makes it an offence to damage or destroy a breeding site or resting place of such an animal, reflecting article 12(1)(d) of the directive. Derogations under licence from these provisions for specified purposes are allowed where the authorities are satisfied that there is no satisfactory alternative and that the action authorised will not be detrimental to the maintenance of the population of the species concerned at a favourable conservation status in their natural range.

Air Pollution

Mr. Flynn: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what new proposals he has to improve knowledge on the effects on the air quality of pollution by (a) PMIOs (b) Aramatis, (c) oletins, (d) formaldehydes and (e) oxides of nitrogen and photochemical smog.

Mr. Atkins: As announced on 3 October, £5 million is to be made available to the Institute of Environment and Health to investigate links between air pollution and respiratory disease. This is in addition to annual expenditure of over £9 million by my Department on air quality research and monitoring.

The expert panel on air quality standards has published recommendations on benzene and ozone, and will be publishing recommendations on carbon monoxide and 1,3-butadiene in the near future. It is at present considering particulates and NO2 and expects to make recommendations in due course. The quality of urban air review group and the photochemical oxidants review group continue to provide advice on wider air quality issues.

I hope to make an announcement later this year on the Government's response to the consultation paper "Improving Air Quality".

Bats and Rodents

Mr. Flynn: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what new proposals he has to improve the conservation of native British bats and rodents.

Column 820

Sir Paul Beresford: In addition to the protection afforded by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to all native bat species and two species of rodent, the Conservation (Natural Habitats Etc) Regulations 1994, which take effect on 30 October, will further strengthen the conservation of many bat species and one species of rodent.

English Nature's species recovery programme, which has already enjoyed some success with the common dormouse and the red squirrel, includes a new three -year project to assist the greater horseshoe bat.


Mr. Flynn: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what new proposals he has to increase the use of canals for commercial, industrial and leisure transport.

Mr. Atkins: My right hon. Friend has no plans to introduce new proposals regarding increasing the use of canals. However the new chairman of British Waterways, Bernard Henderson CBE, has been asked to consider ways in which the use of canals for which he is responsible may be increased in the national interest, especially for leisure and tourism.

Departmental Post

Mr. Donohoe: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment how much his Department has spent on postage, and how many items have been posted by his Department, in each of the last five years.

Sir Paul Bereford: My Department has spent the following sums on postage:

1989 90 -- £ 0.440 million

1990 91 -- £ 0.687 million

1991 92 -- £ 0.755 million

1992 93 -- £ 0.883 million

1993 94 -- £ 1.121 million

1994 95 -- £ 0.529 million (Year to September)

Figures on the number of items posted are kept only for mail from the Department's main London headquarters buildings. Figures are available only from 1991 92 and are as follows:

1991 92 -- 937,096 items

1992 93 -- 947,536 items

1993 94 -- 962,940 items

1994 95 -- 457,267 items (Year to September)

Public Appointments

Dr. Wright: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment how many public appointments (a) he is responsible for making and (b) require his approval, including those not listed in "Public Bodies"; and if he will give this figure in terms of (i) appointments to executive bodies (ii) appointments to advisory bodies and (iii) other appointments.

Sir Paul Beresford: The Secretary of State is responsible for the following public appointments :



to executive bodies |438            

to advisory bodies  |166            

to other bodies     |418            

<1> includes appointments made by   

Her Majesty The Queen on the advice 

of the Secretary of State.          

Column 821

There are no appointments which require his approval but for which he is not responsible.

Ordnance Survey

Mr. Spring: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what was the outcome of the triennial review of Ordnance Survey.

Mr. Atkins: Ordnance Survey was established as an executive agency on 1 May 1990. In 1993, an evaluation report concluded that agency status had been a spur to significant improvements in performance. In particular, the acceleration of the conversion of the basic scales mapping archive to a computerised database, the good trading results in a difficult trading period and the attainment of challenging quality of service and output targets were important achievements in a highly creditable performance. These improvements and other innovations were recognised in 1993 by a chartermark award. In order to supplement a review undertaken by officials, consultants were appointed to look at options for the future status of Ordnance Survey. They assessed that Ordnance Survey would continue to progress well in its current status as an executive agency. They also believed that privatisation of Ordnance Survey offers potential benefits. The consultants found that various obstacles preclude this change of status in the immediate future and were also unable, at present, to quantify the full costs and benefits of privatisation. The consultants further concluded that contractorisation was the worst of the options examined. The Government accept these conclusions and recognise that a final decision to privatise is not yet possible. Ordnance Survey will therefore continue as an executive agency for a further four years. A new framework document will be drawn up to cover the period. During this time the obstacles to privatisation will be investigated thoroughly with a view to clarifying and overcoming them so that the costs and benefits can be established. A further announcement and, if necessary, public consultation, will take place following this major review. The consultants also recommended that a move to trading fund status would be beneficial for Ordnance Survey, whether or not privatisation was pursued eventually. This recommendation is accepted and we will be seeking to move Ordnance Survey to a trading fund basis from April 1996. Over the next four years, Ordnance Survey will continue to develop its revenue-generating activities. Ordnance Survey will also continue to improve its efficiency in order to reduce further its costs to the taxpayer through contracting out wherever there is economic benefit, through collaborations with the private sector wherever appropriate and through innovative management. In addition, Ordnance Survey will seek to achieve all this without any diminution of the quality of its products and services which underpin many key activities of Government and commerce in Britain.

A summary of the consultants' report has been placed in the Library.


Mr. John Greenway: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what advice he plans to give to the public on the use of leaded and unleaded petrol; and if he will make a statement.

Column 822

Mr. Atkins: Government advice to motorist remains firm: Those whose cars can run on unleaded petrol and who are not using it should start doing so.

Those already using unleaded petrol should not switch back to using leaded petrol.

The Government do not accept criticism of Government policy on unleaded petrol contained in the Transport Select Committee report on transport- related air pollution in London.

These is no credible evidence of any significant differences in emissions of benzene between non-catalyst cars running on leaded and premium unleaded petrol.

There is no evidence that use of super-unleaded petrol contributes significantly to total ambient concentrations of benzene. Super-unleaded petrol comprises only 5 per cent. to 6 per cent. of the market, and that share is declining. We are, however, keeping its use under review.

Benzene levels in the United Kingdom are below the five part per billion level recommended to Government by the expert panel for air quality standards, and are likely to fall as more catalyst-equipped cars enter the national fleet.

Health advice is that there are much stronger grounds for concern regarding small increases in blood-lead concentrations than regarding small changes in ambient concentrations of benzene. It is hoped that publicity given to the Transport Committee report will not lead to increased emissions of lead from road transport.


Health Statistics

Mrs. Wise: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will update the information published in appendix G on pages 31 32 of the minutes of evidence taken before the Health Select Committee on "The Responsibilities of the Director of Statistics and the Director of Research and Development", HC 1992 93, 624, by giving the corresponding tabulations from the hospital episode system for 1991 92 and 1992 93.

Mr. Sackville: The information requested from 1991 92 will be placed in the Library. The analysis for 1992 93 is not yet available.


Mrs. Helen Jackson: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) what assessment she has made on the effect on public health of restricted use of water for general household purposes;

(2) what discussions she has had with the Medical Officer of Health about the benefits or disbenefits to public health of restricting the use of water for general household purposes.

Mr. Sackville: None.

Renal Replacement Therapy

Ms Primarolo: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what was the rate of acceptance of new patients for renal

Column 823

replacement therapy by district health authorities and regional health authorities in each of the last five years.

Mr. Sackville: The available information will be placed in the Library.

Breast Screening

Ms Primarolo: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what percentage of women between the ages of 50 years and 64 years have been invited for breast screening in each year since 1990, by (a) district health authority, (b) family health services authority and (c) region; and how many women were actually screened in each case.

Mr. Sackville: Information on breast cancer screening has been collected centrally since financial year 1988 89, but 1991 92 was the first year for which the data were of sufficient quality to allow any analysis. Regionally based information on estimated percentage uptake of screening invitations for 1991 92 and 1992 93 is shown in the table. Information is not available centrally at district or family health services authority level.

                  |per cent.|per cent.          

Region            |1991-92  |1992-93            


England (Total)   |72       |72                 

Northern          |75       |75                 

Yorkshire         |74       |72                 

Trent             |78       |78                 

East Anglia       |81       |79                 

North West Thames |58       |61                 

North East Thames |61       |61                 

South East Thames |71       |70                 

South West Thames |66       |68                 

Wessex            |79       |76                 

Oxford            |77       |76                 

South Western     |75       |77                 

West Midlands     |72       |70                 

Mersey            |69       |72                 

North Western     |73       |76                 

Information on the number of women screened by regional health authority is published in breast cancer screening summary information from Form KC62 England. The 1992 3 data are to be distributed shortly and an advance copy will be placed in the Library.

Learning Disability Hospitals

Ms Jowell: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many people with learning disabilities are resident in long-stay hospitals; and if she will list the long-stay learning disability hospitals still operating.

Mr. Bowis: Information on residents by type of hospital is not available centrally. The figure for people with a length of stay of one or more years in national health service hospitals under the mental handicap, learning disability specialty, in England, as at 31 March 1993 is 13,500.

A list will be placed in the Library of NHS trusts and directly managed units that have beds designated as being for long-term learning disability patients.

Calman Report

Ms Primarolo: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what progress has been made on the proposals in the Calman report.

Column 824

Mr. Malone: Substantial progress has been made and a programme to implement the report's recommendations is outlined in EL(94)71, "Implementation of the Report of the Working Group on Specialist Medical Training--Hospital Doctors: Training for the Future". Copies of the national health service executive letter, which was issued on 22 September 1994, are available in the Library.

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