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Competing for Quality"

Mr. McAllion: To ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster which functions and services previously provided in-house have been contracted out under the 1992 "Competing for Quality" programme in the period from 1 April 1992 to 31 December 1993.

Mr. Robert G. Hughes: The following services previously performed in -house have been contracted out under the "Competing for Quality" programme between 1 April 1992 and 31 December 1993, according to information provided by Departments to the efficiency unit in the Office of Public Service and Science.

Competing for quality programme April 1992 December 1993 Activities previously provided in-house which have been contracted out--

Customs and Excise

Catering, London HQ

Staff Restaurant, Queens Dock

Catering--Custom House London

Catering--Dorset House London

Catering--Manchester HQ

Debt Recovery Services

Vehicle Fleet Management

Central Statistical Office


Department of Employment

Materials Management (Employment Service)

Travel Services (Employment Service)

Field System

ERC Courses for Disabled (Employment Service)

National Jobclub Services (Employment Service)

Column 1016

Microcomputer Training (Employment Service)

Publications Distribution (Health and Safety Executive) Travel Services

Van Service Sheffield-London

Van Services Sheffield-Runcorn

Estates Maintenance


Security EDHQ Runcorn

Department of Education


Department of National Heritage

Hampton Court Garden Maintenance

IT Provision

Department of National Savings

Press Cuttings

Estate Management Phase 1

Catering Services Durham

Estate Management Phase 2

Department of Environment

Property Holdings, Professional Property Services

Planning Inspectorate IT Project Management

Research Services--Project on Early Heat Cycle Effects--on PFA and Slag Concretes

Staff Catering (Building Research Establishment)

Department of Health

Welfare Foods Scheme

Office Services Quarry House

Operation and Redevelopment of HES Statistics

Health Survey for England

National Diet and Nutrition Survey OAPs

Clerical Support Staff (NHS)

Office and Building Service London

Department of Social Security

Benefits Agency Travel Services

Benefits Agency Office/Building Services Quarry House

Resettlement Units (Resettlements Agency)

Facilities Management (HQ)

Audit ITSA)

Department of Trade and Industry

Press Notice Distribution (HQ)

Offshore Focus Magazine (HQ)

Security (Other HQ)

Database Maintenance (Other HQ)

Photographic Service (NPL)

Support Services Patents Office

Stationery Supply

Central Training (HQ Services)

Monitoring R and D Projects (HQ)

Offshore Geology

Department of Transport


Export Credits Guarantee Department

IT Operational Support


Forestry Commission



Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Purchasing Services

Administration of Insurance

HM Treasury

Internal Audit

Column 1017

Home Office

Forensic Science Service Waste Disposal

Forensic Science Service Estate Management

Escort Services

HMP Blakenhurst

Prison Education

D. Tels Repair

Land Registry

Staff Catering

Legal Services

Estate Management

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Document Creation Unit (ADAS)

Pesticide Evaluation

Research and Development

Buildings and Estate Management

Marine Surveillance


Recruitment (up to Grade 7)

Radionuclide Analysis

Overseas Trade Statistics

Ministry of Defence

Freight Services

Food Distribution

Bielefeld Bakery

Food Distribution

Plant Hire


Engineering Support Scampton

Elementry Flying Training

Works Services: Cyprus, Gibraltar, Falklands, Belize



Combat Systems Information

Helicopter Simulator

Harrier Support

Helicopter Support: Osprey, Heron, Seah

Gardening Deal

IT Processing

Works Management

Air Weapon Range Holbeach

Flight Checking

Inspectorate of Recruitment

Catering Boscombe Down

Submarine in Service Support

Tailoring Northern Ireland

Ration Delivery Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Civil Service

Property Certificate Service

Data Preparation

Hillsborough Castle Maintenance

Operating Mainframe Computer

Prison Officer Messes

Sludge Contract 1

Sludge Contract 4A

Roads Reinstatement State II

Staff Restaurant Phase II

CSA Catering Service

CSA Post Room Messengers

CSA Security Services

CSA Cleaning

CSA Typing Services

CSA Facilities MGT

Mainframe Operation Services

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