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Cost of advertising since 1979 on all  

forms of advertising                   

in 1994 prices (£)                     

Year         |£                        


1979-80      |<2>175,296               

1980-81      |<2>6,867,309             

1981-82      |<2>4,395,776             

1982-83      |<2>6,186,195             

1983-84      |<2>4,754,533             

1984-85      |<2>3,254,828             

1985-86      |20,621,583               

1986-87      |53,241,911               

1987-88      |40,706,040               

1988-89      |30,229,606               

1989-90      |21,797,896               

1990-91      |12,293,720               

1991-92      |14,039,415               

1992-93      |5,584,560                

1993-94      |8,441,609                


<1> The 1979-80 total does not include 

expenditure by the former Manpower     

Services Commission as the figure is   

not available.                         

<2> The 1979-80, 1980-81, 1981-82,     

1982-83, 1983-84 and 1984-85 totals do 

not include expenditure by the Health  

and Safety Executive as figures are    

not available.                         

The total advertising budget for the Department in 1994 95 is £11, 250,000 and for HSE £1,200,000.

During the period from 1985 to 1990, the Department launched a number of major campaigns, including the promotion of youth training, employment training, restart and enterprise allowance by the Manpower Services Commission; and action for jobs by the Department.


Prevention of Terrorism Acts

Ms. Mowlam: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what percentage of people arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Acts In Northern Ireland in the past five years were subsequently released without charge.

Sir John Wheeler: The information requested is as follows:


               |No. of persons|No. released  |Percentage                   

Year           |detained      |without charge|without charge               


1990           |1,549         |1,177         |76                           

1991           |1,680         |1,294         |77                           

1992           |1,795         |1,335         |74                           

1993           |1,641         |1,259         |77                           

1994<1>        |1,328         |1,009         |76                           

<1> January-September inclusive only. Figures are not yet available for    

the final quarter of 1994.                                                 

Pay Increases (Cost)

Mr. Andrew Smith: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he will estimate the cost to his Department's budget, and to local authorities' self-financed expenditure in 1995 96 of implementing in full the recommendations of (a) the School Teachers Review Body; (b) the Review Body on Doctors and Dentists Remuneration; and (c) the Review Body on Nursing Staff, Midwives, Health Visitors and Professions Allied to Medicine, assuming no changes in staff numbers.

Column 747

Mr. Moss: The remit of the School Teachers Review Body does not extend to Northern Ireland, where the pay and conditions of service of school teachers are dealt with in local negotiating machinery. Estimated costs of implementing the recommendations of the other review bodies are as follows:

                               |Main pay        |Estimated                        

                               |increase        |pay bill cost<1>                 

                               |Per cent.       |£ million                        


DDRB (doctors and dentists)<2> |2.5-3.0         |4.4                              


NPRB (nurse and midwives)      |1.5-3.0<3>      |3.9-7.9                          

 (PAM's)                       |1.5-3.0<3>      |0.5-0.9                          

<1> Pay bill costings include employers' national insurance and superannuation    


<2> Plus up to 2.5 per cent. on average salaries for consultants under            

transitional local pay arrangements.                                              

<3> Comprising 1 per cent. on national pay scales and the NPRB estimate of        

additional amounts likely to result from local pay negotiations.                  


Fire Safety

Mr. Beith: To ask the President of the Board of Trade what financial costs and benefits and other effects on business concerns in the United Kingdom are expected as a result of the transfer of the role of the fire authorities in determining fire safety standards in new and altered or extended buildings to the building control authorities, as recommended in the interdepartmental review of fire safety legislation and enforcement; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Jonathan Evans: I refer the right hon. Member to the reply that I gave to my hon. Friend the Member for the Isle of Wight (Mr. Field) on 24 February 1995, Official Report , column 369 .

EU Structural Funds

Mr. Garrett: To ask the President of the Board of Trade, what criteria are used in appointing members to objective 5b monitoring committees; and if he will list those appointments already made and the interests they represent.

Mr. Eggar: The structural funds regulations require monitoring committees to be set up within partnerships established between the member state, the competent authorities and bodies designed by the member state at national, regional, local or other level, and the European Commission. So far four of the 11 objective 5b United Kingdom monitoring committees have met.

In addition to representatives of central Government, training and enterprise councils or local enterprise companies, and local authorities, the Government have designated or will designate to each committee other organisations following local consultation. They could be from, for example, the private sector, tourism and development organisations, further and higher education, rural bodies and the voluntary sector.

Column 748

The following is a full list of organisations represented on the committee for the East Anglia objective 5b area, the one closest to the hon. Member's constituency:


The regional director of the Government office.


One representative each from:

Department of the Environment

Employment Department

Department of Trade and Industry

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Norfolk and Waveney TEC

Standing Conference of East Anglian Local Authorities

Rural Development Commission

Further Education Funding Council

English Nature

East Anglian Cooperative Development Association

Two private sector bodies.

Civil Servants

Mrs. Maddock: To ask the President of the Board of Trade what proportion of those accepted for fast-stream entry for which his Department is responsible (a) in 1991, (b) 1992, (c) in 1993 and (d) in 1994 were women.

Mr. Heseltine: For the years 1991 and 1992, I refer the hon. Member to the annual report of the Civil Service Commissioners for those years, copies of which are available in the Library of the House. Successful candidates for the fast-stream entry competitions assigned to the Department of Trade and Industry in 1993 and 1994 were as follows:

                            |Total              |Per cent.          

                            |assigned |Women    |women              




trainee/higher executive                                            

officer (development)       |11       |3        |27                 



AT/HEO(D)                   |9        |2        |22                 



Science management                                                  

trainee/higher scientific                                           

officer (development)       |3        |1        |33                 



SMT/HSO(D)                  |2        |1        |50                 



Economic assistants         |7        |3        |43                 



Economic assistants         |7        |2        |29                 



Assistant statisticians and                                         

trainee statisticians       |6        |2        |33                 



Assistant statisticians and                                         

trainee statisticians       |4        |0        |0                  

Foreign Takeovers

Mr. Austin Mitchell: To ask the President of the Board of Trade what is Her Majesty's Government's

Column 749

policy in respect of the takeover of United Kingdom industry by foreign firms with particular reference to those from the east Asian region.

Mr. Jonathan Evans: In examining acquisitions of UK firms under the Fair Trading Act 1973, we do not discriminate between UK and foreign acquirers, including those from the east Asian region.

Inntrepreneur Estates Ltd.

Mr. Wareing: To ask the President of the Board of Trade what communications he has received from the European Commission in respect of the activities of Inntrepreneur Estates Ltd; how many communications have been in respect of the firm's application for exemption from EU regulations under article 85 of the treaty of Rome; and if he will make a statement.

Mr. Jonathan Evans: My right hon. Friend the President of the Board of Trade has not received any communication from the European Commission in respect of the activities of Inntrepreneur Estates Ltd. However, he has been kept fully informed of the Commission's concerns with regard to the discounts offered by the major brewers, and the Commission's decision to allow the Director General of Fair Trading to investigate the issue before coming to a decision regarding the Inntrepreneur application for individual exemption of its standard lease.

Floating Platform Systems

Mr. Wilson: To ask the President of the Board of Trade what steps he is taking to help ensure that floating platform systems built in UK yards are in a position to compete effectively for orders in UK sector waters.

Mr. Eggar: My Department established a working group on floating production systems last year and the group has now made positive proposals which when implemented will strengthen the competitiveness of UK yards and other suppliers in this sector. The group's report has now been published and its recommendations are being pursued with the industry.


Mr. Boyes: To ask the President of the Board of Trade if he will list all White Papers, Green Papers and pamphlets issued by his Department or agencies for which it is responsible in 1994, giving in each case the total cost to the Exchequer of their production, publication and distribution; and what was the total equivalent cost in 1980.

Mr. Heseltine [holding answer 2 March 1995]: In 1994, my Department, with the exception of its agencies, produced 361 external publications. As there is no generally accepted definition of the term "pamphlet", I have placed a list of all these publications in the Library of the House, along with the estimated cost--£2.2 million--for the nine months to December for which data is available. The list includes White Papers and a Green Paper published for my Department by HMSO. Equivalent information for 1980 is not available.

In respect of White Papers, Green Papers and other publications published by HMSO, HMSO aims to recover their costs from sales revenue.

As regards DTI agencies, the production of publications is an operational matter for the chief executives.

Column 750


Staff Cars

Mr. Byers: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many two- star officers and above are entitled to a dedicated staff car and driver; where the officers are based; what make of car is provided; and what is the total annual cost in salaries, maintenance and car replacement.

Mr. Soames [pursuant to his answer, 22 February 1995, Official Report , c. 252 55 ]: At two-star rank and above, there are currently 109 posts in the armed forces and my Department, including civilians, who are entitled to a dedicated staff car and driver. These are:

Number                               |Post                             |Location                                                           


Posts open to more than one service                                                                                                        

5* posts                                                                                                                                   

1                                    |Chief of the Defence Staff       |London                                                             

2                                    |Chair of the Military            |Brussels                                                           

                                     |  Committee                                                                                          


4* posts                                                                                                                                   

3                                    |Vice Chief of Defence Staff      |London                                                             


3* posts                                                                                                                                   

4                                    |United Kingdom Military          |Brussels                                                           

                                     |  Representative                                                                                     

5                                    |Deputy Chief of Defence          |London                                                             

                                     |  Staff (Commitments)                                                                                

6                                    |Deputy Chief of Defence          |London                                                             

                                     |  Staff (Personnel and                                                                               

                                     |  Programmes)                                                                                        

7                                    |Deputy Chief of Defence          |London                                                             

                                     |  Staff (Systems)                                                                                    

8                                    |Chief of Defence                 |London                                                             

                                     |  Intelligence                                                                                       

9                                    |Surgeon General                  |London                                                             

10                                   |Commandant Royal College         |London                                                             

                                     |  of Defence Studies                                                                                 


2* posts                                                                                                                                   

11                                   |Commander of British             |Episkopi                                                           

                                     |  Forces Cyprus                                                                                      

12                                   |Head of British Defence          |Washington                                                         

                                     |  Liaison Staff                                                                                      

13                                   |Assistant Chief of Staff         |Mons                                                               

                                     |  (Policy)                                                                                           


Royal Navy                                                                                                                                 

4* posts                                                                                                                                   

14                                   |Chief of the Naval Staff         |London                                                             

15                                   |Chief Naval Home                 |Portsmouth                                                         

                                     |  Command/2nd Sea Lord                                                                               

16                                   |Commander in Chief Fleet         |Northwood                                                          


3* posts                                                                                                                                   

17                                   |Controller of the Navy           |London                                                             

18                                   |Chief of Fleet Support           |Bath                                                               

19                                   |Deputy Commander in              |Northwood                                                          

                                     |  Chief Fleet                                                                                        

20                                   |Flag Officer Plymouth            |Plymouth                                                           

21                                   |Flag Officer Scotland,           |Pitreavie                                                          

                                     |  Northern England and                                                                               

                                     |  Northern Ireland                                                                                   

22                                   |Flag Officer Surface             |Portsmouth                                                         

                                     |  Flotilla                                                                                           

23                                   |Commandant General               |Portsmouth                                                         

                                     |  Royal Marines                                                                                      

24                                   |Deputy Supreme Allied            |Virginia                                                           

                                     |  Commander Atlantic                                                                                 

25                                   |Chief of Staff NAVSOUTH          |Naples                                                             


2* posts                                                                                                                                   

26                                   |Director General Naval           |Portsmouth                                                         

                                     |  Personnel Strategy and                                                                             

                                     |  Plans                                                                                              

27                                   |Flag Officer Submarines          |Northwood                                                          

28                                   |Flag Officer Portsmouth          |Portsmouth                                                         

29                                   |Flag Officer Training and        |Portsmouth                                                         

                                     |  Recruiting                                                                                         

30                                   |Commander British Forces         |Gibraltar                                                          

31                                   |Flag Officer Sea Training        |Portland                                                           

32                                   |Flag Officer Naval Aviation      |Yeovilton                                                          

33                                   |Naval Secretary                  |Portsmouth                                                         

34                                   |Commander United                 |Portsmouth                                                         

                                     |  Kingdom Task Group                                                                                 

35                                   |Medical Director General         |Gosport                                                            

                                     |  (Naval)                                                                                            



4* posts                                                                                                                                   

36                                   |Chief of General Staff           |London                                                             

37                                   |Adjutant General                 |Upavon                                                             

38                                   |Commander in Chief               |Wilton                                                             

                                     |  United Kingdom Land                                                                                

                                     |  Forces                                                                                             

39                                   |Deputy Supreme Allied            |Mons                                                               

                                     |  Commander Europe                                                                                   

40                                   |Master General of the            |London                                                             

                                     |  Ordnance                                                                                           


3* posts                                                                                                                                   

41                                   |Quartermaster General            |Andover                                                            

42                                   |Inspector General Doctrine       |Upavon                                                             

                                     |  and Training                                                                                       

43                                   |Deputy Commander in              |Wilton                                                             

                                     |  Chief United Kingdom                                                                               

                                     |  Land Forces/Inspector                                                                              

                                     |  General Territorial Army                                                                           

44                                   |General Officer                  |Aldershot                                                          

                                     |  Commanding Southern                                                                                

                                     |  District                                                                                           

45                                   |General Officer                  |Lisburn                                                            

                                     |  Commanding Northern                                                                                

                                     |   Ireland                                                                                           

46                                   |Commander ACE Rapid              |Rheindahlen                                                        

                                     |  Reaction Corps                                                                                     


2* posts                                                                                                                                   

47                                   |Director General Military        |Feltham                                                            

                                     |  Survey                                                                                             

48                                   |Engineer in Chief (Army)         |Minley                                                             

49                                   |Director General Land            |Upavon                                                             

                                     |  Warfare                                                                                            

50                                   |Director General Army            |Upavon                                                             

                                     |  Training                                                                                           

51                                   |Commandant Staff College         |Camberley                                                          

52                                   |Commandant Royal                 |Shrivenham                                                         

                                     |  Military College of Science                                                                        

53                                   |Commandant Royal                 |Camberley                                                          

                                     |  Military Academy                                                                                   

                                     |  Sandhurst                                                                                          

54                                   |Director Royal Armoured          |Bovington                                                          

                                     |  Corps                                                                                              

55                                   |Director Royal Artillery         |Larkhill                                                           

56                                   |Director of Infantry             |Warminster                                                         

57                                   |Director Army Air Aviation       |M. Wallop                                                          

58                                   |Military Secretary               |London                                                             

59                                   |Chief of Staff HQ Adjutant       |Upavon                                                             

                                     |  General Corps                                                                                      

60                                   |Director General Logistics (Army)|Andover                                                            

                                     |  Support                                                                                            

61                                   |Director General Equipment       |Andover                                                            

                                     |  Support (Army)                                                                                     

62                                   |Director General Army            |Mychett                                                            

                                     |  Medical Service                                                                                    

63                                   |General Officer                  |York                                                               

                                     |  Commanding Eastern                                                                                 

                                     |  District                                                                                           

64                                   |General Officer                  |London                                                             

                                     |  Commanding London                                                                                  

                                     |  District                                                                                           

65                                   |General Officer                  |Shrewsbury                                                         

                                     |  Commanding Wales and                                                                               

                                     |  Western District                                                                                   

66                                   |General Officer                  |Edinburgh                                                          

                                     |  Commanding Scotland                                                                                

67                                   |Commander 3rd (UK)               |Bulford                                                            

                                     |  Division                                                                                           

68                                   |Commander United                 |Rheindahlen                                                        

                                     |  Kingdom Support                                                                                    

                                     |  Command Germany                                                                                    

69                                   |Commander 1st Division           |Herford                                                            

                                     |  (UK) Armoured Division                                                                             

70                                   |Chief of Staff HQ ACE            |Rheindahlen                                                        

                                     |  Rapid Reaction Corps                                                                               

71                                   |Chief Combat Support ACE         |Rheindahlen                                                        

                                     |  Rapid Reaction Corps                                                                               

72                                   |Director Support Land            |Heidelberg                                                         

                                     |  Centre                                                                                             

73                                   |Commander British Forces         |Hong Kong                                                          

74                                   |Commander Land Forces            |Lisburn                                                            

                                     |  Northern Ireland                                                                                   

75                                   |Chief of Staff HQ                |Andover                                                            

                                     |  Quartermaster General                                                                              


Royal Air Force                                                                                                                            

4* posts                                                                                                                                   

76                                   |Chief of the Air Staff           |London                                                             

77                                   |Air Officer Commanding in        |Innsworth                                                          

                                     |  Chief HQ Personnel and                                                                             

                                     |  Training Command                                                                                   

78                                   |Air Officer Commanding in        |Brampton                                                           

                                     |  Chief HQ Logistic                                                                                  

                                     |  Command                                                                                            

79                                   |Air Officer Commanding in        |High                                                               

                                     |  Chief HQ Strike Command        |Wycombe                                                            

80                                   |Deputy Commander in              |Brunssum                                                           

                                     |  Chief Central Europe                                                                               

81                                   |Controller Aircraft              |London                                                             

82                                   |Commander HQ Allied Air          |High                                                               

                                     |  Forces North West Europe       |Wycombe                                                            


3* posts                                                                                                                                   

83                                   |Chief of Staff HQ Strike         |High                                                               

                                     |  Command                        |Wycombe                                                            

84                                   |Chief of Staff HQ Logistic       |Brampton                                                           

                                     |  Command                                                                                            

85                                   |Director General Saudi           |Riyadh                                                             

                                     |  Armed Forces Project                                                                               

86                                   |Air Officer Commanding           |Northwood                                                          

                                     |  18 Group                                                                                           


2* posts                                                                                                                                   

87                                   |Air Secretary                    |Innsworth                                                          

88                                   |Chief of Staff HQ                |Innsworth                                                          

                                     |  Personnel and Training                                                                             

                                     |  Command                                                                                            

89                                   |Deputy Commander                 |Messtetten                                                         

                                     |  Messtetten                                                                                         

90                                   |Air Officer Commanding           |Brampton                                                           

                                     |  Information Systems and                                                                            

                                     |  Signals Unit                                                                                       

91                                   |Air Officer Engineering and      |High                                                               

                                     |  Supply                         |Wycombe                                                            

92                                   |Air Officer Commanding 1         |Benson                                                             

                                     |  Group                                                                                              

93                                   |Air Officer Commanding 2                                                                             

                                                                       |  Group                                                            

94                                   |Air Officer Commanding           |B. Priory                                                          

                                     |  11 Group                                                                                           

95                                   |Air Officer Commanding           |High                                                               

                                     |  38 Group                       |Wycombe                                                            

96                                   |Air Officer Training             |Innsworth                                                          

97                                   |Air Officer Maintenance          |Brampton                                                           

                                     |  and Air Officer                                                                                    

                                     |  Commanding Maintenance                                                                             

                                     |  Units                                                                                              

98                                   |Commandant RAF Staff             |Bracknell                                                          

                                     |  College Bracknell                                                                                  

99                                   |Commandant RAF College           |Cranwell                                                           

                                     |  Cranwell                                                                                           

100                                  |Director General Medical         |Innsworth                                                          

                                     |  Services (RAF)                                                                                     

101                                  |Director General Policy and      |London                                                             

                                     |  Plans                                                                                              

102                                  |Air Officer Administration       |High                                                               

                                     |  and Air Officer                |Wycombe                                                            

                                     |  Commanding Directly                                                                                

                                     |  Administered Units                                                                                 

103                                  |Director General Support         |Brampton                                                           

                                     |  Management (RAF)                                                                                   


MoD civilians                                                                                                                              

104                                  |Permanent Under Secretary        |London                                                             

                                     |  of State                                                                                           

105                                  |Chief Scientific Adviser         |London                                                             

106                                  |2nd Permanent Under              |London                                                             

                                     |  Secretary of State                                                                                 

107                                  |Chief of Defence                 |London                                                             

                                     |  Procurement                                                                                        

108                                  |Deputy Chief Scientific          |London                                                             

                                     |  Adviser                                                                                            

109                                  |Head of Defence Export           |London                                                             

                                     |  Services                                                                                           

The total estimated cost of the driver posts for the financial year 1993 94 is approximately £2.2 million. Entitled officers normally have the use of a Rover 800 car, although particular local circumstances, security requirements, command roles and topography might necessitate additional vehicles being used. The total costs of car maintenance are not separately identifiable, however the available data suggests that the likely annual cost is in the region of £300 per vehicle per annum. The total annual cost of car replacement for the last three years is as follows:

1992 93: 131 vehicles bought costing £1.7 million

1993 94: Seven vehicles bought costing £100,000

1994 95: no vehicles bought.

Malaysia (Bases)

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence when his Department or companies and organisations controlled by his Department began discussions with the Malaysian Government on advice, support, contracts or consultancy relating to the construction of naval or air bases in that country; and if the construction of such bases has commenced.

Mr. Freeman: Discussions conducted on a Government-to-Government basis are confidential.

Defence Sales Agents

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will list the countries in which, either by legal

Column 754

requirement or convention, defence export sales are generally conducted through agents or consultants.

Mr. Freeman: The British Government do not employ business agents in the negotiation of Government-to-Government defence export contracts. I cannot comment on other countries' requirements or conventions on the use of agents or consultants in defence export sales.

Hong Kong

Mr. Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what United Kingdom military forces or personnel are based in Hong Kong; and if all such units or personnel will return to the UK after 1997.

Mr. Soames: At present the Hong Kong garrison comprises 2,087 United Kingdom military personnel and 788 locally engaged military personnel supported by 101 UK based civilians and 631 locally engaged civilians. All locally engaged military personnel and civilians will be discharged from Crown service by 30 June 1997. All UK-based military personnel and civilians will return to the UK.

Construction Services

Mr. Nicholls: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what consideration he has given to the recommendations of the Latham report for works services contracts placed by his Department.

Mr. Freeman: I refer to the answer given to the hon. Member for Tooting (Mr. Cox) by my colleague the Minister of State for the Armed Forces on 30 November 1994, Official Report, column 775. He said that as a major customer of the construction industry the Ministry of Defence is keen to pursue any initiatives which may improve the efficiency of the industry and deliver better value for money. My Department constantly aims to be a best practice client and we therefore welcomed Sir Michael's report. Officials in my Department are actively involved in the follow-up work to the Latham report which is being co-ordinated by the Department of the Environment, and also the efficiency scrutiny into construction procurement announced by the Prime Minister on 13 September last year, which inform the Government response to Sir Michael's recommendations.

Low Flying

Mr. Gordon Prentice: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what is the minimum population of towns over which RAF pilots are advised to avoid while low flying.

Mr. Soames: Towns listed for low-level avoidance are generally those with 10,000 or more inhabitants. All other populated areas are to be avoided wherever possible.


Mr. Spellar: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence when he expects to announce the next tranche of orders for Starstreak.

Mr. Freeman: A decision on the need for more Starstreak will be taken as soon as possible after the successful introduction into service of the current tranche of equipment.

Column 755

Career Breaks

Mr. McNamara: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many (a) men and (b) women applied for career breaks in his Department or its agencies; and how many have had their employment terminated in the last five years.

Mr. Freeman: Since 1 March 1990, 13 men and 788 women in my Department have applied for and been granted a career break. Of the men, six are still on their break, five have been reinstated and two terminated after the career break. Of the women, 603 are still on their break, 147 have been reinstated and 38 terminated after the career break.


Mrs. Clwyd: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what was the date of the memorandum of understanding with Nigeria.

Mr. Freeman [holding answer on 9 February 1995]: I refer the hon. Member to the answer that I gave her on 1 March 1995, Official Report , column 509 .


Mr. Nigel Griffiths: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what further discussions he has had with his NATO counterparts about Chechnya.

Mr. Soames: My right hon. and learned Friend the Secretary of State for Defence discussed Chechnya with a number of his NATO counterparts, most recently at the Wehrkunde conference in Germany on 4 to 5 February.


Protected Birds (Sale)

Mr. Morley: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment (1) what information his Department requires from a potential seller in considering whether or not to grant an exemption certificate to sell a bird listed in appendix I of the convention on international trade in endangered species;

(2) what methods his Department uses to monitor the sale of the species of birds listed in appendix I of CITES and annex C1 of EC regulation 3626/82; and if his Department regularly monitors the bird trade journals.

Sir Paul Beresford: When considering an application for an individual exemption my Department normally seeks the following key information:

details of the vendor, including where appropriate any convictions under wildlife legislation;

details of the specimen to be sold, including any identifying marks or rings;

details about the origin and date of acquisition of the specimen, including any information relating to captive breeding;

The applicant must also sign a declaration to state that the information provided is correct and complete to the best of the applicant's knowledge and belief.

The police are primarily responsible for enforcing controls on the sale of wildlife within Great Britain. They monitor relevant trade and local publications selectively to identify potential offences. My Department checks

Column 756

advertisements in several national journals and passes details of any potential offences to the police. The Department's wildlife inspectorate also looks out for any evidence of sales offences.

Mr. Morley: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment (1) how many exemption certificates have been issued for the sale of Livingstone's Turacos--Tauraco livingstonii--in each of the last four years, including 1995 to date; and if he will make a statement; (2) how many Livingstone's Turacos--Tauraco livingstonii--have been imported into the United Kingdom in each of the last four years including 1995; and if he will indicate the origins of such birds.

Sir Paul Beresford: The Department's records show that in the last four years we did not issue any sales exemptions for this species and that we did not grant any permits to import specimens to Great Britain from countries outside the European Community. We understand that some confusion may exist about the rules concerning several species in the genus Tauraco, and we shall be issuing advice to traders shortly.

Environmentally Adjusted Accounts

Ms Primarolo: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what steps have been taken in the United Kingdom under the EU's fifth environmental action programme to develop pilot systems of environmentally adjusted national accounts.

Sir Paul Beresford: My Department is to participate in a project led by the Central Statistical Office to develop a pilot system of satellite accounts linked to the input/output framework of national accounts. This work is broadly consistent with the proposals in the fifth environmental action programme but is not being carried out specifically in response to it. The programme is not itself a legislative instrument and therefore does not automatically create binding legal obligations on member states.

Railway Noise

Mr. Gordon Prentice: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, what consideration he has given to the report of the Mitchell committee on noise.

Mr. Watts: I have been asked to reply.

My predecessor responded to the committee's main recommendations on 28 November 1991, Official Report column 577 , accepting that the proposed noise insulation regulations for new railway lines should include separate daytime and night time standards derived from the single standard already provided in the Noise Insulation Regulations 1975, as amended in the case of new roads. Other issues identified by the committee were further examined with the assistance of Dr. Mitchell and other experts and draft noise insulation regulations for new railways were issued for consultation in October 1993. Draft regulations will be laid before Parliament as soon as decisions have been taken on the response.

Column 757


Habitual Residence Test

Mr. Timms: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what are the essential differences between the habitual residence test and the residence qualification rejected by the Government in 1986.

Mr. Roger Evans: The 1986 proposal would have prevented the payment of income-related benefits until the claimant had been resident for 12 months. This would have discriminated in favour of British citizens who did not leave the United Kingdom, would have excluded citizens of the Irish Republic and would probably have been in breach of our international obligations.

The habitual residence test does not impose an absolute ban on the payment of benefit for a fixed period, does not discriminate on grounds of nationality and does not breach our international obligations. It is based on individual circumstances which take into account the following factors: the claimant's intentions; the claimant's reasons for coming to the United Kingdom; the claimant's employment record; the length and continuity of residence in another country and the claimant's centre of interest.

Column 758

Mr. Timms: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security, pursuant to his answer of 7 February, Official Report column 213 14 , if he will list for each of the three Benefits Agency offices within the Newham Benefits Agency district (a) the number of people to whom the habitual residence test has been applied and (b) the number of people who have been refused income support as a result of the habitual residence test in each month since its introduction, broken down to show the number of British nationals, EU nationals, and others refused.

Mr. Roger Evans: The administration of income support is a matter for Mr. Michael Bichard, the chief executive of the Benefits Agency. He will write to the hon. Member.

Letter from Michael Bichard to Mr Stephen Timms, dated 2 March 1995:

The Secretary of State for Social Security has asked me to reply to your recent Parliamentary Question asking for the number of people who have been refused Income Support as a result of the habitual residency test in the three offices of the Benefits Agency's Newham District.

The information provided in the Official Report Vol 254 col 213 4 has since been updated and I have therefore provided data at Annex A for the period up to 31 January 1995. Information has been given in respect of the three offices located at Stratford, Canning Town and Plaistow in the Newham District.

I hope you find this reply helpful.

Column 757

Annex A: Newham district by branch office habitual residence test August 1994-January 1995                                    

                                           Number of                                                                          

                                           Customers Refused                                                                  


                     |Number of                                                                                               

                     |customers subject to                                                                                    

Month                |the HRT             |British Nationals   |EU Nationals        |Others                                   



August 1994          |6                   |0                   |5                   |0                                        

September 1994       |21                  |0                   |20                  |0                                        

October 1994         |20                  |0                   |20                  |0                                        

November 1994        |42                  |0                   |29                  |0                                        

December 1994        |54                  |15                  |10                  |3                                        

January 1995         |33                  |4                   |6                   |3                                        



August 1994          |0                   |0                   |0                   |0                                        

September 1994       |18                  |3                   |12                  |0                                        

October 1994         |28                  |10                  |10                  |0                                        

November 1994        |43                  |9                   |12                  |2                                        

December 1994        |20                  |4                   |3                   |1                                        

January 1995         |26                  |3                   |3                   |0                                        


Canning Town                                                                                                                  

August 1994          |13                  |1                   |5                   |0                                        

September 1994       |13                  |5                   |2                   |0                                        

October 1994         |24                  |8                   |2                   |2                                        

November 1994        |13                  |3                   |2                   |1                                        

December 1994        |15                  |7                   |3                   |0                                        

January 1995         |12                  |1                   |0                   |0                                        

Career Breaks

Mr. McNamara: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security how many (a) men and (b) women applied for career breaks in his Department or its agencies; and how many have had their employment terminated in the last five years.

Mr. Hague: The information requested is not available and could be obtained only at disproportionate cost. Those staff on career breaks remain employed by the Department during their absence and would only have

Column 758

their employment terminated in exceptional circumstances, for example, on grounds of misconduct.

Social Fund

Mr. Alex Carlile: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security if he will list the criteria for receiving assistance from the social fund and the community care grant system.

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