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Child Care

Mr. Worthington: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what contributions he is seeking from the European Union for the extension of pre-five child care in Northern Ireland. [15458]

Mr. Moss: The Government are not currently seeking funding from the European Union for the extension of pre-five child care in Northern Ireland. There is, however, scope under several of the European structural funds programmes already approved for Northern Ireland to support the extension of pre-five child care, most notably measure 2 of sub-programme 4 of the European Union special support programme for peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. This measure aims to prevent the future social and labour market exclusion of children and young people by funding, for example, pre-school child care and education projects. The total European fund available under this measure is about £7 million over the period 1996 to 1999.

Rate Collection Agency

Mr. McGrady: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what work has been contracted out to (a) public and (b) private sector employers by the Rate Collection Agency offices; what assessment he has made of the cost of contracting out; and if he will make a statement. [15710]

Mr. Moss: Responsibility for the subject in question has been delegated to the Rate Collection Agency under its chief executive, Mr. D. W. Gallagher. I have asked him to arrange for a reply to be given.

Letter from D. W. Gallagher to Mr. Eddie McGrady, dated 16 February 1996:

21 Feb 1996 : Column: 170

Departmental Expenditure

Mr. Malcolm Bruce: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what is his estimate of expenditure on all forms of hospitality and entertainment by (a) his Department, (b) his Department's agencies and (c) non-departmental public bodies, for (i) 1979-80, (ii) 1989-90, (iii) 1991-92, (iv) 1993-94, (v) 1994-95, (vi) 1995-96 and (vii) 1996-97. [11423]

Sir John Wheeler [holding answer 30 January 1996]: The information is as follows:

£ thousand

YearNI Departments and NI OfficeAgencies

(6) Estimated.

(7) Figures available for DHSS and DENI only.

(8) Figures not available for DFP.

(9) Budgets not yet decided in DED, DOE and DHSS.

(10) Figures not available for Valuation and Lands Agency.

(11) Figures available for VLA and NI Prison Service only.

Information on non-departmental public bodies could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.

Housing Rents

Mrs. Bridget Prentice: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland what is the average rent for (a) privately rented, (b) council and (c) housing association housing in Belfast. [15578]

Mr. Moss: The present average rent paid by Northern Ireland Housing Executive tenants in Belfast is £30.64 per week. Statistics on rental levels in the private housing sector are not collected. Statistics on rental levels in the housing associations are collected by each individual association but are not available by location.

21 Feb 1996 : Column: 171


Demonstration Sites

Mrs. Dunwoody: To ask the Secretary of State for National Heritage if she list the sites managed by her Department which she has permitted to be used for demonstrations and events for each of the last five years, together with the dates and the organisations involved.[14655]

Mr. Sproat: I am able to provide information for the last three years. The following demonstrations and events were held in Trafalgar Square:

11/02/96AWAMI League UK Branch--Rally
28/01/96Motorforce Group--Event
23/01/96The Royal Veterinary College--Event
21/01/96What a Circus Limited--Event
20/01/96The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association--Vigil
19/11/95Midlands Co-operative Society Ltd--Event
18/11/95International Federation of Tamils--March/Rally
11/1195Asian Music Circuit--Event
03-05/11/95The British Royal Legion--Event
28/10/95World Kashmir Freedom Movement--March/Rally
21/10/95Gospel Outreach Ministry--Religious Meeting
14/10/95Cuba Solidarity Campaign--March/Rally
24/09/95Bosnia Solidarity Campaign--Rally
23/09/95United Evangelistic Mobile Units--Religious Meeting
16/09/95Walk/Rally To Promote Walking--Event
09/09/95Campaign for Rights for Survivors of Sexual Abuse--Rally
03/09/95Taqaddal-Ul-Harmen Sharifen Movement of London--Rally
02/09/95Hammersmith Morris Men--Event
28/08/95The Scripture Text Carriers Association--Religious Meeting
27/08/95Universal Pentecostal Church--Religious Meeting
26/08/95SOFEL and TGWM--Religious Meeting
18/08/95Newham Healthcare NHS Trust--Dispersal after a march
13/08/95Hizb ut-Tahrir--Rally
12/08/95London City Mission--Religious Meeting
06/08/95Workers Aid for Bosnia--March/Rally
05/08/95Torchlight Vigil--No more Hiroshimas--Vigil
29/07/95Jesus Fellowship Church--Religious Meeting
23/07/95 National Federation of Cypriots in Great Britain--March/Rally
22/07/95United Tamils Organisation--Event
16/07/95Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament--March/Rally
15/07/95Club Europe Holiday Limited--Event
08/07/95Respect for Animals--Rally
02/07/95The Big Pink Adventure--Event
20/06/95The Royal British Legion--Event
17/06/95The Open Air Mission--Religious Meeting
11/06/95Awareness UK--Demonstration
10/06/95SOFEL and TGWM--Religious Meeting
03/06/95United Evangelistic Mobile Unit--Religious Meeting
28/05/95Fireman's Relief Aid--Rally
27/05/95African Liberation Support Campaign--March/Rally
21/05/95London Light House--Vigil
21/05/95Turkish Youth Day Committee--Event
20/05/95All Parties International Kashmir Coordinating Committee--March/Demo
17/05/95Friends of the Finnish Forest--Event
13-14/05/95DAY-MER (Turkish group)--Demonstration
26/04/95 National Cancer Alliance--Event
22/04/95The Armenian Community Church Council of Great Britain--March/Rally
17/04/95The Script Text Carriers Association--Religious Meeting
16/04/95The UPC Youth Fellowship--Religious Meeting
09/04/95Islamic Union of Iraqi Students and Youth--March/Rally
02/04/95Guys Hospital--Event
01/04/95New Covenant (Pentecostal) Church--Religious Meeting
25/03/95Democratic League of Kosova--Demonstration
21/03/95Commission for Racial Equality--Event
18/03/95Coalition Against Animal Exports-- March/Demonstration
12/03/95The Express Lift Co Ltd-Sponsored Wheel Chair Push--Event
04/03/95The Coalition of Ethiopian Democratic Forces--Demonstration
25/02/95The Muslim Parliament Of Great Britain--Rally
11/02/95Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front--Rally
10/02/95University College Rag Week--Event
08/02/95Royal Veterinary College Rag Week--Event
26/11/94Women Of Nigeria International--Human Rights Rally
06/11/94 to 07/11/94The Royal British Legion--Event
29/10/94Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament--March/Rally
15/10/94ATD Fourth World--Rally
01/10/94The New Covenant (Pentecostal) Church--Religious Meeting
25/09/94IFWA (animal group)--Rally
24/09/94Count Down On Spanner--March/Rally
17/09/94SOFEL And TGWM--Religious Meeting
11/09/94Campaign For Rights For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse--March/Rally
10/09/94United Evangelistic Mobile Units--Religious Meeting
04/09/94Anti Meat/Fish Peace Vigil--Event
03/09/94Movement For Democracy In Nigeria--March/Rally
29/08/94The Text Carriers Association Religious Meeting
28/08/94Universal Pentecostal Church--Religious Meeting
27/08/94International Sufism--Event
20/08/94The United Day Project--March/Rally/Vigil
13/08/94International Left-Handers Day--Event
07/08/94London City Mission--Religious Meeting
06/08/94National Anti-Hunt Campaign--March/Rally
24/07/94The Coalition Against The Criminal Justice Bill--March/Rally
23/07/94Motor Cycle Action Group--Meeting
17/07/94National Federation of Cypriots In Great Britain March/Rally
16/07/94Jesus Fellowship Church--Religious Meeting
10/07/94Procession In Honour Of Our Lady--Religious Meeting
09/07/94Rights Now Rally--Rally
02/07/94The Fellowship Of Hackney Carriage Drivers--Event
26/06/94Melodians Stell Orchestra (UK)--Event
18/06/94SOFEL and TGWM--Religious Meeting
11/06/94The Open-Air Mission--Religious Meeting
04/06/94United Evangelistic Mobile Units--Religious Meeting
30/05/94Mission West Evangelistic Association--Religious Meeting
29/05/94Residents Action Group--March/Rally
28/05/94Amnesty International--Rally
27/05/94St. Martin In The Fields--Event
22/05/94The Terrence Higgins Trust--Vigil
19/05/94 to 20/05/94Break Through--Event
14/05/94Westminster Morris Men--Event
01/05/94Advance Party--March/Demonstration
30/04/94Anti-Apartheid Movement--Event
30/04/94Amnesty International--Rally
23/04/94Blackhorse And Standard North West Morris Dancers--Event
18/04/94 to 22/04/94The National Children's Charities Trust--Event
17/04/94Appeals Office--Marathon Collection--Event
10/04/94Palestine Solidarity Campaign--Rally
09/04/94The Islamic Union Of Iraqi Students And Youth--March/Rally
04/04/94The Scripture Text Carriers Association--Religious Meeting
03/04/94UPC Youth Fellowship--Religious Meeting
02/04/94New Covenant (Pentecostal) Church--Religious Meeting
27/03/94Kurdistan Information Centre--Rally/Vigil
27/03/94Burson-Marsteller Ltd.--Event
19/03/94The Solidarity With The Iraqi People--March/Rally
13/03/94Democratic League Of Kosova--March/Rally
05/03/94The Muslim Parliament Of Great Britain--March/Rally
15/02/94Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Fund--Event
14/02/94Virgin Management Ltd.--Event
12/02/94Alliance To Defend Bosnia-Herzegovina--Rally
25/01/94Royal Veterinary College--Event
21/11/93Newham Needs Campaign--Event
06/11/93Inside Out--March/Rally
30/10/93Countdown On Spanner--March/Rally
24/10/93The Sea Cadets--Annual service
23/10/93Unveiling Of Rebellion Statute--Event
23/10/93Campaign For The Preservation of May Day--Rally
17/10/93ATD Fourth World--Religious Meeting
16/10/93Anti-Racist Alliance--Rally
10/10/93Anti Meat/Fish Peace Vigil--Event
09/10/93Free Reg Kray--March/Demonstration
08/10/93XACT--Religious Meeting
03/10/93Royal Marsden Hospital--Event
02/10/93United Evangelistic Mobile Units--Religious Meeting
02/10/93Children's Day Flag Day--Event
25/09/93Bracknell Pentecostal Church--Religious Meeting
18/09/93Jesus Fellowship Church--Religious Meeting
11/09/93Campaign For Rights Of Survivors Of Sexual Abuse--Rally
05/09/93Al-Shaika Sufi Mohammad Khan Mohessani--Rally
04/09/93SOFEL And TGWM--Religious Meeting
30/08/93The Scripture Text Carriers Association--Religious Meeting
29/08/93Universal Pentecostal Church--Religious Meeting
21/08/93Nigerian Citizenship--March/Rally
14/08/93Mission To London--Religious Meeting
08/08/93St. Peter's Independent School--Vigil
07/08/93National Democratic Front Of Nigeria--Rally
31/07/93Charity of Deprived Children--Event
25/07/93Apostolic Church--Religious Meeting
24/07/93International Federation of Tamils--March/Rally
18/07/93National Federation of Cypriots--March/Rally
11/07/93Our Lady's Procession Committee--Religious Meeting
04/07/93Democratic League of Kosova--March/Rally
03/07/93National Democratic Alliance--March/Rally
29/06/93Shaftesbury Society--Event
27/06/93Melodians Steel Orchestra--Event
26/06/93United Evangelistic Mobile Units--Religious Meeting
20/06/93Anti-Apartheid Movement--Rally
19/06/93SOFEL And TGWM--Religious Meeting
12/06/93The Open Air Mission--Religious Meeting
05/06/93John Grooms Charity Collection--Event
04/06/93Campaign Against The Arms Trade--Rally
01/06/93St. Martin's School Of Art--Event
31/05/93The Scripture Text Carriers Association--Religious Meeting
30/05/93Endangered Dogs Association--Rally
29/05/93Kurdistan Workers Association--March/Rally
27/05/93St. Martin's School Of Art--Event
25/05/93International Run For World Peace--Meeting
23/05/93The Terrence Higgins Trust--Vigil
19/05/93Christian Aid--Event
16/05/1993Methodist Association of Youth Clubs--Rally
15/05/1993Jesus Fellowship Church--Religious Meeting
09/05/1993Coalition for Peace in Bosnia--Rally
08/05/1993N.O.W. Against Live Exports--Rally
24/04/1993National Anti-Vivisection Society--Rally
18/04/1993Guy's Hospital Charity Collection--Event
14/04/1993Petrak Docksider Ltd.--Event
12/04/1993Bosnia Hertzegovina Information Centre--Rally
11/04/1993UPC Youth Fellowship--Religious Meeting
10/04/1993Bracknell Pentecostal Church--Religious Meeting
03/04/1993Islamic Union of Iraqi Students--March/Rally
31/03/1993British Red Cross--Event
31/03/1993The Macmillan Nurse Appeal--Event
23/03/1993Tour De France--Event
21/03/1993World Circuit Arts/Kurdish Workers Association--Rally/Vigil
13/03/1993Homeless Action Group--Rally
07/03/1993Women Against War Crimes--Rally/Demonstration
06/03/1993Coalition Against the Fur Trade--Rally/Demonstration
03/03/1993St. Mary's Hospital Medical School--Event
27/02/1993Union Pour La Democratie et Le Progres Social--Demonstration
20/02/1993Kurdish Community in the UK--Rally
24/01/1993Iraqi People Plight Campaign--Rally
17/01/1993Campaign for a British Referendum--Demonstration

21 Feb 1996 : Column: 174

The following major rallies and events were held on sites managed by the Royal Parks agency:

26/11/95London Grand Christmas Parade
5/11/95RAC Veteran Car Run
30/09/95Fight Against Education Cuts
19-20/08/95VJ Day Event
06/08/95Bosnia Solidarity Campaign
05/08/95Justice for Joy Gardner Campaign
29/07/95UNISON Health Care
23/07/95National Federation of Cypriots in GB
15/07/95Challenge Anneka
24/07/95Lesbian and Gay Pride
06,07,08/05/95VE Day Event
23/03/95Fight Against Education Cuts
18/03/95Coalition Against Animal Exports
23/03/95The Muslim Parliament of GB
27/11/94Grand Christmas Parade
09/11/94National Union of Students
06/11/94RAC Veteran Car Run
05/11/94Network Against Child Support
09/10/94Coalition Against Criminal Justice Bill
28/08/94Network Against Child Support
13/08/9425th Anniversary Committee--Troops Out
06/08/94National Anti Hunt Campaign
24/07/94Coalition Against Criminal Justice Bill
17/07/94Cadbury's Strollerthon
17/07/94National Federation of Cypriots
25/06/94March for Jesus
18/06/94Lesbian and Gay Pride
4-5/06/94Names Project Quilt
24/05/94Pensioners' Rights Campaign
23/04/94National Anti-Vivisection Society
17/04/94London Marathon
13/04/94D Day Event--Grosvenor Square
20-28/03/94Marble Arch Competition Exhibition
29/01/94Committee for British Withdrawal
07/11/93RAC Veteran Car Run
10/10/93Crusaid Sponsored Walk
26/09/93The National Fun Run
04/09/93Scotland in Hyde Park
18/07/93National Federation of Cypriots
11/07/93Cadbury's Strollerthon
20/06/93Anti-Apartheid Movement
19/06/93Lesbian and Gay Pride
23/05/93Muslim Solidarity Committee
24/04/93National Anti-Vivisection Society
18/04/93London Marathon

There are, in addition many minor events held in the royal parks on a regular basis.

21 Feb 1996 : Column: 175

The following major events were held at the sites managed by the Historic Royal Palaces agency:

Each year:
AprilLondon Marathon (Tower of London)
JuneIMG Music Festival (Hampton Court)
JulyHampton Court Flower Show
One-off events:
August 1995VJ Day Event (Tower of London)
1994National Lottery Launch (Tower of London)

There are, in addition, many smaller events which do not impact on the operation of the historic royal palaces.

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