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Project Work

Mr. Rooney: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment how many claimants on the project work pilots in Hull and Medway had benefit reductions of (i) two weeks or less and (ii) two to four weeks for failure to attend or complete work placement; and, of these, how many applied (a) successfully and (b) unsuccessfully for hardship payments. [13591]

Mr. Forth [holding answer 30 January 1997]: Responsibility for the subject of the question has been delegated to the Employment Service agency under its chief executive. I have asked him to arrange for a reply to be given.

Letter from Robert Horne to Mr. Terry Rooney, dated 12 February 1997:

12 Feb 1997 : Column: 229

School Performance Tables

Mr. Blunkett: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment when she expects to publish the school performance tables of key stage 2 results for 1996 and the estimated cost of their publication. [14300]

Mrs. Gillan [holding answer 5 February 1997]: The tables will be published in March, at an estimated cost for data collection and printing of less than 50p per booklet.

Education Bodies (Administration)

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Employment if she will list the names, salary and other emoluments for each year since 1987-88 for which figures are available of (i) the chief executive and (ii) the chairmen of the (a) National Council for Vocational Qualifications, (b) National Council for Educational Technology, (c) Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research, (d) Education Assets Board, (e) School Curriculum and Assessment Authority, (f) Further Education Funding Council, (g) Higher Education Funding Council for England, (h) Funding Agency for Schools and (i) Teacher Training Agency. [14514]

Mr. Robin Squire [holding answer 6 February 1997]: The information requested is listed in the following table. Salaries and emoluments for the chairmen of the bodies mentioned have always been publicly available. Chief executives' salaries are negotiated individually on the basis of their responsibilities and for most of the period were confidential. Since 1995-96, following publication of the White Paper on Open Government, this information has been in the public domain.

YearChief ExecutiveSalary and other emolumentsChairmanSalary and other emoluments
(a) National Council for Vocational Qualifications:
1987-88Professor Peter Thompson--Sir Oscar De Ville10,000
1988-89Professor Peter Thompson--Sir Oscar De Ville10,000
1989-90Professor Peter Thompson--Sir Oscar De Ville10,000
1990-91Professor Peter Thompson--Sir Oscar De Ville/ Sir Bryan Nicholson12,500
1991-92Peter Reay/John Hillier--Sir Bryan Nicholson12,500
1992-93John Hillier--Sir Bryan Nicholson12,500
1993-94John Hillier--Sir Bryan Nicholson/ Sir Michael Heron14,487
1994-95John Hillier--Sir Michael Heron17,924
1995-96John Hillier79,731Sir Michael Heron18,462
(b) National Council for Educational Technology:
1987-88Noel Thompson--Donald Grattan5,455
1988-89Noel Thompson--Donald Grattan5,620
1989-90Noel Thompson--Donald Grattan6,030
1990-91Noel Thompson--Donald Grattan/ Lady ParkesUnpaid
1991-92Noel Thompson--Lady ParkesUnpaid
1992-93Graham Walters(acting)/ Margaret Bell--Gordon Law (acting)/ Jon RichardsUnpaid
1993-94Margaret Bell--Jon RichardsUnpaid
1994-95Margaret Bell--Jon RichardsUnpaid
1995-96Margaret Bell70,016Jon Richards/ Heather Du QuesnayUnpaid
(c) Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research:
1987-88Alan Moys--Sir Hugh ByattUnpaid
1988-89Alan Moys--Sir Hugh ByattUnpaid
1989-90Alan Moys--Sir Hugh ByattUnpaid
1990-91Alan Moys--Sir Hugh ByattUnpaid
--Professor Martin Harris
1991-92Alan Moys/Dr. Lid King--Professor Martin HarrisUnpaid
1992-93Dr. Lid King--Professor Martin HarrisUnpaid
1993-94Dr. Lid King--Professor Martin HarrisUnpaid
1994-95Dr. Lid King--Professor Martin HarrisUnpaid
1995-96Dr. Lid King38,423Professor Martin HarrisUnpaid
(d) Education Assets Board:
1988-89Bryan Emmett--Sir Tom McDonald18,200
1989-90Bryan Emmett--Sir Tom McDonald20,310
1990-91Bryan Emmett/Stuart Hoare--Sir Tom McDonald20,515
1991-92Stuart Hoare--Sir Tom McDonald23,365
1992-93Stuart Hoare--Sir Tom McDonald24,030
1993-94Stuart Hoare--Sir Tom McDonald/Roger Suddards31,400
1994-95Stuart Hoare--Roger Suddards32,185
1995-96Stuart Hoare59,628Roger Suddards/Keith Bridge26,523
(e) School Curriculum and Assessment Authority:
1993-94Chris Woodhead--Sir Ron Dearing41,750
1994-95Chris Woodhead/Dr. Nick Tate--Sir Ron Dearing63,000
1995-96Dr. Nick Tate78,740Sir Ron Dearing46,670
(f) Further Education Funding Council:
1992-93Sir William Stubbs--Sir Robert Gunn33,170
1993-94Sir William Stubbs--Sir Robert Gunn34,975
1994-95Sir William Stubbs--Sir Robert Gunn34,975
1995-96Sir William Stubbs109,000Sir Robert Gunn36,024
(g) Higher Education Funding Council for England:
1992-93Professor Graeme Davies--Sir Ron Dearing33,170
1993-94Professor Graeme Davies--Sir Ron Dearing/Brandon Gough41,120
1994-95Professor Graeme Davies--Brandon Gough34,974
1995-96Professor Graeme Davies/Brian Fender119,000Brandon Gough37,080
(h) Funding Agency for Schools:
1994-95Michael Collier--Sir Christopher Benson34,350
1995-96Michael Collier86,000Sir Christopher Benson35,210
(i) Teacher Training Agency:
1994-95Anthea Millett--Geoffrey Parker15,000
1995-96Anthea Millett80,003Geoffrey Parker15,000

12 Feb 1997 : Column: 231


Ministerial Advisers

21. Mr. Dalyell: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs on what subjects he is advised by Mr. John Kennedy and Mr. Perry Miller. [13974]

Sir Nicholas Bonsor: None.

Arms Sales (Indonesia)

22. Mrs. Jane Kennedy: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs when he last met representatives of the United States Government to discuss the sale of arms to Indonesia; and if he will make a statement. [13975]

Mr. Hanley: There has been no recent ministerial discussion of this subject. However, British and US officials keep in regular touch about relations with Indonesia, as with other countries, and issues of defence procurement co-operation sometimes arise.

Artists' Resale Rights

23. Mr. Duncan Smith: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will raise the issues of artists' resale rights and the misuse of article 100(a) of the treaty of Rome by the Commission at the forthcoming intergovernmental conference. [13976]

Mr. David Davis: We have put forward proposals in the intergovernmental conference which are designed to provide safeguards against the misuse of legal bases for Community legislation.

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