Select Committee on Liaison First Report

  The Liaison Committee is appointed under Standing Order No 131, as follows:

131.-(1) A select committee shall be appointed, to be called the Liaison Committee-

  (a) to consider general matters relating to the work of select committees,

  (b) to give such advice relating to the work of select committees as may be sought by the House of Commons Commission, and

  (c) to report to the House its choice of select committee reports to be debated on such Wednesdays as may be appointed by the Speaker in pursuance of paragraph (4) of Standing Order No. 10 (Wednesday sittings).

  (2) The Committee shall report its recommendations as to the allocation of time for consideration by the House of the estimates on any day or half-day which may be allotted for that purpose; and upon a motion being made that the House do agree with any such report the questions shall be put forthwith and, if that question is agreed to, the recommendations shall have effect as if they were orders of the House.

  Proceedings in pursuance of this paragraph, though opposed, may be decided after the expiration of the time for opposed business.

  (3) The Committee shall have power to send for persons, papers and records, to sit notwithstanding any adjournment of the House, and to report from time to time;

  (4) Unless the House otherwise orders, each Member nominated to the Committee shall continue to be a member of it for the remainder of the Parliament.

  (5) The quorum of the Committee shall be six.

  The following were nominated as members of the Committee on 6 November 1992.

  Mr Robert Adley, Sir Nicholas Bonsor, Mr Richard Caborn, Mr Bob Cryer, Mr Frank Field, Mr Jimmy Hood, Mr Terence L Higgins, Mr David Howell, Mr Greville Janner, Mr Robert B Jones, Mr Gerald Kaufman, Mr Archy Kirkwood, Sir Ivan Lawrence, Mr William McKelvey, Mrs Marion Roe, Sir Giles Shaw, Mr Robert Sheldon, Sir Malcolm Thornton, Mr Gareth Wardell, Mr John Watts and Mr Jerry Wiggin.

  Mr Terence L Higgins was elected Chairman on 17 November 1992.

  Sir Peter Emery, Sir Geoffrey Johnson Smith, Sir Fergus Montgomery and Mr James Pawsey were added to the Committee on 11 December 1992.

  Mr Paul Channon, Mr Michael Martin, Mr Ray Powell, Mr Colin Shepherd and Mr Gary Waller were added to the Committee on 5 March 1993.

  Mr Robert Adley died on 15 May 1993.

  Mr Bob Cryer died on 12 April 1994.

  Sir James Kilfedder was added to the Committee on 4 May 1994.

  Mr Andrew F Bennett was added to the Committee on 20 June 1994.

  Mr John Watts was discharged and Sir Thomas Arnold was added to the Committee on 26 October 1994.

  Mr Robert B Jones was discharged from the Committee on 13 February 1995.

  Sir James Kilfedder died on 20 March 1995.

  Mr Barry Field was added to the Committee on 30 March 1995.

  Mr Clive Soley was added to the Committee on 9 June 1995.

  Sir Nicholas Bonsor was discharged and Mr Michael Colvin was added to the Committee on 21 November 1995.

  Mr Richard Caborn and Sir Geoffrey Johnson Smith were discharged and Mr Martin O'Neill and Mr Giles Radice were added to the Committee on 17 January 1996.

  Mr Greville Janner was discharged from the Committee on 1 April 1996.

  Sir Thomas Arnold was discharged and Mr Matthew Carrington was added to the Committee on 1 November 1996.

  Mr Matthew Carrington was discharged and Mr Barry Legg was added to the Committee on 16 January 1997.

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Prepared 13 March 1997