Access to the Countryside Bill - continued        House of Commons

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  S C H E D U L E S

     Section 1 of this Act shall not apply to a person who, in or upon the land in question-
    (a) drives or rides any vehicle;
    (b) lights any fire or does any act which is likely to cause a fire;
    (c) takes, or allows to enter or remain, any dog not on a lead or under proper control;
    (d) wilfully kills, takes, molests or disturbs any animal, bird or fish or takes or injures any eggs or nests;
    (e) bathes in any non-tidal water in contravention of a notice displayed near the water prohibiting bathing, being a notice displayed, and purporting to be displayed, with the approval of the local planning authority;
    (f) engages in any operations of or connected with hunting, shooting, fishing, snaring, taking or destroying of animals, birds or fish, or brings or has any engine, instrument or apparatus used for hunting, shooting, fishing, snaring, taking or destroying animals, birds or fish;
    (g) wilfully damages the land or anything thereon or therein;
    (h) wilfully injures, removes or destroys any plant, shrub, tree or root or any part thereof;
    (i) obstructs the flow of any drain or watercourse, opens, shuts or otherwise interferes with any sluice-gate or other apparatus, breaks through any hedge, fence or wall, or neglects to shut any gate or to fasten it if any means of so doing is provided;
    (j) affixes or writes any advertisement, bill, placard or notice;
    (k) deposits any rubbish or leaves any litter;
    (l) engages in riotous, disorderly or indecent conduct;
    (m) wantonly disturbs, annoys or obstructs any person engaged in any lawful occupation;
    (n) holds any political meeting or delivers any political address; or
    (o) hinders or obstructs any person interested in the land, or any person acting under his authority, in the exercise of any right or power vested in him.
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© Parliamentary copyright 1997
Prepared 17 September 1997