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     1. In this Schedule "competent tribunal" means a Commissioner or an appeal tribunal.
Provision which may be made
     2. Provision prescribing the procedure to be followed in connection with-
    (a) the making of decisions or determinations by the Secretary of State or a competent tribunal; and
    (b) the withdrawal of claims, applications, appeals or references falling to be decided or determined by him or such a tribunal.
     3. Provision as to the striking out of proceedings.
     4. Provision as to the form which is to be used for any document, the evidence which is to be required and the circumstances in which any official record or certificate is to be sufficient or conclusive evidence.
     5. Provision as to the time within which, or the manner in which-
    (a) any evidence is to be produced; or
    (b) any application, reference or appeal is to be made.
     6. Provision for summoning persons to attend and give evidence or produce documents and for authorising the administration of oaths to witnesses.
     7. Provision for authorising an appeal tribunal consisting of two or more members to proceed with any case, with the consent of the claimant, in the absence of any member.
     8. Provision for empowering an appeal tribunal to give directions for the disposal of any purported appeal which the tribunal is satisfied that it does not have jurisdiction to entertain.
     9. Provision for the non-disclosure to a person of the particulars of any medical advice or medical evidence given or submitted for the purposes of a determination.
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Prepared 27 November 1997