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Supplementary provisions
Provisions supplementary to sections 27 to 31.     32. - (1) Except in pursuance of proposals falling to be implemented under paragraph 5 or 10 of Schedule 6-
    (a) no maintained school shall be established or discontinued;
    (b) no prescribed alteration shall be made to any such school; and
    (c) no maintained nursery school shall be discontinued.
      (2) No alteration falling within section 27(11)(a)(i) or (ii) shall be made to any maintained school.
      (3) Subsection (1) has effect subject to sections 19(4), 29(10) and 31(5).
      (4) Regulations may, in relation to proposals published under section 27, 28 or 30, require any of the following, namely-
    (a) the body or promoters who published the proposals,
    (b) the school organisation committee, and
    (c) the adjudicator,
  to provide such information relating to the proposals to such persons, and at such times, as may be prescribed.
Rationalisation of school places
Rationalisation of school places.     33. Schedule 7 (which provides for the Secretary of State to give directions to local education authorities and governing bodies to bring forward proposals for the rationalisation of school places, and for such proposals to be made by him) shall have effect.
Change of category of school
School changing from one category to another.     34. - (1) Schedule 8 makes provision for, and in connection with, enabling a maintained school within one of the categories set out in section 20(1) to become a school within another of those categories (and a maintained school may not so change its category otherwise than in accordance with that Schedule).
      (2) Except where the change of category is from voluntary aided to voluntary controlled school, that Schedule does not apply at any time before the end of such period as may be prescribed.
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Prepared 4 December 1997