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  Regulation of the instruction of drivers of motor vehicles.
  Grants to operators of bus services so as to defray any duty charged on fuel.
      Exceptions from reservation
  Sections 39 and 40 (road safety information and training) and 157 to 159 (payments for treatment of traffic casualties) of the Road Traffic Act 1988.
  Section 2 - Rail Transport
  Provision and regulation of railway services.
  Rail transport security.
  The subject-matter of the Channel Tunnel Act 1987.
  The subject-matter of the Railway Heritage Act 1996.
      Exceptions from reservation
  Grants so far as relating to railway services; but this exception does not apply in relation to-
    (a) the subject-matter of section 63 of the Railways Act 1993 (government financial assistance where railway administration orders made),
    (b) "railway services" as defined in section 82(1)(b) of the Railways Act 1993 (carriage of goods by railway), or
    (c) the subject-matter of section 136 of the Railways Act 1993 (grants and subsidies).
  "Railway services" has the meaning given by section 82 of the Railways Act 1993 (excluding the wider meaning of "railway" given by section 81(2) of that Act).
  Section 3 - Marine Transport
  The subject-matter of-
    (a) the Coastguard Act 1925,
    (b) the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1971,
    (c) the Merchant Shipping (Liner Conferences) Act 1982,
    (d) the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990, other than Part I (Aviation Security),
    (e) the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1992,
    (f) the Merchant Shipping Act 1995,
    (g) the Shipping and Trading Interests (Protection) Act 1995, and
    (h) section 24 (implementation of international agreements relating to protection of wrecks), section 26 (piracy) and sections 27 and 28 (international bodies concerned with maritime matters) of the Merchant Shipping and Maritime Security Act 1997.
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Prepared 18 December 1997