Local Government Boundary Changes (Referendum) Bill - continued        House of Commons

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Implementation of results of referendums.     5. - (1) The result of a referendum held under this Act shall be binding on the Secretary of State and on all other parties.
      (2) Where a majority of the votes cast is in favour of a proposition, the Secretary of State shall give effect to the said proposition by an order made under section 17 of the 1992.c.19.Local Government Act 1992.
      (3) Where there is no majority for a proposition, the Secretary of State shall not give effect to the said proposition.
Interpretation.     6. In this Act, "local government area" and "principal area" shall have the meanings given in section 28 of the Local Government Act 1992.
Short title.     7. This Act may be cited as the Local Government Boundary Changes (Referendum) Act 1998.
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Prepared 2 March 1998